Another Frontier Online

Animal Lovers

A week has passed since the last clan war.

Hayato is working in his room to create a relic weapon, Lexum ingredients.

With regard to the unicorn horns, it seems that Ney has cut through quite a few.

Unicorn is weak as a monster.But actually knocking it down doesn't drop the corners.There are many ways to get it, but it will be quick to try Tame.If the training skill is less than or equal to 90, the unicorn does not become a pet and only places the horns.

Nay repeated it over and over again and got a lot of horns.This is an act that I can hardly say from the side, but this is a game.Placing the horns does not eliminate the horns of the unicorn, so it is a well-behaved act.

I brought more horns than Hayato expected, so I decided I needed a lot of gratitude.Hayato smiles and accepts that she is asked to maintain her armor the next time she has time.

(We have to thank everyone after the Clan War event.And I have to apologize for swinging things around.)

Hayato thinks so and checks for other ingredients.

I received the Snow Dragon Skin because the Ashes had a lot of it.It seems that the skin-treated armor has the effect of reducing the damage of the cold air system, so Hayato planned to keep it.

When I said I wanted to use it to build Relic's weapon, I got two answers.And it's free. Hayat said he'd pay, but Ash said he didn't need the money to get his clan up to speed, so he gave Hayat all the skin he had.

Hayat thanked me for saying thank you one day.

And moonlight grass.

This was collected by Hayato in the nearby forest of Erdomur.Not alone, of course, with Ash and the others.

And then I picked a lot of scattered grass.

Not as a sunscreen material, but to create a magical powder called Invisible that becomes transparent.Hayato can also be made by the manufacturing method given by the maid head.We don't have any use for now, but we decided to make sure it could be used somehow.

(Ash and the others were left to take care of him.Listen to dragons and curses one day to unleash quests.I don't know if I can help with that quest.)

Hayat thinks so, but it's all after the Clan War.I can't afford that now.We need to strengthen our forces and prepare for clan warfare, but we need to create a situation where we can definitely compete against the top rankings.No matter how much time we have, we don't have enough.

(Until now, I have only been lucky.We will have to rely on luck from now on, but we have to do what we can.)

Hayato made a relic weapon with that in mind.

"Master, there is a customer who wants you to make something."

Asha came to Hayato's room around 3 p.m.Esha doesn't knock as much as she does, but she's giving up.

"Do you hear what kind of item it is?

Now I'm building a relic weapon.There's a lot of ingredients, but it's a pretty tough chance to make them with Stars Five.I wanted to make it as soon as possible, so I thought I would decline a request that would take time.

"Food, right? You want me to cook pet food?I bring in ingredients because I can't make anything with my skills. "

"Really?I wonder if that's okay. I thought I'd say no if I had the ingredients. "

Hayat left the room with Asha and moved to the store.

"Sorry to keep you waiting.

There was an NPC woman who was taming lucky rabbits in the forest of Erdomur.

"Ah! Are you the manager of this store?!

"Does your husband know this customer?

Hayato talks to Esha about the situation.

While Hayato and Ash were harvesting wild grass in the woods, they discovered a rare monster called the Rabbit of Fortune and gave it to the woman in front of them.In addition, I gave cooking and potions to women in Tame to help them.I will then explain the circumstances in which I received the wild grass collected in the forest as a thank you.

When she finished talking, Esha looked stunned.

Would it be grass to give up Rare Monsters and help Tame?

"If you have something to say, be clear - no, don't say it.Because it hurts. "

"Um, really, I'm sorry... if you think about it carefully, grass is strange to thank you..."

Esha panicked when Tamer's woman felt like she was nodding.

"Please wait - Master, is there something wrong with me?

Esha approached Hayat and said such a thing with a small voice.As Hayato, I can't help following you.No matter what you think, Esha said something bad.

"I hate to hear that."

"Isn't it strange to just state the fact of your husband's horrible handling?Instead, I hated your husband. "

"Worse. I'll follow you a little bit. I'll take care of this."

Hayat approached Tamer's woman.And he smiles.

"Don't worry. This maid is just a sad kid who can say what he thinks right away."

"Ah, that's right.Somehow I felt that way. "

"You get angry where you're not following me.Could you tell us a little bit about the feeling, customer? "

In the meantime, all of them suffered psychological damage, so I can say it was painful.Everyone lowered their head and reopened the partition silently.

"Um, thank you for the time being!My name is Maris Sola!Marius, call me!I don't need any respect!

"Um, Maris...I'm Hayato. My maid is Esha Crown. "

Unexpectedly, Maris didn't respond to Esha's name, but decided she didn't need to explain.Until now, the atmosphere was awkward, but it has eased somewhat.Hayato continued trying to encourage the conversation in this atmosphere.

"Can you tell me more?You want me to make anything for pets?

"That's right.As a matter of fact, Arnold - the rabbit's appetite for the lucky thing you gave me last time dropped, and I thought that if you let me eat something delicious, my appetite would return. "

Hayato leans his neck toward a situation where Tamed Monsters' appetite drops.

I don't know much about tamer or pet systems.It was determined whether functions such as reluctance were included if you continued to feed the same food.I don't think Maris knows about such a system, but since she is a rare monster, she is willing to convince herself that it may be an unusual behavior.

"Um, okay.I don't think it's going to take that long if you ask me to bring in the ingredients, so I'll get right to it. "

"Thank you! Of course, I will pay for that as well, thank you!

I'm sure Maris is quite happy.I was delighted with the momentum to jump.

Having seen it, Hayato bursts into his heart.Maris' love for her pet has been conveyed.

"Animals may be monsters, but you like them a lot, right?

"That's enough! I can't beat anyone who likes animals!You can't have three cups of rice while watching Arnold!

I wondered what that would look like, and Esha smiled with her nose.

"You can't just throw that away.I like animals too.Let's say you like it so much that your animal knowledge skills are above the limit. "

Hayato remembers Asha's skill composition when he listens to it.Esha has 200 animal knowledge skills somehow.And I remember one more thing. Esha's training skill is minus 100.

I think Hayato is strange even though she thinks it is shabby.What kind of character setting is Esha?Though NPC is over-inclusive.

In general, why did you hang out with Tamer's Maris because he likes animals?

Esha turned to Maris without worrying about Hayato's gaze.

"Let me show you what I can do.As for Tamer, you're taming your cat, right?Please take me here. "


"That's a declaration of war against me!Very well! We can't lose an animal game!Let me show you my power!

Maris said so and left the store.

"Huh? What is this?Aren't we supposed to make food for pets?Why are you fighting like an animal?

"Rest assured, Master.I will definitely prove that I prefer animals. "

"I don't care."

After a while, Maris came back.Maris has a cat on her arm that seems a little upset.Hayato thought it might be a type of so-called three-haired cat.I've never seen the real thing, but I've seen it online.

I wondered where this cat came from, but Hayato remembered the Tamer Alliance.

I've heard that tamed monsters can be deposited with an Alliance.You can keep everything from cats to dragons in the stables run by the Tamer Alliance.I assumed they'd come from there.

"How about our Siegfried!They'll do it right!

"You gave it a strong name - it's true.I'm doing my job. "

Siegfried put her left forefoot on Maris' right hand, with her face covered.

Sure, I know how you feel about Tamer.Many players just want cats and dogs in this game, but that's probably the right information.

"I can do as much as you want."

That said, Esha started eating today's snack, the chocolate parfait, on the spot.

"What are you doing?

Everything needs to be ready.

If I were asked if I needed a chocolate parfait to do my job, I would definitely say I don't need it, but it seems to be something Esha needs.So Hayato said nothing more.

Maris looked at the shade enviously, but started stroking Siegfried to distract her.The flickers and parfaits are probably looking for parfaits.

When Esha finished eating her parfait, she approached the Siegfried saying she was "ready".Then I said "hand" and gave out my right hand.

For a moment, I was stuck with my nails.

It's not a cat punch.It's a scratch.Esha's HP has decreased.

But Esha doesn't move at all.Besides, it's a rough face.

"What do you think?

"What? They hate you anyway, don't they?

"No. This is your hand.Never hated me. "

"If that's all right, it's fine, but I'm taking the damage, so I took the potion-- oh, did you eat parfait for that?"

Sweet items gradually regain HP and MP.Siegfried's scratch attack slowly restored Esha's health.

Esha gives her right hand to try to do more when her HP reaches full speed.

I got bit this time.And it's still bitten, so it's causing continuous damage.

"What do you think? Sweet enough to bite.I won. "

"Anyway, it's a real bite.So be careful, because the loss of HP is more than parfait recovery. "

"Siegfried is a big cat, but why is he so aggressive?

(Don't you know even Tamer's Maris?Do animals hate me if my training skills are negative...?Or something instinctive...?

Esha looked happy as she was bitten.She is stroking Siegfried's head with her left hand while being bit by her right hand.

Because it's a game, it doesn't bleed and it doesn't look painful, so it looks like it fits with a cat.It's sad that she's taking damage, but I'm sure she still doesn't mind.I was stroking Siegfried's head with a nice smile.

Hayat talked to Maris because it was like this for a while.

"So what kind of food should I cook?

"Oh, yes!"Deluxe as a Cat", please!

"... aren't you going to give it to the rabbit?

"It's the finest food for the dragon!

(Are you happy to give it to Ash and the others...?

Such a question overwhelms Hayato's head.That's fine, isn't that what cats call food?I thought so, but since it was a request, I thought about making it exactly as it should be.

The ingredients are rice, snails, fish bones, and miso soup.

Maris gives it all to Hayato.She wanted me to make it until the ingredients were gone.

Hayato takes out his favorite knife, Adamantite's Knife Chi, just in case, and confirms the dish.

(It can't be used to improve my skills, and I didn't know because there was no Tamer in the Black Dragon, but I need cooking skills besides what I think.There is an 80% chance that it can still be created in its current state.Though the probability of star five is fairly high at 20%)

Since it will not be 100% as it is now, I decided to change the equipment in my room before making it.Tell Maris and then move to her room.

"Well, let's just make it."

After Hayato was equipped with equipment that increased the chances of cooking, he began to create "Cat Deluxe".

Well, here it is.10 in total. Four stars for five, two stars for four, four stars for three. "

Having returned to the cafeteria in about five minutes, Hayato handed the food to Maris.Hayato is satisfied with the high rate of creation of the star five.

But Maris tilted her neck as she took it.

"I only gave you 10 ingredients, why do you have 10?It's weird because you should only have 100 or 80% cooking skills, right?And isn't it strange that there are no stars one and two?

"It's a secret. You can do that with your culinary skills."

Hayato said it was more because he had the equipment in place than because he was skilled.

And I'm pretty good at it.Some players will be able to do the same, but few will have the best equipment in their cooking skills.

"When it comes to rewards, you can bring in ingredients for free. There were only 10."

Maris is surprised at Hayato's words.And I felt like I was in a hurry.

"That's not how it works!Please accept this 100,000 G at least!This quality may not be enough!

"Master, please receive such a reward properly.It's rude for other craftsmen to sell their technology cheaply. "

That's what Escha said when Siegfried bit her.My HP is cut in half, but I haven't let go of my chewed hands yet.

I am convinced that Esha is absolutely right, even though I wonder if it has remained the same for a long time.

Technology needs a commensurate price.Selling cheaply is like saying other craftsmen have cheaper arms.

"That's true.Okay, then I'll take the money. "

Hayat received money from Maris. 100,000 G is never cheap.I am impressed that Maris is such an easy man to give away such wealth for the sake of the lucky rabbit.

(Well, people, NPC.)

Maris asked if it was okay to feed her on the spot, so Hayato gave her permission.I wondered if you could eat your cooking properly.

Maris gave Arnold, the lucky rabbit she feared, the highest quality cat-like deluxe.

Arnold sniffs the food and then starts eating it vigorously.

"Oh, I did it!It's full of food!

"That's good. This will restore your appetite."

"Yes! Thank you!Thank you!... um, if you don't mind, can you cook again?

"Of course, if you bring the ingredients, I'll make them for the price I just gave you.But I might say no when the Clan War is near. "

"Of course! It doesn't matter if you have time!

After that, Maris took home Siegfried, who had been chewing on Arnold and Esha after a meal.

"Ah, Sieg....!

"Isn't it too emotional?

"It's the first time I've ever had a cat so attached to me, so I think I'll be torn apart.Please bring me to the store again.I can't enter the store without a cat. "

"It was sticking together, or it was bitten to the edge of my HP, right?

"If you're a normal cat, I'll aim for your neck.Evidence of a finger bite. "

"What did you do in your last life?

After that, Hayato went back to his room to build a relic weapon.

The next day, Maris changed her blood phase.

"Please! Please join the clan!I have a clan I really want to win!