Another Frontier Online

Online Game Fate

The day after the battle with the clan "Bloodnites" ended, Hayat decided to hold a celebration at his base.

Hayato's clan "Daedalus" has risen in ranking and is now in second place.Considering the current points, you can finish the Clan War event within five places by winning the remaining two A ranks.

That way, you can get 100 million yen in real life.Hayat can make his dreams come true.

(We need to tighten up.If you come this far and don't get the prize, you may cry)

With that in mind, Hayat thanked his friends.My friends have opened up a situation of obvious impossibility with their strength.

Hayato has no combat power with only productive skills.The NPCs had enough strength to make up for it.It's nothing but luck.

(My life is full of luck.It's all lucky that Esha came here and got to know Ash and the others.At least the hospitality cooking should be exciting.)

Hayato began to prepare for the celebration with that in mind.

The celebration is quite exciting.

The best reason for this is Maris' pet.Siegfried by a three-haired cat and his son-in-law, the male, are the idols of the female team.

Esha is still bitten by Siegfried, but her health seems to be recovering as soon as she takes damage from food.

What do you think, Ren-sama?This sweet bite. You may already call it my pet. "

"I think it's a real bite from any angle.Anyway, my stomach feels so good to touch... uhihihi "

"Um, Renn-san, Siegfried, so that's a bit of a laugh.So it was the dragon that made you suddenly feel angry when you saw Len?It's a fully submissive pose....?

While Esha, Len and Maris were watching and laughing at the cats, the men were intrigued by the Hercules Okabuto.The men of the mercenary regiment also looked around the beetle.

Everyone says it's awesome, but Hayato doesn't know what's awesome.It certainly comes at a high price, but it's an insect.

Thankfully, Ash and the others didn't join the circle, so they approached you.

"Doesn't everybody care about beetles?

"I'm not particularly interested.What about relics and mists?

"Some neighborhoods say black diamonds, but that's not the beauty I'm looking for."

"I don't like it because I was chased by a bigger beetle in the Magic Land.Rather, it's dangerous if we don't pre-empt the attack. "

In the meantime, I found out that none of the three were interested.

Something exciting about beetles, and trying to offer something else, Ash asked me a question before that.

"Dieter didn't call for the celebration?

"I called, but this time I came in and was refused.It sounds like it would be awkward to celebrate with you even though you're not in a clan war. "

That's the same with my mercenary regiment.And Diete helped me make Maris Griffon one of us, so I don't think we need to worry about it. "

"That's what I said, but I didn't get a good answer."

By the way, Hayat invited Ney and the others, but Ney and the others refused.It's because I'm not in Clan War for the same reason as Dite.Besides, it was not good for Hayato to bear more burdens in preparing for the celebration.

However, they say that if you enter the rankings within the fifth place in the Clan War, you can spend it in reality.They say we're going to have a so-called off-duty party.

(Off meeting? But whatever everyone else thinks, Nay is a young lady.Even if you look at me in reality, it's a delicate place to treat me the same way.I'm a working-class person, and I live in a place...)

In this game, Analyzer Frontier Online, the appearance is somewhat blurred, but the name and gender are not false.Immediately after the game started, there was criticism of it, but the management persisted in the stance that if you don't want to do it, you don't have to do it.

Although it's a strong attitude, it's still gaining popularity as the world's first full-dive VRMMO that reproduces the world's five senses in real life.The absence of similar games after that is probably one of the reasons why this game is popular.

When I thought so much, Hayato thought so.

(Oh, a game.This wasn't real, it was a game.I forgot because everyone is human.)

"Hayato, what's wrong?

Hayat realizes that he was thinking about Ash's words.

(Come on, let's have more fun with everybody than we're thinking about right now)

"Sorry, I thought I was losing cooking.I'll get an extra one. "

Hayato said so and went to the warehouse where the cooking was kept.

The celebration ended and the members returned.

There is only one Hayat left at the base.

There were many plates on the table with nothing left in the cafeteria, and from the noise of the past, the situation of being too quiet somehow made me feel lonely.

Hayato is no exception and feels lonely about the situation.

I sat on a chair trying to change my mood and took out the coffee and drank it.

I enjoyed the aftertaste and fragrance, but it didn't change my mood.Sometimes I get caught in the heart.It swells with recoil enough to spend a pleasant time.

(Everyone is NPC.What happens when the game is over?No, not if the game is over.If there is no virtual reality, AI will disappear.The problem is when I quit with the game going on.)

Termination of the service, also known as the destiny of online gaming.It is bound to come one day.

The time may come to quit the game one day, even if the service is not terminated.If you do not log in, Hayato's character will no longer exist in this game.

What happens to the NPCs?

Until now, I had only interacted with regular players, so I never thought about that.Of course, when you quit the game, you will say hello to the player you know before quitting.

But what should I say to the NPCs?Hayato didn't know that.

"I wonder if I'm going on a trip..."

"Where is your husband going?


Soon there was Esha behind Hayat.

Hayat was in such a hurry that he fell out of his chair because he thought no one was there.

"It was a pretty good expression.I'll put it in my best memory.You do not have the right of veto. "

"Eh, Esha? What's the matter with you?Something missing? "

Hayato looks up at Sha with a grip on the floor.

"No, I came back thinking I'd take it home if the food was left."

"I think I ate all the food.

"I was wondering if there is anything I haven't put out yet.You can't fool a maid's instincts.

"... well, that's fine.Okay, hold on a second.I thought it would come out today, but there was something of poor quality.It's four stars, right?

Hayat stood up with that.

"Generally speaking, I think that the star four is of high quality, but if your husband says so, please give me something of poor quality.Before that-- "

Esha stares at Hayato.Hayato also somehow stared at Esha.

"What was it about going on the trip earlier?If it's a souvenir, please make it something to eat. "

Hayato got lost. I was wondering if I could tell the truth.I can't talk about quitting the game with AI protection in the first place.

However, I was interested in what kind of reaction I would have, so I decided to change the nuance a little and talk about it.

"It's not about going on a trip.Actually, I was wondering what people would do if I was gone.I was just thinking about setting up a place where I went missing on a trip... what would you do if you were Asha?

Esha tilted her neck slightly, but she opened her mouth with a serious face.

"My husband is the only one who can hire me, so I'll look everywhere and bring him back."

The words made my head white for a moment, but the next moment I laughed.

He said he'd find out when he was gone.Though the reason itself seems shabby, Hayato thought it was possible.I was somehow happy and laughed at it.

Asha, who frowned at Hayato's act, took out the gun.

"I seriously answered but my husband's attitude was hurt.Can I shoot anywhere?Recommended is the arm "

"No, sorry, sorry.He said he was happy.Esha would have come to help me even if I was taken. "

Esha looked at Hayato with suspicion, but after a while she dropped the gun.

"Well, that's fine.Do you have any plans to leave here?You think the demon King is going to take it?Which princess are you? "

"... no, I don't have any plans.I'm right here. All the time. "

Hayat said that and then went to the warehouse to pick up the dishes to pass to Esha.