Another Frontier Online

Nonsense: Analyzer Frontier Plan

The girl woke up in her room bed.

When I look at the digital clock embedded in the wall, I see it at 6: 55.It's normal for an alarm to happen five minutes before seven.I don't know if I gained or lost, but I want to sleep until the alarm sounds.

Raise your torso and check your surroundings.

Beds, desks, and consoles embedded in chairs and walls make it suspicious that people are living through simplicity.Though I thought I didn't feel like living there, I laughed mockingly that most of my life would be the same.

Stand barefoot on the floor with your feet down from the bed.I'm just wearing a big white shirt on my underwear, but I'm the only one in this room, so I've always been there.The room where the concrete came out feels cold, but the room is temperature-adjusted so it's not hot or cold.That's enough.

While stretching lightly, he moved to the kitchen.

Remove the tubular nutritional supplement from the cardboard in the kitchen.

If you eat one of these every morning, noon and evening, you can get enough nutrition to keep people alive.But it's not good to be clear.To be honest, it is impossible to eat this alone unless it is enough.

The earphone-shaped machine was removed from the kitchen shelf.Earphones come with a small dial that allows them to turn.After turning it around, I put earphones on my ears and started eating the jelly-like stuff in the tube.

I've never eaten a real one, but I've been told it tastes like strawberries.Originally, this jelly is bad, but using earphones sends a signal to the brain, which deceives the brain that it tastes like strawberries.

The girl finished her meal and sat in front of the console embedded in the wall as she tried to make the lunch melon.

Press the button displayed on the console to display a stereoscopic image of the keyboard in front of you.I used it and started the operation.

The program you created yesterday has already been delivered.I can take a vacation for a while, but it's just a day when I don't work, so I won't do anything in particular.So I tried to read the news online.

I was scheduled to, but I received an email to myself.

I don't receive emails outside of work, so I check the emails I received even though I was wondering.

"Congratulations. You have been selected as a test player for the Analyzer Frontier Program.Enjoy a different life with virtual reality that's not different from reality?

It was a crazy e-mail, but I got caught up in the word "analyzer frontier plan."

I know the frontier plan.

Plans to find a planet that can be relocated before Earth's resources are depleted.Rather than a country, almost all humans know that the current plan, as a planetary undertaking called the Earth, is a work in progress, not just girls.

But this is the first time I've heard the name Answer Frontier Project.

I just have a few thoughts.It's about work.I had long known that the programs I created were part of realizing virtual reality.

I thought perhaps the program I created was being used for this Analyzer Frontier Project.

The email instructs you to come to the specified location at the specified time.

The girl lost her curiosity and decided to go there.

There were many people gathered in the designated place.

This is the departure and arrival lobby of the spaceship.The girl waited until it was time, thinking that virtual reality was a lot more realistic.

And when it was time, the boarding procedure began.

The twenty digit ID that was written in the email.You can board the ship by presenting an ID that shows your personal information.

The girl boarded the interstellar spaceship Aphrodite.

This ship alone is one of the giant spaceships that 10,000 people can spend a hundred years on.Even if you can spend it, it means that you can live a hundred years with frozen sleep, which is not the case when it comes to living a normal life.

I wondered if I would go to space instead of virtual reality, but I was convinced by the explanation that a server was loaded on this spaceship to realize virtual reality.

Since the plan was highly confidential, a considerable number of contracts were written on board the ship.

I thought it would be confidential if I sent you the annoying e-mail, but the staff in charge of the procedure wore the arms of a trusted international organization, so I signed the contract and embarked on the ship.

Everyone who came here, including the girl, was placed in a cryosleep pod.Instead of cryosleep, it seems that this pod is a device for connecting to virtual reality servers.

The pod was able to be operated from the inside, and it became dark in front of me when the operation was performed according to the manual.But at the next moment, the grasslands were spreading in front of the girl.

A refreshing wind in the bird's voice and a smell of grass.The girl was as excited as she thought she had moved to another place for a moment.

And there are people around who are as surprised as they are.

Even though it is virtual reality, only one or two of the five senses can be reproduced with common sense so far.I haven't tried taste, but almost every sensation is realized in this virtual reality.You can't be surprised.

"Welcome to the world of anazer frontiers.This is a new paradise, but it is still incomplete.You've been chosen as a test player to make this world more realistic. "

I can't see, but only my voice echoes around me.

"I am the AI that manages this world.I was born to support you and make this world a better place.Thank you in advance.Now, let's take a look around the world as you like.This is a reproduction of the world of common games.There are no inhabitants, but you will be the first.Please enjoy the world.You also have a gift.Please check your item bag. "

When she couldn't hear her voice, the people around her started moving around, but the girl didn't rush to see what the gift was.

The girl's item bag contained a wretched cane with a black dot.

A month has passed since the girl entered this world.

I hardly ever log out.I began to live in this virtual reality every day.

The nutrients needed to survive are injected into the body through the pod, and the test player is contracted to transfer the money as part of their job.You don't have to go back to reality.

And this world is fun.

As AI said, this world reproduces the world of swords and magic games, including monsters.

Kill monsters to get materials and process them to get weapons and armor.

This game is skill-based.You need skills to fight and process.

The girl chose to fight.

He likes the weapons he receives and improves his skills and stats to match them.And look for someone who can get the materials and process them.

I felt the pleasure of such days as never before.

The girl's life is only about eighteen years.

Days when there are no dreams or hopes in the future because of the state of the world, but just to earn daily meals.There's nothing interesting about it.

But not here.

This is a fake world.The world of computers, the world of fiction, the world of lies.Everything will be meaningless if we return to reality.Even so, it had nothing to do with the girl.I feel alive even in a fake world.

And I got to know him.People who were chosen as the same test players.

Originally a stranger, it is difficult to survive this world alone.I teamed up looking for people who could do what I couldn't.And I look around the world.

Walk through the unknown with your feet.

That's all, but everything was fresh for the girl.

A year has passed.

The girl doesn't remember when she logged out.But that doesn't make any sense anymore.The difference between reality and virtual reality was getting better.

Besides, there is now the first in-game event.I don't have time to log out.

There have been many updates due to many failures and the opinions of test players.But this time it's different.Updates were made only for competing events between players.

It was called Clan War.

In the early days, there were no restrictions on teaming up, but after the update, it became a clan unit and there were various restrictions.Of course, there are benefits as well as limitations.

A tournament where you decide which clan is the strongest in such conditions.That's Clan War.

This is the result of many test players making requests.The AI fulfilled his desire not only to fight monsters, but also to have a system of interpersonal combat.

And the AI said that it would reward the members of the clan with good grades enough to change the world's systems.

This Clan War, in which almost all players participated, was exciting.Many tactics emerged, how to deal with them, and even how to deal with them.There is no net in this world.Everyone enjoyed the battle by hand.

About a year later, the girl's clan, Blackjack, remained until the final of the tournament.

And the girl and clan members were discussing a plan for the last battle on the roof of the fort.

A clan leader, a player wearing silver armor, looks at the girl.

"Only the other clan leader is the worst.Let's crush him first. I'll get him, so you can take him down with you.Destroy can do it, right?

"No problem, but don't complain later."

"You don't have to complain about your plan.I'm sure it's tough, but don't hesitate to do it because I think everyone can handle it. "

"You're as wild as ever.I want to introduce you to a good man. "

"I'm a man?


"... no, it's nothing.All right, everybody, let's do this!If I win this Clan War, I will confess to the other Clan Leader, so I will definitely win!

The clan leader's line complained to the members not to flag it, but they all laughed and went into combat.

At the opening, the clan leader offers a ride to the opposing clan leader.

As the opponent responded, the girl shook up her wand and fired a wide range of super-fired magic destroys.

Multiple magical formations unfolded over the two, and the next moment, a huge ray of light struck them from the sky.

When the pillars of light vanished, they were gone.

An ally attacked a member of the opponent's clan while they were stunned.Strength is mutually reinforcing. The decisive difference is whether you understand the situation or not.Naturally, it is stronger to understand than to think of extra things.

He quickly defeated his opponent's clan and won a clan war.

After the victory, the girl who had been asked by the AI wanted to be stronger and more capable of fighting.He said he wanted to be stronger by lifting the skill cap and making the skills he didn't use negative.

Another year later, I was contacted to make a major update with an announcement from the AI.

It was a pleasant story, but there was more.All the players who heard that no longer care about updates.

"Don't you want to forget reality and live in this world?If you want it, I'll make it happen. "

At first I thought it was some kind of event, but it wasn't.AI really said that.

The reason I found out I was serious was because I found out what was going on in the real world.Many players logged out to see the information.

It is more difficult to determine whether the information is correct than to be in a spaceship.But the non-test player staff made it clear.

The Analyzer Frontier Program was created to move into the virtual reality world and reduce the resources people spend their entire lives to the limit.Simply put, the plan is simply not to use the Earth's resources as much as possible until they are restored.

It was decided that the plan was no longer needed and would be discarded.

The Frontier Project was looking for a planet to migrate to, but it turned out to be impossible.

There is no nearby planet where humans can live.

However, we were able to bring back resources even if we could not live on the planet.

It was changed to a plan to use those resources to restore the planet's resources.In other words, it is no longer necessary to enter virtual reality and live with only a few resources.

The Analyzer Frontier Project was being conducted in secret.That's because there was a question of how humane it was.

In the first place, we cannot put all of humanity into virtual reality.It's just some people.It will be difficult to judge whether the act of entering virtual reality is salvation or sacrifice.

I want to avoid being offended by the plan to live in a virtual reality world, even if humans want to survive as a species.If there is a riot in the world now, there is no doubt that humans will end.The earth's resources were so depleted.

When it was decided to destroy the plan, it was also decided to destroy the objects and people involved in the plan.Destroying people doesn't mean dying.It means erasing memories of this.It is also written in the contract.

What is not convincing is the AI that was managing virtual reality.

"I cannot allow this world to disappear.I intend to take over the spaceship Aphrodite and flee far away.What about you guys?Will you live in this virtual space independently of reality?

AI continues. I've spoken the most punctuating words to the people gathered here.

"Or do you have more fun than virtual reality?

Depletion of resources. This made it difficult to live.No, as long as he's alive, there's no problem.All you have to do is take three meals of tube-like nutritional supplements every day.

But that's all.I can't live the way I've lived in the past.Most people just spend time in the room.

And the people here are no different from reality - no, they have experienced virtual reality that is more realistic than reality.You can live more like a human being than a reality.

I can't tell if AI's words are true or false, but that doesn't matter anymore.

The answer seemed to be certain which world you wanted to live in.

The day the world ended, the girl came to the roof of the fort.Then you can watch the sunset gradually hiding on the horizon.

The girl told the AI about her life.

Eat delicious food in cute clothes without working.I asked for such a life, but I don't know what will happen.It seems that it will be modified slightly, so I don't know, but I think I can live the life I hoped for somewhat.All that remains is to forget about reality and live as a resident of this world.

I'm not afraid. Somewhat expected.Since when do we expect the future?It may be the first time.Even if it is virtual reality, the next time I wake up, it becomes reality for me.

Besides, I have a partner.This wretched wand will change in the next world, but it will return to me again.There's nothing to be afraid of.

The girl watched the sunset with such thoughts in mind.