Hayato was still in the basement of the Maid Alliance.

Because the maid chief wants to apologize somehow.Rather, I apologize for releasing him immediately, but Hayato was in trouble because he didn't seem to notice it at all.

"Um, I really don't need any more."

"If Hayato is left like this, it will be the name of the maid's guild.I want to make amends somehow... okay.A thank-you note from the Maid Alliance to the Saviors. "

"I would greatly appreciate it if you could dispose of that letter of appreciation.And stop saving the Saviors. "

"If so, could you give me a moment?I'll make sure to come up with a good idea.If you'd like, please relax at the coffee shop on the ground floor.Every dish is served free of charge. "

Hayat heard words that could not be discarded.

The maid's guild has a coffee shop.I have to check that once.

"I'll wait at the coffee shop if you say so."

"Then I will guide your husband.And please have omelet rice for my breakfast.If only you could write "Asha-sama is the best in ketchup."

"Asha, I need to talk to you.Hayato gave you a chocolate parfait every day, didn't he?

"No, that's not true.Something went wrong. "

"Did you say you gained weight at the chocolate parfait earlier?She also said she ate my pudding.You deserve to die. "

"... was the question during the trial a guiding interrogation?I have to say, that's the maid. "

"I'm sorry, Hayato.I have to talk a little longer with Asha, so I'm going to need some time. "

"Please, don't worry, I'm at the coffee shop."

Esha was also taken out of this place by other maids holding her by her sides.Hayato saw what it felt like to want Asha's help, but he didn't.

Hayato led the maid to the coffee shop on the first floor of the maid's guild.

The coffee shop is filled with bright sunlight from the outside, and the large space is very bright.All of the surrounding walls, tables and chairs were made of wood, with a sense of simplicity but unity, creating a stylish atmosphere.

Half of the guests are men and women.Some players and some NPCs.More than half of the seats are vacant, but all around twenty guests enjoy meals.In the maid's story, the morning menu called Morning was popular.

(The quality of chairs and tables is not good, but the overall atmosphere is good.But wooden walls.You can't do it in real life.)

Hayato looks around at the guided table with such thoughts in mind.

And I ordered breakfast from the mornings menu, just like the other guests.Pancakes and salads and coffee.I also asked the maid to show me a menu other than mornings, even though it was not an order.

(Do you change the menu that you can eat every hour?That's an interesting mechanism. But can I serve drinks for as long as I can?Coffee only if I do.)

I don't know if I can actually do a coffee shop, but it's fun to be delusional about that.Hayato enjoyed thinking properly about what he would do.

A few minutes later, Hayato stared at the food being transported.

Not of the highest quality, but at least three stars or higher.I started eating it as soon as it didn't taste bad.I don't actually get nutrients, but I can enjoy the taste.Hayato quickly ate pancakes and salad.

And slowly drink coffee made by others.

I'm sure that my homemade star five coffee is more delicious, but the fact that someone made it for me makes it feel delicious, Hayato tasted it with a pungent taste.

As she looked around slowly, Ash and Len appeared at the entrance of the store.Hayato is surprised at it.

Ash and the others are looking at the store, obviously looking for someone.Hayat thought he might have come looking for himself.

Hayato raises his right hand to appeal to his presence.

Ash and Len were talking to the maid as they looked around, but when they noticed Hayato, they came closer with a big exhale.

Hayato, you're safe.

"I was worried because I heard you took me to the maid's guild."

"I'm sorry. In the meantime, it looks like you're no longer suspicious of me, so it's okay.Now the maid guild wants to apologize, and I'm waiting. "

"Really?By the way, what kind of suspicion was that?

I can't tell you the details, but I think it's a mess.

I couldn't talk about the weight of Esha, so I clouded the words, but for some reason the two of them were convinced and didn't particularly pursue it.

"I'll take care of it, so you can both ask for something.Thank you for your concern.Ah, Relic needs a souvenir, too.Can I get you something to take home? "

The two rejoiced in the words, and Ash asked for pancakes and coffee, and Len for honey-rich toast and orange juice.

Hayato said he would pay, but the maid said he couldn't afford it, and he also offered Ash's food for free.And as a souvenir to Relics, they even made sandwiches for me.

(On the contrary, I feel sorry for you.My suspicions have cleared up, so I don't have to go that far.Speaking of which, what kind of treatment is Esha in a made-up guild?

The maid captain of the maid guild was trying to push Esha against Hayato.Rather than being hated, I feel like I want to stay away from Esha because she is a problem child.

(I don't know.I think you should fire a problem child, but is that why you can't do it?I wonder why Esha is in the first place a maid.

Hayat thought so much and remembered what Ash had said.

(Speaking of which, Ash knew about Esha, didn't he?It was a clan war three years ago, but he did say that he was not a maid at that time)

"Ash, can I talk to you for a second?

"Oh, I don't mind.I just finished eating pancakes. "

"Wasn't Esha a maid three years ago?

"Oh, not back then.I didn't see it thoroughly, but I felt more like a wizard.The weapon was a terrible wand. "

"Really?Why would he have a gun on top of a maid?

"I don't know that much.However, the team that did well in the last Clan War was granted a wish by God.I thought you wanted Esha to be your maid.

"Cami? You mean God?

"Is there another god?

There is a God in this game.It is believed in churches and so on, but Hayat has never heard of the name of God.It's a vague perception that there is a God.

Hayato, who doesn't know the main story in detail, doesn't know much about how God gets involved in this game.I thought I'd ask Nay later, but first I tried to find out what Ash knew.

"What's God's name?

"God is God.I don't have a name. "

Really?So Esha wanted to be a maid to God without a name?Why again? "

"Even if I ask you that, I don't know.Why don't you ask him?

I see. But I don't think it's worth asking because I don't think you're gonna answer it--Ren-chan?I've been thinking about it for a while. What's the matter?

Ren kept the toast on the table and twisted her neck with her arms tied.

"No, I've known Esha before, but I wondered how I knew her."

"I heard that Esha is famous.I heard you defeated a hero and a demon king in a clan war. "

"I know that.But it's just a name... where did you first learn that Mr. Esha was dressed as a wizard?

"Yeah? Where is that...?

Ash tilted his neck to Len's question, but Len also tilted his neck.

"I know Esha looked like a wizard, but I can't remember where I saw her."

"Didn't you watch the video at the Clan Management Committee facility?

Hayat doesn't know how Clan War was set three years ago in the first place, but if it is the same setting as the current system, it is most likely that he watched the video.

"Oh, yeah. I don't think so.I thought I knew that game when I saw it. "

"If you think about it, it's the only way.Perhaps Hayato was right.I don't remember why I saw the video. "

Ash and Len had a delicate face, but it seemed convincing.

But Hayato was worried about something else.

(Isn't it good to penetrate the NPC with details?NPC exists in such a setting, so perhaps you shouldn't ask me anything extra.That makes the settings of the game subtly sweet.)

Although Hayato was a little curious, he suggested a different topic to stop talking about Esha.But Ash talks about the dragon, and Len talks about the curse, so he's chaotic that he doesn't understand either story.

After a while, Esha and the maid approached the table where Hayato and the others were.

Ash-sama and Ren-sama were there too?Did you come to pick me up because I was worried?

"No, I was worried about Hayato.You weren't worried about Esha. "

"It hurts when you say it with a serious face."

"Wow, I was also worried about Mr. Esha!But I'm safer than you both thought!I was wondering if you were in a terrible position to say something like this!

"Don't worry. As long as you have this shade, your husband will not suffer a terrible experience."

"I was about to have a terrible time because of Asha.

As far as I could tell, the maid captain took a step towards Hayato.

"Hayato, I'm very sorry about this."

"Oh, no, I think I've solved my misunderstanding.I don't care, so you don't have to apologize.I got Ash and the others to cook here for free, and that's enough. "

"I haven't eaten yet.May I have the menu, please? "

"Asha, shut up a bit.So, Hayato, I was talking to Asha just now, but the apology has been decided. "

"That's fine, but both of you are losing about half your HP, right?Was it really a discussion?

Even if you look at the player and NPC, you don't know their HP, but if you look at the character in detail, you can only see their HP.From what Hayato has seen, it is clear that about half of the red bars showing Esha and Maid Length's HP are missing.Somewhat more Maid Length HP will remain.

"The matter of apology has been decided through discussion.It's Pudding that's losing HP. "

"Ah, that's right.Now, may I ask what your apology is?

Hayato prompts the maid director for an answer.I'm going to turn it down as soon as I say something weird.Hayato is wary of pushing Esha again, based on previous expectations.

Asha told me that Hayato wants to be ranked first in the Clan War.

"Well, even if you're not in first place, I'd be happy to be in fifth place."

Hayato clapped rather than being wary of apologizing, but explained that he could not say about the ranking of the prize, so he was in fifth place.

But then Hayato thought to himself,I had always wondered how the prize was spreading.

Win prizes by the fifth place in the rankings.If the clan is made up of five teams, the number is fifty.Paying 100 million per person is five billion in total.

Hayato sees that there will be five million people playing this game, although the population is unknown.If so, it will be five billion yen a month at a charge of 1,000 yen per person per month.Since there are no billing items in this game and no other media deployments, there is no doubt that it is almost this amount.

The game itself has been going on for almost two and a half years, so if you think about it in the totals so far, it is probably the amount you can pay, but Hayato wondered whether the salary for development, operation staff, and server maintenance costs are rather negative, such as taxes and monthly winnings paid to players.

Hayato further wonders what it means to be able to prepare five billion dollars.

But when I thought about it, I decided not to think about it because I didn't get an answer.

You don't have to be so popular with scam games.I concluded that I was probably spreading money in a way that I could not imagine.

As Hayato thought so much, Esha opens her mouth with a serious face.

"No, I'm number one if I want to.That's the only way. "

And Ash and Len shook their necks vertically in Asha's words.Hayato thought that the clan leader was herself, but she didn't have to specifically deny it, so she left it.

The maid head nodded after slightly correcting the position of the glasses with his right hand.

"I see, there's no mistake.In the future, the Maid Alliance will provide Hayato with information about the enemy clan. "


"Needless to say to Hayato, clan warfare is a mechanism that determines the opponent a week ago.Once the opponent is chosen, we will use the full power of the Made to explore the opponent's information.I'd like to apologize for this, but how about that?

Hayat wonders if it is good.However, I soon came to the conclusion that there was no problem.

(I've been looking into my opponent for a long time.It shouldn't be illegal in the game.I don't know how to do a maid's guild, but I don't think it's too radical.Probably)

"Well, if that's the case, please.I am a production specialist, so I am grateful for your help because I have a lot of preparations. "

"I understand.Make sure you have information about your opponent in the name of your Made to Measure Alliance. "

"As far as I'm concerned, I told you to blackmail your opponent, but that was rejected.I'm sorry I didn't have the strength.Next time, I'll make sure to knock on the maid's head to get through the request. "

"If you do that, you'll disband the clan from the management committee, so will you just stop?And don't say it like I asked you to. "

Then Hayat returned with a souvenir for Relic and a thank-you note for the Savior.Incidentally, the thank-you note was an irrevocable attribute item.