Another Frontier Online

Nonsense: the day the world ends

There is a girl standing on the roof of the fort.

A black robe, a black hat with a triangle at the top with a wide collar, and a black cane in a disastrous shape.Nearly black, unified outfits remind me of witches.Together with the girl's black hair, the figure was enough to remind her of something ominous.

The girl was watching the sunset on the horizon.

The sunset was already hidden for about a third, making me feel some sadness.The girl is just watching it.I can't tell what you're thinking, but at least I know it's not fun.

There was a girl approaching from behind.

Your body is wrapped in black, and your face is hidden except around your eyes.The closest expression to that figure would be a ninja.

"Were you here?"

Appearance is the voice of a gentle man in the back.It's not a young voice, it's a slightly dull voice that has grown old.

The girl turns her face to the left to see the ninja man.But I immediately turned back to the sunset.

"Can I help you?

"It's not like that, but you weren't the only one who enjoyed the last hour."

Really? But don't worry.I'm a little bad at that place.Besides, are there other clans today?I can't talk to people I don't know very well. "

"I see. You certainly needed a dragon, a Seoul brand brother and sister, or an undead mist."

"I've never fought that clan before, but it seems to have been strong.Well, I don't think we can beat our clan. "

"Chronic is not good."

"I'm not being slow, I'm just telling the truth.I don't have time to prove it anymore... but I'm going to have a good time here, you?

"If you don't mind me watching the sunset - don't look so disgusting."

"Actually, I don't like it.But, well, you can stay together for the last time. "

"Thank you."

A ninja man stands next to a girl.And I watched the sunset.


Light it up.

"It's not about you.It's the sunset. "

"Did you ever think it was beautiful, except for the stolen ornaments?I'm a little surprised. "

Well, as usual.But I can't steal the sunset, so it's not enough to take away my heart.I thought you thought the sunset was beautiful.

"No, that's not why.I was just watching.And no matter how beautiful it is, it's a fake.I don't think it makes much sense to think it's beautiful. "

"I don't think so.Even if it's fake, the heart that I thought was beautiful and beautiful is real. "

"That's an interesting point.But I also feel like I understand.My gear is also a fake without real objects, but I have memories and attachments.That feeling can be said to be real. "

The girl takes care of her cane.And I smiled a little.

Conversation breaks down and silence continues.The ninja man turned away from the sunset and looked at the girl.

"Everyone seems to have accepted that suggestion.Of course, so am I. "

"It's sudden. But of course.In the first place, only such members are gathered, and it seems like they are a good choice among them.Of course, I accepted it. "

"Are you glad about that?

"It doesn't matter.It doesn't change anything in particular. "

"But I'm afraid I'll lose my memory."

"I'm not particularly afraid of that.What scares me is when my memory comes back.Someday you may remember a life of nothing.That's what scares me. "

"That's not true - no, it's better not to pry around.I can't tell you anything about people either... so what life do you want next?Can I ask you that?

"Well, that's the last of them.I don't really want that much, but... "

The girl accumulates a little words.And I saw the man with a full smile.

"I like a life where I can eat all the things I like without working."

The ninja man had his eyes round for the answer, but laughed instantly.

"It seems like you.But work is honorable.You better work hard when you're younger - don't look so disgusting. "

"Actually, I don't like it.Besides, I respect my job.From this moment on, you are my enemy.Anyone who forces a job can be my natural enemy. "

"Did they hate you?But if you want to fight with me again, please do. "

"Well, if there's a time... it's about time."

"Yes, well, I'm glad to finally be with you.I'll see you somewhere. "

"Yeah, somewhere else.I don't want to see people who say that their work is honorable. "

At the end of the girl's words, the sun sets on the horizon.Then the surroundings were wrapped in darkness.Complete darkness without any light reigns over everything.

It meant that the world was over.