Another Frontier Online

Coffin and Opponent Information

Hayat contacted Mist and flew to his base in just a few minutes.It really flew, not metaphorically.

Monster vampires can transform into bats and wolves, but they can do the same if they become vampires by magic.Flying in the sky in this game is only allowed for some players, so it is not uncommon to be a vampire just for that.

Mist turned into a bat and flew to his base.

"Is it true we have a coffin!?

"First, calm down. Then return to the human form from the bat.Clearly, it's creepy. "

Bat condition is quite large.A bat the same size as a human is a light horror such as walking on two feet.When it comes in through the base entrance, it passes the surprise.

"Whoa, excuse me - Mr. Esha, would you mind not pointing the gun at me?I'm going back to human form now. "

Immediately after that, the mist is wrapped in fog.And when the fog cleared up, it returned to its normal human form.With that, Esha also lowers her gun.He looked a little dissatisfied, but Hayato decided not to see it.

"No, I'm sorry.I wanted to see it right away, so I flew with all my might. "

"I'm glad you're so happy.Please accept it. "

Hayato trades coffins to Mist.

The coffin is quite large, so I can't give it away if it's real, but this is a game.No matter how big it is, if there is no weight limitation problem, it can be put in the item bag, so it can also be traded.

The mist smiled at the coffin.

"Excellent! A magnificent coffin that fulfilled my request!I'm going to use it today!

"I haven't tried, but I hope you sleep well."

"Yes, I look forward to sleeping today.I'll take care of Clan Wars.It's definitely going to help!

"I look forward to it.We also have a considerable amount of sunscreen.I'm ready. "

"Thank you very much. If the Clan War starts at night, I don't need a sunscreen... but I'm sorry I just got here, but I want to try the coffin early, so I'd like to go home and go to bed once..."

"Ah, yes, please.Uh, good night. "

"Good night!"

Mist finally lowered his head to Hayato, then turned into a bat and left his base.Probably flew away.

Hayato looked at it and smiled a little.

"I'm glad you're so happy that you made it."

"I see. I'm also delighted with your husband's chocolate parfait.I would like to eat more to please your husband, so please put it in the warehouse. "

Well then, let's prepare some medicine for the clan battle.Mr. Relic bought me a lot of herbs.We need to make potions before the Clan War. "

"I don't think it's a good idea to ignore it, but what does your husband think?

Asha, who was saying such a thing, was entrusted with the store number and Hayato returned to her room.

It was a week before the Clan War began.

Find out which clan Hayat is fighting.

Confirming the opponent from the clan's details indicated the "Devil's Summon Research Council" in the information.

(Is that clan A rank?This time it was a random match of the same rank, but I don't know if it would hit me... if I thought about it carefully, it might hit the top of the rankings.Watch out, watch out. I want to fight more clans before I have more allies.)

I was able to make mist my ally this time, but after that, no one could make mist my ally.Some of them were busy preparing for Clan War, but it can be said that there was no connection between the strong NPCs.

Once Hayato consulted with Esha about the maid leader of the maid guild, she stopped him with all her might."I'll do my best!"He complained with tears, so there was a history of giving up.

Ash and Len also asked if anyone would join the clan with a moderate dragon, but Ash said, "They're whimsical, so we should stop them."

The same goes for Relics, no butler in the Butler Alliance is likely to help, and former clan members said, "I don't think they'll help."Relic says that everyone has something to do and will not be able to participate in Clan Wars.

Hayato heard that Mist might be joining us, but you couldn't either.Each of Mist's clan mates is in some dungeon and researching the undead.They won't come out of the dungeon until the research is done.

Only Mist has changed since the last Clan War due to these circumstances.

"I am a clan that left the clan management committee and entered, so I will try my best to die!I'm already undead!

The mist's tension is high because he sleeps in the highest quality coffin.Hayato was pleased with Mist's report that he was able to sleep well, but regrets that this tension continues a little.

"Well, I've made Mr. Mist a lot of sunscreen and tomato juice for now.But tomato juice only restores MP, okay?

"No problem.In the first place, when you drink potions, you take damage on the contrary, so that's the only way to recover.Even a dragon blood called a vampire elixir is fine, but it's expensive enough with tomato juice. "

Really? I have prepared a dragon blood for you, so please use it if you need it. "

"I'm surprised.Have you prepared such a thing?I will use it if I have to.Yeah, that's right. Would you like to bring the coffin to Clan War?

Hayato leans his neck.

Hold various items in Clan Wars.It is no exception to furniture.But the furniture doesn't work at all.Hayato could not imagine what to do with bringing such things in.

"Well, why?Maybe the coffin has the effect of making vampires stronger?

"No, I don't have anything like that, but it's for times of need.Simply put, vampires can be revived in coffins at night during clan wars.Assuming you leave the coffin somewhere in the fort. "

"Can you resurrect in Clan War?

"Yeah, that's right.But why doesn't anybody else do it?You're such a vampire. "

(Because I didn't know the coffin had such an effect.I mean, there aren't many players who can make a coffin in the first place - no, just me for now?

The coffin is furniture that can now be made on Mist's request.It is highly likely that you will be able to tell me if you get along with the vampire NPC, but the item information in the coffin does not say that you can be revived in Clan War in the first place.I think it will be difficult to get information unless it is too much.

"This is the first time I've heard of it, but feel free to do anything about it.Um, but please use what you normally use. "

"Of course. I'll bring it the same day.Ah, yes! I'll bring my health goods with me, so let's talk about it together!Foot mats are my favorite these days!It feels great to have better blood circulation!

Even though I was a vampire, I ran away in the form of another opportunity because I was busy during the Clan War while suppressing the clutter about whether my blood circulation would improve.

(Somehow, NPC would like to talk about their hobbies.I wonder if this is the kind of quest that happens... a quest that starts with health goods.Nevertheless, I'm taking care of everyone, so when the Clan War is over, I'll listen and start a quest....)

Hayat decided to start preparing for the Clan War with that in mind.

The next day, the maid chief came from the maid guild.

Somehow, at the entrance to the base, I lay low Asha, who holds the gun, and then I put the maid in.As promised, I looked into the clan warfare opponent's team, so they brought me the information.

"It's the other clan's Devil Summon Festival, but I'll explain how to fight it."

"Yes, thank you."

"Made to measure. You can just give me the paper and go home.Let's get out of here, huh?

"Asha, shut up for a second.That's why you're here.Ah, but can I have my medal back on the way home?To put it bluntly, it was very disturbing. "

"First of all, the Devil Summoning Research Council is, as its name suggests, a clan of summoners who summon demons."

Ignoring Hayato's words, the maid captain began explaining his opponent's clan with a cool face.

"Everyone is a sharp organization called summoner, but its strength is A rank.I saw in the video that it looks like a way of fighting what's called a war tactic. "

"Walla? Is the drowner a straw that grabs the straw?

"No, it means wala wala.It's a so-called herd. Simply put, it's a tactic of mass summoning and attacking demons with fewer control points. "

A Control Point is a point where you can manipulate a Summon Monster.

The weaker the Summon Monster, the lower the points.There are usually three points that the player can control.Skills and so on increase the upper limit, and ultimately eight is the limit.

In other words, if the upper limit is eight, you can summon eight things with one point, or summon all of them with eight points.

"According to the maid who watched the video in Clan War, the point is to summon four demons.In other words, ten people will fight 40 demons with four summonses. "

"I see. But isn't the point weak for two demons?

"That's right. Players with combat skills will not lose.But that's the only threat we have.And battle is clan war.There is a way to win without defeating the player. "

"You mean destroy the Cranstone with a lot of demons?

"Yes, it's almost like that.There was only one way to win by annihilation, but everything else was a way to destroy the Cranstone. "

Winning by annihilation is different from a complete match in which no one loses, and it is a way to destroy the opponent even if both sides are harmed.There are many victories in general.

"Was the way you won the annihilation too?

"No, I don't know.I know about winning or losing, but I couldn't confirm because I didn't pick up the video.It's just... "


"It seems that the opponent's team made a fraud complaint to the clan management committee when they played the match.It appears that the investigation did not prove fraudulent.Unfortunately, I didn't know why they called it fraud. "

(Did the other team say it was fraudulent?That's not HR.We're just doing the same thing... you mean something unusual happened?Maybe there's an NPC at the Devil's Summon Monster Society?

Hayat tried to make sure the other team had NPCs, but he remembered that he had AI protection and gave up asking the maid manager about the information.But Hayato really cared about how to win the destruction.

"Um, may I ask you to look into that battle of annihilation a little more closely?

"If Hayato wants it, we'll look into it.However, it is likely that it will not be understood even after investigation.Are you sure?

"Yeah, that's fine.Oh, yes, in fact, the Devil's Summon Monster Society came to this hub once and wanted a lot of scattered grass and light absorbing grass.It may not matter, but can you look into it together?

Light scattering grass and light absorbing grass, right?I was afraid. I will also look into it.Now that we've finished providing the information, we'll take care of our private affairs. "

The maid lengths shift their gaze towards Esha.

Esha turned her back so that her gaze did not match.

"Asha, look at this.The furniture at the base is a little dull, but you haven't cleaned it?

"The butler relic does the cleaning, so I'm no-touch."

(I didn't share it that way.Mr. Relic's shopping is the main thing.

"What are you going to do with the Butler Guild?I'll teach you how to clean, so take a swing. "

"I don't have a hoki because it's a weapon.I have decided that my weapon is only Belzeve. "

-What kind of weapon is that?

Hayato questioned various things, but left two people in the dining room who were likely to talk for a long time before returning to his room.