Another Frontier Online

Deacon and maid.

The day after Diete arrived, Relic came to Hayato's room a little after noon.

I basically ask Relic to shop.It's a chocolate parfait ingredient or a potion ingredient, but I'm asking you to find and buy it at the cheapest price.

Relic bought the cheapest ingredients around the world, so it took time, but Hayato was very grateful.This kind of purchase is something Hayato has been doing before.

As for what I bought, I asked you to put it in my clan's warehouse, so there is nothing like handing it to me.If I go to the warehouse, I just get a voice chat.

When Relic came home, I went from Hayato to the dining room to greet him, but this time I came directly to Hayato's room, so I was a little surprised.

"Mr. Relic, what's wrong?

"Yes, actually, I have a favor to ask Hayato."

With Relic too afraid, Hayat feared that he might be asked the worst.

Relics are not as powerful as Ash or Ash.They don't have any special skills like Len's Dragon Curse or Mist's Vampire.In other words, the ability to steal is strong, but the strength as a combat force is low.But it's never weak.

Even in the last fight, I was helped by Relic's fighting skills.I worked with the mercenaries in the second half, but after all, I couldn't get those massive demons into the base.

Hayato thinks that it was more effective to fight, such as using skills accurately.Technically compensating for the firepower of the attack.If such Relics escape, their clan's power will be considerably reduced.

"Um, what's your favor?I'm troubled when they tell me to quit my clan. "

"No, that's not true.I don't want to get out of my way while Hayato hires me. "

Hayato strokes his chest down, but then he is interested in what the request is.

"So what do you want me to do?

"Yes, I want you to make a weapon for me."


Relic said he was ashamed that he didn't serve as a force in the last battle.

It was supposed to prevent the demons from breaking into the base entrance, but it was Esha and the Duke who defeated the demons.A weak opponent can fight quite well, but a strong opponent is not helpful at all.

It may be good now, but it was the result of my desire to strengthen my strength for future battles.

As Hayato, I would like to deny the idea that relics are weak, but I know how it feels painfully.

Obviously, Esha's attack is out of standard, and Ash and the others are strong.Hayato couldn't fight, but I thought that if he could fight normally, he would be caught in a huge power gap.

"I'm terribly sorry, but I can't change the composition of my skills.I'm proud of my bandit skills.And even if you change it now, you won't make it to the rest of the Clan War. "

"Of course. I know exactly how you feel.You don't have to change the skill structure. "

Hayato also has various circumstances, but does not intend to change the skill composition of the production system.

Plus, if you're going to join a Clan War, your Combat Skills are based on 100.Raising it to 100 in a month can be challenging, even if some skill development methods have been established.Especially after the 90s, it is difficult to go up.

"I'm glad you understand.So I thought I'd have to review the equipment to increase my own combat power. "

"I see. That's for sure.The first element of strength is disagreement, but the second is equipment - I understand.So, what do we make?Please say anything. "

Relic took the paper out of his pocket and gave it to Hayato.

"The legendary butler wore gloves.I did a lot of research while shopping. "

"I wonder who the legendary butler is, but I see.Um... "

The paper Hayato saw described the equipment and its ingredients.

His name is Lekyem. The ingredients are unicorn horns, snow dragon skins and moonlight grass extracts one at a time.Hayato checked it out and the paper disappeared.Decide that the item can now be made.

(Seems to be made with sewing skills.That's fine, but it's hard to gather the ingredients.Unicorn horns can only take female characters... please ask Ney for this.I think Ash and the others have the skin of the snow dragon.Moonlight grass can be auctioned, but it's faster to go pick it.Why don't you go with Ash and the others?

"I know what to make and what to make.I'll have it ready by the next Clan War. "

"It would be helpful if you could do so.But it doesn't have to be a star five, so please don't push yourself too hard. "

"I can't promise that.I want to give you the highest quality stuff anyway. "

There can be no other artisan but the Five Stars.Otherwise, giving it to Hayato is a loser.I swore to myself that I would prepare a lot of ingredients.

"I thought Hayato-sama said so, but please don't make it impossible.I think even the stars will improve their combat power. "

"We strive for the highest quality in our time.Stay tuned. "

Relic smiles a little.And I lowered my head.

"I understand.I'm looking forward to it - we'll go shopping again. "

"Yes, thank you."

Relic lowered his head again before leaving the room.

Hayato first contacted Ney and told him to buy a large quantity of unicorn horns.

I could have bought it at the auction, but it was too expensive because I needed a lot of it.There are quite a few currencies in the game because you won a Clan War.But I want to keep it for when something happens.

That's not why I want Ney and the others to collect it for free.This is a deal.

Instead of collecting the materials Hayato wants, Hayato maintains the armor and creates the necessary items.Sometimes friends don't match each other's efforts, but neither of them cared.

Nay said, "We're going to collect it right away!"I admitted vigorously.

Hayato then contacted Ash to check for snow dragon skin.

Ash and the others are busy hunting dragons.Basically, the items obtained from the hunt are sold at auctions, etc., to earn money.Nevertheless, Hayato heard that he didn't sell all of them and left some behind.

I was contacted by Ash to take it immediately and to hunt more if necessary.Then we talk about going to harvest the moonlight grass together.

I thought the ingredients would gather soon, and for some reason Relic came back.

"Mr. Relic? What's wrong with you?

"I see the maid chief of the maid guild.I met you at the entrance of the base and waited for you in the dining room. "

I see.I'll be right there. "

"Thank you very much.Now we're going shopping again. "

Relic left Hayato's room.

Hayato then goes to the dining room.

On the way, Hayato wondered what the maid chief had come to do.

The opponent has not been identified at this time.I couldn't investigate them, so I didn't know why I was here.I may have come to teach Esha, but I wonder if that will bring the top of the Maid Alliance.

You'll see.That's why I hurried to the dining room.

In the cafeteria, the maid was sitting in a chair.Orange juice is placed on the table in front of me.

Thank you very much.

Hayato called out, but somehow the maid chief didn't feel like he was here.Do not move slightly while staring at the orange juice.I don't care how I think about it.

"Um, what's wrong?

The maid chief's neck, which did not move enough to think that Esha had done something to him, moved around and looked at Hayato.Immediately afterwards, the maid length appeared in front of my eyes in an instant.

I don't know Hayato, but this is a combat skill technique that loses distance from the opponent in an instant.

"Dear Hayato! I need to ask you something!

"Um, it's close.And get your hands off your chest.Because my HP is decreasing.Why does a maid do such damage? "

Hayat did similar things to Esha in the past.I seriously wonder if this is a made-to-measure technique.

The maid chief left.Then I changed my clothes and coughed deliberately.

"Excuse me.Looks like you've forgotten yourself.Don't forget what happened. "

I can't do that. While thinking so, Hayato nodded.It also restores health by drinking poor-quality potions.

"So what can I do for you today?We haven't decided who to fight in the Clan War yet, so I don't think you'll be able to find out yet. "

"No, I'm here to apologize.I think it was too little information and almost meaningless in the last battle.I'm sorry. "

"That's not true.I knew that I was going to do something terrible, so I could say that I was ready for it.If I hadn't known anything, I'd have been more panicked by the time the giant demons appeared. "

After Hayato's words, the maid captain looked surprised, and then lowered his head with a smile.

"That's the Savior.I didn't expect you to forgive us for our mistakes. "

"Would you stop the messiah?I can't forgive that. "

"I have more information to look into today.You may not like it, but I thought it was necessary for Hayato. "

(Ignore the Saviors?But what kind of information?

The information brought by the maid chief was about how to summon the Duke Devil and why the Summoners were invisible.Esha told me everything about the Clan War and looked into it.

Let's start with the summons.

Two Summoners' lives were required to summon a Baron Demon, and five Summoners' lives were required to summon a Duke Demon.and a large amount of light absorbing grass is required.

The Summoned Summoners will fall, so the Duke Demons won't listen to any orders, but you can use the Boss Character in Massive Combat in Clan Warfare.The maid chief explained that he thought he could win if he only summoned him.

(Is that why the other clan's summoner was defeated by seven sometime?Then disappear is to make sure the other party doesn't know that he was killed by a Summon Monster - no, it can be confirmed by information during the Clan War.I guess I didn't want you to know how to summon me.And the other three left were in Cranstone's defense.Besides, if everyone is summoned and defeated, they will lose the Clan War)

Hayato thought so and expressed his thoughts, but the maid added further.

Didn't you want to know that summoning a demon with a title is different from the usual summoning, that it takes a lot of time, and that you are summoning it?

It was also unclear whether measures could be taken even if they knew that the Duke demon could be summoned, but it would be a measure to pick up the video.Tactics are likely to be discovered if they are presented in a video.I mean, maybe it's a way to avoid it.

This is the maid's opinion, so it is unclear whether it is true or not, but Hayato nodded that it is indeed true.

"And we looked into it, too.Please pay. "

The maid handed the paper to Hayato.It was a method of making an item called Invisible.

"It's an item to disappear.It is an item that can be made with pharmaceutical skills, so it is a so-called magic powder.If you spray it on your body, it will disappear and remain invisible for as long as you do not move it.However, so that you can still use Summon Magic in that state, it seems possible to disappear if you act on the spot. "

Hayato once again checks the ingredients for this controversial item.When the pharmaceutical menu was displayed, it was described that a large amount of scattered grass was used.

(That's why you wanted the scattering grass... more importantly, the clan knew how to make it.That means someone at the NPC taught you.Maybe the NPC taught you about the summons...?

Confirmation of information during the Clan War indicates that there are no NPCs in the Demon Summon Research Council.In other words, he became close to some NPC without entering the clan and gained information.Maybe you'll get it in some sort of quest.

Hayato was so thought-provoking that the maid captain stepped out on the table.

"Um... what's wrong?

"Having said that, do you have any questions?

"Hmm? No, not at the moment, but..."

I wanted to know how I got this information, but I decided to go through it for now because I might be asked something scary.What matters is the content, not the method.

"May I ask you a question?If you don't like it, this table may break. "

"That kind of threat looks just like Esha - don't be so shocked.If you have any questions, go ahead. "

Hayato said so, and the maid began to dye her cheeks and write the word "on the table."The more damage the table is taking, the stronger the fingers are.

Furniture has HP set and will be destroyed when it reaches 0.Hayato wanted me to give him a break.

"I'm talking about the gentleman who showed me here earlier... how about a nice guy with a scar on his face?"

Regardless of what I think, it is about Relic.And the word "of" written on the table.I didn't want to, but I understood in an instant.

"Are you talking about Relic?

Are you talking to Cun-Relic?What a lovely name.... "

(I said "cum" out loud...)

Hayato wondered if NPCs have romantic relationships, but after careful consideration, NPCs also have a family setting character.Ash and Len are brothers and sisters in the first place.I changed my mind that maybe there is a system of marriage between NPCs.

"Dear Hayato, This is a suggestion, but how about this?I'll give you Escha. Would you give me Relic?By exchanging equivalents. "

"Don't say anything out of the way to natural.Please dictate it normally.And you're okay with that? Relic belongs to the Butler Guild. "

It is said that the Made and Butler Guilds are not committed, but I have heard stories that they are fighting for hegemony.Besides, the woman in front of me is the maid who should be said to be the top.It could be a classic tragedy or a story like a comedy.

"... fate is cruel..."

"I don't think that's such a big deal."

"But I was a maid before I was a woman.I'll leave this feeling in my heart - can I come see you every day?I just want to see it. "

"The depth of mind is too shallow.Please seal it deeper.Well, about a month, please.I'll ask you to have a relic when you're here. "

The maid chief left the base happily with the momentum to skip.

(Actually, I can come here every day, but when the maid comes, Esha's behavior gets crazy.)

Hayato was sitting in a dining room chair drinking coffee with that feeling in mind, and Esha gently came out of the door leading to the store.Then I checked the cafeteria with Kyrokyoro before approaching.

"Has the maid gone home?

"I'm home now.What can I do for you?

"No, I don't want to see you even if I have business."

"Meet him when you need anything.So, what can I do for you?

"That's not how it works.I felt the sign of the maid captain, but I went home without saying a word, so I wondered what happened.Well, did you appeal to me to be a capable maid?

"I think it's capable, but it's only in combat.Well, the maid chief seems to be busy too.Okay, I'll go back to my room.I have to make something to sell at the store. "

Really? Then I will also go back to the store.Besides, please have a snack at 3: 00. "

"Yes, yes."

After confirming that Esha would return to the store, Hayato also returned to her room.

From that day on, Esha was summoned by the maid manager every day and had to report the clan members.