Another Frontier Online

a demon with a title

As the battle begins, the opponent's players are visualized, and Hayato's eyes reveal ten players deep in the opponent's line of sight.

But it soon disappeared.And in the next moment, a lot of demons appear.

(What do you mean? Where are the Summoners?

Ash and the others stormed into the enemy line after Hayat's confusion.

From Ash's point of view, we can't see where the Summoners are due to the shields.You won't even know that the Summoners have disappeared.

"Summoners have disappeared. Do you know why?

Hayat checked with Asha and Len about the situation.But there's no answer from either of us.Just shake your neck.

Having a somewhat unpleasant feeling, Hayat sent a voice chat to Ash and the others.

"The other summoners disappeared.I don't know the situation, but I think it's dangerous.What do we do? "

Then I'll aim for the clan stone.There's no particular problem with demons like this. "

Ash answered and Hayat said, "I understand."

I leave these strategies to Ash, so I don't intend to disagree with Ash's ideas.However, I looked over the field and said that it was my role to send various information even if I left it to Ash's discretion.

More than twenty demons are moving towards us.The rest seem to be in the way of Ash, but they're not his enemies.

However, I was immediately re-summoned to defeat the demon.It doesn't look like Hayato, but I'm sure the Summoners are on the field, summoning the Devil.

Regarding the demon on our way, Relic was fighting at the entrance to the fort.

Relic first defeated some demons by attacking them in a rolling sobat-like range called the Wind God Kick, and then started a one-on-one fight.

Essentially, the attackers are weak in their combat skills, but they have no particular problems with these demons.Esha's backup shooting is also effective, so it's not in the fort so far.

Something huge has appeared in the enemy line that I thought was working well as an operation.A giant demon about four meters long.Blue skin, bat feathers, and goat horns.Unlike a mass summoned demon, it looks strong.

"Hayato! There's a Baron Demon!I'm pulling it back to fix it!

After Ash's shocking voice, Ash and the others, who had invaded deep into the enemy line, began to retreat.

"Uh, what's a baron demon?Is it enough for Ash and the others to retreat?

Len answers Hayato's questions.

"The devil has a title, and the higher it is, the stronger it is.The Baron is quite strong, isn't he?I don't think we can defeat just the brothers, but it's a difficult place to fight, so I think we just pulled it. "

"Really?Then don't worry about it. "

"If the top Duke comes out, it's definitely a losing level!

I see, and Hayato was impressed, and Esha tilted her neck.

"That's strange.Did you summon the Baron Devil?I'm not familiar with Summon Magic, but I thought the Knight of Point 8 was the best I could summon. "

"But there are stronger Duke demons, right?Then why can't we call him?

"It's just a monster.I've never heard of summoning magic. "

Hearing Esha's words, Hayat thinks.

(Perhaps this is why they said it was fraudulent?Does the opposing clan know how to summon players but not NPCs?I don't know, but can you summon the Duke demon?

Hayato, are you sure you want to do this now?

Relic sent me an audio chat.

"What's wrong?

"No, the demons are gone. What's the situation?


Having been distracted by information from Ash and neglecting to check the surroundings, Hayat looked around from above the fort.

Relic is right, a lot of demons are gone.Only a baron demon contacted by Ash.

What kind of situation is this?

Hayato's thoughts are interrupted.

A fairly large pillar of light rose in the enemy line.When it subsided, there appeared a giant of about fifteen meters.It looks like a baron demon, but its skin is red.I wonder if it's bigger than a baron.

The demon raised his voice.

Then a large number of demons were summoned around the demon and moved here.The demon with red skin looks at Hayato with a smile.

"That's the Duke demon!

"Oh, yeah. Somehow I thought so.But if that comes out, you'll never lose.We can't take him down, can we?

"Normally, it's strong enough to fight and win with dozens of people.I wish your brother could turn into a dragon. "

(The boss of a large-scale battle... but what is it?Should we be targeting Cranstone instead of defeating him?But it seems impossible to leave that behind and go to the opponent's fort.Standing in front of the entrance)

There is no problem with large numbers of weak demons.The problem is the Baron and Duke demons.

The Baron demons say that Ash and the others can handle it, so we need to get rid of it first.Nevertheless, there is no point in being summoned again even if you defeat it.We must defeat it and not allow it to be summoned.

Hayat checked the situation of his opponent's clan, thinking he couldn't win unless he defeated the Summoner first.

I don't usually use it much, but I have a system that allows me to see simple information about my opponent's clan during clan wars.

Having seen the information, Hayato was surprised.

Seven other clan players have already been defeated.

"Ash, I'm sorry to bother you, but have you defeated one of your opponent's clans?

"No, I didn't!Only the summoned demons were defeated!

None of Ash's team has defeated the other clan's players.Why you didn't defeat it, but you did.Suicide bombings are possible.Hayato has done it in the Black Dragon.

(Rather than suicide bombing, is it more like sacrifice when summoning demons?In a real ocultural story, I've heard that summoning demons takes a considerable price.Not just a normal catalyst, but a way to risk your life and summon a powerful demon is in this game.It's just a prediction.)

Hayato thought so much and came up with a plan for a time-up.

Clan War ends in an hour.

Win or lose with a total amount of damage.This total amount of damage is quite a number because we have defeated several weak demons.If we keep up the time, we'll win.

"Alright, we've defeated the Baron Demon!

Hayato sees the field in Ash's words.So I saw a baron demon disappear into particles of light.

"Yes, thank you.I need to talk to you about everything, so please come back to the base. "

"You're not going after Cranstone, are you?Well, you can't go in the fort without that demon.Okay, I'll be back once my potion is running out. "

After seeing Ash and the others come back to the fort defeating the demons, Hayat saw the Duke demons.

Duke demons don't move on the spot just because they're yawning.

(I wonder if that is NPC, but what kind of thinking is that?You mean you're not going to win the Clan War?

It doesn't seem like I'm doing anything more than sending weak demons to the fort, but it's creepy that I have no idea what kind of thoughts I'm acting on.

Hayat waited for Ash and the others, thinking that they should talk to each other for now.

A few minutes later, Ash and the others came back.

As weak demons invade, Relics and Regiment members defeat demons at the entrance to the fort.The only people on the roof of the fort are Esha, Ash, Ren, and Mist.

Hayato has just begun a consultation.

"I'd like to talk to you about what to do with the Duke demon, but what should I do?Personally, I think there are ways to wait for the timeup. "

Everyone waves face to face at the words.It was Ash who opened his mouth.

"Are you talking to the devil?I'm just playing right now, but eventually they're gonna attack us.You better figure out a way to take him down. "

"I don't know, but it's not something you can take down, is it?

"Normally, yes.But we have the same firepower as my dragon brace.Asha, Destroy can take that down, right?Sure you did, didn't you?

Esha looks a little reluctant at Ash's words.

"It's impossible to kill a boss character in a massive battle.Destroys are highly damaging attacks, not instant death attacks.You can only kill people when they're human. "

"How about two shots?

"I think you can, but shooting a second shot requires 30 minutes of cool time.Please do it as soon as you can.It's already been 20 minutes since we started, so we need to hit it once in less than 10 minutes to shoot it twice.Besides, it's out of range from here, so we need to get to the enemy once.Pretty close, huh? "

"Hayat, I think that's the only way to beat that demon.What do we do? Make up your mind. "

Hayato is quick to judge at this time.I can say that Ash is in charge of the fight in the first place.

"Okay. I'll ask you for that maneuver.So, Asha, I'm sorry, but will you go to the enemy and let the Destroys go?

"You're asking for a proper meal.

"Say anything.I'll prepare anything on Star Five. "

Esha smiles loudly at the words.

"That's my husband.The decision is quick and dependable.It's called the Savior. "

"You're only talking about the maid's guild, right?

Ash took Esha.

Looking from the rooftop, Ash and the crew were escorting Esha towards the enemy.A weak demon is in the way, but it doesn't seem to have much effect and is able to move without slowing down.

And besides Hayato, Len and Mist remain on the roof of the fort.

"Well, Mr. Hayato.Let's prepare ourselves a lot. "


"Once you've had Esha's Destroy, that demon will definitely come to us first.Destroy has thirty minutes of cool time.Until then, we must prevent that demon from attacking. "

Hayato thought so.That demon is just yawning, but if he gets attacked, it won't stay that way.

"That demon will come after the Clanstone.In other words, it's important to keep them away from the fort. "

"I see. Do you have any ideas, by the way?

"I don't really want to do it, but I'll do something to stop it.Mr. Hayato will help you.


Hayato was surprised by Mist's words.

That Duke demon is a boss monster that can't be defeated without dozens.The last boss to appear in a massive battle of the game.I'm telling you to stop it.

"Mr. Mist, you know, I don't have the strength to fight.

"I'm not looking for combat power.Rest assured, you will only be my assistant. "

Hayato nodded, though there was nothing to be reassured about.In the first place, it's not useful at all in terms of combat, so I want to be useful if I can do anything.

"I see. So how does Mr. Mist stop that demon?

"Of course it's a fight.I will fight one-on-one and stop them. "

"No, I can't do that..."

When Hayato tried to say that, the surroundings became dark.The sunset was completely hidden on the horizon, and stars and moons were visible in the sky.

And Mist's gentlemanly face remained unchanged, but it just became quite creepy at night.It may be because of your mind, but it makes you feel some sort of misery.

"Night is vampire time.I'll stop and show you if it's a Duke demon.Even if I die...!

That's how Mist looks good.

(Is it wild to say that vampires are undead in the first place?Or are you just waiting?

Len clapped her hands as she looked at Mist.And Mist responded by lifting his right hand slightly.

The mist then placed the coffin in front of the clan stone.The highest quality coffin Hayato made.

Well then, Mr. Hayato.Put tomato juice in this coffin because it feels like ashes will come out when I am knocked down.It's the only way we can be resurrected. "

"Tomato juice in a coffin?Is that what you want me to do?

"Well, yeah. It can be revived in time, but tomato juice can be revived immediately.Besides, the quality of the five stars is made of Magic Tree.HP is back in full swing!

"I don't think that's what I thought...."

"If you don't like tomato juice, you can have normal blood."

"That's not what I meant.But I understand.I'll do it. If that demon moves, stop it. "

"Leave it to me. There's also a Dragon Blood, so I think it could be a Duke demon."

Immediately after Mist said so, a loud noise was heard from the enemy.

As soon as I look at you, a laser-like attack from the ground is directly hitting the demon.

The laser-stricken demon turned angry from his smiling face and moved toward Esha.