Maris, who had come before she opened the store, felt quite anxious.

I just said I had a clan I wanted to win and I have no idea what happened.So I decided to ask the details.

I only know about Maris as much as Tamer, but maybe it's strong.If it's going to boost your clan's power, it's going to be working on a part of the plan.

Maris said that in the betting match of the Clan War, some monsters had been put up for betting.

It is currently ranked third in the rankings of the clan "Blood Knights".A clan of five tamers and five monsters.

Everyone is riding a monster, and their maneuverable attacks are truly electrolithographic.Hayato has heard of the style of repeating hit-and-away and winning without doing anything to the opponent.

The monster the clan is betting on was a rare animal named the Tri-Cat Male.

Hayato didn't even know that there was a male/female distinction between animals and monsters, but it seems to be quite a rare animal in the Tamer neighborhood.

"I want you to be my Siegfried son-in-law!

"You named her Siegfried even though she's a slut?So that's why you came so early in the morning?

"I'm sorry. I don't belong to any clan, so I thought it was the only place I could ask!And Hayato seems like a good person!

"That's not a compliment, is it?

Originally, I would say no, but it is attractive that the opponent is ranked third.There are three remaining clan wars.At one point, I wanted to fight clans within the fifth place to win.

I haven't noticed because I've been busy creating Rex lately, but if there's such a betting match, I'd like to fight it without Maris.

However, I don't know why I put out the males of the three-haired cat until I did a betting match."Blood Knights" ranks third at the moment.You will choose a random match for the prize.

If you battle a lower ranking clan that has eaten a bet, even if you win, you will receive fewer points and may fall out of the ranking contest.

(Or is it a trap for a winning team?If you escape within the fifth place, you will not be able to avoid the fight against rank A.But even if I say "A" rank, it is pinky.If a weak or winnable A rank takes a bet, you can win and escape within five places...)

Betting matches can also be rejected by the person who applied.

Naturally, you don't have to fight if what you've been betting on doesn't match.It is possible to fight even if you bet on things that are not as good as the last Hayato, but you will hardly do it without a good reason.

Sometimes you choose a clan with a lower ranking to win a prize, but it's a different story whether or not matching is allowed.Some kind of investigation will be carried out to prevent the eight hundred long.

(I wonder if the previous betting match took various circumstances into account.Diete also kind of knows the situation - well, that's fine.Our clan is A Rank.Looking at it from the other side or running the game, it would be a good rank for the opponent.I don't know what else to bet.)

I was already thinking of fighting in Hayato's head.Until yesterday, I thought it might be impossible to fight within the ranking of five, but I've already decided on a situation like the one that came down.

(Would it be better if the target of the bet were a tamed animal?But I don't know how much the male of a three-haired cat is worth.Is Maris taming animals and monsters comparable to them?

Hayato saw Maris looking forward to it.

"Maris will join the clan and fight, won't she?

"I just wanted to say yes, but I may not be very strong… I don't have a very powerful monster to tame, so I think it's subtle."

"On the contrary, is it okay to tame a powerful monster to be stronger?

"Yes, but I don't have myself, or any of my friends... I need a lot of power to tame a powerful monster..."

"Don't say sad things about not having friends.But I wonder if I can help you..... "

I can't, but I have Ash and the others.I just need you to help me tame a powerful monster.

"I'd like to check one more thing, are there any animals or monsters that are comparable to the males of the Tri-haired Cat?Betting matches require betting.I don't like betting on pets, but I don't think they'll make it.It is also possible to lose clan wars and take the child.I'd like to ask my clan to be prepared for that. "

Since Hayato has benefits in the first place, it is not good to press on Maris with many disadvantages, but I wanted to see how prepared Maris is.The reason is the pet's son-in-law.I'm sorry to lose, but I'm in trouble.

"I'm in a position to ask you to do that!I have a Rare Monster named Tame, so I would like to bet on it.I convinced you yesterday that you might be eligible for a bet!

"That's right... yeah, I know Maris is ready.So, what kind of monster?

"Yes, I brought it!

"Huh? Are you outside?

"No, here it is!

Maris took something out of the bag and gave it to Hayato.Something black is in Maris' palm.

"What is this?

"Don't you know!?It's a beetle! You're a pretty rare monster!

"Oh, are you a beetle?So you're treating me like a monster?Is this expensive? So, you convinced this kid?

Maris said she persuaded him for quite some time.I wondered if I could talk to the monsters if I had the training skills, but I decided there was no problem for now.Maris said it was worth a price comparable to that of a male Tri-Cat at the Tamer Alliance pet auction.

"Okay. I can't say for sure, but I'm willing to bet on that kid and apply to my opponent's clan for a fight.But it's all up to you, so if you can't, give up. "

"Ha, yes, I don't think I can help it..."

"I will not give up, Master."

From the entrance, Esha quickly opened the door and came in.

"Good morning, Esha. All of a sudden I came in here to talk to you. Did you hear me?

"Good morning. Yes, I've told you everything.Siegfried's son-in-law... if you have a baby, please have one.If you don't get your hands off me from childhood, you'll be my faithful pet.Rest assured. No matter where I put it, I'll show it to my embarrassed cat. "

"Ha, ha, if you have a baby, please make it cute."

"That's a deal.Master, this Esha Crown is the best motivation I've ever had. "

"Have you ever been less motivated?Well, look. Now, I want Maris to help me fight right away, so I need you to tame a strong monster... what hope do you have?

"Hmm? But I'm basically a solo, so I can't be a very strong monster..."

"I'll ask my buddies there.Look, you were with me when you made the lucky rabbit your ally, right?Those two are strong, so I think they'll be fine with some kind of monster. "

"Oh, really!?Griffon, please!

Griffons are monsters of lions with eagle heads and wings.

Hayato is not familiar with monsters that can be tamed, but Griffon knows.

This game has riding animals such as horses and donkeys, but it's just a ride on the ground.Griffon is different. It is a monster that can fly in the sky.There are several flying riding monsters, but Griffons are probably the most famous in the game.

You also need high training skills to follow the Griffon, but you also need high riding skills to ride.Hayato had never actually seen him flying, but he admired it.

"Oh, Griffon, that's nice.I don't know about the habitat, but does Maris know?

"Yes! I knew where it was because I wanted to tame it one day!

"Then I'll call my friends.I think I'll get back to you soon. Just a minute. "

Maris left the base gladly to prepare.

All that remains is Hayato and Esha.

"I think we should do dragons and tames anyway."

"In terms of strength, yes, but I think Ash and the others might hate it, and I think a griffon would be fine."

Dragons are terrestrial mounted monsters.It's strong, but I can't fly. That's negative for Hayato.There is also an expectation that maybe we can both ride.

"Well, if it's a dragon, it's like Hayato tamed Ash-sama and the others... and then I was thrilled to say it myself."

"What have you been doing since morning?

Afterwards, Ash and the others who came to the base introduced Maris to the habitat.

At that time, Len, who happened to have seen a beetle, fainted a little, but he didn't seem worried about his body for the time being.

(The curse is fine, but the insect is no good... it was a dragon before that, right?

With that in mind, Hayato went back to his room to make some relic gear.

The next day, Ash and the others arrived at the base.

Ash, Len, and Maris.All three of them have a slightly troubled face, so I guess something went wrong.

"Problem with Griffon's tame?

"Problem is, I need Hayato's help."

"What? Mine?

"Actually, I have a Griffon rare monster.It's a pretty strong monster called Elder Griffon... but I actually want Maris to tame it. "

"Elder... a griffon for senpai and the elderly?What do you mean you need my help to do that, Tame?

Ash said that some rare monsters can be forced to summon by preparing certain items.

The problem is calling the Elder Griffon.This is possible by serving dragon steak to the altar at the top of a mountain, but you need to make dragon steak at that top.

By the time you get to the top of the mountain, you need to pass through a place called the Rotten Swamp, where all the dishes rot.I mean, I can't get it ready in advance.

After leaving the swamp, he defeated the dragon in the mountain and made a dragon steak, which he could then serve to confront for the first time.

"That's a lot of trouble.But that's what it is.Then why don't we go to the top of the mountain and make a dragon steak there?

"Are you okay?

"Sure, but are Ash and I all right?Do you want to go out with your clan? Elder Griffons are strong, aren't they?

"I don't think we need the power because the purpose is Tame.You don't need me to be a dragon when you need me.The problem is healing. "

Tame earns a monster's weight.Maris is more likely to be attacked while taming.

"Just in case, you can earn hay with my Walkrai, but you can't make much because you can't attack.Maris will also take a lot of damage.I think it's pretty tough to use Len's Dragon Curse to reduce his Attack by half.Rare monsters have their own limits to potion healing... Does Hayato know anyone who can use healing magic?

Hayato had an idea.

Previously on the Black Dragon, there were also members who were role-playing priests and knights who were good at healing magic, but Hayato knew Dite recently.

"I'll try to contact you.I don't know if you can help me.Right now, right?

Hayato said that and then contacted Diete.

Diete accepted Hayato's offer.

"If I can get your trust, it's not too bad. [M]Let's go right away. "

As the words put it, Diete came at once.

And Hayat, Ash, Ren, Maris, and Dite came to the mountain of Elder Griffon, Baritoa.

An area further north of King's Landing where animal monsters often appear.

Hayato usually enjoyed climbing the mountain because he was not tired of walking along the trail.It's a rare experience, so you can call it a picnic.

Monsters appear, but they are not the enemy of Ash.The stronger we go to the top, the stronger the monsters will emerge, but this party won't have to struggle even if it's strong.Hayato was walking along the mountain road in a breathtaking manner.

Nevertheless, we are not just walking down the mountain path.Maris and Diete were watching the way they fought.

Maris fights with a physical attack.He had a big shield that could hide his whole body, and a weapon called Lance, which was a pretty long spear.Maris said if I tame the griffon, I would fight as a griffon rider.

Tamer doesn't just fight monsters.Mounting makes it possible to unite and collaborate with monsters.The "Blood Knights" who are going to fight this time will do it best.

(Maris alone is not very strong at the moment because of her skill structure.But riding an Elder Griffon could be pretty tough.I hope Tame succeeds.And Diete...)

Hayat was worried about how Diete and his buddies could work together, but he didn't need it.

Anyway, Diete's support is accurate.I used healing magic from support magic, sometimes attack magic, but I didn't earn any monster's weight, so I could say I was spinning the whole party smoothly.

"Dite is better than strong."

"Really? I think it's the most efficient way."

"Hayato is right.It's great for the avant-garde to be able to fight without worrying about anything. "

"That's right!Support magic never expires, healing will always keep an eye on the situation, and I think we can fight more than usual!

"... aren't you playing a role with me...?But the power of the curse is on me!

Ash, Maris admires it, but Len alone is burning a sense of confrontation.

"This is also to gain Hayato's trust.Come on, let's get to the top.You want to tame Elder Griffon?

Everyone nodded when Diete said that in a good mood.

(There seems to be no problem.I don't think Esha likes Dite very much, but Ash and the others don't.Maybe I'll try to convince Esha next time.)

Hayato climbed the mountain path with that in mind.

Three hours after that, Hayato and the others reached the top of the mountain.

Through the swamp of decay, he defeated the dragon near the top of the mountain and acquired the bony flesh of the dragon.All I could do was make dragon steaks and serve them on the altar.

But before that, Hayato was surprised at the view from the top of the mountain.I was touched by the rare sights of reality.

Endless earth before your eyes.A small royal capital in the distance.To the east you can see the huge sea and the clouds below.The top of the mountain was a place of rocks, but the view from there was remarkable.

"Hayato, what do you think of the view from here?

Diete called out to Hayato, who was touched.Hayato exhales only once and looks at Dite.

"No, it's a wonderful view.Besides, in autumn, the foliage will turn red, and in winter, the snow will turn white, right?It's a view that I want to come many times. "

"I thought Hayato would say that.Yes, this world is wonderful.Please go and check it out with your eyes, not just here. "

While wondering about the upbeat Dite, Hayato looked around again.

(I didn't go anywhere very much because I was only producing it.When the Clan War is over and we can afford it, it may be that we all travel together.If I don't get the prize, I have to find a job.)

I remembered only a few realistic things, and then I tried to do my best not to do so.

And start making dragon steaks.Hayato took out cooking equipment that he rarely brought outside the base and then equipped it.Unfortunately, there is no "salt-baked sunflower", but I will start cooking if there is no problem.

"Hayato, it's hard to say, but you look really weird.

In Ash's words, Len and Maris nodded well.Dite alone seemed to have no particular impression.

He wears a chef's hat, a pastry chef's apron, a waste of sushi craftsmen, and other DEX equipment.Sure, it's a weird look, but this is the most powerful piece of equipment when cooking.

"I can't help it, it's necessary to increase the success rate of cooking.I don't want to look like this outside my room. "

Hayato took out his favorite knife and chose a dragon steak from the menu.

A few minutes later, we ended up with five dragon steaks.Quality is one star five, one star four, and three stars three.

"In the meantime, you have five chances."

"It's weird to make 100% dragon steak, isn't it?I was wondering if I could have one. "

"Thanks to this weird outfit.Well, that's fine. Let's call it in. "

Hayato switched to regular gear before handing Maris a dragon steak.

Maris nods and places the dragon steak in a stoned area.


As Maris shouted and pointed to the sky, Hayato saw something flying at high speed.It gets closer and closer.

Definitely a Griffon.

Immediately after Hayato thought so, the flying Griffon hit Maris directly.

Maris took it with her shield, but the expression knockback blows Maris away.Apparently it blew up about ten meters.

And Maris has zero HP.Defeated in a single blow.