Three days after the battle with the Demon Summoning Society ended, Hayato was thinking slowly in his room.

The past three days have been quite peaceful.

I held a celebration and gave Asha and Len the highest quality of the sweets they wanted to eat to thank them for the Clan War.Though it consumes a lot of ingredients, Hayato was quite excited that it was so cheap.They have a good reputation and are in a good mood.That was one of the reasons for the peace.

Another reason would be that there were no complaints of fraud from the Devil's Summoning Society.

Even though Esha can defeat boss characters like those appearing in large-scale fights, and Vampire Mist can be revived during Clan Wars, Hayat thought that even if it seemed improper in normal thinking, he had no choice but to send investigators from the Clan Management Committee.

He was a gentlemanly clan who was admitted to losing against his name, or he thought that summoning the Duke demon was grey in itself, but Hayato stroked his chest to make it easier.

So Hayato is thinking about something else.It's about the current ranking.

The remaining three matches.You will not receive a prize unless you reach the fifth place in the ranking in the three matches.It makes no sense to rank higher if you can't win a prize.

The ranking is based on points.If the leaderboard beats the top clan, you will earn quite a few points, but if you win a clan with a low leaderboard, you will earn fewer points.

Even if you win all the remaining matches, depending on the opponent's ranking, you may not be in fifth place.Once the leaderboard will have to compete against the top clan to win.

Even so, matching is random, and it's only lucky to fight top clans when you adjust clan sharing money.There is also a way to shoot with a betting match, but at this point, the upper clan has not done so.

(I wonder what happened.The upper clan will have a good base, and I don't think they'll catch up with me if I bet on this place.I wish they had something they wanted)

Now the Clan War is over.The opponent is undecided for about three weeks.Hayat thought about gathering information about the top clan because he could afford it for a while.

As soon as I thought so, the shampoo came into the room.As always, there is no hesitation.

"Master, the customer is here."

"It may be difficult, but can you knock first?

"That's hard.I want to see your husband's surprised face.You can't miss a chance. "

"Convinced? Well, no.Uh, what kind of customers?

"You're from the church.The young Sister wants to talk to her husband.I think it would be better if you turned yourself in sooner.I'm going to see you, so please hire me in the meantime. "

"Why do you turn yourself in when the guards aren't here?I didn't do anything criminal. "

Nevertheless, I don't understand why Sister has business with me.Hayat decided to meet the sister.

Hayato travels with Esha to the canteen on the ground floor.The Sister seemed to have waited standing.

It looks better than Len and is in her late teens.The monk clothes worn have a golden pattern on a blue base.Probably a church emblem.I was wearing Veil, but I saw light blue hair.

"Hi, Hayato.I missed you. "

That's what the Sister girl said with a laugh.

I am a little surprised that a woman who seems to be younger called me by you.The opponent seems to know Hayato, but he doesn't remember at all.

"Have you seen him anywhere?

"Oh, excuse me.Speaking of which, it was the first time we met.I've known you before, so I flew a lot. [M]Should I introduce myself at a time like this?

Normally, yes.

"I see. Then let me introduce myself.My name is Dite.Best regards, Hayato. "

"Um, what does that Diete want from me?

"Dite, is that you?It's pretty fresh. If there's anything I can do for you, I'd like to see you and talk to you.I don't usually go out, but I came here because I was worried about you. "

Hayat gets stuck in words.Because I don't know how to react.It seems that I am simply interested rather than positive.

I took a closer look at Dite.The name is definitely correct and there is nothing particularly strange about it.In other words, the name is yellow, so it is probably NPC.That's all I know.

Diete opened her mouth thinking about what Hayato had done.

"Hayato, your clan is pretty strong."

"I think it's because of the clan members.Uh, are you sure you're just here to talk?

"Yes, but are you busy?If you're in my way, why don't you call me back?

"Not right now, but I wonder why you want to talk to me.You may know me, but I don't know anything about you. "

"You think I introduced myself earlier?

"You basically only know your name.From the looks of it, I think it came from the church, but you didn't come here for church work, did you?

Hayat has never been taken care of by the church in the first place.I remember sacred magic, I register it as a place of resurrection when I am defeated, and I think the church is such a facility.

"I thought it would be enough to know just the name, but it's not enough.Then I want you to ask me everything.If you can answer me, I'll answer you. "

I feel a little out of common sense, but the opponent is NPC.I decided to ask a question thinking that it might be a character of such a setting.

"Well, the reason you're here is because you want to talk to me, but where did you find me?

"I had an interesting way of winning clan wars.And this clan was just created about three months ago.You are already in a position to target higher ranks in A rank, even though you are lagging behind your clan from the beginning?Couldn't you be more interested?

That's true, but Hayato wonders where he got the information.

Investigate the clan's founding date and more.Because a facility that can apply for a clan will give you basic information about all clans.However, I don't usually understand that you are winning in an interesting way.

Hayato's clan, Daedalus, has not been featured in the video so far, and probably knows how to fight it, either from the opponent or from someone in the facility where the clan can apply.

"Could he be on the clan management committee?

If you were a member of the Clan Control Council where the Vampire Mist belonged, you might be able to check it out.That's what I asked you.

"No, I don't belong."

"Then why do you know it's an interesting way to win?Normally, I only see the content of the game in the videos that have been picked up.And you've never fought, have you?

"I'm sure the video hasn't been picked up, and I've never played.But there's a way out of everything.Well, do you have any other questions?

Hayato didn't give me the answer I wanted, but I decided it was unlikely that he would answer me even if I asked him carefully.Anyway, I only knew that the Diete in front of me could check the situation in some way.

Hayato keeps asking if he can extract more information.

"You want to talk just because you're fighting funny?

"That's right.Especially the second clan war was good.Hayato, could you have made the same sword that was stolen?I deliberately recovered it in a risky way.Why did you do that?

(The question was also asked by Relic.But you don't just know the content of the match, do you?What, this NPC?I don't know, but you run it?

In this game, "Analyzer Frontier Online", it is said that there are no characters controlled by the operation.

Previously, there was information that I saw on the Internet, but it was proven to be false information, and it is common sense in this game that there is no character controlled by the operation.

(She may be here now just because she wasn't there at the time.I can't say anything because the information on the Internet is regulated and I have no idea at all, but as long as I talk, I get the impression of management.What's going on?I don't think there's any sudden account suspension, but should I be careful?

Hayato's vigilance rises.I want to talk to you. It is suspicious to come here for that reason, but I know too much about the situation.Conversely, if it is not operated, I think NPC will do so.

Nevertheless, it is somehow not good to remain silent.It's nothing to hide in the first place.Hayat decided to answer.

"I've been asked before, but I regret being robbed.Besides, it's a memorable item.I didn't want the same thing, I wanted it back. "

Diete smiles at the words.

"Excellent. You recovered it because it was memorable, even though you could create an item with exactly the same performance.That's really great. "

Hayato wonders when she sees Dite who is clearly in a good mood.Because I don't know why I said it was great.From Hayato, it's normal.It's not like they say it's great.

"I don't know why it's great.

"That's all I need to know.Even so, Hayato, you look very much like Esha. "


Suddenly, Hayato had a strange voice when he said such a thing.The girl in front of me said that she and Esha were alike.

I know it's not a cosmetic thing.Such a thing is obvious.But there are fewer similarities in character, behavior, beliefs, and in the first place.I had no idea what it was similar to.

And there's something strange about it.Diete has known Esha before.If I met her today for the first time, I can't say that she resembles me compared to Esha.

Hayat sees the shade behind him.Esha was just looking at Dite with wrinkles between her eyebrows.

(After careful consideration, Esha didn't interrupt at all.I usually say something stupid.)

"Does Esha know this kid?

"No, not at all. I just feel like I've met him somewhere.Have you seen me before?

Diete laughs at Asha's question.

"Whoa, this was by accident.Speaking of which, it was the first time we met.No, I've never met him in person.You're famous, so it wouldn't be strange if I knew.

There is no doubt that Esha is famous among NPCs.After all, they defeated the Brave and Demon King in the previous Clan War.In addition, the restaurant in King's Landing eats too much food to enter or leave.The NPC won't know.

Ash and the others knew the evidence, and the Butler Guild butlers looked weird.Some NPCs you don't know are probably a minority.

"It's definitely famous and looks pretty good, but I don't think you even know my personality.Why do you think I look like your husband?

"You have a pretty good personality to say you look good yourself.I certainly don't know the details, but I do know some things.Simply put, I value thoughtful items.That means it's similar - well, Hayato.I'm glad I talked to you.Keep up the good work.I definitely want you to aim for the fifth place in the rankings. "

Diete smiled and tried to leave the base facing around.

Hayat retains it.

Can you hold on a second?

I don't know who it is, but Hayato thought that Dite, who somehow feels strange, might be a force for war.

Dite, would you like to join this clan?We're looking for clan members right now.If you're strong, I'd really like you to join my clan. "

Hayato's words stopped Diete's movement.And he turned around.

"You surprise me.You want me to be a member of your clan?

"If you're strong, it's conditional."

"Funny, yeah, whatever you say, but I'm strong.I'm sure it will meet your expectations. "

Well then...

"Well, wait.You've always given someone what they want with your production skills, haven't you?Then I want you to make something for me. "

How far do you know?I don't like it, but it feels dangerous to be one of them.Do you really want to stop...?

At the same time as Hayato thought so, Esha came forward.

"Something is suspicious.Are you really strong?

"Hmm. You want to see if I'm strong?Fine, call me. "

Diete provokes Esha with an extra smile on her face.

Esha also took out the Belzeve 666 to respond to it.