Another Frontier Online

Harassment with Bandit Guild

Hayat stands in front of the men who came to the base.

"Hayato is me."

"Well, you... what the hell did you do?

Hayato wonders. I don't know what I'm talking about because it's too fragile.It may have been a match in this Clan War, but if you suddenly say it, you may get extra money.I decided to dump it just in case.

"Um, what do you mean?

"It won't bother you.We didn't pick your clan in the betting match.And why are you fighting?Jesus Christ, I think I intervened!

There are many misrepresentations, but as far as the circumstances are concerned, Hayato's imagination is correct.

"Oh, is that so?I checked because I was wondering.It's just speculation, but it seems that Bloodnites did not approve of a match against the designated target.In that case, it would be a random match between the clans who are betting against each other. "

Hayat explained exactly what Mist had told him.In the first place, it is impossible to intervene in matching clan wars.It is troublesome to be accused of such a thing.

But even if I explained it, it doesn't matter if I'm convinced.The opponent was not convinced.

When the man grabs Hayato's chest, he approaches his face.

"Hey, brother. I know that kind of specification.The question is, why didn't you approve of our chosen opponent?The opponent bet the same amount on the A-Rank.I can't admit it, but why would I admit it to your clan, huh?

"I don't know if you ask me that.Could you check with the clan management committee?

Whatever you think, it is wrong to ask Hayato why.Everyone answered exactly what they thought.

"... that's fine.Then come with me.If you're telling me you're innocent, it's okay to come with me, right?

Even if it was innocent, there was no reason for Hayato to go, but I thought it would be a long story if he did not go, so I decided to go with him.

Hayato explains the situation to Asha, who is in charge of the store with Mist.

Esha was astonished at the explanation.

"Why do you say you're going?You should just leave it alone.It's just a lie. "

"If I don't go, it's going to take a long time.I don't like being sitting here and being told, Gdaguda. "

"I don't think it makes sense to talk to those people.Well, be careful. "

When Esha said that, she went back to the store.

I think so too.

Does Mr. Mist think so too?

"Yeah, it's just a lie.Maybe, but I'm intimidating and threatening them.It's like starting a Clan War fight before it begins.It was good in the previous Clan War. "

(Is that what it is? However, players can't fight each other except in Clan Wars, and even if attacked, there is no pain.I don't think it's gonna be a threat.Well, I feel scared because it looks tough, but that's all.)

The player's appearance is customizable to some extent, but basically it is not different from reality.You can change your hair or dye your hair that much.In other words, the opponent is tough in reality.

For personal information protection reasons, it's dangerous to look the same as it is, but you have to agree to the contract before you start the game.Also, the name is the same as the real thing.Hayato's real name is Hayato.In this game, you can't fake your appearance and real name.

At first, some people objected to it, but there was no announcement from the management about it.In other words, "If you don't agree, don't do it."

Hayat left the base with that in mind.

There are monsters out there who think members of the Bloodnites are on board.There are three Fenryls.

Fenrir is a big wolf about three meters long.Like the Elder Griffon, it is strong enough to hunt dragons on its own and can also perform magic.It is no exaggeration to say that Tamer is the most popular pet in the neighborhood.

The reason for popularity is its strength, but many people will fall in love with it like a dog.But the main reason is the speed at which it moves.

Fenrir is the fastest ridable pet.If the speed of a player who has not improved the movement speed is one, the movement speed of the Fenrir is four.Fenryl can move at twice as fast as regular riding pets.

Fighting in this game has a big action element.Fast travel is a considerable advantage.

Hayat walked toward King's Landing surrounded by the Brad Knights on the Fenryl.

Hayato will know after a little while.Obviously we are not on our way to a facility where our clan can apply.Either way, they are headed for a place called a slum in the King's City.Bandit and Assassin Guilds.

"Where are we headed?

"Don't do anything extra.Just think of it as troublesome if you make a scene here. "

"What's the trouble?

"Ten times as much trouble as you think."

(It's already been a lot of trouble.)

Even though Hayato thought so, he didn't want any more trouble, so he followed without saying anything.

"Come in here."

It's a wooden building, about three stories long, but pretty run-down.I thought you said it was a lonely wooden building.I don't think anybody lives here.

Even if I came here and refused, I had no choice, so I came in.I don't think it makes sense to do this in the first place.On the contrary, you might be interested in what to do.

There were about three of them inside.The opponents will all be six, but one of them is wearing a hood and cannot see his face.He must be a man thinking from his body.

Hayato looks at the whole thing.The appearance is the same, but the inside is also worn out.

"Looks like you have plenty of room, huh?

The leader man looks at Hayato with a smile on his face.

"No, I'm really thrilled."

"You can say that, but you can afford it.Yeah, I'll name it first.Gardell. "

Nice to meet you.

"That's nice. You like brave guys, don't you?But you might like it even more if you listen to me.Just be careful what you say so I don't hate you.

(Does it have anything to do with courage in the game?

"Well, it's easy.Lose the next Clan War. "

I thought that would be the case, but I didn't think that this kind of negotiation would really threaten me.There is also a possibility that you will not be able to log in to the game if Hachi finds out.

It is true that prizes paid within ranking five are attractive, but it would be a risky act.

Gardel opened his mouth, wondering what to say.

"Of course, it's not free.I'll give you a piece of the prize we won in the real world.The prize will be less than winning against us, but if the money goes in without risk, it's okay, right?

I wondered who would take such a promise, while Nay's face came to mind.I don't hate this kind of injustice, so I probably won't get into the conversation, but if it's not injustice, I feel like I'm going to get into the conversation a little bit.

"Whoa, what does that sigh mean?You mean you want to piss us off?

"No, not at all.A little memory sigh. Um, we're talking about losing the next game, right?Because I can get a prize without risk, and it's good for me. "

"Exactly. Three more matches to win Clan War Anniversary prizes.I can't lose anywhere right now. "

"Sorry, that's what I'm after.I'm sorry, but I don't mean to lose.If you want a prize, can you win with your strength?I'll do the same. "

"Well, wait.This is a pretty good idea, isn't it?You think you can beat us in the first place?

I wonder if there's any reason to lose.

"My clan has never been picked up in a video, so I don't know what it is.But you think you're stronger than us?

"I don't know if you think so."

Hayato is proud to have a fairly strong team headed by Asha.I was sure of it after watching the match so far.A clan that can beat its current members can't do without more powerful NPCs than Esha.

"I see. I don't know how to help you--"

Gardell looks at a man in a hood.The hood man nodded.

Hayat was alert, but nothing in particular changed.

Call me if you change your mind.

Gardel and the others went out with a smile.Only Hayato and the Hood men remained here.

"Huh? That's it?Can I go home now?

The Hood man answers nothing.After pointing to the entrance, she turned her back to Hayato and moved upstairs.

Hayato walks out in wonder.

I don't know, but I decided to go home because I had no choice but to stay here.

Voice chat happens when I try to return to my base using the transfer ring.It's from Esha.

"Master, what have you done?

"Uh, what are you talking about?

"The base is being harassed.Can I shoot because it's troublesome?

(Could it be because you rejected the proposal just now?

Hayato thought so and used the transfer ring.

In an instant, returning to the vicinity of the base, a large number of people surrounded the base.There appear to be a large number of people near the entrance to the store and at the entrance to the base, preventing entry and exit.

From what I've seen, some players and some NPCs.Nothing but reluctance to hang around like this, but it doesn't matter if you're just here.

Hayat ignored it and tried to enter the base.However, it can be stopped by NPCs who are not very well.

"Wait. If I go through here, I'll get a toll."


"This place is our territory.I'm telling you to pay me if you want to pass. "

"How much?"

"... uh, how much is it?

"You idiot! I'm not going to let you through, so there's no price!

The NPC who stopped Hayato was so angry at the NPC next door.

"Oh, I see...I'm not going to let you through no matter how much you pay.Go home. "

"No, that's my home.If you want me to go home, why don't you let me go?

"... what do we do?

"Huh? I don't know that either.If you're a resident, can I go through?

(A lot of them.I'm not done with evil.No, I feel like it's not bad.)

"Hey, you're Hayato, right?

Now comes a player whose name appears blue.

Unlike the members I saw earlier in the shabby hall, they are wearing similar black leather gear and somehow look like a fellow BloodKnight.

"Yes, it is. What the hell is this?Do we have a banquet?

"You're as funny as Gardell said.But you can see through the fright, right?I'll tell you what, until you say you lose the next Clan War.You don't have to put any money in it, you just have fun, okay?No, don't bother Gardel. "

"Oh, yeah. If you lose, will you disband?

Of course Hayato has no intention of doing so.To be perfectly clear, I'm more than willing to win.Until I said that because it was troublesome.

"I like people who know things well.Then give all the money to apologize.It's not just the clan's share of the money, it's all personal money.If you swear allegiance to Mr. Gardell, that's all you can do, right?

Hayat was surprised because it was supposed to be an oath of loyalty for some reason, but understood that it would be futile to talk logically.

"Sorry, I don't have any personal money.Because it's all about clan sharing money.If you win a Clan War, you'll get it automatically. "

"Shit, then give me everything you sell in the store.Looking at the store's sales, I found quite a lot of stuff.You made that, didn't you?If I give it to you as a tribute, you can be brave as a clan of Bloodnites?

Hayat got caught up in the word "clan" under the Blood Knights umbrella.

The clan is made up of ten people, but it's too small.That's why clans are working together.It doesn't exist as a system, but it's an alliance.

It is said that although there is no system for considering this area in clan warfare, there is no battle between clans with exchanges.

Usually, the clan that formed the alliance was in line, but in the case of Bloodnites, Hayat thought that he would be under the clan for some reason, that is, dominating it.

I guess the player in front of me belongs to a Clan under the Bloodnites umbrella for some reason.The similarity of clothing must be the influence.

And Hayato gave up early.

I managed to get through the scene, but Hayato remembers quite angrily that he asked me to send the items I had worked so hard to make for free.

I tried to cook Maris a pet dish for free.That's because I brought the ingredients.Esha told me to take money for other craftsmen, but Hayato basically doesn't put a price on his technology.If asked politely, it is not easy to provide technology free of charge.

If I had only been told to give my technology for free, I would not have given it, but I would not have been angry.However, not only did Hayato take the time to make the item, but he also had the time of the people who had prepared the ingredients.Hayato was so angry that he was told to send it for free without consideration.

"If you want the item I made, would you please sit down and ask me to?Then I'll think about it.Well, I'm not going to give it to you even if I think about it. "

"... ah?

The man involved in Hayato was delayed without knowing what he was told.But I glanced at Hayato as if I understood what he meant.

"That was a bad way to put it.I really don't want you to sit down, so let me be clear.I asked Gardell to pick it up because he didn't have any items to give him. "

"Hey, you don't understand.Do you have any idea how many clans there are under the Bloodnites umbrella?That means they're all going to turn into enemies, right?

"Well, I don't know.How long has it been?

"There are twenty or more.In other words, it turns over 200 people into enemies.And you can see the number of these NPCs.These are the bandits of the Bandit Guild.If you say you licked it too much, it could be tough, right?You don't want your base to be torn apart, do you?

It's been a clear threat.Hayato thinks that if we talk about this, we can suspend the account.

"I've always done similar things, but every clan was strong like you at first.But it broke in the end.You don't want to waste too much, do you?

The man is looking at Hayato with a vulgar smile.You look proud.

But Hayato is more concerned than that.

(Have you ever done anything similar?Are you saying you don't blame me for doing this?How about that?Does that mean there's no point in running it - or is it a lie?

Hayato gave up thinking that he had no choice.First, I logged out and e-mailed the operation, just after I thought so.

"Master Hayato, what the hell is wrong with this?

Soon there was a relic standing behind Hayato.

"Well, I was being harassed or threatened by the next clan war opponent."

"I see. That's a common story."

- How often?

"Well, if that's the case, shall I take it back?I'm in the way. "

"What is it? Npc?Hey, how many people do you think we have here?You can't attack a player from a player, but the NPC doesn't have that limit?If you don't want me to go crazy, get lost. "

"In part, I don't know what you're talking about, but I know the word" disappear. "The answer is no, right?I am a Relic butler in this clan.You can't leave your husband behind and disappear. "

"Damn, it's troublesome.Hey, guys, hurt these guys. "

The man ordered the Bandit Guild NPCs to do so.However, the NPCs are not trying to move just by talking in private.

"What's the matter? You will be paying the Alliance!Hurry up! "

"Sorry. We're out of here.They'll kill us if they find out that Mr. Relic was harassing our clan. "

"... ah?

"Oh, are you guys from the Bandit Guild?How is the Alliance Master?

"Hello, guys.Yes, I'm fine. But lately, Mr. Relic hasn't come, so I'm going to miss him.Please come play chess with me again.I think the boss will be happy. "

"Yeah, it looks like I'm interrupting your work.Please tell them that you will also apologize in the near future. "

"It would be helpful if you could do so.Well, we'll be around here.Good luck with Clan War.I'm here for you. "

"Thank you."

The Bandit Guild NPCs left with their heads down to Relic.Only about a dozen players left.

"Oh, remember!

Threats are possible in this state, but the players are gone with the stunning discarding line.

"Thank you, Relic.Thank you very much. "

"If I could help you, I'd appreciate it."

"But how do Bandit Guild people know about Relic?He was talking to the Guild Master like he knew him. "

Alliance Master refers to the top of the Alliance.In the case of a maid guild, it is said to be the maid chief, but it means the same thing just because it is said differently.

Relic opened his mouth with a little embarrassment.

"The Bandit Guild's Guild Master was my partner when I was a bandit.I occasionally drink tea at the Guild, but I haven't been there much lately because I've been busy. "

"Oh, I was asking you to do some shopping.I'm sorry. "

"No, this is my job, so don't worry.But next time, I'll also apologize and show my face. "

"Please do.Next time, I'll make tea confectionery - no, I think it's okay, but there's Esha inside.I'll take a look. "

I'll come, too.

The player's man knew that Hayato had items made at the base.I mean, I've been inside before.I don't think it is dangerous because Esha is strong, but she is a woman.There was also talk that the NPC could attack without clan warfare.

Hayato and Relic hurried in through the store entrance.There was a sha eating all the sweets.

Esha and Hayato met, but she stopped for a moment and put the shortcake she was about to eat into her mouth.And I chew a lot.

"What are you doing?

"Townhouse Yes... No, I heard about taking the item, so I thought I'd eat it if that were the case.Thank you very much. "

Esha was safe, but the food wasn't.It's obviously gone because of the high quality and the high price.

"I'll subtract from your salary."

"Oh no! Master is sweet, so I thought I'd give it to you!

"If I did that, Esha would have stopped.I think you killed me, but you're dead. "

"That's my husband.I'm glad my husband understands the maid. "

"I didn't want to understand, but it's okay.But get your hands off that eclair.I don't know what you're trying to eat... except for the sweet food that Esha ate.I was wondering if that's how many people would have gone crazy inside. "

"That's what you did.I regret that they should have blamed me for the loss of cooking.I ate too much. "

"Regret for something else."

Hayato thinks about stopping such interaction with Asha.

(In the meantime, I don't feel comfortable if my opponent doesn't feel comfortable in the next Clan War.Also, I will contact the operation just in case.I was held up for eight hundred years.There should be some punishment.Maybe we can win the war.You may not be able to do it because you've done similar things before, but you can think of it as a lie, so let's just do it.)

"Your husband looks a lot better, doesn't he?


"No, you're quite motivated by the fact that I've been put in danger and you're angry?Did you miss it? "

"I'm sorry, I didn't even think about Esha.Rather, I remember getting angry about eating expensive sweets. "

"Again, I know."

"You're invincible. I don't think you know anything, but, well, that's fine.In the next clan war, I'm going to crush the opponent, so I want you to do it more seriously than ever.Good luck with the sweets you ate. "

Hayat said so to Asha and then looked at Relic.

Relic, please.

"Yes, sir. Apparently, the opposing clan is harassing with a Bandit Alliance.I'd rather take a job, but I don't like the fact that I'm asking the Bandit Guild to do something like this, so I'll do my best. "

A little anger seemed to be overflowing from the smile.Hayato is happy that this seems to be possible.

(Well, that's a week until the Clan War.Should I prepare a lot of things?)

Hayat contacted everyone before starting preparations for the next Clan War.