Another Frontier Online

Versatility and collaboration of fighting skills

"There's only one person left.Fenryl with silver fur.It's rare!

Maris was excited when she was worried about what Hayato would do, pointing to Fenrir in the middle of her team.Next to that, Esha nods.And Griffon's Lancelot was a little stubborn.

Maris says it's a rare color, and it's a color-differentiated monster with a low chance of appearance.Unlike monsters like the lucky rabbit, where the species itself is different, the intensity is almost unchanged simply because the colors are different for monsters of the same species.

The occurrence rate was not constant, and there were rare colors with low probability.

Fenrir's silver color is rare among rare.The incidence is said to be less than 1%.

Nevertheless, such information is irrelevant at this time.Different colors do not change the intensity.And the problem is that we're waiting for that place.

"Maris, can we jump out of here in Lancelot and get to the opponent's Clanstone first?

"That's impossible!That is the face that understands our intentions!Probably jumps out and turns back!

"Why do you say that so well?Then can you beat that Fenrir and the guy?

If you can't go directly to Clanstone, there's a way to fight and win.Gardell and Fenrir are the only people in the area.If Maris can win, then go to Cranstone.

"It's not compatible.Fenrir can also use magic, so even if he runs into the sky, he can attack.Besides, I don't know if you'll fight me in the first place.Maybe we'll go back to the fort. "

"If our operation is compromised, it's possible.You know there's a Griffon over there.I wonder what's going on. "

"I think you should ask Relic."

Suddenly, Esha interrupted the conversation.

"To Mr. Relic?Why? "

"I think there was something in the Weapon skill of the fight that unlocked the ride.So I figured if I knocked him off, Maris would get to the other guy's fort sooner. "

"What kind of trick is that?But you can't get to Gardell, can you?

In the desert, travel speeds are halved.Relic will take a long time to get to Gardel.

Fighting is the shortest melee attack range.Even in the desert, Gardel is a fast rider with a long spear.It may be subtle whether or not you can hit it.

"It's okay there.Distance and field are irrelevant because fighting skills have the ability to zero the distance from the opponent.Our maid captain does it well.And it's relic. If you say it clearly, you can win if you fight normally. "

I don't know why the maid chief could do that, but I'll contact Ash and Relic.And I explained the situation.

Ash and Relic acknowledged it and only Relic came to the roof of the fort.

"While Maris is at the fort, I'd like you to knock Gardell out of Fenrir over there. May I?

"Leave it to me. Make sure to meet your expectations with these gloves."

Relic pulls the gloves to fit his hand again and hoops his hand.And I looked at Esha.

"But, Esha. You buy me a lot, don't you?He said he could win even if he fought normally. "

"I know the strength of my former clan members.It's not flashy, but I thought relics were the best way to fight steadfastly.It's much stronger than a boar hero or a collector woman.They're not strong just because they're flashy. "

"I don't think so, but I'm glad you said it was stronger than those two.Let's check the operation again. "

It's easy as a maneuver.

We lure everyone but Gardel to the fort, and Ash and the others take care of him.Ash and his team can't attack, but they just defend and draw them to the fort.

Then Relic approaches Gardell and knocks him off the Fenrir.

Maris will not be able to ride for about ten seconds if she is forced to remove the ride, so in the meantime, Maris will ride the Griffon and aim for the opponent's Clan Stone.

It's even simple, but that's why it's an easy-to-understand operation.Ash and the others just endure the potion, so sometimes we have to deal with it in the shortest possible time, but that's the problem.

"Hayat, the enemy is invading.Let me handle this.I asked you to. "

"Okay. Well, I can't do anything."

"Actually, so am I.Sometimes this is good.I just want to drink melon juice. "

(Not good, but not really.)

Um, Mr. Relic, please.

"Yes, sir. I'm glad that this operation will make my attack easier.I can't let you dress up like that. "

Relic said so and jumped lightly onto the railing of the fort.And staring at Gardel.


Relic said so, and in an instant he disappeared and moved to Gardel's location.

"... what is that?

"This skill is called shrinkage, which can be used in combat skill 100.This is an incredible skill that moves instantly in front of the target.Our maid's skill.Without it, my chances of winning would increase. "

"Oh, I got hit at the base, too.I wondered if it moved at a high speed because it was a short distance, and this was an instant movement.It doesn't really matter if it's in the desert. "

It was used when the maid head asked me about Relic.Hayato hasn't heard anything in particular since then, and she doesn't intend to.

"Your husband is the maid?Why? "

"... well, there's a lot going on.Let's start by looking at Mr. Relic.And get Maris ready to go anytime. "


Relic and Gardell are fighting.Surprised by the sudden appearance of Relics, or thought he could win, Gardell started fighting Relics on the spot without fleeing.

Gardell was swinging his spear while riding Fenrir.In addition, Fenrir's scratches and bites are pursued.But it didn't hit Relic at all.

(Wow. I think Gardell's pretty strong, too, but Mr. Relick's more than that.Because there is no avoidance skill in this game, it should only be the physical ability of the person - NPC, so I don't have physical ability in the first place, but the physical ability of AI seems to be high)

Relic glorifies Gardell and Fenrir's attacks.Not only was he holding back, but he sometimes attacked and disoriented Gardel.

A few seconds later, Relic spins Gardel's thrust right and releases his back fist with that momentum.

The Weapon Skill, called Backhand Blow, boasts considerable Attack in Solo Attacks, granting the opponent a variety of Bat stats.Sometimes it is temporarily disabled, but the main thing this time is to unlock the ride.

The backhand blow was well settled and Gardell was knocked out of Fenrir.

Hayat sees Maris after confirming it.

Maris was already on Lancelot, holding Lance and her shield.And nodded to Hayato.

"I'm coming!

Maris jumped out of the roof on Lancelot.Then they fly to the enemy at considerable speed.

(Gardell is not on Fenrir.It should take time to get on again.Maris should have arrived sooner.I forgot the simple thing)

Gardell whistled, and Fenrir ran toward the fort.Probably went to protect the Cranstone.Hayato had no idea that Gardell would not ride again and only protect Fenrir.

(I didn't think that riding would only allow Fenrir to act on a preconceived basis.Of course.)

"Maris, Fenrir is the only one trying to get back to the fort.Can you win with Lancelot?

I've heard that Gardell and Fenrir can't beat each other.Fenrir alone may be able to win.Hayat expected it.

"I may be able to win, but I was hoping it would take some time...."

Well then, I'll think about it a lot, so don't be impossible.If Maris is defeated, we can't win. "

"Roger that!First, we aim for a stronghold, but we will not fight the Fenrir!

(Now, what do we do?Immediately, Maris arrives at the opponent's fort.And Fenrir is likely to arrive almost at the same time.I have to think about it before then.)

I was trying to figure out a plan, and Gardell sent me a voice chat.

"Ha! I thought that was a plan!We have a vision!What a shame!

"Ah, Gardell fell unwittingly from Fenrir.I'm busy right now. Can you do that later?

"You kid!

Disconnect the chat as it stays connected because it's not the person you're talking to.And I tried to think again.

"Thank you for creating my showroom."


Suddenly, Esha approached the handrail on the roof and put her left foot on it.And hold the bell zeb 666.

"Relic, stop the man and the dog.I prefer men just in case.Never let your dog near you. "

"Yes, please.Fenrir without his husband is the only one who can stop him. "

"I don't think so, but please don't get involved.Also, it's good to stop the dog, but if you knock him down, you'll be the next target.

"Rest assured, I am the only one in the clan who has never been caught in the Destroy.Of course, don't worry about Fenrir.Okay, as usual. "

Relic said so, releasing Low Kick, a weapon skill against Gardell.Attacks that temporarily incapacitate the opponent cause Gardel to be struck and unable to move from the spot.

Immediately afterwards, the relic disappeared.

Hayato didn't know what had happened, but he saw Relic move in front of Fenrir and understood.The shrinkage moved him right in front of Fenrir.

And I hit Fenrir with my second backhand blow today.The attack also temporarily prevented Fenrir from moving.


When I thought I heard Esha's voice from nearby, I heard a cannon-like sound shortly afterwards, and the light from the gun broke through ten magical formations and headed for Gardel.

Gardel is penetrated by the light and disappears into particles of light.

The absence of my husband reduced Fenrir's ability.In this state, even Relics can hold the Fenrir.Relic started dealing with Fenrir.

Esha brings her face closer to the gun mouth and exhales.And soon I started drinking the melon juice I had.

I'm not shooting with gunpowder. Why did you pose like a smoke blower?

I quickly forgot the question of Hayato.Because I wanted to check more than that.

"What was your collaboration with Relic just now?Maybe he was practicing?

"Ah, that was just a good job in my previous clan.Relic stops moving and I take him down.It's been a long time, but it worked. "

Is that what you're saying?

(Was that what Asha and Relic were doing in the previous clan... that?Isn't that just a setup?I don't even know how to set it up when we were working together to defeat them.

A question comes to mind in Hayato's head.But it was wiped out by Esha's words.

"It looks like Maris has arrived at the base over there."

Hayato looked at the opponent's base and saw Maris on the roof.Then launch the attack on the clanstone in the middle of the roof.

After a while, the enemy's clan stones were destroyed.At the same time, a paper blizzard occurs and fireworks rise.

Hayato's clan won this battle.

"It was easier than I thought."

"Whatever you think, I think I owe it to you."

"Then I look forward to the next celebration.Let's call Maris' Siegfried.You can eat as much as you want while watching the cat. "

"Clan's going bankrupt. Can you stop it?

(All right, now we're in fifth place.There are two remaining fights.Guaranteed bounty)

Hayat decided to do so on the roof of the fort.