Another Frontier Online

Clanstone Aim

Having no idea what Hayat should do, Ash and the others began to retreat.

"Once we retreat. The fort would be better just for defense."

"Okay. I think we can create a situation in the fort where we can fight one-on-one.Pull it once. "

Hayato gave up thinking that Ash's inability to compete against moderate dragons was limited by character settings.The same goes for Esha. It is strange that the NPC, which boasts such strength in the first place, can fight indefinitely.It's normal to strike a balance somewhere.

However, it came all at once in this Clan War.Ash, Ash, if either of you can't fight, it's pretty tough if you can't fight both.In addition, the Mist is also severely weakened due to this location and weather.

I lose like this.Nevertheless, it seems that the other party is either alert to our actions or will not attack us immediately.

Hayat decided to cancel the voice chat rejection and apply to Gardel here.Because I want to buy some time.Conversations make it seem like we have a plan.and slow the opponent's invasion.

Gardel immediately granted Hayato permission to apply.

"Hey, what the hell are you doing retreating even though you're not fighting?

"No, I'm having a little problem, I can't fight right now.The match is starting, but will you wait a little longer until we're ready?

"Hey, are you stupid?No one can be fooled by such an invisible lie.How dare you lure us in?Wow, you can't attack me like that!

(Well, I think so.All right, now we've got time.Let's do something in the meantime.)

Hayat decided to think about Tamer on the ride.Ash and the others cannot defeat the dragon, and Esha cannot defeat Fenrir.If we can disperse the opponent and fight, we can have each one deal with the opponent we can fight, but the opponent doesn't need to disperse the fight without knowing our circumstances.

But what if he's the only one on board?

There will be considerable limitations to the fight, but I have heard the specs that if Tamer is defeated, the pets will execute their last orders or move on their own.Hayato thought that he might win the Clan War without defeating the pets.

If only riding players were to be defeated, there might be no limit to Ash and Hayato would check with Maris.It's best to ask Tamer about Tamer.

"Maris, is it possible to defeat only the man on board?

"Pets take damage when attacked while riding.You can't just aim for a rider!

"Really?Then you can't. "

(Does it mean that it is impossible to aim only at riding with a gaming specification?We can't both ride, and it's subtle and unrealistic.It's a game, so naturally, it's a game.Then there may be no other way to win this Clan War but to destroy the opponent's Clan Stones.)

That's when Ash came to the roof.And he looks sorry with Len, who was originally on the roof.

I'm sorry, Hayato.

"Hayato, I'm sorry."

Both of them lowered their heads as they said so.Hayato tells them to raise their heads in a hurry.

"No, I can't help it.But I'm not going to lose.I want you to give me wisdom even if I can't fight. "

"Of course. So, what's the plan?You think Escha's gonna let Destroy go?I hope you don't take down the dragons. "

"Ash-sama, to tell the truth, I can't fight this time either.The other person has a dog.I am confident in my ability to shoot, but if I hit my dog by mistake, I might be able to eat up all the food at the base from the shock. "

Hayat said what he thought, thinking it was a huge damage.

"Of course, I don't think it's possible to defeat Relic and Maris alone.That's why I'm aiming for Cranstone.I don't know how to target only the Cranstone. "

"Given our situation, that would be the best.Then the best thing to do is let someone break the Cranstone while you lure them into the fort. "

"But, brother. I have a Fenrir on me.We can lure them into the fort, but if they chase us, it's over, right?

Fenrir travels four times faster than people.They will always catch up unless they are far enough away.

"Well, wait. Fortunately, this is a desert field.Fenrir can't move that fast. "

"I think we're all the same?

"Walking in the desert certainly slows us down.But Maris has no influence. "

Everyone looks at Maris when Ash says so.Maris and Griffon Lancelot, next to her, leaned their necks together.

"Well, why?

"Griffon can fly, right?They won't be affected by travel in the desert. "

"Ah! That's right!I only thought about flying and fighting in the sky, so I didn't notice!Lancelot, wow!

As Maris stroked Lancelot, Lancelot burst with joy.

I'm a little worried about Hayato, but I understand that the best way is to do it.

"By the way, how fast is Lancelot?Faster than Fenrir?

"Well, you can fly almost twice as fast as people!I don't know because I haven't seen it, but that's how fast Fenrir runs in the desert, isn't it?

At the same speed, I managed to get to the Cranstone first, even if I was chased.Lancelot doesn't think it will take that long to destroy the Cranstone, so we may be able to handle it.

Hayat thought so and decided to go on this operation.I can't think of a better plan.There's just one thing I'm worried about.

"Can Ash and Len fly when they're dragons?I've never seen Ren-chan's dragon before. "

"No, I have wings, but I'm not a flying type.Len can fly, but he can fly. "

Len somehow blushes her face and then hides about half of her face with the hood attached to the robe.

"Ah, well, I'm a bit of a dragon in public...."


Len has an atmosphere where she shouldn't ask anything.Hayato wonders, but while wondering if it is something that should not be touched, if Len can fly in the sky, the strategy will be wider.Ash opened his mouth when I thought I'd ask him a little more.

"When we're dragons, we're naked, to put it simply."

"... yes?

"Len is old, too.I've been trying not to change into a dragon lately. "

Ren trembled with a hood covering his face.Probably trembling with shame.

"Ah, um, Ren-chan, I'm sorry.I won't ask anymore. "

"No, I'm fine.But, brother, I'll talk to you later. "

"I see.But why did you bring out the wala doll?

Hayato apologized to Len again in his heart, hoping that the relationship between his brother and sister would not break down after hearing the extra things.

"In the meantime, we'll take care of the defenses in the fort.Asha won't be able to fight in a tight place, so wait on the roof. "

"I see. I will follow Ash's instructions without delicacy."

"... thank you very much."

Ash and Len went down the stairs.

Along the way, Len was attacking Ash's flank.What a smile, Hayato apologizes to Ash for his own fault.

"So, what do you do, you sexually harassing bastard?Provoke and summon opponents?

"Is that about me?I'll make an excuse for honor, but I really didn't know - Maris doesn't talk to Lancelot in private. "

I've just said something extra and my credibility has dropped.I thought I'd have to give something sweet to get in a mood later, but I thought about what I should do from now on.

Gardel and the others are watching us or not moving much.They appear to be approaching us gradually, but they are still hostile.

All you have to do is lure them in and they'll stick together enough.There is still time. Nevertheless, there is a possibility that something will happen.You had better settle it early.

Hayat thinks so and sends an audio chat to Gardel in an attempt to provoke further.

"How long will I be there?I'm waiting for you in a trap, so why don't you come quickly?

"There's no fool who knows it's a trap."

"Yes, but it could be a trap in itself.Have you thought about the possibility of taking the time to benefit us?And I wonder if he's still after the draw?

If we timed each other up without doing anything in the Clan War, it would be a draw.In that case, there are no points for both.It will be in the form of a draw, but considering the ranking, it would be no mistake to say that both are losers.

"Damn, I can't help it.I'm tired of glittering with fish like you.I'll attack you as I wish.Please, there's a trap.

When Gardell's voice arrived, the opponent started moving.

Both Fenrir are moving through the desert at considerable speed.The remaining three dragons are slow.Despite slower movement in the desert field, the speed is much faster than normal movement of people.

Gardell was riding like a silver-haired Fenrir.He would have a long spear and wave it around.

(Does that mean you can fight at twice that speed?They seem to be threatening, but they also have a lot of potential as players.Then this field is too advantageous for us... but isn't it too advantageous for us?

It was a coincidence that Ash and the others could no longer fight.Thanks to that, it is about plus or minus zero, but it still seems to be a field that is too advantageous for us.

(I wonder if someone's intentions are involved... if it's possible, Dite?No, I don't suppose there's anything like putting a shoulder in a particular clan.Speaking of games, there are prizes.It would be a lot of trouble if you were embarrassed by some clan)

"Hey, did you come all this way and not pick me up?How far are we going to get there?

Hayato, whose thoughts were interrupted by a voice chat from Gardel, rushed to the field.

There was Gardell, who was half his own.However, only the two of them were on the Fenrir, and the dragon was just entering his own formation.

"Oh, I'm sorry.I've got some tea for you. Can you come to the base?I'm confident in your hospitality.

"... shit."

(Seems to be irritated by the good feeling.When they're all here, will they all come for us?

Then a few minutes later, the opponents moved all the way to half their own position.

Well then, let's get you entertained.If it's boring, be prepared for hospitality.

Fenrir and the dragons are moving.But Gardell's Fenrir didn't move.She seems to be waiting for half her own team, and she doesn't seem to be coming towards us at all.

"Are you coming?I want to entertain you.It's hot there, isn't it?

"Never mind, please treat my men.Besides, I hate sweets.I would've gone if I had a drink. "

(Were you more calm than I thought?Looking forward to the trap, I guess I'm the only one left... oh, my God.If Fenrir stays, Maris won't make it to Cranstone even if she jumps out.Or are you discerning our operation?It's troublesome)

Hayato had to think again about what to do.