Another Frontier Online

Broken Magic Sword

The day after the demon king Lunaria arrived, Hayato looked at the broken demon sword in his room.

The name of the Magic Sword is Alondite.It is a sword that can be said to symbolize the Magic Nation and is paired with the Excalibur that the brave man has.

Esha heard from Lunaria that Lunaria had failed to check the durability of the Alondite.It seems that if this breaks, the Magic Nation will be in trouble.

Everyone gets angry if they find out.I want to fix it before they find out.But if you fix it in the Magic Land, you'll find out.Then it's a human country.But I don't know anyone in human country.Yes, Esha knows.I need your help.

That's why I came here.

(I didn't know that Asha worked at the store in the first place, and I was quite happy when I heard that she could fix it at this store.I'm guessing it's a boat crossing.But there's a reason why everyone doesn't want to be angry.Aren't demon kings great?

Lunaria is quite admired in the Magic Land, but the information from Esha is that her personality has become a fairly unconfident Demon King due to disaster.

When I asked why I knew such information, it seemed that there was an acquaintance of Esha in the Magic Kingdom, and it was information from there.The acquaintance seems to be a former clan member.

I noticed that, but I don't have time to listen to it now.It is now important to repair this sword quickly.

A sword that symbolizes the Devil's Land even though it is broken.What happens if I find out that I have it?I don't know for sure, but it won't be a pleasant situation to think about.

(I wish you had brought it to me when I fixed it, but I can't believe I left it with the way I made Alondite....)

I don't know if I trust you or not, but Lunaria left the broken Alondite with Esha and returned to the Devil's Land.

I regretted that I should have been there, but it was already too late, so I am thinking of returning it as soon as possible.

I took on extra work in preparation for the Clan War, but I had no choice but to start checking the items I needed to fix it right away.

You'll need quite a few items to make Aron Dite.

First, a broken alondite and a large amount of adamantite.They also need diamonds from the abyss, blood rubies, sapphires from the deep sea, and emeralds from the tree sea.

I already have the gems.Equipment such as rings and bracelets made with these gems are always available to have a good effect.Some of them have the effect of improving their skills.Hayato also had some such equipment.

(The problem is Adamantite.I bought it at auction because it was used too much and it would be a considerable amount.I can't buy it, but I don't want to use it as much as possible because if the amount of money shared by the clan is too low, it will even reduce the actual prize money)

In-game currency for clan sharing affects real-world prizes when you win clan wars.Reducing in-game currencies is directly linked to reducing prizes, so Hayato doesn't want to reduce them as much as possible.

The answer from that is to mine for yourself.

Hayat contacted Ash and asked them to follow him to the mine where Adamantite could dig.

I explained the situation to Ash and the others who came to the base.

I don't know if you'll accept that I have to fix my sword for the Devil, but I can't keep quiet, so I told you everything.

I didn't think you'd complain.

The demon king now.I hear it's pacifism, so it's okay.

"I've heard you look amazing!I missed you too!What kind of doll do you like!?

"Hah, you were a demon king.Siegfries are better than that!Maybe we'll have a baby next year!

"Hayato is funny.Speaking of coincidence, did you summon the Demon King?No, isn't this more interesting for you, Asha?

Hayato was so overwhelmed by what his troubles had been.

Ash and the others understand somehow.It's a dragon in the first place.Maybe it has nothing to do with heroes or demon kings in the first place.I don't think Maris is interested in anything else because she also loves animals.

However, I was surprised to hear that Dieter, a sister, didn't care.It feels hostile to the Devil and God, and the Church blesses the brave.Somewhat hostile.

I don't know the specifics, but because the Demon King wanted to rule the world or destroy humans, he tried to keep it as secret as possible.

When she told him, Diete smiled a little.

"I see, but it doesn't matter.Many people use the flag of a demon king or a hero to see something, but they don't think anything about it. "

"Is that what this is about?

"That's what it is.Hayato is mistaken for God in the first place.God only controls everything.Neither the Demon King nor the Brave.Rather, you should say that you manage both.I'm not hostile to either of you.I imagine it's like a brave side, but it's just something that people in the church are doing on their own. "

The only reason the Church celebrates bravery is because it does it on its own.I don't know why Diete has the information, but I understood that the brave are used well for the church.

I don't know if that's okay, but I was willing to convince myself that's what it is when it comes to setting up the game.

But when that happens, the story is different.

I think I can put the Demon King in my clan.The NPC belonging to the church may dislike it, but it seems more effective.

I don't know how strong it is, but it will definitely be.If you were able to enter the clan, it would be a considerable boost to power.

"I'd like to ask everyone, what if I told you to put the Demon King in the clan?

Everyone answered Hayato's question, saying it wasn't all right.

(There's no point in bothering me so far... I'll ask Relic and Mist just in case.Especially since Mr. Mist is a former member of the Clan Management Committee.You should be able to make good and bad decisions.Well, I don't know if the Demon King will actually join us, but I'd like to ask if I can.Fortunately, there is only one more frame in the clan)

The clan frame is ten.Now it's Hayato, Esha, Ash, Ren, Relic, Mist, Maris, Lancelot, and Dite.

I had Ash's mercenary regiment in an empty space until now, but if Lunaria the Demon King were to enter, it would be exactly ten.As far as Hayat knows, it is the most powerful clan.

I have not specifically decided on the conditions for fixing the arounddite.I'm supposed to get quite a bit of money, but I'm supposed to get something extra.It could be said that Esha negotiated or made a deal of her own, but Lunaria knew it.

Hayato was hoping for it, moving on to a place where everyone and Adamantite could mine.

Hayato and the others arrived at a place called the "Roda Mine."

There is a place deep in this mine where Adamantite can be dug.Of course, it is not absolutely possible to dig, but it is influenced by the skill of ore knowledge.Hayato has 100 Ore Knowledge Skills.Since it is an auxiliary skill for craftsmanship skills, there was no way it could not be improved.

"Well, I'm sorry, but I need an escort.Best regards, everyone will be mining this time. "

"Hayato, do you need ore knowledge about mining?I don't have that skill, so I can't mine Adamantite.It could be an iron. "

"Well, there's a deep hand there.Can you take a look at this?

Hayat showed the bracelets to Ash and the others.A bracelet that increases Ore Knowledge skills by 20.

20 Up is a substitute for Elemental Skill Values and a total of only 50 up, so if you have 80 characters with Ore Knowledge Skills, you won't get 100.Equipment that would benefit a lot if you had less than 30 skills, but fewer players would be using it now.For people with 0 skills like this one.

"Thanks for digging Adamantite with this.Don't worry, there are enough people. "

"You've gathered a lot of people... maybe you did something similar when you were a Black Dragon?

"That's right.There are no monsters in the back here, so everyone wore them and dug them together.It's unlikely, but it's going to be quite a lot. "

Hayato boasts that it's not a bad way to think about efficiency, even though everyone looked a little stunned.And we're going to need a lot of it this time.If possible, I would like to collect the specified amount only once and go home.

Well then, let's go.I'm sorry I always have to escort you, but I'll make something delicious when I get back. "

After Len and Maris made a high touch, they slowly went deeper.

Hayato and the others had to move on so as not to be late.