Another Frontier Online

Power Expansion and Wonder Matching

A week has passed since Maris turned Elder Griffon into a pet.

In the meantime, Hayat was completing the Relic weapon "Le Québem".I'm going to give it to you today, but it's not a relic, but for some reason Maris came to the base cafeteria angry.

In addition, there is Dite who has been visiting us for a long time recently, so I decided to talk to the three of them.

"Um, can you tell me more about why you're angry?

"Listen to me!Sure, Tamed Monsters can improve their stats and abilities just like us by fighting!But it's pathetic to let them attack without resistance in the interest of efficiency!One more orange juice, please!

I don't drink alcohol, I drink juice.When the orange juice was served, Maris drank it all at once.

"Um, I don't know, what do you mean?

I'm sure Tamer would understand, but Hayato doesn't.I thought it would be difficult to hear from Maris, so I tried to check with Diete.

"Tamed monsters can be stronger than they are now.Rather, it's not that strong just after taming. "

"Huh? I feel pretty strong right after tame?

There aren't many monsters that can defeat dragons on their own.Obviously, the Elder Griffon is a strong class of monsters.

"Certainly some monsters are strong from their initial state.In other words, the stronger you get, the stronger you get.Monsters also have stats and abilities.It can be improved by fighting.It's like us around here. "

"I see. So why is Maris angry?

"Is there an efficient way to improve your skills?You can do the same with your tamed monsters.I thought you said you didn't like the way it was done.

Diete looked at Maris and asked, and Maris nodded after exhaling heavily.

"Monsters have something called Immunity.It's a benefit to pets who can't be equipped with weapons or equipment, or they can be resistant to flames and ice in a prime condition, but it can be raised by being attacked like that. "

If you want to increase your Flame Resistance skill, you will be attacked by the flame.Repeated attacks like this ultimately increase the Resistance ability to 100, which means you can Nullify that attack.

Of course, not all Resistance abilities can be set to 100, so only one of them is mainstream.Fighting with multiple pets can be described as Tamer's charm.

"I understand your pet skills.So, who doesn't like the way you do it?

"I've been raiding tamed monsters where there are a lot of weak monsters to keep them from fighting back... poor thing!Even if there was little damage, I was furious at seeing such a bumpy pet!

There are two main types of monsters.They are monsters that don't do anything when they see a player, and monsters that attack when they recognize them.

The pet Maris saw was stuck in a swarm of monsters attacking her.And the monsters around me were pounding on me.This is a common way to increase your pet's resistance skills.

(I see. I guess it was the efficiency players who were doing it.Maris, a pet lover, said she didn't like the act.But I wonder.It would also be necessary to do non-humanitarian lifting to shorten the time.And now it's a Clan War event.I might want to make it stronger as soon as possible)

Hayato doesn't know how to best say it.Diete peeked into her face when she was worried.

"Hayato, how do you feel about that?

It is a difficult question.If it were real, I would definitely do it.But this is a game.I don't have any pain in my pet, and it doesn't make my pet angry.Whatever it looks like, it's not a bad way to do it.

Hayat answered after his troubles.

"For the sake of efficiency, I hate having my pets storm into monster herds.However, I've been hunting a lot of monsters to improve my production skills, and I can't blame anyone else. "

In Hayato's words, Maris and, for some reason, Diete seemed happy.

"What are you talking about!Monsters and pets are different!We need to make it clear if we're friends or not!But I'm glad Hayato thought that!

"I agree.We must distinguish between enemies and allies.Even if you're an enemy, I'd like you not to imitate me like that. "

There seems to be a clear difference between pets and monsters.Hayato looked at both in the same brackets, so he was scared that he might not have liked the idea of indirectly defeating monsters and obtaining a large amount of material, but that wasn't the case.

Hayato didn't say he liked it.I really think so.This game is realistic in the first place.Even if your pet is painless and to improve your skills, I don't feel good if my pet is bobbed.

(I don't think there's anything in particular about having multiple monsters boil down.I didn't think anything about defeating them in Clan Wars.What's the difference?

Hayat abandoned the thought because he didn't think the answer would come.

Immediately afterwards Maris stood up.

"I felt refreshed when I was talking about something!

"That's good.Um, are we going somewhere?

"Yes! I will train Lancelot too!Of course, it's not that way, but I'll train with love!

Lancelot is the name of the Griffon given by Maris.

"I'm coming!

Maris jumped out of the cafeteria.Hayato sees Dite while still feeling fine.

Um, is Diete-chan still here?

"Am I wrong?

"That's not true, isn't it boring just to be here?

"No, that's not true.There are a lot of people coming here.It's fun to talk to them.And coffee is free when you're here.I like it. "

I hope so.

Dite still feels strange, but he seems to be dealing with his clan.Ash and the others didn't seem to feel bad.

Esha doesn't seem to care much now either.Hayato thinks it probably works because Diete used healing magic when she stroked Lancelot.

Something like that happened, and I invited Dite back to my clan a few days ago, but they refused.

Diete said he would not participate in the next clan war.When asked why, there is no answer.

"Don't worry about me.By the way, who are we going to fight in the next clan war?I thought I was choosing a betting match. "

"I'm thinking of competing with my clan in the third place in the rankings, 'BloodKnights'.However, we still don't know if the other person will choose us.I'm willing to bet at the same price as each other. "

Pet auctions differ from regular auctions and are hosted by the Tamer Alliance.Auction facilities are also in the Tamer Alliance.

Hayato had been taken there by Maris, but the Male and Hercules Okabuto of the Tri-haired Cat were traded for roughly the same price.I would say that Hercules is somewhat more expensive.

However, the price was surprising.100 million G is the lowest level when you look at past transaction information.Hayato didn't understand.

Anyway, the price is commensurate.You have already applied for a betting match with your opponent's clan, but haven't responded yet.

"Hmm. You seem to trust me enough to give me that kind of information easily, don't you?

"... don't sell information anywhere, okay?

"Not trust, but inadvertence.Hayato sometimes comes out. [M]Don't worry.I won't do that.But yes, if you apply, you won't hear back. "

"Um, do you have any good hands?

"No, I don't. Let's hope we can fight that clan.Well, now that I remember what I had to do, I'm going home.I'm sorry to bother you. "

Diete said so and left the base.

(Are you going home after all?I still don't know what you're doing here.As far as I'm concerned, it doesn't seem particularly problematic, so I'd like you to join my clan... well, I can't help it.If you prefer Dite, wait for Relic)

Hayato drank coffee thinking so.

Then the relic arrived in about 30 minutes.

The first thing he bought was to put it in the warehouse, and Hayato was snorted, but it was over soon, and Relic came back to the cafeteria.

"Mr. Relic, thank you for waiting.It will be the weapon of your request. "

Hayat said so, but gave Relic a white glove, "Le Québem," which the legendary butler wore.

"Thank you, Hayato.But this... "

"It's the highest quality that I ever made.If you don't like it, I'll rebuild it. "

"That's not true.It was so powerful that I was surprised. "

Hayato's creation of "Le Québem" tripled the damage done to Undead, his normal performance, and halved the cooldown of his combat skills.

(Couldn't be half the cool time.)

While Hayato was thinking about it, Relic took off his old gloves and equipped himself with Rex.Then punch like shadow boxing.I even had a high kick to reach my head.The sound of the wind cutting reaches Hayato's ear.

(Does equipping gloves increase the attack power of kicks...?

Hayato asked Relic how he was doing with such a game-based question.

"What do you think? It looked good to me."

"Yes, I feel like my movements have improved.Of course, this equipment does not have that kind of performance, but the fact that Hayato made it for me seems to improve the movement.I feel younger. "

She smiled and said a shameful line, and Hayato was more illuminated.The loser and Hayato also smiled back.

"If you like it, it's worth it.I'm counting on you in the next clan war.

"Of course... I'll try and beat you, not slash you quickly.I'd like to see how strong it will be in real life. "

"Yes, please. Shopping is fine, so please check it out."

Yes, I'll go now.

Relic lowered his head and left the base.

A week before Clan War, the opponent was chosen.

Hayato's wish was matched beautifully with the current third place in the rankings, the Blood Knights.

But there's something I'm worried about.

Ultimately, the Blood Knights didn't choose Hayat's clan.I was choosing another clan, but somehow I decided to fight Hayato's clan.Hayato is thankful, but I don't know why this happened.

"Ha, I see. That's why he called me."

"Yeah, I'm sorry it's daytime."

"No, I'm fine.I don't want to sleep because I'm undead in the first place.I'm sleeping because it's good for my health!

As usual, it's an undead story, but Vampire Mist is a former member of the Clan Management Committee.I called my base during the day to see if I knew anything about the situation.

Mist basically sleeps during the day and works at night.Hayato asked me to procure wood at night.

Mist had previously trained himself in logging and woodworking to make his own coffin, but he was frustrated.It was a hassle to make furniture other than coffins to improve my skills.

Still, the logging skill continues to rise to 100.Hayat asked for the wood to be procured.Instead, necessary furniture and health goods are made by Hayato.

"As long as I'm happy that there's more quality furniture in the Mansion.And there are more health goods, and the servants have a good reputation. "

Really? Above all else. "

Mist lives in a country called the Magic Land.

The Magic Kingdom is the country where the demons and immortals live, but it is unclear whether it functions as a country.

The basic philosophy is freedom only.Whatever you do, you can't help it, and it's a place where the weak can't live.Nevertheless, there is freedom there.It is also free to protect the weak in order.

Mist built a house in the country and lived with several servants.

"Well, Hayato, what you want to know is about your opponents in the Clan War, right?

"I don't really know what the opponent is or why it matched.I wasn't able to compete until the day before yesterday.I was wondering if Mr. Mist, who was on the Clan Management Committee, knew about that. "

"I see. In that case, the opponent they chose would not have been recognized.That's why I think there was just a random match between the people playing the betting game. "

"Is that how it works?

"Yes, games may not be allowed to prevent eight hundred years.In that case, it will be a random match with a clan that has a betting match and has no choice. "

"If so, is it luck that we and BloodKnights matched?

"That's right. Of course, it's not entirely lucky because it matches similar forces, or even ranks, or the price of things you bet."

Hayato gets a little scared of his luck.

The opponent was not allowed to fight the designated clan, and Hayato was able to fight the clan of his choice.Besides, the opponent ranks third in the rankings.Too honest.

"I'd like to ask, can you intervene in that matching?

"That won't be possible.In general, it is God who decides on matching.We're just helping with that, and there's no touching the selection. "

"Is matching God's decision?

"Yes, I have some information, but basically it's all in God's hands."

(Does God mean running a game?Ash and the others said there is a God without a name, but is that the same concept...?

Hayato thought so much, and the entrance to the base opened with a loud noise and momentum.

And three strangers came in from the entrance, without hesitation.

The first man stared at Hayato as if he were intimidating him.

"Hey, are you sure this is Daedalus' base?We're Bloodnights.Give me Hayato the leader. "

Hayato thought it would be troublesome, but he approached the men to listen.