Another Frontier Online

Suspicious NPC

For some reason, Esha and Diete had an instant atmosphere, so Hayato decided to stop it.

I want to know if Diete is strong, but when Esha fights, the damage is huge.It should be avoided.

Hayat stands between them.

"Hey, both of you..."



When Asha shouted, a ball of light was fired from the gun and pierced Hayato's abdomen.Since it was a shape that broke into Esha's body, it was shot from the front.

There is no pain, but the HP is zero in an instant.Hayato falls on the spot, but he is conscious.And two choices were displayed in front of me."Standby" and "Resurrection."

Players have two types of behavior when their HP reaches zero.

One thing is to stay in place while you're down.

With this state, you can receive a sacred magic resurrection and be resurrected on the spot.However, the HP after resurrection is 1.It would be dangerous to revive while fighting monsters.

The other is resurrection at bases, churches, shrines, etc.

Unlike magical resurrection, this is a safe resurrection because HP is completely free and there are no hostile monsters around.However, it will move from the hunting grounds to the resurrection point, so if you go to the hunting grounds again, it will be a hassle to travel.

Of course, Hayato's actions this time are resurrected.

He didn't fall at the hunting grounds in the first place, he just fell inside the base.There is no temporary loss of status at resurrection, so there is no disadvantage in resurrecting at the base.

Hayato was in his room the next moment he chose "Resurrection."

(The players can't do damage to each other except in Clan Wars, but the NPC seems to be able to do it.Well, I was grabbed by my chest and my HP was reduced, so I thought so somehow, but what kind of specification is it?

With that in mind, Hayat left the room.Then hurry back to the cafeteria.

In the first place, I came in between to stop the battle between Esha and Dite.It would be no disadvantage to be left in battle, but to die.

But I didn't have to worry about that.Unlike the atmosphere we both had just now, we are being very considerate.

"Have you both settled down?

"Looks like it's not very popular anymore.I apologize, Hayato.I'm sorry. "

"I'm sorry, master."

Diete apologized for her grandeur, but Esha lowered her head in front of Hayato.Unlike the usual jokes, it looks like you're really sorry.

"Oh, no, it's okay.I just fell down a little bit, so don't worry about both of you. "

Asha looks complicated when she looks up at the words.The mood of Hayato was more complicated as to why he looked like that even though I forgave him.

"Master, how do you intend to take responsibility in these times?I had the chance to take the mount, but I was too rattled and I was afraid. "

"What does Esha think of me?

"I don't see it as a romantic object, so there's no answer."

"Because I'm not listening to likes and dislikes.I mean, what do you think he is?Think about the story. "

Words are hard.

Hayato, who felt shaken even though he did not confess, was a little shocked. Speaking of which, he switched his mind to NPC and looked at Dite.And just a little surprised.

For some reason, Diete is in a good mood.Looking at Hayato and Esha with pleasure is when older people smile at younger people.

"You guys are funny.I became more and more interested in Hayato. "

"Thank you for that. For now, stop fighting both of you - will you show me how Dieter's skills are structured?

It has been discovered in Esha that the skill composition of NPC can be seen.Hayato tried to confirm Diete's skill composition in the same way.That's because I know how strong it is.

"So you want to decide whether I'm strong or not?Very well, wait a minute - all right, see if you can make it. "

With Diete's permission, Hayato checked the skill configuration.

(It's a more normal skill structure than I thought.There is nothing special about this.It also has sacred magic, human knowledge, and various magic skills.More of a wizard's skill set than a clergyman.Why do you have 100 Holy Magic Skills and 100 Reaper Magic Skills?I'm sure you won't be able to get both skills...?

Both sacred magic and dead spirit magic cannot be remembered at the same time because they are conflicting skills.In other words, the Diete in front of her is deviating from the skill system just like Esha.

"How can we use sacred magic and death magic?You can't remember that at the same time, can you?

Speaking of which, yes.I stumbled on it.But how about that?I don't think it's a particularly weak skill set?

It's just an accident, but I have no idea what to do by accident.And Diete doesn't seem to want to talk about it.

Hayato thinks.

Members who can use the magic of healing are also needed in the upcoming battle.Restoration is tougher with potions alone.In that case, it is not bad to have an out-of-standard diet as a companion in the skill configuration.Candidate if you have at least 100 Holy Magic Skills.

I can't trust it completely because it seems like there are hidden secrets, but I feel like it will work properly while I'm interested.It is likely to be connected to operations, but Hayato is not doing anything improper.

It is also possible that the game itself will be clogged with suspicious NPCs, but there are only a few remaining clan wars.Then I decided to make Diete my friend.

"I understand Diete-chan's strength.I want you to be one of them. "

"They don't seem to be trusted, but they're asking for strength for the future.Quite a gambler. But is that okay?Esha, you seem to be quite alert. "

Hayato looks next door at Esha.I certainly don't feel comfortable entering the clan.She is very vigilant and wrinkles appear between her eyebrows.

"Is Esha against it?

"I don't want to talk about it in front of myself, but my guess is pretty dangerous.It may be strong, but I wonder if there is a possibility of betrayal.I'd betray you if I couldn't eat my chocolate parfait. "

"Don't worry, I won't betray you.Then it's boring. "

I thought I would betray you if it was interesting, but Hayato thinks again.

Which do you believe, Escha or Dite?

If you think about the past, you should trust Esha.Somehow Esha helped me many times.I feel rude to ignore Esha's words by saying that the Dite I just met will be a force for battle.

And unlike before, Esha is watching Dite.Regardless, Ash and the others showed no particular rejection when entering the clan, but Esha is clearly showing difficulty only this time.

Esha can be trusted in battle.Not to mention wild intuition, but may I trust the sense of smell that senses danger?

Hayato concludes by thinking so.

"Dite, I'm sorry.I want to drop off the clan after all.It's rude of me to suggest it. "

"Hmm, do you believe in Asha-kun? - Hayato, you're more amazing than I thought.Don't worry, I don't think it's rude at all.Rather, Hayato, I'm glad to know you trust her. "

Diete doesn't seem to be angry with a smile, just like she said.

"Nevertheless, I regret to back off like this.If I can be trusted, could I be in your clan?Why don't you come over here for a while?If you have time, I'd like to ask for a job, and on the contrary, I can accept the request.If you can trust me, put me in your clan. "

"Of course. If I know Diete-chan well and know that there is no problem, I would definitely like to welcome him to my company.Is that okay with Esha?

"I think it would be good if it could be trusted."

Well, that's a deal.Not in the next Clan War, but I want to participate in the next.Well, it's been a long time, and I'm going to be rude around here today. "

Diete said so and left the base without waiting for Hayato and the others to respond.

Only Hayato and Esha are left in the cafeteria.

Hayato is in a little trouble.Somehow, I don't want to see Esha.But that's just a pale expectation.

Esha is standing beside Hayato with her hands on her back, bending her hips slightly, and looking at Hayato as she peeks from the side.Besides, it feels smelly.

"During the Clan War, your husband proved to be deleting me, right?If you fall in love with me, you'll burn yourself. "

I don't trust you, but I trust you.It's just embarrassing to say or admit it.I don't know what you're saying to the NPC partner, but it's still irritating.

"Well, it's not like that."

I see.Well, please delet Ash-sama, not me.Tundele is fine. "

"Why does that happen?What I just said is that I can simply trust Esha's intuition more than my own.By the way, seriously, is Dieter in danger?I feel like I'm going to get caught somehow. "

Hayato feels like Diete has said something uncomfortable.But I don't know exactly what that is.That's why I'm jerking off.

Did you see that Hayato is seriously thinking? Esha turns away from her smiling face and arms are tied up with a serious face.

"To tell the truth, I don't know if it's dangerous.I just feel like I've seen Diete before.But I can't remember at all when or where I met you.That's somehow disgusting.I also feel like I shouldn't remember... what is this?

"I don't know, but should Diete-chan have refused to come here?

"I think it's best not to get involved, but there seems to be a problem even if you leave it alone.Then why don't you just talk to him and find out what kind of kid he is?Maybe I'll remember some kind of applause. "

I see. So, even if you don't mind coming and playing, what do you think of actually getting into the clan?

"Isn't it good if your husband thinks there is no problem?Looks like you're out by the time you get noticed, and you're not going to join the next Clan War?I don't think it would be a problem if there were only two clan wars after that.If you betray that, I'll get rid of it.If you think about betraying me, you can handle it. "

Esha looks like she's got a naughty face.I think Hayato looks good, but I also think it is reliable.

"Okay. Then we'll talk a little more before we make a decision.It seems like Esha will protect you in case of trouble - and Esha is deleting me?

As for the revenge just now, Hayato also smiled at Esha.

But it didn't work for Esha at all.I expected to protest by dyeing my cheeks, but on the contrary, my face was real.What are you talking about? Hayato has a stomach ache when she stares at you like that.

"What I'm deleting is a chocolate parfait made by your husband.And the cake. "

"Oh, yeah. Don't get used to it, I've got a stomach ache because I've done something extra."

"Is that a sequel to the gun you just shot?You should drink potion. "

"That's not what I meant.You're not reading the story on purpose, are you?... I'll give you the store number again.I'll be in my room preparing for the next clan war. "

Somehow embarrassed, Hayato returned to his room to leave Esha in the cafeteria and escape.