Another Frontier Online

Griffon rider

"Wow, seriously... Ash!What do we do!?

Hayat confirms with Ash.I can't take Tame without Maris.Either retreat or Ash transforms into a dragon to fight.

But instead of turning into a dragon, Ash was using his skills to earn a hatred called Walk-Ray to draw attention to the Griffon.

"Len, lower your STR with the Dragon Curse!Diete gave Maris the magic of resurrection!Hayato, hide around here!

The words remind Hayat.Dite has 100 sacred magic.You can also use the magic of resurrection.You will be able to revive on the spot without going back to your base or church.

My treatment is miscellaneous, but naturally so.Hayat decided to hide in the shadow of the rock.

"Ash-kun, I can't use resurrection magic right now.Earn some more weight.If Griffon comes at me, I'll be in trouble. "

The magic of resurrection gains a lot of Hate.In its current state, Griffon will attack Dite.Diete's opinion is correct because she will not be able to recover.

Ash didn't look at Dite and said, "Okay!I only returned the words.

Ash regularly uses walking rays and low damage, but also gains weight.I didn't count how much I used it, but to some extent, Diete used the magic of resurrection.

A thin magic formation of light appears where Maris is falling, and feather-like things fall from the sky.With that effect, Maris stood up.And look around.

"I can't believe you were killed in one blow!That's a great griffon!

"Don't look so happy because you were defeated.Uh, would you like a little stronger potion?I think hyperpotion will make my HP all better soon. "

Hayato said so, and Diete said, "Stop."

"Highly resilient potions earn more weight than you need.If you want to restore your health, you should make it just a potion. "

"That's right!

Maris drank the potion she had.Top quality potion without cool time.

Hayato, I see.As expected, everyone knows better about combat than they do.I once again hid in the shadow of the rock to keep it quiet.

After that, it seems like I can handle it with plenty of time.

Ash draws Griffon's attention, Maris Tame, Len gives Griffon's STR, and Diete recovers Ash and Maris.Sometimes Maris gets attacked but never defeated because of Tame.

Hayato is reassured that it is Tame's problem.Because I thought that it would take some time for Tame to be able to do it.

But then, thirty minutes later, Maris' Tame never succeeded.

"Um, maybe you can't tame Elder Griffon?

Hayato asked Dite the closest to the shade of rock.Everyone else seems busy.

"No, that's not true.I guess Maris is just unlucky. [M]However, the probability is 1%, so it's not bad luck, but maybe it's normal. "

I have a feeling as to why I know such a thing, but as Hayato, I was a little relieved.Because I'm not doing anything for nothing.If Tame's chance of success was zero, it would just be scarce.

Diete uses healing magic and support magic to support her allies as if nothing was wrong.I thought I'd come here before, but I'd say it's unparalleled in precision.

But Hayato has something to worry about.

Dite hasn't run out of MP.There are several ways to recover MP.Drinking juices will be quickest.However, we can't bring any kind of food to this place.I haven't done anything in the first place.

Is MP okay?

"Don't worry.With the ability to meditate, chakra, and spiritual faith, MP's natural recovery is fast.In this situation, the MP won't expire. "

Diete said that plainly.

Hayato also knows that he does have such skills.All of these skills are said to be essential for wizards with their ability to increase their MP's natural healing.Nevertheless, Hayato wonders.

(Was there such a thing in the skills you showed me...?

Hayato can't remember what they had in Diete's skill structure.He had the competing skills of Death Spirit Magic and Holy Magic, so he forgot about the other skills.I remember it was a wizard skill, but I didn't remember everything.

Hayato stopped thinking because she had no choice but to worry.

And I saw Maris.

I have tamed the Griffon many times, but it has been completely ignored.I don't think Ash has been attacked much because he's earning a lot of weight, but I feel tired from using his Tame Skill too much.

You may not be physically tired, but your face looks spicy enough to say you are mentally tired.But at the next moment, Maris slapped herself in the cheek.

"Inject! I've decided to make this kid one of us!Ladies and gentlemen, please hang out!Wow! Let's go on an adventure together!I brush every day!

Maris took the temper to start Tame.

(It's kind of hot blood. Ren-chan was also influenced and said, "Wow!"and so on.Ash is smiling as well, so the atmosphere may have returned a little.I don't know about Dite.)

In the meantime, Hayat began to support him with his heart.

Fifteen minutes later, the griffon shined.

This is the effect when Tame succeeds.Griffon stopped attacking Ash and rubbed his head as he approached Maris.

"No, I did it!

Maris also hugs Griffon's neck.And I hugged him.

Hayat approached Maris, saying that there would be no danger anymore.

"Well, congratulations.Finally, Tame succeeded. "

"Yes, thanks to you!I think this will help us fight clan wars!

"I'm counting on you.Now, let's get back to base with the transfer ring. "

When Hayato tried to use the ring, Diete stopped it.

"Hold on. Shouldn't we check the strength of the griffon?I don't think the monster will become a pet with that strength.And, Maris, you want to ride and fight?

"I don't think so.I think it is strong even if I use a griffon, but I want to see with this eye how strong the riding Maris will be.We'll have to work together in the next clan war. "

Ash agrees with Diete.Sure, Hayato wanted to check it out, too, and she looked at Maris.

"Let's fight the nearby dragon opponent!Well, if you're a hard-line dragon, you can take it down, right?That's what I was talking about when I got the boned flesh of the dragon. "

I see. There are only tough dragons in this mountain, so you can take them down. "

Ash and Len are moderates in the Dragon Quarter.Defeat only hard-line dragons.He said he only talked to moderate dragons.

Maris crossed the Griffon with Ash's permission.

He's holding Lance and his shield, and he's looking pretty good.I would call it a Griffon Rider.

Having seen it, Hayato was curious.

"I'd like to ask you, can you ride that ride with me?Could I ride with you?If you're going to fly, I'd love to. "

Griffon is a flying monster.Hayato doesn't have the ability to ride himself, but he expects that he may be able to fly in the sky if he rides alone.

"That's impossible. I can't ride a horse or two."

Hayato was a little disappointed that Maris was saying it was impossible because of the game's specifications.I definitely want you to implement the two-seater system.Next time, I thought I'd make a request to run the game.

"Hayato, you think of something interesting."

"Huh? Really?Don't you want to fly?

"No, it's not that way, it's two people."

Hayato wondered if so.This is a real virtual reality.It doesn't seem to be a problem even if I can do that.

(But when I think about it, everyone here is NPC.The specifications make sense in the world where everyone lives.It's no wonder you think my opinion is interesting.)

"Hayato, Dite, it's time to go.Maris is running wild. "

Hayat, who returned to me with Ash's voice, moved from the top of the mountain with Diet.

"That's amazing, Maris!

Len can't help being surprised.Maris was manipulating the griffon and flirting with the dragon with incredible skill for the first time.Especially when it comes to damage to dragons, it is likely to be defeated one-on-one.

In the first place, Elder Griffons were usually strong enough to defeat dragons.If I tried not to ride it, I would have defeated it immediately.

And now Maris is riding and fighting, but she's still strong.In addition to Lance's attacks, Griffon pursues them with nail scratches and beak punches.

"I'm sure Maris has high riding skills.It deals Damage Correction to Attacks on the Mount. +1% for every 10, +10% for every 100.There must be 100 Spear Magic skills, and there must be other abilities that increase damage.Elder Griffons also have mount attack fixes.It would take a lot of damage correction. "

"You know a lot, don't you?

Hayato is impressed by Diete's explanation.

Hayato also has the basic knowledge of skills, but such information has not existed online since the beginning of the Clan War.It is not clearly written in the skill description during the game.Now there is only information from the past or the results of our own verification.

Diete has such valuable information.Perhaps NPC would be natural, but Hayato was honestly impressed.

"I've never tried it, even if I was familiar with it.It's just knowledge. "

Knowledge is the most important thing in the game, but Dite is not very proud.I look as if I knew it.

"Okay, I've knocked it down!

Maris' declaration of victory spirits in the mountains.Maris really defeated the dragon alone.Len applauded Maris as she raised her lance and took the victory pose.Ash is also impressed.

Hayat was pleased that this would be enough combat power.Some members of the Mercenary Regiment felt that there was a shortage of Attackers, so it would be nice to have strong combat power here.

And Maris' armor is normal.Making better gear with blacksmith skills will further boost your strength.Hayato calculates so much that he puts himself in a guzzle in his heart.

Hayato then returned to his base with a transfer ring.At the base, Asha, who was in charge of the shop, greets me.

Rather than welcoming Hayato's group, Maris welcomed the tamed Griffon.Looking at the griffon, he glanced at his eyes and approached softly.

"What a wonderful hairstyle. May I touch it, Maris?Even if I say no, I'll touch it. "

"That's fine, but in Mr. Esha's case, won't he die?You don't have half your attack power.

Esha had been bitten by her cat Siegfried.I was able to withstand Esha because of his low Attack, but Griffon has high Attack.Probably can't stand it.

"It doesn't matter because it will be revived at the base," I would say, but when I thought about it, it was a made-up guild.I don't know what the maid chief will tell me when I get back to this time, so I will stop.Master, will you make me a highly defensive made-to-measure garment?Made by Adamantite, please hurry up the five stars. "

"I don't have any maid clothes like that.Why don't you let Diete-chan use some help magic to boost your defenses quickly?

Esha and Dite stared.

"Can you do me a favor?

"Asha-kun is interesting.Well, I don't mind. "

In this way, Esha enjoyed the hairstyle while being poked with a beak by a griffon.Nevertheless, the blow was heavy.Diete uses healing magic on Esha, who is dying every time she strokes her.

It lasted long enough.

Obviously, Maris and Diete are pointing their faces toward Hayato and asking for forgiveness.I wanted you to tell Asha directly, not to yourself, but as the leader of this clan, I talked to Asha about what I could do.

Diete-chan's MP is about to expire, so it's time to stop.

"Bring me a lot of melon juice in the warehouse.Please hurry. "

Because it's for clan warfare.

The selfish Esha was finally calmed down after being pulled away with Ash.