Another Frontier Online

[]/(n) celebration/

On the night the vampire mist arrived, Hayat decided to gather his members for the celebration.

After I promised Mist I'd make a coffin, I sent that message to everyone.We have also officially communicated that this place has become a base.

After that, Hayat began to prepare.Esha and Relic are here to help, but I just asked them to prepare the shopping and dining room, and all the cooking is Hayato.

In the battle a month ago, there was an incident with the clan "Goddess of Destruction" immediately afterwards, and nothing was done.As Hayat, I want to thank everyone for winning twice in the Clan War and getting an A rank.

And Hayato herself likes to entertain.

When I was at work at the company, I had various preparations to seize the venue for entertainment and place orders for food, but many people were happy with the entertainment.Hayato likes the pleasure of his hospitality.

Unfortunately, it can't be done without the company's money, so I think it is only in the game.Even the clan "Black Dragon" held banquets quite often.And this time, I am preparing a lot for Esha and the others.Because they were emotional NPCs, I started cooking because it was rewarding.

(Asha and the others only look like real people, right?Besides, some people say NPC is not a high-performance AI, but it is actually operated by management.You wouldn't be surprised if they told you there were people in there.But isn't that right?She said she didn't sign out.)

If you log out of this game, the character itself will disappear from the game.Mostly acts such as sleeping in bed are logged out, but the NPCs don't disappear from their beds.

It was said that maybe only the characters that the operation is running are such specifications.However, there was talk of a player waking up and moving as soon as he called the NPC, which was sleeping at midnight.It is said that they will not be able to act unless there is someone inside the NPC or they are connected at all times, and few players now suggest that there are people inside.

(If there is someone inside, I would like to see Esha.Somehow I saw something scary)

Hayato was thinking about that while cooking hospitality dishes.And when I checked the time, it was time for the members to gather, so Hayato took the bulk of the cooking to the base cafeteria and arranged it to look good.

The victory at the base is quite exciting.

Asha, Ash, Relic, Ren, and the mercenary regiments led by Ash.Each of them enjoyed eating and chatting.

"I have to say, that's my husband.I enjoyed the highest quality wedding cake. "

"I didn't think I'd eat that alone.And two. "

"That's right! That's terrible!I wanted to eat too!Next time you eat alone, I'll curse you!

"Master Ren, what are you saying while holding the bucket pudding?That's a reward for me, and it's something different from the food we had at the festival.Incidentally, the cooking effect has raised my status a lot, and now I feel invincible.I'll just say you can shoot Destroy as many times as you want. "

"I don't think you're kidding, but really stop."

Afterwards, Esha and Len started eating sweet food to compete, so Hayato left the place behind.Then Ash and Relic move on.

"How about we both cook?

"It's just the highest quality food.It's delicious. "

"A lot of very delicious things overwhelm me.But were you sure?I think it would have been quite a scattering event like this. "

Hayato certainly spends a lot of money preparing these dishes.However, clan warfare gave the opponent a lot of money.

Real winnings from winning Clan Wars are influenced by the amount of in-game currency your clan has.You need to have a lot of in-game currency to get the full A-Rank prize.As a result, the previous Clan War made it possible to acquire more G than Hayato had expected.

(I don't say hundreds of millions, but I got a currency close to it.It's all thanks to everybody.There's nothing wrong with giving it back like this... no, wait.If you think about it carefully, you have to distribute it to everyone instead of reducing it.Yabe, I didn't distribute any money from the last clan war.)

Hayat thought so and lowered his head to Ash and the others.

"Ash, Relic, I remembered that I didn't distribute the money from the Clan War.Ash and the squad members did it twice, including last time.I'm sorry, I forgot everything.I'll calculate it and distribute it to everyone. "

Hayato said so, and Ash looked like she didn't know what she was talking about for a moment.But you noticed right away, shaking your neck sideways.

"What are you talking about?Hayato will spend the money he earned during the Clan War.My sister and I just made the best elixir.It's the same feeling that the Regiment members were able to make a high-performance gear, and in the first place, it's like we took part in a Clan War on our own. "

No, that's why...

"Don't worry about it.I told you before.He wanted to prove Hayato wasn't useless, so he joined the Clan War.Well, I didn't think the Black Dragon clan members were like that either. "

"... are you sure?

"Oh, and when something else happens, I rely on Hayato's production skills.I'd be glad to have you respond as a matter of priority. "

"Okay. Then I'll give you priority."

"Well, good to see you again, leader."

Ash put out his right hand with a smile.Hayato also shook his right hand.As I was shaking hands hard, I heard the voices of Esha in Hayato's ears.

"All right, Mr. Len.That's honorable. "

"Hayato and your brother are just shaking hands, right?

"Isn't it too early for Len?As advanced as I am - no, when you become a transcender, you can't have three cups of chocolate parfait just for that. "

"Can I have three of those?

Hayat ignored it.I pretended not to hear you. And now look towards Relic.

"Mr. Relic, I think you've heard the story, but I'm going to give you the money from the Clan War."

"No, I don't need it as much as Ash and the others.Only pay 100,000 G a month to hire a butler for the guild. "

"That's not how it works.Thanks to Relic, I was able to get my sword back, and I need you to take it... "

"No, actually, I'm a luggage player in the guild just like Asha.I'm just glad you hired me as a butler. "

That said, Relic smiles.There are scratches on the face and it is a strong category, but I don't feel intimidated by surprise.Hayato stared at Relic with such thoughts.

"I see. In that case, I will hire you every month, so please continue in the future.And if I need my production skills, I'll prioritize it. "

"Yes, I look forward to it.Thank you very much. "

Relic bowed politely with his left hand against his chest.Hayato lowers his head normally.Then I heard another voice.

"Is that honorable?

"What do you think? I'm not very interested in the elderly, so I don't think I'm respectable.Some of them are elderly professionals, but they are a minority. "

"It's hard....."

Hayato turned his body towards Esha and Len, who sounded clear when he said he was blurry.

"Can I have a word with you guys?It's ruined everything.Especially Esha. Can you tell Renn-chan something weird?

Esha and Len approached Hayat's words.And Esha objected with a crisp face.

"It's strange, isn't it?This is a maid's taste.A painful and painful maid's job, a glimmer of light imagined in its plight, no, you could say hope.What's so strange about that? "

"There's more to it than that, right?I hate to tell you this, but did you work as a maid?Well, that's good.Rather than being a maid, I feel like I'm hiring you as a combatant.Then I'll distribute the money to Asha. "

"No, I don't need it.Pay 100,000 G per month to your maid alliance - is that why you look so surprised?

"No, I was surprised."

Because it's about Asha, I thought I needed a lot of money to eat food.It was unexpected for Hayato to to say that he didn't need the money.

You can eat in this game.For players, it is not nutritional intake.Most people eat for temporary improvements in their ability to play games and for taste stimulation.But nobody knows what NPC is eating for.I don't even know if AI really has a taste.

As for Hayato, who can only think of the answer that she would definitely have a taste, it was quite surprising that she would not receive the money that could be spent on it.

"Um, are you sure?If you have money, you can eat more.

Hayato said so, and Esha smiled "fufu" with her nose.

"This Esha Crown, as I said before, is banned from all major restaurants in King's Landing, so you can't eat delicious food with money."

"Oh, I've heard that before.But why is that happening?

"There was a big eating challenge in various restaurants, and when I participated in it, the shopkeeper told me not to come anymore while crying.Having eaten so much is not a one-stomach pain - but it's not really a one-stomach pain, is it?It's not a disruptive story. "

"No, I know that much.You mean you can't eat with money?

"Well, you're right -- your gaze hurts a lot."

"Well, why don't you buy your own ingredients and cook?

"Did your husband see my skill set?Unfortunately, no matter how hard you try, your cooking skills will never improve.If the ingredients are just black spots, they're still better at creating new life forms that you shouldn't look at. "

"Is it alchemy or something called cooking?I don't have that kind of skills. "

Hayato remembered Asha's skill structure while saying so.Esha's cooking skills are minus 100.When I first saw it, I was surprised, but more than that, I was surprised by the power of Esha, so Hayato had forgotten until now.

Your eyes turn pitiful, but where does Esha blow?

"That's why food tastes better than money.In other words, I don't need money if I can eat the food your husband cooked.Instead, hire three meals with dessert.Seven more days a week, no complaints. "

"I complain about seven days off a week.But, well, it's fine with three meals of dessert.If you don't eat more than you need, you can eat your own warehouse food.Ah, but I don't want to eat the food I cooked for Clan War - why are you looking like that?

Esha had an unspeakable face.The closest one is the troubled face.Hayato was a little surprised at the complexity of the expression.

And Esha sighed.

"I didn't really think I would allow it.I have always received a chocolate parfait as dessert every day, but would you like three more meals?Somehow, your husband is kind to you for nothing.It's sweet. "

"Don't waste it, okay?

Hayato is a little dissatisfied with what seems to be a bad offer for some reason even though he has made a good offer.I tried to complain about it and looked as if Esha remembered something.

"Oh, yes, actually, I wanted to ask you something.I don't care about the money, just tell me one thing. "

"Um, what is it?

"Why would your husband want to win a Clan War?


The members around me also stared at Hayato in response to Asha's question.I feel like I said I'm intrigued.And Esha asks Hayato more questions than she answers.

"I was in a Clan War before, but I had no particular purpose.It could be said that the goal was simply to win.But you don't have to do that, do you?Winning a Clan War is certainly an attractive way to earn money, but Master usually earns money with productive skills, and I don't think he needs to participate in a Clan War. "

Hayat gets stuck in the answer.

Because the purpose is outside the game, that is, in reality.Hayato's purpose is a real-world prize.But even if you tell the NPC's Esha, you don't know what it means.Or there is a high probability that AI protection will not make sense even if I say the reason.

Esha thinns her eyes against Hayat who does not answer.

"I don't know, but is your husband involved in the Clan War for no particular reason?

For some reason, Hayato was prepared for Esha, who seemed a little upset.I can't tell you the truth, but I wanted to tell you something that wasn't wrong.Hayato didn't want to talk about it, even though he could talk about it properly.

"If you rank higher in Clan Wars, you'll be able to make your dreams come true."

Hayato's dream. It is to open a coffee shop.I happened to see an old movie and thought this was it.I don't know how much it costs, and I don't have the know-how.But it's not low enthusiasm enough to give up without trying.

And the chance was in the game.Opportunities you wouldn't get if you stood up.

It's a bet to do a coffee shop with real coffee.Hayat suddenly quit the company thinking about betting on it all anyway.Sometimes the work didn't suit me, and there was a reason why I didn't like being used by people, but it was a dream that I couldn't realize even if I worked normally and saved money.

I thought it would be possible to enter the top rankings if I were a member of the Black Dragon, but for any reason I was out of my clan and my bet failed.But thanks to that, we definitely shifted in the direction of targeting the prize.And thanks to the NPCs, I was able to get back to where I could see it.Hayato's bets are still going on.

(I'm out at a time when my life is at stake, but if I don't, I can't get out of this situation anyway... after all, it will be difficult from now on without the sweetness of Esha.)

When Hayato thought about it, Esha stared at Hayato with a serious face.


"Oh, yeah. Please don't ask me what kind of dream it is.I think this kind of thing is easier to achieve than telling people... um, can you convince me now?

"... yes, I'm convinced.Really, your husband had a dream and was in a clan war to make it happen. "

"That's right. Well, you might think it's not desperate enough."

"Yeah, that's not enough at all.You have to use any hand to kick them off.But... "

Esha smiled at Hayato.

"I don't think your husband can cure his sleazy personality, so I'll slaughter any enemy instead.Thanks for the three-meal dessert... No, apparently all of us here.You seem to be motivated. "

"If that's the reason, I'll make sure this clan ranks higher.But someday you'll tell me that dream. "

"Well, I'll do my best!Whoever it is, it's cursed!Uhihihi.... "

"I will do my best to help you."

Ash, Len, Relic, and members of the mercenary regiment also offered Hayat a hand.And now everyone talks about their dreams.From dreams that were likely to come true to absurd dreams, everyone talked joyfully.

- Did Escha get a little delicate?It's kind of ticklish. But will everyone support me?Maybe that didn't happen when I was in the Black Dragon, but now.Does everyone have dreams?Even if it was a game, I want to make it happen if I can manage with my skills.)

Hayato looks at everyone with such thoughts in mind.Then I slowly drank coffee and left it to the pleasant atmosphere.

The day after such a victory, Hayato was surrounded by his maids and taken to the maid's guild without explanation.