Another Frontier Online

unexpected weakness

Before the Clan War began, as usual, members gathered in the dining room.

Esha, Ash, Ren, Relic, Mist, and the new Maris and Griffon Lancelot.

Lancelot is Maris' pet, but you need to use Clan Frames to participate in Clan Wars.Ash's mercenaries fill the remaining two spaces because they use eight spaces, including Hayato.

The opponent is the Blood Knights.

Hayato logged out on the day he was held captive, and then sent an email to the management to that effect.But here's the answer.

"Everything possible in the game is acceptable at your own risk."

Hayato thought such an answer would come before sending an e-mail.In other words, you can do it on your own responsibility to do 800 years or threaten.

It's up to the NPCs in the game to decide what to do.Clan management committees also exist for this purpose.Speaking of extremes, if the NPCs don't find out.

I contacted the Clan Management Committee through Mist.At this stage of the investigation.If that proved, we could have won the war, but unfortunately the Clan War started before it proved.

Nevertheless, Hayat does not regret it.I don't have direct combat power, but I wanted to defeat the BloodKnights as a clan.

Hayato is also quite angry this time.

They threatened me, but I think it was because they told me to send the item.

And after that, he's been harassed.Clan members under the Bratnites umbrella were hanging out in front of the base like harassment, preventing customers from shopping.

In addition, he came in as a customer to raise difficult issues and intimidate Esha with a loud voice.She said she didn't think anything about it, but even if she was an NPC, she was a woman.Hayato is quite angry.

I complained about it to the guards of King's Landing, but it wasn't a good move.

When the Maid Alliance investigated it, it was apparent that some of the guards had received bribes from the Bloodnites and some trouble had been missed.I was surprised that NPC bribes were effective, but I was just a little impressed that the game was nothing.

Sometimes, Hayato had a lot of anger over the past week.Even if I was preparing for a clan war in my room, there was noise outside, there were no customers at the shop, and there were rumors about the poor quality of the shop in King's Landing.

Hayat was not very angry, but he was angry.I was unfairly valued for what I made.There's no way I can forgive you.

Whether Hayato's feelings are out there or not, the atmosphere in the dining room is a little bad.

"Master, please calm down a little."

However, Esha, who did not read the air in such a situation, pointed Belzeve's muzzle at Hayato while saying so.

"... I don't think it's possible to calm down with a gun pointed at me?

Hayato settled down for a little while in a way that was too abrupt.It became the usual atmosphere and returned it to Esha.

"I know how you feel.A weak woman like me was intimidated in the store.I know you can't forgive me, but that doesn't suit me, so let's go as usual. "

"I don't care if Esha was threatened, but I can't forgive you for being unfairly valued for what you made. - So you put your gun back in?

"I can't forgive your husband for saying that, can I shoot him?It's okay, I just need to wake up in my bedroom. "

"I'm sorry, I'm just kidding, I'm mad at you for threatening Esha.Just because you won a Clan War doesn't mean you can do anything.You don't have to be fair, but you're going too far.I'd like to thank you all more than ever today. "

Everyone nods at Hayat's words.

It was transferred to the battlefield shortly thereafter.

Everyone decided to go first to the roof of the fort.First, to check out this field.

Looking around from the rooftop, it was a desert on one side.The sun is even stronger and it's pretty hot.Although there is no concept of sweat in this game, Hayato was struck by the illusion that he was sweating a lot.

(Desert. I have heard that the movement speed drops considerably in places where there are few shields.And random scorpions and snakes that give you a poison bud status?There should also be burns due to heat.It's troublesome)

"Everybody, put some sunscreen on.This will evade Burn Bud stats.And I have a potion for disinfecting it, and if it's scorpion or snake poison, I can put it out right away. "

"Ah, um, Hayato-san, I'm sorry...."

"Mr. Mist? What's wrong with you?

Mist somehow approached Hayato in quite a grossly state.You're about to fall down and look pale - you're always pale, but today you're pretty pale.

"Ah, the sun is strong, and even sunscreens can't avoid significant weakening... I can't go outside or on the roof, so can I defend myself inside the base...?

The vampire mist was fairly weakened by the stronger sun than usual.Vampires who boast almost invincible strength at night and are somewhat fine during the day, but direct sunlight in desert-like locations seems unbearable to driftstones.

And now it's daytime. It never gets dark an hour after the Clan War ends.It would be tough to think of Mist as a force.

Hayat is in a very difficult situation, but I also need to defend the base, so I consulted with Ash and decided to leave the defense of the base to Mist.

When Mist heard it, he nodded and walked down the stairs.

"I wasn't expecting Mr. Mist, but are you okay?

"Well, I guess I can't help it.I'm not so worried because the defenses inside the base will be as usual.And this time, there are Maris and Griffon.It's a great advantage to have a tamer who can fly in the desert.According to the Maid Alliance, three Dragons and two Fenrills?Then we'll figure it out.And this will release my dragon bracelet at the opening.If it works, that's it. "

Ash transforms into a dragon and releases a dragon bracelet if there is no shield and there is no decay.And this is the desert. The speed of travel is slow, so even if you attack, you won't reach Ash, and depending on the location, you won't be able to escape to your base.That would be the same even if you were on the fastest pet ferril.

I hope that's how it works.

"Wish me luck.Then we'll be in position. "

Ash followed the crew down the stairs.

Well, let's get to work.

"Is Mr. Relic okay?Isn't it hard to travel in a desert like this?

"Don't worry. Fighting skills have a variety of useful mobility skills.I also have this Le Québem that Hayato made for me.It's definitely going to help. "

"Okay, I hope so.Be careful. "

Relic bowed and walked down the stairs.

Hayato, Esha, Ren, and Maris and Lancelot are all that's left.

"Maris feels like a guerrilla, please.Perhaps Ash and the dragons will find it difficult to keep up with Fenrir's speed.First of all, can you hold him down and watch him move?

"Ok! Stay tuned for the beauty of Lancelot!

"I'm counting on you.Lancelot will be able to do a lot of work here. "

Places like forests with bad visibility may be tough, but in the desert it's a Lancelot standoff.

"Asha and Ren-chan need to defend the base.I'm going to have a lot of movement depending on the situation. "

"I see. Leave it to me.I'm cursed again today!Uhihihi...!

Len took out the five dimensional nails and wala doll with joy.Hayato wondered whether she was a bright magician, and Esha looked a little bit reluctant.

"Uh, what's wrong with Esha?You don't like the heat?

"No, that's not it, but this time, it might expose my weaknesses."

"What do you mean?

"I can't explain that at this point.I didn't even know what would actually happen.But even if my weaknesses are discovered, I'll just tell your husband that I won't give in. "

"You're using a misleading way of saying it - Len and Maris, don't talk in private there."

Esha's weakness. Hayato leans his neck to see if there is such a thing.But I want to know for the future if I can.

As soon as I thought about it, I received a voice chat request from the other person.

Hayat grants the application.Soon after that, I heard a voice.

"Hey, how are you?I was afraid I'd give up. "

Gardel is the Lord of Voices.They must have applied for a provocation.But as Hayato, it was also what I wanted.Keeps the opponent in tune.It affects the fight unexpectedly.

Whenever possible, make the opponent angry and blunt their judgment.Hayato has no fighting power, but his status is irrelevant in such a battle.

"I'm feeling really well.How's it going? Was he trampling on the dungeon because he wasn't harassed?Oh, yeah, the Bandit Guild told me I wouldn't work anymore?How are you feeling about just taking the money?I'd like to ask you something for future reference. "

Bandit Guilds have Relic acquaintances playing guild masters.That's why I pulled my hand.However, even if I pull my hand, I will not return the money.I don't have a contract in the first place.Some of the Alliance's trustworthy stuff, but the Bandit Alliance doesn't seem to care.

"Hee......! I'm telling you, if you lose, don't think it's over.You defied me.Harassment will continue, won't it?Not until you quit the game!

"Oh, really?Well, if we win, will you stop harassing me?You don't have to quit the game, but if you lose this far, you won't play the game instead of embarrassing and disgusting me, right?Or are we going to continue the game in disgrace?

"This kid...!

Probably won the provocation match.Hayato thinks so and cuts the voice chat.I then set my voice chat application to reject.

(Now, you must have been angry with me for this.But I guess I have a bad personality.Those words come out like thrash.....)

Having been a little shocked by himself, Hayat waited for the clan war to begin.

A few minutes later, clan warfare begins.

There were five players and five tamed monsters in the opponent's area, as the Maid Alliance investigated.Each of them rides a monster named Tame.

And at first, I wonder how it looks. The opponent is positioned near the fort and has no movement so far.

(I meant to piss you off, but you're surprisingly calm.I thought you were going to attack me suddenly... but if you could get close, it would have been a blow with Ash's dragon bracelet.)

Hayato, can you hear me?

"Ash, what's wrong?I'd like a dragon bracelet if they get close to my team. "

"No, that's it, but I'm in a bit of a mess."


"Oh, those dragons are moderate dragons.You can't defeat me with my dragon bracelet. "


"Sorry, even in clan warfare, we can't attack moderate dragons.Not only me, but also Len and the rest of the squad.I'm really sorry. "

Hayat was in a hurry. That's because I didn't expect it.

"Um, can we attack Fenrir?

"That's possible, but considering the possibility that the dragons will break in, we'll have to defend ourselves."

Defense only while a Dragon is present.There are quite a few potions to restore your HP.But it is impossible to win a Clan War without attacking.


Esha looked at the field and spoke to Hayato.

(Yes, Esha can attack.Defeat the dragon)

"Asha, I'm sorry, but defeat the dragons..."

"I'm sorry.I can't seem to fight this time. "


"That splendid Mohmov.I can't take that down.I thought I threw away my conscience, but there was still a part of me left... laugh at me for being a sweet woman. "

"I can't laugh anywhere."

Fine Mohmov. Hayato thought it was probably about Fenrir.

"Well, would you shoot the dragon?

"What if I hit that dog!

"You're a wolf. You shot me before, didn't you?Am I less than that Fenrir?

"Because it was negligent.But if your master tells you to shoot that Mohmov, I'll shoot him. "

"Don't say that with such clear eyes.So this is Esha's weakness?It's not what I thought. "

I can't shoot Mohmov. That's Esha's weakness.As far as I know, there's nothing I can do, but the situation is worse than that.

Leading members can no longer fight alongside each other.

Only Relics, Maris, and Griffon can fight properly.

This may not be possible.That's what Hayato thought.