Hayato logged in the day after the celebration and Dite arrived early in the morning.

At the same time, Esha came to do the shop number, and three people, including Hayato, were gathered in the cafeteria at the base.Having said hello, Hayato decided to ask Dite why she was here.

Dite usually enters and leaves the base, but never comes so early in the morning.Because I thought there might be some kind of circumstance.

"You're early today.Something urgent?

"What are you talking about?Will you put me in the clan?The Clan War is over, so I thought you'd come early to let me in.I wonder if this is standing.I can't stay, no matter what. "

I thought that's why I came early in the morning, but I don't think I lied because I can tell from my expression that I was looking forward to joining the clan.

Hayato intended to do so from the beginning, but sometimes Esha said she was alert and once stopped joining the clan.After that, after some interaction with the members, Hayato himself has decided that there is no problem.

I asked him once before the Clan War, but then Dite turned me down.The Clan War is over, so it must be here again.

Hayat saw Esha.

I was saying that if Hayato can be trusted, maybe I can let him in, but what do you think now?I didn't seem more vigilant than when I first met him, so I decided to check again.

"What do you think of Esha?Can't you trust Dieter yet?

"No, please prioritize your husband's feelings over mine.As I told you before, if you can trust me, I think you can join the clan.I've been trying to remember a lot since then, but I can't remember after all, and it may be my fault.And to stroke Maris Lancelot, Dite's healing magic is essential. "

"Asha, are you going to admit me for that reason?

I don't know if I'm kidding or not, but I think I got permission from Esha.

I've already checked with Ash and the others, but they didn't show any particular difficulty.Then there is no problem.

"Uh, Dite.Then join the clan.Thank you for the rest of the clan war. "

"Leave it to me.Let's do whatever it takes to support it- Oh, yeah.I told you before, I think you asked me to make something to keep me company, remember?

"That's right.I wonder if we'll get into the clan after that?

"No, I don't mind entering the clan now.But there are a few places I'd like to go.Can you come with me?

"Um, where are we going?I only have production skills, so I can't go where the monsters are.

"Ash-kun should escort you there.It's not like Hayato and I want to go alone. "

"If that's the case, I'll ask Ash and the others."

"It's settled. I'll prepare for that today, so please do it tomorrow.They'll be busy with clan warfare over time. "

Diete said so and left the base.

"I just said what I wanted to say and left."

"Isn't that nice?Maybe, but I don't like vain stories.If you are going somewhere tomorrow, please give me a souvenir.With food, of course. "

"I don't know where I'm going.If there's anything I can do... why don't you call Ash and the others?Asha says hello to the store number. "

Hayato and the others parted on the spot and began to deal with each other.

The next day, Hayat, Ash, Ren, Maris and Griffon Lancelot were waiting for Dite near the base.

It's time to come, but Dite hasn't shown up yet.Maris and Len are brushing and playing Lancelot because they're a little busy.

Hayat was talking to Ash.

"Hayato, where are you going today?

"When I heard from you last night, you said you were going to Olga Doms Falls."

"Ah, the one where the water falls from the sky.It's said to be a fantastic spot. "

"Water from the sky?

"I don't know what's going on, but it's a place where water falls like a waterfall from the sky.The place where it fell is a lake and it looks like it's a fishing spot.I don't know, but you're not talking about going fishing, are you?

"What do you think? It may be possible, but I'm not ready for fishing."

When I was talking to Ash like that, Diete came.

"Looks like you made me wait.Let's go now. "

"That's fine, but why are you equipped with fishing rods?

Dite's right hand was fitted with a fishing rod.Moreover, it is not just a fishing rod, but a five-star fishing rod made of rare wood called the Divine Tree.

"I guess it's because I'm fishing.You think this is gonna kill the monsters?

"If you were going fishing, you'd have prepared a lot of things for me."

Fishing rods can be made with woodworking skills, and fish bait for fishing can also be made with cooking skills.Hayato would have been preparing a lot if he had known in advance.

"... I was accidentally.Hayato didn't seem to know it was a fishing spot. [M]Well, don't worry, I've brought some rods so you can break them.Let's all fish then.Let's go. "

Diete walked out without confirmation, so Hayato and the others decided to follow.

The destination, Olga Doms Falls, is in the Land of Spirits.

Elves, dwarves, beasts, and fairies live in this country without names.There was only a gathering of races susceptible to the benefits of the Spirit, which did not take the form of a nation.

Spirits are whimsical beings, so it's a tough place for humans to live.All four seasons can be visited in one day.It would be rarer for the weather to be the same every day.It is also said that spirits are quite sensitive to hostility, so if they start an invasion war, they will cause a mutation in heaven and earth.

For that reason, no one has invaded this place in the last hundred years.

Hayat and the others were walking towards their destination in the huge forest in the land of the spirits.

(Speaking of which, the only species that players can choose are humans, not elves or dwarves.It seems that there were many requests before the Clan War, but I have seen online that there was no response from the operation.Is it a lot of trouble?)

This game can only be created as a single character and cannot be deleted.We'll just have to play with the first character we created.

(Well, even if you say make it, it's a bit blurry, with a minimum of 25 stats and zero skills.Rather than making it, it's just a character that's been prepared from the beginning)

Hayato was walking with that in mind, and he heard something.In other words, it would feel like a dodo.It sounds like a lot of stuff is moving.

At first it was a small sound, but now it is quite a volume.

And before that, I saw an open place.Hayat takes a breath when he gets there.

A large amount of water falls into the lake like a giant waterfall from afar.If I get caught up in that, I won't be able to help you.It was a scenery that made me think so.

There is a huge lake right in front of you.It will be more than five kilometers away from where the water is falling.And yet it's so huge that it's easy to see.

"This is Olga Doms Falls.A 10 kilometer diameter water column is falling far from the sky... I wonder, Hayato.Isn't this a spectacular view?

"That's right. I didn't think it was such a big waterfall.Where does this water come from in the first place?

"There's been talk of another earth in the sky from which water is falling, but nobody's ever seen it.Hayato, you might be able to get there someday. "

It's romantic.Hayato turned his neck upwards in an attempt to find the beginning of the water.Unfortunately, I couldn't find a starting point, but Hayato enjoyed this world of games.

"Well, look at the waterfall, but I came here today for fishing.Everybody help me. "

Diete gives each and every one of them a fishing rod.

"The purpose is' Rainbow Eel '.It's rare, so you'll have the guts to fish. "

"That's fine, but what do you use that eel for?

"I just wanted to see it because it's beautiful.Well, if you can catch a lot of fish, let's make it a bamboo shoot and eat.Hayato, you can make it easy, right?

When I heard that, Len and Maris suddenly started fishing with a fishing rod.

Hayato starts fishing, okay?

Fishing is a skill-free action game.

As soon as the float sinks, you can pull it up in good time.Status does not affect anything, only fishing gear and bait, and some gear.Some gear increases the chance of catching rare fish, but Hayato didn't.

(Maybe I'll make some fishing gear next time.Diete-chan might be happy if she likes fishing.)

Hayato was looking at a giant waterfall and thinking like that.