Another Frontier Online

Made Alliance

In the morning, Hayat woke up in his bedroom at the base when he logged in.

Give water to vegetables and fruits grown in the base vegetable garden, then unlock the store entrance on the ground floor.This is Hayato's morning routine.

After this, Esha came and gave me the store number, but that day was different.

There were several non-eschatological maids outside the store.And while Hayato was surprised, she surrounded herself.


"Dear Hayato, Please accompany me to the Maid Alliance.By the way, there is no right of veto and no right of silence.Nor can you hire a lawyer.A statement can be unfavourable. "

"It's not what I know, a trial or something?

"I can't tell you more.Please accompany me. "

(I don't know, Mr. Maid, is this like the Harlem case?No, but I haven't done anything to Esha, and I have no idea why she's being taken.And you're not talking about thanksgiving, are you?I think Esha used to say she wanted to give me a thank-you note from the maid's guild, but it's not that kind of atmosphere.)

Hayato thought things over, but he thought running away from here would not improve the situation.I don't have enough motor nerves to escape in the first place, and I can't even fight.I gave up that I had no choice but to follow him.

"Um, I don't mind accompanying you, but can I contact you before that?

Well, one minute, please.

(I want to make a call and log out as it is.But if you're forced to log out under these circumstances, the next time you log in, you'll be in jail.Absolutely not)

When you log out of the game, it's basically bedtime, but you can also force yourself to log out.However, the avatar will remain in the game for a few minutes.In the meantime, it is said that it is not good to use a forced logout unless there is a good reason to do so.

In addition, Hayato had confirmed on the internet before the Clan War that forcibly logging out while the Quest was in progress would, in some cases, be a start from the jail.

Originally, jail cells were captured and placed in guards' NPCs, but they were also used to force players to log out under inconvenient circumstances.

It is also possible to leave the prison by paying bail, but unlike the actual bail, there are penalties such as taking more than a month to return the bail, having limited scope of action, and not being able to participate in clan wars.

(The communication never goes out in this time of year, but it seems that there were a lot of them a long time ago.It's unlikely, but I don't like it when the quest is underway... oh no, that's not what I'm thinking.Contact first.)

Hayato hastily contacted Relic.

I want you to take me to a maid's guild, give me the store number at the base store, and contact Ash and the others just in case.Relic asked me if I was ok, but Hayato didn't know, so I could only answer.

A member of your clan may be able to come and help you if you need to.While leaving such hope, Hayato followed the maids.

Hayato was taken to the basement of the Maid Guild headquarters in King's Landing.

From Hayat's knowledge, this place is like a courthouse.And Hayato was quite anxious to be seated.

(Could it really be a trial?I don't know how to think about it, but I don't remember it at all.I should have come home in a good mood yesterday.)

Yesterday, after Hayato talked about her dreams, Esha was in a pretty good mood.

"Win Clan Wars to make your dreams come true!"with a smile.However, Hayato is currently in a situation where he is being brought to trial by his maids.

Hayato had no idea what it meant.

After a while, some maids came to this place.

A maid with glasses in her early thirties moves to the position where the judge sits before looking at Hayato.

Are you sure it's Hayato?

"Yes, of course, but what the hell is going on here?

"I wanted to ask you a few questions, so I appreciate your time.Well, Master Hayato. Do you have any idea why you were called here?

"No, I don't have any dust.I don't know if it's a mess, but I don't remember it at all. "

Really? As you can imagine, it's about Esha.Let me explain the situation. "

The maid of glasses seems to be the maid of length, and I was introduced to being the top of this maid guild.Afterwards, I will talk about Esha.

Yesterday, Esha, who came home in a good mood, quickly returned to her room.

This maid's guild has a room for the maids, where Esha lives, but a few minutes after entering the room, she heard a small scream.Then the maid, who lived next door, hurried to Asha's room and knocked on the door, but Asha didn't come out.

And I heard a faint voice saying, "I can't go to my wife's body."Afterwards, Esha is still in the castle without going out of the room.

That's what I was talking about.

The maid captain gave Hayato a harsh gaze.Those with weak eyesight alone have a refreshing eyesight.

"If there's an opening, let's hear it."

"There are so many unjust crimes."

Of course Hayato doesn't remember.Rather, I wonder why I am suspected.

"Why am I involved in Esha's remarks in the first place?I think it might not be me. "

"Asha doesn't have any girlfriends, not just boyfriends.Hayato is the only one involved. "

"Please don't say anything bad to him.I'm with my former clan. "

"Please be honest with me, Hayato.The maids of our Maid Alliance are very grateful to Hayato.That Asha has been working decently for two months now.Hayato is what the made-up guild calls the Savior. "

"Please don't do this."

"Even if Hayato and Esha make mistakes, it doesn't matter.We're both adults.Instead, I want you to take responsibility and take Esha... you know what I mean?

"I know what that means, but aren't you trying to make trouble?

What the maid chief said.It's about marriage.

This game has a marriage system.If they make a declaration in a shrine or church, they'll get married, but that's just between the players.Hayato has never heard of a player marrying an NPC.

If that were possible, the game would become a game of galleries and maidens, which would make it popular.The avatar in this game is realistic and the high-performance AI is acting incredibly well, even if it says there are people inside.

"Esha is a maid who belongs to the maid guild and is one of us.Even if you take it back, you need to make sure it's okay.And I'm off the record, but I'll keep my eyes shut for whatever happens. "

"Would you mind not recommending that we speak on the assumption that we're the killers?"

Hayato has no idea what's going on.I have no idea why Esha said such a thing in the first place.You can't afford to be the killer because you don't even know if you're involved.

As it stands, the killer will take Esha back.Hayato had to prove himself out of such a sense of crisis.

Hayato doesn't hate Asha.I feel like I'm being teased, but I appreciate it more than that.I think Esha helped me win the Clan War so far.

But it's impossible to take it back or get married.No matter what you think, you look more tired than you need to be.And this is an online game.Hayato thinks it is not good to get too deeply involved with NPC.

"Well, I really don't understand the situation.Could you ask Asha to check the meaning of the statement first?You still don't know what I'm involved in, do you?

"Unfortunately, Esha won't leave the room behind.Speak up and say nothing.Perhaps Hayato-san can't say a lot of things... "

"Objection. Do not operate the impression.Then I'll give you the food you like.Let's lure it out of the room as bait. "

"Then there is a possibility that you can lure Asha out.But do you already have food?

"Yeah, well. I make it almost every day because they always say I want to eat it fresh."

"... every day?

"I prepare it every day from the day I hire it.Uh, this is it.Top quality chocolate parfait.I think this is going to come out of the room, so please. "

Another maid receives Hayato's chocolate parfait.The maid looked as if she had eaten a parfait, but once she lowered her head, she took it with her.

"Hayato, I'd like to check again. Did Esha eat the chocolate parfait earlier every day?

"Huh? Yeah, well.Then I was wondering if you could do your job properly.For the time being, the store number is well done.They don't do any cleaning or maid work at all. "

Basically there is no dust, but if you don't clean it, the color of the base and furniture becomes dull.It is reflected every week, and if it is not cleaned for four weeks, it will be worn out.It is common for players with bases to hire a maid to clean their bases.

The maid chief meditated.The area between the eyebrows is circling with the index finger of the right hand.He seems to be thinking something, but Hayato has no idea what he's thinking.

A while later, the maid who took the parfait back.

"Made to measure. I've captured Esha, but for some reason she seems to be conflicting even if she sees the parfait without eating.Can I help you?

Bring him here.

The maid lowers his head to the words of the maid chief.And a few minutes later, the maids arrived holding her on both sides.For some reason, Esha is sweating and feels tired.

Esha notices Hayato.

"Isn't it your husband?I thought from the moment I saw the finest chocolate parfait, what are you doing here?

"Oh, yeah. Surprisingly normal.I'm in a lot of trouble.Mostly because of Esha. "

"Asha, I need to talk to you about yesterday."

"Made to measure? You mean yesterday?

For some reason, Esha leans her neck.Even Hayato wants to tilt his neck.Thank you. The temperatures on this matter are different between Esha and the maids.

"Did you scream in your room yesterday after you came home in a good mood?There are also reports that I have heard that my wife has been made into a body that she cannot go to.And there was something close to the room till morning.Are you sure?

"You're not soundproof.No doubt about it, but rest assured.It's private, so it's not a big deal. "

"Esha, we're on your side.Even if there's a killer here, I'll protect him. "

"Objection. Stop treating yourself like a killer."

Esha glanced at Hayato.

"No, that's a bit where your husband is.The flowers are a disgraceful maiden. "

"As I said earlier, we are on our side.Don't worry, no matter what you do, I won't say anything else.Instead, they will be held accountable for whatever happens. "

"I have no choice but to object."

Esha sighed a little after seeing Hayato again.

(I want you to stop acting like I have a problem.You don't actually have one, do you?You didn't do anything?

"Well, let me just say it briefly.I've gained about two kilograms in the last two months.My husband's chocolate parfait should not be delicious.Please understand it's not my fault.It's a natural order. "

Silence dominated the scene.

Moving first is losing.In such a situation, the maid head opened his mouth.

"Why didn't you come out of the room?

"I was trying to exercise and lose weight.Because there is no dietary restriction.Speaking of which, there was a lot of noise outside the room from yesterday to today.I was ignoring it because I thought I had leaked the pudding from the shared refrigerator. "

"... I've never heard of that pudding, but it's mine."

(Rather, it would be strange to weigh about two kilograms with that amount.Or does NPC get fat?Besides, did you eat that much and eat more maid length pudding... at least I want to tell you to have only one Tsukomi)

Hayato thought so, but thought it was time to go home.Because I thought I had nothing to do with it.And we're going to build a coffin for the mist.

The maid chief opened his mouth before saying it.

"Dear Hayato, I would like to hear your opinion, but how can we make this situation more comfortable?

"Even if they throw a round like that.I think it is too late to put hands on it anymore.I'd like to ask myself, where can I appeal to win?

"Please wait. So let's do this.Rent Esha indefinitely.Please use it more than ever.Well, you can let them work from morning to evening. "

"No, thank you. I mean, don't push me, will you?

"Don't fight for me, just tell me."

Esha didn't seem to care when she got a look like a killer from the maid chief.Hayato wanted this kind of mentality, but when I thought about it carefully, I thought it was AI and stopped thinking about it.And Hayato's heart is filled with the desire to go home.

"You can go home now, right?I have to build a coffin from now on. "

"Does that mean I'm going to put Esha in a coffin?I think I can help you personally.Instead of making it, of course, it is better to put it in.Instead, let me. "

"Absolutely not. I just have a request like that.In the meantime, can you let go of yourself and Asha?I want to go home now. Actually. "

Hayat's request was rejected.It is said that I cannot go home until I make some kind of apology.

Please let me go.

Hayato thought so from the bottom of his heart.