Hayato had been making coffins in his own room for a week after the maid's Guild riots.

Honestly, it's not fun at all, but it's a vampire mist's request, so I make it every day as long as I have the ingredients.

But I wasn't lucky enough to make it with Stars Five.

There is a 5% chance of being of the highest quality.In simple calculation, if you make it about twenty times, you can make it about once, but you still can't make it at the highest quality.

(I don't have any god gear for woodworking skills.In the first place, the reason for making it at the highest quality is just dedication, so compared to cooking, it can be said that I was relaxed.But I can't help it because there are many other priority skills.)

The material needed to make the coffin is wood, but I use the Magic Tree at the request of the Mist.

Magic Tree is a rare material that is occasionally obtained by cutting down trees in the cold lands of the Magic Nation.Even if you have 100 felling skills, the probability is about 2%, and it will cost a lot of money to buy them at auctions and so on.

Hayato wants to use the magic tree to get the furniture in the base, but he can't use such precious wood.Hayat doesn't have the logging skills and he can't spend extra money at the moment.

(If you think about it, why does Mr. Mist have so many ingredients?Is there any way to collect it efficiently?)

Hayato thought of that and made a coffin with a saw.

An hour after its creation, Esha came into Hayato's room without knocking.

"Master, the room is feeling strange, but are you okay?A man holding a saw in the center of a coffin in the room is likely to be caught by guards under any pretext.After all, I'll give you a favorable testimony when we get to trial. "

"Just in case?Even so, it seems objectively so.But I can't make a coffin.Then I'll break the coffin and recycle it.If we put it back in the wood, we could make it about three more times. "

Some items created with Production Skills can be returned to Materials in a variety of ways.Basically, you can use the tools you made.In other words, coffins are made of saws, so they can be returned to wood with saws.

As soon as Hayat was about to begin, he saw Shah.

Speaking of which, what can I do for you?I gave you today's chocolate parfait, didn't I?

"I am delighted to have a three-o 'clock snack for lunch and evening meals.Another nap would be perfect, so please consider it. "

"I'd like to send Esha back to the Maid Guild with a thank-you note.By the way, I can now choose a messiah for my title, but what can I do about it?

This game has a system called titles.You can get a title under a variety of conditions, and you can set it to your profile title.However, the title itself has no effect and is only one of the elements that colors your profile.It is also possible to set multiple titles in combination, so some players are called title maniacs.

Hayato can now set the title of Messiah in one of his maid alliances, but he didn't want to.If it was a craftsman's title, I would have given it, but there is no such title so far.

"Isn't that nice?Even a brave man doesn't have that title.What a useless maid I am.It's still better than that. "

"You have an unmistakable title.I'm not a goddess of annihilation, I'm a maid of annihilation. - Yeah, I'm kidding. Can you put the gun away?

"Your husband has been unforgiving to me lately.I miss you a little. I was so kind when we met. "

Really? I've been a bad boy since I met Asha.The more I know about it, the lower my rating is.Is strength all you can trust?

"Actually, I threw away everything else because it was all about strength.A conscience. It takes sacrifice to get stronger - well, let's finish the joke and get down to business. "

(It wasn't a joke, it was a very convincing explanation.)

"Mr. Mist needs you.I think it's a situation check and replenishment, but what do you do?Do you want to shoot?

"Why do you have such a choice... I haven't made a coffin yet, but I have to see you.Or did you keep me waiting?Let's hurry up. "

Hayat and Esha left their room and went to the cafeteria.

In the cafeteria, the mist was gracefully dressed and drinking a red liquid - tomato juice.

"Thank you for waiting."

"No, I just came by suddenly.While you're waiting, it's worth it to be able to drink the highest quality tomato juice. "

"I think it's delicious because it's a tomato we picked."

"I think it's delicious because I prepared it."

Asha's in charge of the store.

Tomato juice is naturally made by Hayato.They also make the ingredients of tomatoes in a vegetable garden in their base.Things that are often used as ingredients for cooking are grown in the vegetable garden.

Hayato has 100 cultivation skills.Since cultivation is also one of the production skills, Hayato naturally developed his skills.Improving this skill increases yields and quality.It also increases the chances of harvesting something that has nothing to do with what rarely grows.Harvesting takes about a week in real time, but Hayato always looks forward to harvesting.

"Well, Mr. Mist, I'm sorry to bother you, but I haven't made a coffin yet.It'll take a little longer. "

"That's all right.I got a sample of the Hoshi Four coffin, but it seems pretty good.I can't wait to finish it, but I'm not in a hurry, so please handle it slowly. "

"Yes, but was it good?You joined the clan before you could make the five stars, right?

Mist already belongs to Hayato's clan.The day after I handed over the Hoshi coffin as a sample, I left the Clan Management Committee.

"It's better this way.And I need to check the collaboration with Ash and the others. "

Here, Mist recently went to the hunting grounds with Ash and the others to fight together.Hayato didn't accompany him because he made a coffin, but according to Ash and the others, the collaboration has improved considerably.

So, I have another request for Hayato today.

"Please? What is it?

"I want you to make a sunscreen."


"Because it's a vampire, it weakens as the sun rises.It is strong at night.I wanted Hayato to make some sunscreens before the Clan War to prevent some weakening. "

(Is it done with sunscreen?What is the definition of a vampire...?

If you're a natural vampire, you're famous for turning ash in the sun.The same is true of vampires as pure monsters, but if they are transformed into vampires by the magic of the Dead Spirit, they will be weakened even in the sun.Hayato didn't know, but using sunscreens can relieve vampires from weakening a little.

And sunscreen is a regular item.The absence of sunscreen when adventuring in the desert or something can cause a burn status anomaly, which can be quite good for sale when there are in-game events in the desert area.Hayato also earned money from it.

The in-game sunscreen is different from the real ingredients and has a strong fantasy color.To make it, it consists of an "astringent grass extract" that disperses light, an "astringent grass extract" that absorbs light, and water and oil.

Hayato thought that because the vegetable garden at the base does not make scattered grass and light absorbing grass, it has to be bought or picked directly.

"I see. If that's the case, I'll make it."

"Hey, I'm sorry I asked for a coffin.It is quite strong at night, but it is a little stronger than people during the day.Even in clan wars, we don't always fight at night, so I wanted to be prepared as much as possible. "

"Oh, I see. Depending on the start time, it can all be noon."

Clan Wars start at different times for each clan.Sometimes we fight early in the morning, sometimes in the evening or at night.It's also a Battlefield gimmick, but now that you're at the top of the rankings, you have to assume that's what you said.

(I forgot to make a coffin.I'm up in the leaderboard, and I need to think about the Battlefield.Sometimes heavy rain makes it impossible to use the magic of fire.It's dangerous from now on if we don't assume all sorts of situations.Not only is it strong, but it also requires appropriate adaptability, so we need to keep it all together.)

Hayato thought so and decided to proceed with various preparations.

The next day Hayat came to the forest of Erdomur with Ash and Len.

I'm here to pick scattering grass and light absorbing grass.

Yesterday, after breaking up with Mist, Hayato immediately tried to buy light scattering grass and light absorbing grass at the auction.However, no scattering grass or light absorbing grass was sold.Looking at the sales history, it seemed that someone had bought it and there was nothing left.

It was not difficult to get it and there was no event in the desert area, so it was thrown away, but it was unusual to buy it all away.

Hayato wondered if it would be a vampire countermeasure, but as it had to be stocked with ingredients, he came to the "Erdomur Forest" where the grass was growing with Ash and the others.

The forest of Erdomur near King's Landing is a place where monsters appear weak and beginners of the game often come.The first strategy is to harvest medicinal herbs and sell them to the Adventurers Guild.

Hayato needs an escort even where such monsters are weak.Even the weakest monster, the "Forest Rabbit", is a deadly fight to win in the case of Hayato.

Ash looks a little worried because she knows the situation.

"We're the only ones who can pick the grass we need.It's not dangerous here, but it wasn't until Hayato arrived, was it?

"Well, sometimes it's not bad to go out.I can't find another coffin, so it's like refreshing it.I told you that. I have the "herbal knowledge" skill, so the amount and rarity increase at the time of harvest. "

A skill in herbal knowledge is a skill that complements a pharmaceutical skill, as is dismantling knowledge.It affects the success rate of removing the extract from the grass, not the aid in making the medicine.Hayato naturally sets "knowledge of herbs" to 100.However, apart from that, it also has the effect of improving quality and finding rare grass when harvesting on the field.

Hayato was coming to collect the effects of the skill herself.

"I don't think I need herbal knowledge skills because they grow as much around here as possible.Well, it's not a bad thing we're going together. "

"It's more fun to go with you!I will protect Mr. Hayato with my brother, so gather some guns!

"I'm counting on Ash and Len."

The woods are less threatening, so the mercenary regiment is not here.The Regiment members are hunting elsewhere.So Ash and Len are the only guards Hayat has.

(Now, shall we begin the harvest?)

Hayat looked out into the woods and found a place where the grass might have grown.

After about an hour, Hayato's item bag was overflowing with scattering grass and light absorbing grass.

With this alone, you can make a lot of sunscreen.Hayat looked at Ash and the others as he thought so.

"We've gathered enough material, so it's time to go home. - What's the matter?

When Hayat looked at Ash and Len, they looked deeper into the woods and did not move slightly.Ash and the others seem to have been hunting a lot of forest rabbits while they were hiring escorts, but they weren't enemies.It is a monster that can be defeated even if you play.

But now I feel nervous or rather wary.

There are rare monsters in the back.I think it's "The Rabbit of Fortune."

That's another rare monster.Isn't that a monster that's gonna take a long time to reappear?

When a monster is defeated, the time it takes for it to appear next is set.Ordinary monsters take roughly five minutes, but some monsters don't appear for days.Lucky rabbits take 72 hours, or three days, to reappear.

Killing monsters like that drops rare items and materials, so hunting them as soon as you can find them is the iron rule.

"Let's do it!

"Well, that's right.It looks like there aren't any players nearby, and I don't think they'll ever get along, so take them down right away. "

"Ah! Wait, wait!Give her up!

When Hayato tried to defeat him, a woman with a brown shortcut suddenly appeared from the grass.Hayato predicts that the leaves are stuck to the entire clothing, which is based on active, slightly exposed white, and have been lurking in the grass until now.

"I'm sorry for all of a sudden! But I want to tame her!So give it up!

Tame. That's the ability to train monsters and make them pets.

Though it is not a problem in itself, Hayato investigated the information of the woman who suddenly appeared as a monster or something.I have not heard the name from the person so it is "unknown", but the letter "unknown" is not blue but yellow.

The yellow name is proof of NPC.

(I don't know, NPC training monsters?)

Hayato looked at the NPC appearing in front of him and thought about it.