Another Frontier Online

Clan Control Board and Vampires

Hayato, who fell on his back, looked at his feet as he lay on his back.

Because it's obviously a feeling of being grabbed by an ankle rather than something.And it was accurate.His hands were falling out of the ashes and he was grasping Hayato's ankle.

"What!? Hands!?Monster!? "

Hayato is confused. The voice I heard earlier, I understand that there is something wrong with this ash, but I was upset and I couldn't figure it out.

Immediately afterwards, the door at the entrance to the base opens behind Hayat.

"Shut up. Whoever disturbs snack time is destroying - what are you doing, master?Speaking of which, you went to Nay's at the base trade, right?The property owner hasn't changed, was there a problem?

"There's something wrong with my leg before that, right?

Having regained his calm with no haste at all, Hayato urges Asha to look at his feet.When Esha saw her hand coming out of the ashes and grabbing Hayato's ankle, she looked a little disgusted.

"Couldn't you beat him?Then let's have another shot. "

That's what Esha said and pulled out the gun.Then he aimed at the hand that came out of the ashes.

"If that happens, it'll hit my leg, right?Do you know what this is?

"Yes, it's the end of a vampire.I just visited here, so I put my gun down.The base moved anyway, and I left the ashes as they were. "

A vampire. A human-shaped monster that sucks the living blood of a person called a vampire.They are stronger than ordinary people, but they also have many weaknesses and are hunted and hunted because the threat changes depending on the situation.

"Well, wait a minute.I'm not a monster.I'm a member of the clan management committee, so please help me. "

"That's what monsters say."

"No, when I think about it, monsters don't talk.Let's talk about it properly. "

Esha looked a little disgusted, but moved the muzzle out of her ash hand.Hayat sees it and then speaks to the ashes.

Um, are you from the clan management committee?

Hayato doesn't know much about clan management committees.I have heard that it is made up of members who have been appointed by the organization that runs the clan, but the details of their activities are not well known.

"This is definitely the base of the clan Daedalus, isn't it?

"Yes, but what can I do for you?

"Master. It is very surreal to talk to a hand grown from the ground.It's troublesome, so let's put the ash in the base.If you sprinkle tomato juice in a place where the sun doesn't come into contact, it will come back to life. "

"Isn't it too classic that vampires like tomato juice?But if that's okay, let's try it.Asha, can you bring me a hoki and a chilli?I collect ashes. "

"I don't know where it is, but where is it?

"... you're a maid, right?

"Don't you think maids who don't clean are cute gaps?

"I don't think the gap in the negative direction is cute... anyway, can you bring me the hoki and chilli because they're on the storage next to the stairs?And a box of ashes, please. "

Hayat gathered the ashes with the scallops and chillies brought by Esha, and put them in a box.Take the box to your base and sprinkle the tomato juice.

Even though I wondered if this was really the right thing to do, a man appeared there dressed in noble clothes as the ashes drifted.

"Oh, thank you.I'm glad I squeezed my last strength and grabbed my feet.If it stayed that way, I wouldn't have been able to come back to life until nightfall. "

It looks like a vampire with a light flap on the back.His face is not bloody and his comb-over hair is pure white, but he is a man in his early twenties.

"First, say hello.My name is Mist Argyle. As I said earlier, I am a member of the Clan Management Committee.I'm a vampire, but I'm not a monster but a human because I just passed death with magical powers.So I am vulnerable to sunlight, garlic, and crosses, but I can endure it if I work hard. "

(Even though you're a vampire, you're a human being... magically transcending death is the magic of the dead spirit.I think there was magic that made me undead.)

Death Spirit Magic is magic that uses undead magic, such as zombies and skeletons, but if you set that skill to 100, you can use magic that makes you undead.

However, in that case, it is only possible to return to humans in a specific way.The Holy Magic can only be restored with Decurse Magic, which can be used in Skill 100.

It should be noted that death magic and sacred magic cannot be remembered both as conflicting magic.We can only ask another player to return to the human race.Incidentally, when I go to the church of the NPC, it purifies without telling me.

"Um, what's Mr. Mist doing here?I mean, why the ashes?

"The ashes were shot by your Mr. Esha.Isn't three critical shots terrible at close range?

"Master, please listen to me before you look at me like that.I thought someone was coming, and it was a vampire.Then shooting with a gun is the right course of action.I didn't do anything wrong.I've been under a lot of stress lately, so I could say I shot him without even listening to him, but it's a trivial thing.And I'm going to report that it's quite refreshing. "

I decided to go ahead and talk about the cause of the stress.Especially since the mist man is not angry, Hayato thinks it would have been impossible.

"I understand the ashes.So what can I do for you?Sit in your chair before that. "

Hayat urged Mist to sit down.And put coffee on the table.

There is no reception room, but the room just outside the entrance is a place that mimics the dining room.He was seated in the chair in front of him from the entrance, and Hayat sat in front of him with his long desk sandwiched.I am not particularly sitting on Esha, I am standing behind Hayato on the right.

Mist, sitting in the chair, looked around for a moment and said, "Ah," smiled and looked at Hayato.But soon you'll look serious.

Well, let me just talk to you, but one of my clans has reported that you've done something strange in the Clan War, and I'm here to investigate it.

Hayat snapped "Coming" in his heart.

Yesterday, after logging out, I sent an email to Operations about Esha's Destroy.I wonder if that attack force is a bug or if there is no problem after using it.I am also inquiring about Len's Dragon Curse.Without it, I couldn't take back the sword in the first place, so even if I was told it was no good, I checked it just in case.

The next morning, I received an e-mail reply on the matter, but it was the same text as before.

"Everything possible in the game is acceptable at your own risk."

I mean, it's not a bug.It's not that balance adjustment has failed, it's the specification.But even though it's a specification, in this game, it's another question of whether or not to use it.The rules in the game can be problematic.

Hayato thought it was the investigation that the man named Mist came.

"What exactly is weird?

"The clan that reported this is the Goddess of Destruction, which Hayato fought yesterday.Defeated a heavily armed warrior in an attack from the fort.We also heard that the warrior's defense was powerful enough to defeat the wizard.You complained that something was wrong. "

Hayat looks at Esha.However, Esha didn't seem particularly concerned and stood on her cheek.Hayat decided to explain himself to Mist because he could see that he had no intention of saying so.

"It's a weapon skill called the Destroy of Asha.The other clan said it was cheating, but nothing strange is happening.And speaking of power alone, I don't think it's much different from the Meteors Warm?

Answer first that you haven't done anything strange.I also appealed that there was no problem by comparing it with other magic.There are differences in activation times and cool times, but to give the impression that they are similar to each other.

But Mist was normally convinced not to do so.

"Ah, is that Esha's Destroy?Then I can't help it.They must have said it was a fraud because it was the first time they'd seen it. "

You say you know Mist Destroy.Hayat wonders if Esha's name is famous because she was a member of the last winning clan.

"Perhaps Mr. Mist also knows a technique called Destroy?

"Yeah, that's pretty good.It's pretty famous. "

Hayato thought of checking it out just in case.Especially if it's not illegal in the game, I'm going to let you use it more and more.But just in case, you need to know why you're famous.

Hayat saw the mist with a smile.

"You didn't know yourself embarrassed, did you?I was surprised when it was used in Clan Wars.So famous?

Mist glanced at Esha, behind Hayat on the right, and then turned his gaze towards Hayat.I don't see Shah from Hayato, but I predict that Mist has sent a line of sight as to whether or not to tell Shah.

And Mist smiled a little and opened his mouth.

"The last clan war was a tournament style, but Esha used Destroy in the final."

"Oh, is that so?Actually, I don't know anything about the last clan war.Were you quite surprised then?

"It was amazing.The final was a clan battle led by a hero and a clan led by a demon king, but they were fighting each other normally without awakening.But during the battle, it felt like we had each other's memories back. "

(I'm glad I talked to Ney.It's the first time I've heard it, and I'm surprised it doesn't come into my head... that?But, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.We're talking about the brave and the Devil.You're just saying it's amazing?

Unaware of Hayato's wonders, Mist continued his conversation.

"When each of us was aware of the hero and the demon king and spoke out, Esha defeated them all in Destroy.I'm surprised. "

Hayato was also surprised. I was rather astonished.

"Did you do that?

It was Hayato's word, but Esha bragged about it for some reason.

"It is bad to talk during the battle.I had nothing to do with the hero or the demon king, so they both disappeared because I was in the way.The hero also took the demon king with him, so it must be his true hope.Cut the flesh and break the bones. "

"That's the first word I've heard."

"Well, that makes Esha famous.The first man to defeat a hero and a demon king. "

Light it up.

"Is that a compliment?

"Oops, that doesn't matter.Well, that's why Esha's Destroy would be a natural result.I will tell the clan management committee that there is no problem.Rather, there is talk that the clan who reported the incident made a deal with an agent in the previous fight.Somewhat more problematic. "

Hayat strokes his chest down at Mist's words.

This is because it will continue to be available with the Committee's endorsement.Since nobody can imitate the current player, Hayato thought that he would continue to use the bang to win.

"By the way, Hayato, what does the clan name 'Daedalus' mean?


Hayato didn't know for a moment what he was listening to when he suddenly pretended to be reassured.

"Oh, I'm sorry for the sudden.I thought we could have a little chat after work.This question has nothing to do with the committee. "

Really? Um... "

I tried to answer, but Hayat clogged the words.

Daedalus is the name of a craftsman who comes out of the game, that is, from a myth that exists in reality.I'm using that name, but I didn't know how to explain it to my NPC counterpart.

When Hayato thought about how to explain it, Esha opened her mouth.

"It's the name of a craftsman who comes out of an ancient myth.Do you know the name of the craftsman who created the labyrinth that trapped the Minotaur?

"Oh, I see. Somehow I remember hearing about it... but I see.Are you a craftsman? "

- How do you know? Does this game also have information about real myths...?

Hayato was wondering, but when you think about it, it's a world of manga meat, bucket pudding, and even guns.I change my mind about whether there is a lot of information in the game.

"Craftsman means Hayato, right?I've had some time to look into the clan and their members, but you think Hayato is configuring her skills with only productive skills.So you named it Daedalus, the craftsman's name?

Well, yeah.

Hayato claims to be the most productive craftsman, so he named it after him.And that's why I like to take a bath.

"Mr. Hayato. Does that mean you have 100 woodworking skills?

Woodworking Skill. It is a skill that uses wood to create a variety of things.You can mostly make furniture, but you can also make equipment such as wooden bows, arrows, and wood shields.However, wooden gear performs poorer than metal gear, so the majority of players have blacksmithing skills if they take woodworking skills.

Although such an unpopular skill, Hayato certainly has woodworking skills.

We have 100 woodworking skills.

"I see. Maybe all the furniture at this base belongs to Hayato?

"Yeah, I made it all myself."

"Excellent! Are you sure you have all the furniture of the highest quality?It's hard to do.In fact, I noticed them after I sat in the chair, and I was really surprised. "

Praised by Mist as wonderful, Hayato was not full.

Furniture has no special effects.Even if it is based in a base, it does not benefit the fight, nor does it improve its status.In the meantime, you can create boxes that have a special effect if you open them by setting a trap, but the damage is insignificant.Also, the player has no reason to open the box because it doesn't mean they can pick up the items inside.If you use it, it will be as annoying to your clan members.

For that reason, it is the common perception among players that woodworking skills are only hobby skills.Ability to throw away altogether if the player is aiming for efficiency.In addition, furniture has no meaning in terms of quality.It doesn't change the shape of the furniture even if the quality goes up, it just gives information about how many stars the quality is.

Despite this situation, all the furniture in the base is five-star.It was the result of Hayato's obsession with waste.

Hayat is pleased to be praised for it.

"Does Mr. Mist understand?It certainly doesn't make sense to focus on the interior, but I want that much room in my mind. "

"Yes, I understand.The furniture at this base is good. "

"I don't understand.Honestly, a desk, a chair, a cardboard or a mica box is fine. "

"I thought you and Esha would never understand each other..."

"So-so. So, Mr. Hayato.Actually, I wanted to ask Hayato to be a craftsman. "

Hayato is even more delighted to be called a craftsman.Even though I thought it would be a good idea, I was already a willing man to ask a favor.

"What is it?I'll do what I can.Of course, I'll take the price. "

"Of course. Actually, I'd like you to make a coffin.Five stars. "

"... a coffin? A coffin used to bury the deceased?I heard it was used a long time ago. "

"Yeah, the coffin I was using as a bedding broke.I haven't slept well since the coffin changed.It used to be a Stars and Fours coffin, but lately there are no high quality coffins.Besides, if it's a poor quality coffin, it makes the shoulder stiffness worse, so it's tough. "

"... shouldn't I sleep in bed?

"Hey, the coffin calms down better because it's a vampire.What do you think? I'll prepare the wood here, so please make it for me.

"... uh, I don't know how to make it."

"Oh, that's fine.I'll show you the ingredients. "

(I don't want to know)

Hayato accepts the paper from Mist, even though he thinks so.After reading it, I took out the saws that I could use for my woodworking skills and used them to confirm that a coffin had been added to the production menu.

"What do you think?I think we can make it now. "

You can make it unintentionally.

"Then please!I haven't slept well lately!

"You're not feeling well, you're undead, right?

"I'm not feeling well even though I'm undead... this is a gap adorable.I will study. "

Even though the dust isn't adorable.

While saying such a thing, Hayato thinks.

Because if you can make a deal, you can be a member of your clan.Since the next target has not yet been decided, I wanted to simply welcome a strong member rather than a human resource for countermeasures.From now on, the opponent will also be a higher clan in A rank.I want to increase my combat power a little bit.

Ash's team is strong, but they don't have any special powers.Hayato wants to get these special NPCs into his clan because NPCs with some kind of powerful force, like Ash and Ash, are likely to make a difference in battle.As Ash said before, there will be collaboration and some sort of problem, but it is almost a month before the Clan War.Until then, I just need you to coordinate with Ash and the others.

Hayat sees the mist in front of him.

(There is a fundamental problem with that, right?Mr. Mist is on the Clan Management Committee.Is it possible for you to participate in Clan Wars in the first place?Let's start there. And I don't know the strength.I know that Reaper Magic is Skill 100 because it's undead, but I can't tell you if the other skill configurations are strong... do you hear it normally here?)

Mr. Mist, I'd like to ask you something.

"What is it? If you're tall, it's 180, so please make it that size.Then make it a baroque coffin. "

"No, no, actually, my clan is looking for strong people.If Mr. Mist is strong and wants to join our clan, I'd like to trade him for it.You appear to belong to the Clan Management Committee, can you join our clan?

Mist said "Hmm" and thought about it.Hayato didn't know what he was thinking, but he waited for the answer as to whether there were many things.It was Sha who opened his mouth in such a situation.

"Master, are you going to put a vampire in your clan?A vampire who sucks the blood of a young woman.Isn't it dangerous because I'm in the clan, poor and weak?

"I can't empathize with weakness at all.And you just turned back, didn't you?

"I mean, cute agrees,"

"Will you stop setting such a trap?

Hayato thinks that while talking about it.

Because I realized that Esha was in a better mood.At least Esha was clearly in a bad mood when she left this base.I thought it might have cleared my mind a little by putting a gun on Mist, and thanked the vampire in front of me.

The mist was looking down, but turned his face toward Hayato.

"Clan management committee members are not allowed to participate in clan wars"

"Really... that's a shame."

"But we just have to quit the committee.If I join a clan, you'll make a coffin for me, won't you?

"If Mr. Mist is strong before that, yes.So, you're quitting the committee for the coffin?

"Actually, I want to stick to the coffin because I'm a health geek.Five stars is worth it. "

"A healthy nerd vampire... this is the real gap adorable...!

"That's enough of that."

Hayat said so, and Esha said, "Leave the joke alone."

"I've never fought Mr. Mist, but I'm sure he's strong.One of the top ten immortals, or the leader who put the members together.And I took down the mistress, and you know me, don't you?Can I add more types of treats to a capable maid?Instead, I'll advise you to do it. "

(Let's ignore the second half.But you're immortal... I don't know what that is, but it certainly came out of Nay's story?That leader certainly looks strong.Well, even the leader may be as weak as I am, but it shouldn't be a problem if it's not a production job...)

"I think I'm stronger myself.So what do you think? If you make a coffin, I'll quit the committee and join the clan.

That's what Mist said, smiling nicely with his bloodless face.