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The afternoon after the clan war with the Goddess of Destruction ended, Hayato came to the log house.To give the swords and strongholds to the original clan members, Ney.

Hayat contacted him in the morning.Nay and the others should come to Hayat if they think about their position and circumstances.However, Hayat contacted us that he was coming.

The reason is simple. Because my maid, Esha, is in a bad mood.I decided to go to the log house from Hayato because there were likely to be various problems when I called Nay and the others in this state.

I somehow know why Hayato is in a bad mood.You may be dissatisfied with handing over your sword or stronghold, but basically Hayato's behavior itself is dissatisfied.

What seemed like this was what I talked to the butler Relic about in the morning.

"Hayato says he is aiming for top ranking, but I don't feel desperate when I look at it from the top.I feel like I said I don't mind if it doesn't work.Esha doesn't like it - no, maybe she's worried.The opponent was also a top clan in the previous battle, but the battle against the top will start from now on.Both the base and sword may be needed to survive the upcoming Clan War, but they are about to let it go easily.You can't survive such a sweet idea anymore. If you want to win, even your friends will betray you. That's how I feel.I wonder if that's why Hayato-sama is in a bad mood. "

"I wish I could say that directly."

"You know I'm not the kind of person who does that, right?Shall I say Tundele?As far as I'm concerned, I was very surprised to know the old Asha. "

"I was surprised to hear the word 'tundelle' coming out of Relic.But I see. Doesn't Esha like that I'm desperate enough?That's why I'm so upset. "

"Absolutely not. In other words, please don't talk to me while I'm nearby.I'll sue you for defamation.I'm in a bad mood because I haven't received my reward cake yet.Master, please give me the cake at once.Instead, I will advise you that you should give the sword or base to me before you return it. "

Esha denied it, but I think Hayato is right about Relic.

Sure, Esha is teasing Hayato and giving her usual dumb answers, but she's helping Hayato when she's here.If you don't think about it, you won't help in the first place, and you won't be upset about Hayato's behavior.First of all, Hayato thought that Esha was definitely worried about herself.

(I wonder if NPC is worried about me.But why is Esha so desperate about winning?Of course, I want to stick to winning for the money... well, I'll think about it later.Do what you do first)

Hayat thought so and headed to his former stronghold, the log house.

When Hayato arrived at the log house, Nay welcomed me.

Nothing has changed in the log houses we've seen for a long time, nor has the furniture inside changed.Hayato thought he would miss living for only about a month.

Nay prompted Hayat to sit on a chair and face each other at a table.Hayato was invited, but as usual, he served coffee to Ney and himself.Nay just said thank you without worrying about it.

Hayato put a little coffee in his mouth, then looked around and noticed a little.

The log house has no members other than Nay.At the time I contacted you, there should have been some members logged in, but none of them are here.

"What's wrong with everybody?I thought you were here. "

"No, I don't know.He said he was suddenly going to the hunting grounds and left.Say hello to Hayato. "

"Really?Maybe I'm avoided?

"No, that's not true.I was grateful to Hayato for telling me about the sword and the base... Oh, maybe he went to get something to produce.As a thank you to Hayato. "

"You don't have to worry.But that would make me happy. "

"If you're happy... oh, yeah, I see."

"What's wrong?

"No, everybody smiled when they left the log house - no, I felt it smile... well, smile and say good luck.As a thank you to Hayato, I was wondering if it meant "Good luck with your hospitality."

"You don't have to worry about hospitality.I took the sword back on my own - yes, let's return it first.I think the real owner should have it. "

Hayato gave Nay the Excalibur replica he had in his bag.

Nay takes it and stares at the sword with a little tear.Then slowly inhale and exhale.

"Thank you, Hayato. This was a birthday present from everyone.I really wanted it back. "

"Oh, yeah. But don't tell me your personal information, even if you're a trusted associate.I don't know if it's about my birthday, but I was pretty scared when I said it. "

"Uh-huh. Everyone got a little angry when I got this, so I'm not doing it right now... is that true?

"Well, I believe you.That's fine. Never take that sword off with your gear.That way they won't take it. "

"Okay, I'll equip it for now.Yes, can I have Hayato fix the durability of this sword?Of course I'll pay for it. "

"Repairing durability is free."

"No, we've all talked about it, but it's too sweet for Hayato.If I asked you for something, I said I'd make a deal with you with money or something worth it.And Hayato will be prepared for Clan War, won't he?We talked about taking time and trouble, and we need to pay for it.Of course, Hayato would have given me permission. "

"What are you waiting for?We're friends, aren't we?I can't do it when I'm busy, but I'll do as much as I can when my hands are free. "

When Hayato says so, Nay smiles.A full smile.

"I thought Hayato would say that.Not just me, but everybody thought so. "

"I'm afraid of everyone's opinion of me.I need you to be careful not to let anyone deceive you except Nay.All right, next up is the base.Let's trade now... "

Hayato was about to say so, and Ney put out his right hand.It's a pose that stops by pointing your palm towards Hayato.

"Hayato, keep the base."


"Hayato got an A rank, didn't he?Then we will need quite a base, and that was originally built by Hayato.We don't deserve it, so I want Hayato to use it. "

"... are you sure?

"Of course. Everyone has given me permission to do this.And there's one other thing. "

Nay's situation. It was a customer who came to the base to buy items.

Hayat used to sell items he created at that base.It is sold at the right price, and there are many good quality items and few out of stock.And because they made custom-made equipment that fulfilled the customer's needs, there were quite a few repeaters.

However, after Hayato disappeared from the clan, he was unable to respond to the customer's request.Somewhat ready, but still unable to keep up with the amount of items Hayato would prepare, when Hayato ran out of leftovers, almost no customers came.

"I'm sorry we missed our guest.I know I'm busy with Clan Wars, but I think Hayato can bring it back.So use that base as it is.We'll get this log house - no, we'll buy it instead.I want you to tell me the price when you built it.And the price of furniture. "

"No, it's fine.If that's the case, please keep using it here.Basically, it was built with the money I received when I left, so I can say that this log house belongs to my clan.You don't have to worry so much. "

"... I see.Then let me use it with difficulty.But I want to thank you for something... "

"Well, as I told you, I want you to tell me the main story."

"You said you wanted to know who was in the story, didn't you?

"Not only people, but also history.I didn't do any quests at all, so I didn't really know that. "

"Then ask me anything.After all, I know most of the quests I completed before the Clan War started. "

Hayato is a little worried when he sees Nay's face, which seems pretty confident.Nevertheless, I decided to ask him that he would not say the wrong information.

Hayato mainly wants to know the main story of this game.

This game has been going on for two and a half years.Hayato has been playing this game since its inception, but since he started his production career, he has only made delivery quests to prepare some kind of item.There are other Enemy Quests, Guard Quests, Mystery Solving Quests, etc., but Hayato didn't do them at all.

The main story is just one of those quests, but in the case of the main story quest, it is said to be a chain quest because when it is completed, another quest will occur in a chain.

Nay taught Hayato about the quest that occurs in the chain quest.

In Nay's story, it was about defeating the evil sect that believed in the Devil King, and eventually defeating the top of the sect to become a happy end.I have heard other details, but unfortunately there is no information Hayato would like to know.

So Hayato decided to confirm it directly.

"Is there a dragon in the main story called Death Dragon Ash Brandle?

Hearing Hayat's words, Nay leans her neck.And I put my arms together in front of my chest, and I said, "Hmm?After saying, I saw Hayato.

"No, I won't.Dragons don't get involved in quests in the first place.Only humans appear in that series of quests.It wasn't even about elves or dwarves. "

"Oh, is that so?Well, is there anything about dragon entanglement quests?It doesn't have to be a main story quest. "

"No, I don't think so.There must be a quest to deliver the dragon's fangs, and the name of the dragon will never appear.I mean, what about Syrup?

"Shiru is a dragon of death.Ash Brandle is a name. The dragons had a faction and they were fighting. "

"Faction...? Oh, you mean Dragon Seoul?

"Dragon Seoul? What kind of quest is that?

"No, there's no such thing as a quest.It's in the monster book. "

Monster Atlas is one of the game systems that lets you get that information when you defeat a monster.By defeating a monster, the monster's information is registered in the player-owned atlas, and you can learn about the monster's settings and more.There are many players who think that if you bury everything, there is something, and try to kill all the monsters and bury the atlas.

Ney said that there was something like that in the monster dictionary that was registered when he defeated Tyrannosaurus Agresberion.

In this world, there are ten dragons called Genesis Dragons, and the dragon faction is fighting over the dragon's treasure called Dragon Seoul.The Tyrannosaurus Agresberion is said to be an integral part of the Genesis Dragon and to exist in this world from the beginning of the world.

"It's the ten dragons, but we haven't figured them all out yet.I know about three of them, including Tyrannosaurus.I've never heard of the Dead Dragon.Agressburion is a rare monster, so they say other dragons will appear rarely somewhere... maybe Hayato saw them!?I see, you want us to crush you!?

"No, stop the crusade.I just wanted to know what kind of dragon it is because I happen to know... don't look so sad publicly. "

Hayato drank his own coffee, thinking he looked like Nay's combatant.

(Isn't it about the main story?They say there are no such quests, but it is possible that I am generating them.Nevertheless, you don't have time for that quest.It's possible that Dragon Seoul is a rare item and has incredible performance... For now that we know about Ash and the others, let's hear about Clan War.)

Hayat drank his coffee and saw Nay again.

"Now, can you tell me about Clan War?How did you get involved in the main story?I didn't really understand what you just heard. "

"No, Clan Wars are not part of the main story.No, it comes out as information, but it hardly matters. "

"Perhaps Clan Wars suddenly created such a gaming system?I thought something started in connection with a quest or a story. "

"I don't think it happened suddenly.It seems that clan warfare has long existed in the history of the game.There seems to be a clan war going on once every few years, and I've heard that there are clan members in the NPC who won last time. "

Hayat remembers the words of Esha.In Esha's words, he won a clan war three years ago.

"Maybe the name Esha Crown?Relic Barbatos is fine. "

"No, I don't even know his name.Have you ever met a member of your last winning clan?

"Well, a little. I think I've met her. I think I know her."

"Oh, wow!You know a member of the Brave Clan!

Hayato stops working on Nay's words.Because I heard words that I couldn't abandon.

"What clan did you just say?I didn't hear you very well. "

"You said brave clan?

"Brave clan?

"I didn't actually have a clan with that name.However, there is information in the main story about the hero and the demon king, but the clan that had the hero won the last clan war - is that why you look complicated?

"... I want to make sure, are you a brave woman?

"No, you're a man - why are you looking so relieved this time?

"I was relieved that my acquaintance was not a brave man.By the way, you're saying the clan defeated the Demon King?

"That's not what I'm talking about.Simply because the clan of the brave and the clan of the demon king fought in clan war and the clan of the brave won.At that point, neither the hero nor the demon king was conscious, and he woke up after the battle. "

"Um, what do you mean, you're not conscious or awake?Or can the Devil King go to Clan War in the first place?

"The setting is that the brave and the demon King are constantly reborn into the human race and fighting endlessly.And now, for the first time in a clan war, the heroes and demon kings face each other, regain their memories, wake up and learn about each other's destiny.That's what the head of the evil cult said. "

I see.

(I don't care about the setting, but Esha and Relic are surprised that they fought alongside the brave.What? But they're in my clan, aren't they?Does that mean the Brave Clan is already disbanded)

Hayato checked a lot, including the information around it.

Lost in Clan War, the Demon King disappears with his clan members.And the hero broke up his clan and chased the demon king.

These are the information you get from the main story quest, but the characters don't show up, they don't show up.After defeating the leader of the church, it hasn't progressed at all, but it was Nay's opinion that it would be discovered in future versions.

Hayat drank another cup of coffee while organizing it in his head.

(Is that what the main story looks like?Even if I ask them, they will answer, but I don't think they will say anything about Asha.I didn't say anything about belonging to a clan of brave men... well, I got the information for now.That's enough for today.)

"Thank you, thank you for your help."

"Is that enough?I know a lot of other settings, so I can answer anything.The Ten Knights of Darkness, the Ten Masters of Immortality, and the Ten Swords of the Holy Devil.The recommendation is a black rose. "

"... why are there so many?Don't you have a Four Heavenly Kings?

"I don't know much about it, but it's almost a dozen people.You like the number ten, don't you, Scenario Writer?However, no one belongs to any group by name.I hear you see it from time to time, so I don't think it's anywhere. "

"Hee, but I'll tell you that story later.I'm interested, but I've stayed a long time and I have business to attend to, so I'm leaving now. "

Really?I wanted you to take it slower, but I can't help it because you'll be ready for a Clan War - well, Hayato, thank you for the sword.I will never forget this favor.Tell me if you need anything, I'll do anything as a matter of priority!

"... aren't you going to say that a girl does anything?Most men are mistaken. "

"Hmm? Speaking of which, have you been angry before?But Hayato will be fine!So don't hesitate to say anything!

Hayato sighed a little before leaving the log house saying goodbye to Nay.

(Well, then, I have to go back to the base and make a cake for Asha and a pudding for Ren-chan.However, Asha and Relic were in the clan of brave men, Ash and Ren were Genesis Dragons, and they attracted quite a few NPCs)

Hayat thought of that and then used the ring of transition to return to his stronghold near King's Landing.

Hayato, who returned to his base by teleport, saw something strange at the entrance.There was something powdery in front of the door.

-What is this? Powder... or rather fine ash?

In the meantime, Hayat tried to cover the ashes.

But as soon as I tried, my hand jumped out of the ashes and grabbed Hayato's right leg.Hayat fell out of balance.

"Wow! What the hell!?

"... okay, help me..."

A weak man's voice was heard in the ashes in Hayato's fallen ear.