Another Frontier Online

Tamer and Summoner

Hayato gave up the lucky rabbit to the NPC, which appeared in front of him as Tamer.

Lucky rabbits are rare monsters of forest rabbits.Defeat to get rare items.Nevertheless, dropping rare items in rare monsters where beginners come is not worth it.There was no problem where I gave it away.

Tamer's woman thanked Hayat and began Tame immediately.

In this game, you have the right to take possession of attacks against monsters, and you can only attack monsters against the first character to take hostile action.Of course, Tame is one of the hostilities.

Occupancy takes place on a party-by-party basis, so Hayato, who are not partying with Tamer, are no longer able to attack the lucky rabbit.

However, there is a rescue system that allows anyone with possession to attack that monster if they ask for rescue.Relief may only be beneficial, but there is the disadvantage of asking for relief and the quality of the items you can get is poor, so you won't have to do it unless you do something about it.

Since the harvest was over, I could have left immediately, but Hayato had never seen Tame before, so I decided to look away.

(I envy you because you can ride some monsters when you maximize your Tamer skills.)

Tamer skills often consist of training, animal knowledge, monster knowledge, riding, and veterinary medicine.You also need to feed your tamed monsters, so you'll need some cooking skills to make pet food.In addition, while Tames are being attacked by monsters, they also need skills to be able to fight.

The Tamer in front of her is also taming while being attacked by a lucky rabbit.Of course, I will not attack from Tamer.Because there's no point in defeating him.No matter how hard you get hit, you can only keep using Tame Skills without countering them.

"Join me on an adventure!--Ufufu! Not yet!

NPC that behaves like it feels painful, even though it shouldn't feel painful.I feel sorry for everything.

A few minutes after seeing him like that, Tamer's flag color got worse.

My HP is gradually decreasing.Drinking alternating potions of different types seems to restore HP while solving the cool time problem, but it is more likely to be defeated if left unchanged.

Rare monsters are stronger than regular monsters.That's why I want to be a pet, but it's pointless if I can't be tamed.

"Ash, what do you do when you're like this?He's about to get shot.

"We can help with the rescue, but we can't do anything because we don't want to defeat it."

"But he's been staring at me for a while now.Do you want me to do something about it?

Did you trade items during the battle?Would you like me to give you potions and dishes to restore your health?

"Do we have to go that far?No, it's Hayato, so how about that? "

"I don't know what kind of evaluation it is, but I think I can give you that much.I'll try it. "

When Hayat tried to get close to Tamer, Ash stopped it.

"Wait. Hayato is defeated in a single blow when caught in a range attack.I'll give it to you. "

Monster attacks have an attack that involves multiple characters.The attack involves surrounding characters, whether or not they have the right to take possession of the attack against the monster.

"Oh, I see. But it's strange that we can't attack, but the monster side can attack, right?

"It's worse to get caught in the middle of something.I'll take care of the guards, Len. "

Len nods at Ash's words.Ash, who confirmed it, approached Tamer.Then hand over some of Hayato's cooking and potions.

Tamer's woman looked at us and bowed her head momentum, but she was attacked in the meantime, so she urged Tame to thank her quickly.

Hayato's cuisine and potions have made the war much better.Tame still hasn't succeeded, but he has a lot of room in his HP.

"You've got a lot of nerve, Tame."

"I think that's because it's a rare monster.I've heard that it usually works a few times. "

"Is that what this is about?It's tough just to run into rare monsters. "

Hayato was talking to Len like that, and the lucky rabbit shined.Then he stopped attacking Tamer and jumped around him, saying cucumber.

"Ya, ya, ya, I did it!

Tamer's woman is just as happy as the lucky rabbit.And after rejoicing all the way, he put the lucky rabbit on his shoulder, and approached the Hayats.

"Thank you!I would have lost if I stayed that way, so I really appreciated the food and the potion!

"I'm glad we achieved our goal."

"Yes, thanks to you.You're lucky you gave me the rabbit, and I'm really glad you didn't take care of it-ah, yeah, here you go, if you like.It's not much money, but it's a lot!

That's what Tamer's lady said and handed me the bag.After checking the contents, you can see that there is a large amount of scattering grass and light absorbing grass.

"It's the grass I picked when I was wandering through the woods looking for the lucky rabbit!Looks like there's demand lately, so I think we can sell at that price!

I already have a lot of them, but it's not too much to bother me, so Hayato decided to thank me.

"Thank you."

"This isn't enough at all!See you somewhere!Come to the tamer's guild if you need anything!Bye! "

That said, Tamer's woman ran away with the rabbit.

And three will be left behind.

"Somehow, you're such a hasty kid.I don't have a name anymore. "

"Isn't that why you're so happy?That rabbit was cute.I wish I had a pet that feels worse... Ah, maybe I should summon the devil as a summoner instead of Tamer. "

"Well, you know how it feels to be happy, right?Considering the dishes and potions you gave me, it doesn't hurt to feel like a tongue even if you give it to me.Well, then, let's go home.I have to make a sunscreen. "

Hayat teleported to his base when he retrieved the transfer ring.

A few days after meeting Tamer's woman, Hayato was making a lot of stuff in his room that he thought would be used in clan warfare.And in the meantime, we spend days making coffins.

(I have to think a lot about the next match, but this time it's a random match so I don't know if the opponent is going to be a week old.There are ways to identify opponents by betting on bases, but in the current situation, they only sign up at low rankings, and it doesn't make sense.)

Hayato makes a coffin with that in mind.Then the rainbow light overflowed my hand.

(Did you finally come?Is there a lust sensor for this kind of thing?I can't make it when I want it, but I can make it when I do it properly.)

A coffin appears in Hayato's room.It was definitely the highest quality of the five stars.I don't particularly want it, but if I struggle to make it so far, I get a little attached.Hayat touched the coffin a little before leaving the room to summon the mist.

And I run into Asha outside the room.

"Are you free?I'd like you to take care of them because they're coming to shop. "

"I'm a customer, so don't tell me you're a creepy guy."

"I was wondering if you could understand my feelings.She wants to see the store owner, so I have to wait for her. What should I do?

"Of course I'll see you. Could it be a bespoke request?

When Hayato was in Black Dragon, he was working on creating items from customers at this base.Since the beginning of the Clan War, I've done a lot less, but I still do occasionally.

Hayato disappeared from the base for a while, but I decided to meet someone who heard that the sales had recently become more abundant.

When Hayato came to the shop area on the ground floor of the base, there were five people in black hooded robes.Everyone is wearing a hood and cannot see their face.I can see just a little around my mouth.

(The name is unknown, but it is blue.A player, not an NPC.Still, it's a sexy outfit.)

Hayato thinks so, and next to her, Esha somehow looks like Doya.I hurried to make a calm face thinking that something that I thought was scattered appeared on my face.And I talked to Loeb's people.

"Welcome. I'm Hayato, the owner of the store. What can I do for you?

Hayat said so, and one of the five came forward.

"I'm sorry I'm busy. Looks like this store has a lot of sunscreen, doesn't it?

"Huh? Yeah, well.I'm selling it because I made it a little too much, but what is it?

When the amount collected and the amount received were combined, there was a considerable amount, so I sold the excess amount of sunscreen that I made at the store.There is no particular demand at the moment, so it was put on sale at a fairly low price.

There is a search function for store-selling products at the base, and if you specify the conditions, you can check the stores you are selling.Hayat thought he might have used it to come here because he could teleport until then.

"I think you'll need scattering grass and light absorbing grass to make a sunscreen.Instead of sunscreens, I would like to buy scattering grass and light absorbing grass. Why not?I'm going to double the price. "

"May I ask why?

"It's a trade secret, please."

Hayato thinks.

(Is it possible that these people are involved in the disappearance of scattering grass and light absorbing grass from the market?But I don't know how to use it.Can I use it other than sunscreen?I don't think it will be used in production skills at least.)

Hayato has complete knowledge of the ingredients that can be made with his production skills.At least in production skills, there is no use other than sunscreen for scattered grass and light-absorbing grass.There is a possibility that I got a new recipe just like myself, but if I think about it, I won't get an answer.First of all, I tried to remember if there were any uses other than production.

(Could it be magic? I've heard that some magic requires catalysts)

Depending on the type of magic, basically magic can be used if you have a magic book.If you put that magic in your item bag, you can use it as long as you have MP.

But apart from that, some magic requires a catalyst to trigger it.Hayato's knowledge is summoning magic.Hayato has heard that it is necessary especially when summoning demonic systems.

And the appearance of the people here.I'm a demon summoner anyway.Players using Summon Magic are called Summoners or Summoners.There was controversy in the past, but it was decided in the summoner that it was this game.

I don't know what kind of demon to summon, but I conclude that I will probably need scattering grass and light absorbing grass.

Even if it's an in-game currency, I want money.If you sell all of them, it will be a good price.However, if the use is Clan War, it is troublesome when you become your enemy.It's unlikely, but I decided not to sell it.

"Um, I'm sorry.As a matter of fact, I was crushing the warehouse, so I turned it all into a sunscreen. "

I see.That's a shame. If you get it, sell it at a higher price.I'm coming to buy it. "

"Yes, please."

They all slightly lowered their heads and left the store.

Hayato and Esha remain in the store.

"That's what I meant, but they were very polite people against their appearance."

"I don't think you should be saying something polite to those who summon demons?

"Did Esha come to that conclusion?I thought so, too.The use of scattering grass and light absorbing grass is as magical as the summoning of demons. "

"What? No, I saw their profiles, but their clan was named the 'Devil's Summon Study Group'.Besides, the title was arranged like that.Wouldn't it be a fraud if I didn't summon the devil?Levels of appeal to clan management committees. "

You can view the profile set by the player or NPC.Naturally, you can't check your status or skills, but you can see information about your clan or title.Hayat checked his name, but not his profile.

"I wanted to know your information first.It was the result of a lot of thinking. "

"It's dull. One day that thought will help.I don't guarantee it. "

"Are you chasing me while I say no?

Hayato was a little depressed and then recalled why he had left the room in the first place and summoned Mist.