Another Frontier Online

Guests in trouble

Hayato is thinking about the past week in his room.

A week after Diete joined, Hayato was taken to various places as he did every day.

It was all a place called a spectacular spot, a place with a so-called fantasy color.Hayato was touched by the impossible scenery, but a week was hard.

We can't keep Ash and the others escorted all the time, but we need to prepare for a clan war.For a while, I decided to take a break from my adventure with Dite.

Diete seemed a little dissatisfied, but he was convinced.

(But what does Diete-chan want?You're gonna take me to a lot of places, but all you have to do is talk about camping.I don't particularly want you to make rare items, but I don't know what the purpose is because I cook simple dishes on the spot.)

Simply put, I'm just visiting a spectacular spot and I'm not doing anything.I hate it when Asha says, "I'm at the store, but are you all playing?"As soon as I handed over the food I made as a souvenir, I felt better.

(Perhaps you just want to go to see some great sights...?No, Diete-chan said she'd seen the place before.So the purpose is to show me, right?But why?

I don't know the purpose, so I decided to ask the customer directly next time.

Suddenly the door to my room opened.Nothing surprising has happened lately, but it was as beautiful as usual.

The shade for some reason has an eight-shaped eyebrow.

"Master, the customer is here, can you confirm if I can handle it?

"That's fine, but why are you looking so troubled?

"Because I am a customer with a little problem.You came all the way to me to ask where you were. "

"Really?Uh, what kind of person?

"I'm in a lot of trouble."

I didn't get any information, but it occurred to me that Esha's acquaintance was a member of the Heroic Clan who used to be Esha.

If we negotiate well, we may be able to join the clan.With that expectation, Hayato moved to the store with Esha.

There was someone at the store looking at the store's products.Hayato mistook it for a figurine at first.Because he is covered in bright red armor and his skin can only be seen around his mouth.

I get the impression of a woman from her body and gestures, but I can't tell.She looked the same or better than Hayato, so if she were a woman, she would be quite tall.

I don't know because I can only see around my mouth, but I feel that it somehow suits my eyes.But he stood still without saying anything.

Hayato opened his mouth that we should talk.

"Welcome. How can I help you today?

Hayato spoke and the man with red armor lowered his head slightly.But that's all I have to say.I decided it was not clear and asked Asha for help.

"Well, you know Asha, right?Previous clan?

"No, it's not.Besides, you know more than you know.It's just someone I know. "

You don't know him?I mean, isn't this guy in shock?

The man with the armor feels like he's dropping his shoulders.

And as she looked at Esha, she was pointing her index fingers slightly at each other.It feels a little rough, but the other person probably thought he knew Asha or was a friend.

Esha sighs slightly at the actions of such an armored man.

"I haven't told you anything in particular... well, that's fine.Master, let me introduce you.This is Lunaria Freire.My profession is Demon King. "

"Really? - Demon King?

"Yes, they want me to repair the broken sword -"

"Asha, let's calm down a bit.Do you know what you're talking about?No, you don't, do you?

"Am I calm?I know exactly what you're talking about.Instead, it's your husband who should calm down.

"It was the opposite. If this man is the Devil, hurry up even more.Why are you being normal? "

"Whoever walks through the entrance to the store is just a customer."

"That's not what I want to hear."

Is it reliable or useless to calm down in front of the Demon King?The judgment was difficult, but Hayato, who gave up a lot, thought of communicating with the demon king, who had never spoken a word before.

Maybe she's just saying it to surprise herself in the first place.Let's check the facts first.Hayato opened his mouth with a scratching feeling.

"Um, is your name definitely Lunaria?

Lunaria nods at Hayato's words.

"Are you sure your profession is Demon King?Isn't that what Esha's saying? Really?

Lunaria nodded at the words.

"Why is the Demon King here to fix the sword?

I answered frank questions without thinking.

Lunaria shrugged her shoulders at the words.And I sat on the floor with my knees.Beyond the surreal scenery, there was a question of how to sit in the movable area of the armor, but that already doesn't matter.

Because there are more important issues.

I used to think that strong NPCs like Demon King might be able to be allies, but if I think about it carefully, the game will get crowded if I do that.

Hayat doesn't know much about the Demon King.I know that Esha defeated the Demon King with a hero.Speaking of what else you know, it's like the main story Nay told you.After the last clan war, I took my clan members and hid them.

The disappearing Demon King is in front of me.I want to say, "What are you doing, this demon king?"

For now, the Demon King has no quarrel with humans.However, I don't know what will happen if people and NPCs who connect Hayato to the Demon King recognize it.When I came to the store, it looked like it was out, but Hayato was worried about what happened.

"Master. Would you like some?I don't know why you looked at me with such resentment, but please listen to me first. "

"... okay.What? "

"Lunaria is an interpersonal phobia, and I can't talk to her unless she's very close."

"Can there be such a demon King? - Oh, I'm sorry.It's okay, it's a good story. "

That's not true, but Hayato is careful not to chase Lunaria, who feels pretty depressed.Because if something happens to you, you're in trouble.

Hayato thought about asking me to come home.

"Um, can you tell Asha what's going on?You can talk to Esha, right?And if you need my help, I'll help you. "

Lunaria, who seemed to have recovered a little, somehow stood up happy and approached Esha.

Well then, Asha, good luck with the rest.

"I saw a terrible round throw, but I can't help it.If your husband tells you that the Demon King will listen to your request, we will deal with it as a customer.Personally, I thought you were going to push me back - don't pull your maid clothes, Lunaria.I'll listen to you. "

(Should I turn him back?So why is the Demon King connected to Esha?

Hayato slightly regretted that he might have made the wrong choice, but he couldn't say nothing from this state, so he decided to deal with it secretly.