Another Frontier Online

Zombie Attack

As the Duke demons moved, Ash and the others took Esha and fled here.

The attacked demon uses magic called fireballs and lightning to target Esha.

Ash and his crew entered before the Ranged Attack hit Esha, preventing her from getting hit.

The current demon is after Esha.The demon took heavy damage from Esha's attack.As a result, the hatred value for Esha has increased significantly.

Hate value refers to the value that determines who the monster is targeting.A monster attacks an opponent with a high level of Height.

This is the inside information of the monster and you can't actually see its value.It is said to fluctuate due to damage to monsters, restoring health to allies, using skills, and more.

Decepticons who have reduced the demon's HP by two-thirds have jumped their Height against the demon's Esha.I repeatedly attacked Esha by being recalcitrant.

It is said that the hair value decreases over time, but I thought it would remain like this for a while.

Ash and his crew are using skills to increase their hatred for themselves, called Walk-Rays, but they will still attack Esha for a while.

This has been the case in previous clan wars, but Esha's attacks will also be lived in this battle.

I need you to stay in Esha until 30 minutes after Destroy's cool time runs out.Because if you don't shoot me the second time, I can't defeat that demon.

Return to the fort to avoid ranged attacks from the battlefield.Hayato prayed for me to come back as soon as possible.

"Well then, I'll go.We have to protect Mr. Esha. "

Mist stood on the rooftop railing and looked at the devil and said so.

"Yes, please.I'll add tomato juice as soon as I'm knocked down. "

"Yes, please."

Mist's body is wrapped in fog.When it cleared up, it looked like a large bat.When I jumped from the railing, I flew straight to the devil.Then he storms into the face of the devil.It is repeated many times.

Monsters don't never attack other targets because they have Hate Points.If you interrupt the monster's progress, they will attack to eliminate it.

Mist began to fight in the direction of the devil so that he could not chase Esha.That's why the devil is attacking the Mist.Physical attacks with fists without magic.

The Mist has been successful several times, but it has been hit.After about three shots, the mist disappeared into particles of light.

Hayato immediately looked inside the coffin.It was clogged with ash.

(Is this Mr. Mist's ashes?Should I put tomato juice on this?

Hayato removed tomato juice from the item bag and sprinkled it over the ash.

Then the ash becomes a human form and a mist.

"You're strong enough to be a Duke demon.It looks like you're going to die from just three shots. "

"I seem to be fine, but are you okay?

"Yes, of course. Shall I go again?That demon seems to recover his HP automatically, so if you don't reduce it by that much, you won't be able to defeat him in his second shot. "

"Do you have an auto-recovery skill?I'm sorry, Mr. Mist, please. "

"Yes, this Zombie Attack told me about the buoy buoy in the previous Clan War, so it's yours.Until Asha's cool hours are over. "

A Zombie Attack is a tactic that revives and joins the fight immediately, even if defeated.They say so because they will be resurrected no matter how many times they fall down like zombies.

"Mr. Mist was involved in the previous clan war."

"I've been to a good line.I'm in the top eight - oh, I have to protect Mr. Esha first.Okay, I'm coming!

When Mist said so, he turned into a bat and flew to the devil.

Immediately afterwards, Len shouted.

"Ah, the brothers are back!

Look down from the roof of the fort.There was Esha, who was protected by Ash and the others.Looks like he's trying to get inside the fort while kicking the weak demon out.

"Looks like she's okay.Good... you're still drinking melon juice. "

It's for MP recovery.

"Oh, I see.Decepticons use all their MPs. "

Esha's Destroy attack consumes all MP and deals heavy damage.

Esha is taking action to restore her MP because she needs to shoot again this time.Sometimes I think I just like it and drink it, but I don't say that.

The shah came to the roof with Ash.

"Hmm, I sweaty.I hope this leans a little bit. "

"There's plenty of room.But I'm a little uncomfortable having to drink melon juice to recover my MP. "

"Don't worry. This is a different calorie."

Aren't you hungry?

Ash saw Hayato before Hayato put in the comic book.

"What do we do now? Mist is fighting back now, but that demon is coming to destroy the Cranstones of this fort?

The fort is about ten meters high.The demons are about fifteen meters long, so they can attack the rooftop clanstones without entering the fort.

Basically clan warfare is a battle between players.I've never seen such a big boss character appear in a Clan War before, so I don't know what kind of rules apply.But we'll probably be out if we get to the front of the fort.

"Mr. Mist, don't you have enough?It's called a zombie attack. "

"Oh, I see. But I don't know.While Mist is fighting, the demons are stopping their feet, so I think we can buy some time... but I don't think that's a good idea. "

The demon stops while he is at war with the Mist.But soon after the Mist is defeated, the demon moves.Even if we revive the Mist and enter a state of engagement immediately, we will be closing the gap between them.

The devil is already on his own, and it is delicate that Esha's attack will arrive in time.

"Brother, maybe I should weaken that demon and make Mr. Mist live longer?I think lowering the STR will reduce your Attack Rating..... "

When he heard Len's words, Ash put his hand on his jaw.

I see, if we cut STR by half with the Dragon Curse, the Attack will be reduced, and the Mist will live longer.

"Yeah, I think it works because it only works on one piece, but it doesn't matter how big it is."

"But are you okay?Earn Demon Hate with Dragon Curse?

"Your brother will protect you there, won't he?

When Len smiles, Ash smiles too.

"Oh, of course.Hayato, is that okay?

"Do I even know that it's better for you to do it?Okay, I'll do it.Ren-chan, can you help Mr. Mist?

"Leave it to me! Ah, if it works, I'm expecting some amazing sweets!

"Ask me anything I like."

Ren raised his hands and played a guzzle pose, then walked down the stairs on the roof with Ash.

Hayato and Esha are the only ones left on the roof.

When Esha finished drinking the melon juice, she wiped her mouth and looked at Hayato.

"You're a friendly brother and sister with a smile.It's going to be blinding and purifying. "

"I think it's better to be cleansed once?

"It's no exaggeration to say that I feel like winning or losing during this Clan War, but do you have anything to say?

"I'm sorry - oh, I'm sorry, Mr. Mist is down.I'm going to bring tomato juice back to life. "

Hayato sprinkles tomato juice on the ashes in the coffin just like before.Then Mist came back to life.

Oh dear, it's a pretty fragile job.

"I'm sorry, I think it'll be a little easier now that Ren-chan is helping."

"Oh, yes. Ash contacted me.You want to switch the curse by using the devil's attack method?Thank you - oh, not when you're talking.Ren-chan could be targeted, so I'll be on my way soon. "

Mist flew back to the devil in the shape of a bat.

(Now, at the entrance to the fort, Relic and the Regiment will not be able to come here because they are killing the weakened demon.All you have to do is keep that demon away until Escha can shoot Destroy.)

Hayat saw the devil with everyone fighting with that in mind.

Time has passed and the sky is already filled with stars.

It's time for the Clan War to end, but if you defend your Clan Stones, you'll be able to win with total damage.

The problem is the Duke Demon they summoned.This was right in front of the fort.In a few steps, the fort is under the control of the devil.That way, we're in range to attack the Cranstone.

I'm worried about the other three summoners, but I haven't done anything so far.I can't do anything because I can't see.So I decided not to worry about the three of them.It is now up to us to stop the demon with all our might.

Esha has already recovered her MP and only has to wait for the cooldown to finish.He is now on the roof of the fort in front of the demon, holding a gun with his feet on the railing.To shoot at the same time as the cool time is over.

"Asha, isn't that dangerous?We'd better get away from here. "

"No, shoot here and you'll hit it right away.That way we will win.You can do it or you can do it, so I don't mind. "

Even though the devil was about to reach Esha, she didn't bother herself and held the gun between the devil's eyebrows.

Hayato doesn't know how much cool time Destroy has left.It's just a little more.

The moment I thought so, the mist disappeared as a particle of light.

Then the devil stepped forward and tried to punch Esha with his fist.He was pulling his left fist with a big motion.Hayato, who was watching the battle between Mist and the devil, predicted an attack like a left hook.

The moment Hayato jumps into fist orbit, Esha smiles.


From the mouth of Esha's gun, the Belzeve 666, ten magical groups, large and small, lined up in front of the devil's eyebrows.

Shortly afterwards, a cannon-like sound was heard, and the impact struck Hayato.Hayato, who fell on the shock, stood up in a hurry and saw the demon disappear into particles of light.

Esha defeated the devil.

Asha sees the demon disappear, then puts the gun on her right shoulder and exhales loudly.

That was close.

"Oh, yeah. Thank goodness."

"By the way, Master.Did you just try to protect me?You jumped out, didn't you?

The Devil's attack is not a range attack.If you hit Hayato before hitting Esha, Hayato will be defeated, but gain time until the next attack.That's why I jumped out.

Nevertheless, I don't want to be honest about it.I didn't need it in the first place, so I was a little poorly dressed.

"... maybe it's my fault?

"I think it's too vague, but what does your husband think?

Esha looks at Hayato with a smile.

(In retribution for last time?No, but I kind of hate it when you're right... is that it?Did I jump out?

Hayato looks at his feet.There's only the usual leg there.

"Did I jump out?

"Are you still going to blur?Well, that's fine. "

"Ah, no, that's not what I meant..."

As I said, the fanfare rang.The fireworks rise and the paper snow blows.We won this battle.

(I don't think so. Happy to win now)

Hayato thought so as he saw the fireworks rising in the night sky.