A battle has begun between Ash's troops and Leon's in the field.

Leon's clan is strong even without a Meteor Warm attack.That tactic alone isn't easy enough to get an A rank.But when it comes to fighting, Leon and his amateur Hayato obviously didn't move well.

Hayato glimpses at the shampoo drinking melon juice beside him.

(I don't know when Esha's attack will come from the opponent.It must have had a lot of impact.If you can't calm down, you can't do half as much as you normally do.The same flashy effects as the Meteor Warm slow people down.Once I saw it, I was worried about it, and it wasn't a fight.)

Looks inferior to Ash's dragon bracelet, but almost mutually reinforcing in terms of its power and sound.If you hit it, you'll get it, and it looks like it, and it's exactly what it looks like.You won't be able to tell me not to worry.

Originally, it would have been a good idea to get out of range, but Leon and the others were still fighting in Hayato's ranks, weren't they even turning their heads?

There's no way we can beat Ash and the others in that state.

"Ash-sama and the others are strong.Six against eight, and one of the opponents can't be defeated, and even though he has a sword that ignores his defenses, he seems to be pushing it pretty hard. "

As Relic was impressed, Len became a bit of a good face.Hayato sees it and calms down a little.

Hayat sends a gaze to Ash.Apparently he was riding with Leon.

"Ash is wearing armor that has a Physical Disable effect.A temporary effect of any activation, but it prevents Leon from attacking.After it expires, it will be tough because there is time to reuse it. "

Excalibur Replica ignores the opponent's Defense, but its Attack Attribute is a simple Physical Attack.Physical Disable does not do damage even if Defense is ignored.It will only take a minute, but it will still be effective.

"It's physically invalid, but it has so many of the highest quality potions.You won't lose if you drink and fight.I was quite surprised to see Hayato prepare that amount. "

"You like to say that."

Hayat likes to fight with overwhelming volume differences.Rather, it is the only way to fight with the skill composition of the production position.It can be said that Hayato's playstyle is to use good things sparingly.Items should be used.

And the highest quality potion that we have prepared in large quantities since the last time is a measure of our own Excalibur replica.

The Ignore Defense effect and the Attack of the weapon calculate that the player will fall if struck ten or more times.Even if it raises its attack power by cooking, it's almost the same.

Ash has the same amount of HP as regular players when it comes to people, so he gets the same number of attacks.Even if I restore my HP with potions, I can't use them continuously, so I lose one day.

But the best potions don't have cool time.I mean, you can keep drinking.The potion recovers about 30% of its HP, but it can be drunk while being attacked three times.In addition, Ash is eating sweet food this time, so her health is gradually recovering.You won't lose unless the potion runs out.

"Well, why would your husband look at me like that?I'm just a little freaked out. "

"Are you hiding something weird?I think you're trying to surprise me again. "

"Strange technique is an unexpected thing.Rest assured. I can only use two moves: Critical Shot and Destroy.And I'm not going to surprise you anymore.I saw your husband's good face just now.I'll just say it's the top of my best memory. "

(It is strong, but I want to fire it.I'll make a complaint to the Maid Alliance next time.)

While Hayato was thinking about it, Esha began to support him with ranged attacks.

Although Ash and the others had lost in number, they were able to fight at a considerable advantage due to the opponent's confusion and Esha's backup shooting.

A few minutes later, one, one, and the other player disappeared as particles of light.

"Well, it's about time.It would be just the right amount of salted plum to go to now.Are you ready, Ren-sama?

"It's okay! I'll curse you!Uhihihi.... "

"That's reliable. Okay, I'll go, Hayato."

"I'm coming!Bucket pudding if it works!

"Oh, I'll have it ready.Then be careful. "

The two were escorted from the fort by Hayat.Only Hayato and Esha remain on the roof of the fort.

"Ah, there are no other players except Leon.All you have to do is work with Len and Relic.Well, I don't think so - Esha, you don't have to drink melon juice anymore.There's no need to attack. "

"No, this is for a bad time.If anything happens, I have to protect your husband.I will always do my best until the battle is over. "

"That's a lie."

During that conversation, Len and Relic approached Leon, who was fighting Ash.You don't think you can escape anymore, Leon is fighting on the field without going to the fort.

And when Len moves up to ten meters ahead of Leon, something like a black moya sticks around Leon.This was a sign that Len's Dragon Curse was triggering an effect.

But Hayato starts to think something's wrong.Leon is still fighting without letting go of his weapons.

"Hayato, we have a problem."

Relic receives chat audio shared by members of your clan.

"I can see it from here somehow.Looks like the weapon won't return to the item bag, does it?

"Yes, it appears we have been able to disarm the armor, but the weapon remains intact.Can I help you?

"Wait a minute, I'll think about it."

Hayato began to think about what to do.

(There is no doubt that the STR has been lowered because the protective equipment has come off.But they didn't disarm the weapon.That's the sword I made.There is no mistake in the equipment conditions.Absolutely STR60 or higher is required.So Leon says there's more than 60 STRs when the STRs are halved?I mean, STR120 or higher? I can certainly raise the STR bottom with the effect of the equipment.But the armor came off.You're not equipped with anything but a sword, but STR120 or higher?

There is still a long way to go before the end of Clan War.However, there is no point in having time to disarm the sword.Hayato was in a hurry.

(Talking to Leon over voice chat?If you talk, you may know why.)

When Hayato tried to restore the chat audio with Leon that he muted, Esha approached.

"Master, may I have another dish to rehearse?I've eaten too much sweet food, so I want to eat meat. "

"... um, Asha, can you read me some more air?

"I don't have that kind of advanced skills."

"What kind of skill is that?Oh, you can eat as much as you like.If you're cooking meat, go to the clan warehouse.

Well then, I'll go to the warehouse.

Esha walked with Sta and disappeared from the roof of the fort.

(I wish I could say it normally if I gave advice.It's kind of like a cover-up?Well, let's call Relic.)

"Mr. Relic, did you have a technique to temporarily disable cooking effects on your fighting skills?

"It's Stomach Break. Sure, but... Oh, I see.Is STR rising due to the cooking effect?

"Maybe. I think it's worth it.Can you do me a favor?

"Yes, of course."

The dragon steak used by the top clan has no STR effect.However, there are other meat dishes that raise STR like cartoon meat.Hayato decided that Leon was eating it.

Hayato immediately sees a relic from the roof.

The next moment Relic punches Leon's abdomen with his left hand, the weapon disappears from Leon's hand.Without further ado, Relic releases his right hand knife around Leon's chest.

And after pulling out the knife, Relic smiled nicely.

"Mission accomplished. I took back my sword."

All right!

Hayato held his right hand tightly and played a guzzle pose.I am delighted to have won in the situation I imagined.

"Thank you, Mr. Relic.So, Ash, can you stab Leon in the head?I don't need you anymore. "

"Please, Hayato."

"Mr. Relic? What's the matter with you?

"I saw that Leon wore something like Adamantite's armor that was worth a lot of money.Can I help you?

Hayat couldn't understand the meaning of Relic's words.But gradually I understand what you're saying.

Are you saying you can steal Leon's armor?

Just like the sword, the armor is in the item bag.Relic says he can steal it in that condition.Adamantine's defenses are strongest in defense alone.They are also traded at fairly high prices in auctions and the like.I don't know the quality, but even if I were a star, I would do a million Gs.

Hayato was overwhelmed by Esha's word "sweet".I think what I miss here is what Esha says, sweetheart.

A few seconds later, Hayat decided the answer.

"It's enough to get a ranking.Besides, I don't need to be able to make something several times better than armor like that.Now, let's take Leon down. "

"Fufu, is that so?Then let's do what Hayato wants.Thank you, Ash-sama. "

I got it.

When Ash waved his sword, the hit Leon disappeared as a particle of light.

The next moment, the fanfare rang and the paper blizzard danced.And the fireworks rise.

(Alright, I got an A rank under the rules of Giant Killing.I got my sword back, and it's perfect.)

Hayato was thinking of that, and Esha came to the roof with a skewer grilled in both hands.

"That's my husband.You were winning sometime.By the way, did you get your sword back?

"I got it back with Asha's advice.Thank you. "

"Yes? I don't give you any advice?

"That's just too dumb, isn't it?When you were Mr. Relic, you advised me to give you an answer this time, didn't you?

"I don't know what you're talking about.Well, it's more than that. "

Esha became serious and stared at Hayato.

Sweetie didn't seem to be able to fix it, did she?I had a chance to be a terrible, outrageous master. "

"Have you never stolen your armor?I don't want that chance.Well, I think it's sweet, but it doesn't feel loose or bad.I hate it when you buy grudges by doing terrible and outrageous things. "

Esha was faithful to Hayato's words, but after a few seconds she sighed quite a long sigh.

"If that happens, one day you'll be in terrible trouble.If you think of clan warfare as a fair battle based on sportsmanship, you can't go to the top of the rankings. "

"Oh, my God.Was Esha worried about me?You must have been a loyal maid. "

"... it's almost time for Destroy's cool time, can I shoot him last?Rest assured, the MP is full. "

"I was aiming for a complete victory, so could you stop it?

Hayato looks up at the sky as he closes the conversation with Asha, who is still complaining.

(Even if I'm sweet, I think that Esha and the others can handle it.Well, this idea is sweet, too, but I wonder if I trust everyone.The opponent is NPC, high-performance AI)

Hayato was thinking about it while looking at the paper snow and fireworks dancing in the sky.