On the day of the Clan War, Hayato and the others waited for the battle to begin in the base cafeteria.

I'm ready. It is ready to fight at any time.

I'm worried about two things.The situation when the Opponent triumphed over annihilation, and the use of Sparkling Grass and Light-Sucking Grass.I didn't even know this was the maid's guild.

All we know is that the opponent's clan was ranked A at that time.The clan just applied for the Devil's Summon Monster Research Council.

An act that an A-ranked clan thinks is fraudulent.And it's not wrongdoing, it's legitimate, it's not wrongdoing.

Hayat tried to confirm it with Mist, but he couldn't tell me because he was obliged to keep it confidential.Rather, I don't know because the person in charge is different.

Whether cautious or cautious is a delicate line, Hayat has been concerned about it for a long time.

"Master, there's nothing I can do about it.You can defeat any enemy. "

"That's right.I don't think anyone is stronger than you, so I don't think I'll lose no matter what you do.But I'm a little worried that I don't know what's in their hands.No matter how sharp the formation is, it seems like there is something to create a clan with ten Summoners.Besides, I think it's amazing that you're maintaining your A rank in that state. "

Summoners can't move from the spot if they summon something.It is possible to act simply by not being able to move from the spot, but it is no exaggeration to say that the person's combat power will be completely lost.

(A tactic of summoning four demons each.You know it's dangerous if the person is targeted, but it should be tough to have no one to escort it.)

Summoned demons and spirits move on their own.I can give some instructions, but basically it's pretty good.It is possible to order you to protect yourself, but the demon with two points is quite weak.No matter how many you have, you will be defeated soon.Demons with eight points have a slightly better status than regular players, so demons with two points are only about a quarter stronger.

(If you can't destroy a Clanstone, what's the alternative?Summon all the demons in point eight?Hmm, I don't know. Ney and the others don't know.)

Hayato's Clan Black Dragon didn't have a summoner.I was unable to gather any information from them, as there were only members who basically had a faithful skill structure.

You're late today.

While Hayato was thinking, Len said that while drinking orange juice.

When I checked the time, it was already around 5pm.Clan Wars take almost a day, so not all clans are fighting at the same time.These Hayats have not yet been transferred to the battlefield.

"I appreciate it so much at night."

"But isn't Mr. Mist okay during the day because he has sunscreen?

"No, no, applying a sunscreen is inevitable.However, the sunscreen Hayato made is of high quality, so it can be reduced by about 10%.At night, you can fight with full power, and you can come back many times, so the slower the time, the better. "

Really?Ah, but I do feel that my curse collection is getting stronger at night!

"It's my fault.So, vampires aren't a curse, are they?

While listening to that conversation between Len and Mist, I thought vampires were against the rules.

Only at night, but falling down in Clan War is unlikely to bring him back.

There are several ways to deal with it.The easiest thing to understand is probably breaking the coffin.We cannot be resurrected without a coffin.Nevertheless, it's hard to tell if you can destroy the coffin with a vampire.

The coffin won't work even if it's in a shared clan warehouse, so we need to put it somewhere, but it's in a fortress that will be a stronghold during clan wars.It is difficult to get that close in the first place.

There are other wooden weapons that can be knocked down by a vampire's heart, but it is rare to have a weak wooden weapon in clan warfare in the first place.

(Most players will know how to be a vampire, but I don't know if you will be resurrected in a coffin.And what to do about it.Apparently, he was the first to be killed.Well, because a man like me can't fight, he belongs to the clan, so I need to keep this kind of handiwork.)

That's how they switched their sights and transferred them to Clan War Battlefield.

The rocky wilderness where the sun sets on the horizon.This is where the battlefield will be this time.

The clan wars are about to begin, so Hayato and the others are going to reconfirm the operation.

"Hayato, I'm sorry. You can't transform into a dragon because you can't step on it in such a thick place.If I could transform, there would be a lot of shielding, and shooting a dragon brace wouldn't work. "

"Oh, don't worry about it.I don't know if the dragon bracelet will make it.Normally, I'm strong enough to fight like a human being, so please give me your best. "

I wonder if Summon Magic is meant to use a medium for magic, or if it takes a short time for the effect to be activated.You can summon in less than a second.

Regardless of Ash's transformation, Dragon Braces take longer to activate.It is highly likely that the demon who summoned you will attack before the effect is activated.

"Okay. So we can't move. You want a plan to target the Summoner?

"Oh, please.The opponent's clan seems to summon a lot of demons, but they must be weak, so I think Ash and the others can get closer.If you think you can make it, go after Cranstone. "

Leave it to me.

Mist, thank you very much.

"In the evening, we'll figure it out.If it starts at this hour, I think it'll be midnight. "

Ash, four members of the mercenary regiment, and Mist will be directly targeting the Summoner.Defeating a Summoner does not eliminate the Summoned Demon, but it does not increase any further, so it is the usual method to target the Summoner first.

"Asha, Relic, Ren, please protect the Cranstone.Mr. Relic, don't let the devil in outside the fort. "

"I understand.If you are a weak demon, you will be able to defeat even your fighting skills. "

Relics aim to secure the entrance to the fort and keep it from entering.Also, use range attacks from combat skills to deal with as many demons as possible.

The opponent's clan is a tactic of summoning a large number of demons, so protecting the entrance to the fort is correct.Nevertheless, fighting is basically one-on-one.Even if they didn't lose, they didn't bother waiting in order.The opponent attempts to enter the fort at the expense of several demons.

And we need someone to take down the demon that is breaking through the entrance that Relic protects.

"Asha and Ren-chan, please protect the Cranstone itself in the fort.They're both distant subjects, but I think weak demons can win one-on-one. "

The only way to get to the roof of the fort is to go up the stairs.There are two stairs in the fort.Esha and Len are supposed to protect each one.Fighting in places coming up the stairs was one-on-one, so it was arranged.

There was also the idea of letting Relics defend the stairs, but this is the arrangement because the range attack is a waste.

"Ok! I will protect you!

Len replied vigorously, but there was no reply from Esha.Esha has been silent since she saw the sunset.

"Um, Esha? What's the matter with you?

"Oh, no. Excuse me, what is it?Should I say it is a feeling of pre-vision?I felt like I had seen the sunset from the fort before. "

Esha answered as she watched the sunset without looking at Hayato.

"Oh, and Esha?Actually, that's what I thought.I don't think I'll ever forget such a beautiful sunset. "

Relic also reacts to Esha's words.

Hayato said what he thought while wondering whether AI had a feeling of pre-vision.

"You both fought in a similar situation because you were in the same clan before.

Maybe so.

Relic said so, but Esha didn't say anything.

Esha is always pointing towards the sunset, and her face is invisible from Hayato.

However, Hayato was only a little surprised to see Esha's face when she looked back.Because it was a lonely expression that I could not imagine from the usual shade.

"Ah, um, Asha, what's wrong?You want a chocolate parfait or something?

The Hayato's words seemed faint for a moment, but afterwards she laughed a little bit.

"If you think you can be caught by food at any time, you're wrong.Rest assured. I just felt like I had forgotten something important.It feels like a centimeter. "

"Sentimental. Hey, how you doing?Well, I think it would be helpful if you could focus on clan warfare now.I don't think it's a good idea when it's going to be hard. "

"Yes, I'm sorry. I'm fine.Don't worry, I know the plan.The stairs of the fort should prevent the demon from breaking in.I'm not good at melee fights, but I'll feed on this gun.Ah, I eat chocolate parfait.Today is the second day. "

After saying that, Esha turned the gun around like a curve and finally put it on her shoulder with her right hand.And smile.

"Nice to meet you--what's up, Ren-chan?Don't pull your pants. "

"I don't think it's good just for Mr. Esha.I also want to eat a chocolate parfait.I'm the second one today!

"Oh, yeah. Of course I do.I'll get you two. "

"I see. That means you'll get two chocolate parfaits if you defeat a lot of enemies.My arms are ringing. "

Asha's words made Len look happy, holding the five-meter nail and wala doll in both hands.

"Even Mr. Esha won't lose!

"It's not like that.Esha, don't stir up Len with your left hand. "

"Well, Hayato, we'll be in position."

"Can you help me a little bit?

Leaving Hayato feeling swayed, Ash and the others move away from the fort to their positions.

Ash, his crew, and Mist moved closest to the enemy line in the middle.

Hayato stares at the Summoners as they first summon at the bottom of the enemy line.I can't help being summoned, but it's a sudden assault and a sniffing operation.Awkward, aim for the Clanstone.

The problem is not that this battle is a meadow with nothing, but a rocky, undulating wilderness.Since there are many shields and they are not flat, it is a delicate place to go in a straight line.Somewhat advantageous for the other side.

Relics are closest to the center of their formation, the entrance to the fort.

The entrance to the fort is only in front of you in the middle of your formation.That's where Relics will intercept the demons.Relic fights are dominated by his fighting skills.Weapon skill in Range Attacks, but cannot be triggered from Cool Time circumstances.Basically, it's one-on-one.

Esha and Len will defeat the spilled demons near the stairs on the roof of the fort.In the case of Esha, it is possible to attack the field from the fort, so it will initially be Relic's support, but it will be halfway there.When the demon enters the fort, it switches to defense on the stairs.

A clan war began when Hayato oversaw the entire deployment and operation in his head.