Another Frontier Online

Memories of defeating a brave man

The day after returning from the mine, Hayato was in his room surrounded by Adamantite's ore.

I was able to get more Adamantite from the mining than I needed.This is also thanks to Hayato's skill-enhancing bracelets, but it will also help Diete.

Diete somehow had 100 Ore Knowledge Skills.Everyone was surprised to keep digging Adamantite at the same speed as Hayato.Hayato would have been more surprised than anyone.

(Impossible. I saw Diete-chan's skills.I remember a lot, but I don't think I had any skills in the production knowledge system... I think I had the magic knowledge skills to increase the power of magic, but I don't think I had any knowledge of ore.)

I remember when Hayato saw Diete's skills, she didn't have any extra skills.In the first place, it constitutes a wizard skill structure, and I can't afford to put in production knowledge skills.

I didn't say anything on the spot because I wondered if I could make the point while digging up Adamantite, but Hayato was bothered by the obvious oddness.

(Ask again)

Dite is also an out-of-standard NPC that simultaneously remembers sacred magic and dead spirit magic.I don't know how far to go to ask, but it's not good to keep it that way.Hayato thought so.

Nevertheless, the restoration of Alondite, the sword of Lunaria the Demon King, is now our priority.

It has been confirmed that there is no danger in having a friendship with the demon king.As soon as I got back from the mine, I checked with Relic and Mist.

Relic only had the feeling that he missed Lunaria, and even Mist expressed his welcome as a resident of the Magic Land.

You must be the demon king of this world.

If it's a regular game, it's Las Boss.Dangerous people who are trying to destroy the world.The brave will defeat it.If it were a game in general, this would be the royal road.But in this game, it's just one character.I don't know what role they are given.

It is also possible that there is simply no story, but I wonder if it is okay to let such characters wander freely.Speaking of NPC, shouldn't I be waiting for you at Demon King Castle or something?

(Well, it doesn't make sense for me to think like that.What matters is whether the Demon King will participate in Clan Wars)

Hayato thought so much, and I heard a loud voice from the store.There is something noisy in the voice of a man.

I wondered if there were any annoying customers, and Hayato left the room and rushed to the store.

There was a man in his late twenties with dark red hair.Her arms are exposed and she is wearing silver armor on a black inner.

The man was stuck in Esha over the counter.

"Esha! Lunaria's here!?Let me see you!

"It's as loud as ever.Please leave now, as it is a nuisance to other customers. "

"You don't have any customers but me!

Let me see Lunaria, which means I want to see the Devil.I don't know who this man is, but I decided to interrupt because I didn't think it was dangerous because Esha seemed to know.

"Um, would you please keep your voice down from our clerk?

"Hmm? Oops, this can't be happening.I'm a little excited.Are you the manager of this store?I'm sorry I said that out loud. "

Hayat, whose mouth was bad, but who was relieved to hear the unexpected, decided to listen.

"Uh, what's going on?If there are circumstances, may I ask?

"I'm a brave man, but I came here because I heard someone like Lunaria was here."

"Oh, is that so? - Brave?

"Oh, the brave Ivan Volkallo.Nice to meet you. So, what do you think?Did Lunaria come here?

(Next to the Demon King, a brave man came... I see, that's why you know Esha.)

Esha belonged to a clan that was brave in the clan war three years ago.For some reason, Hayato is rambling to defeat both the hero and the demon king, but still seeing the connection like this, Hayato wonders if it doesn't seem like a hostile relationship with the hero.

Hayat glanced at Esha.She clearly looks troublesome.And when Esha noticed Hayato's gaze, she shook her neck sideways with a little motion that Ivan wouldn't notice.

Hayat realizes that this is not how to tell Ivan about Lunaria.

"Sorry, no one called Lunaria.I'm not going to tell you for confidential reasons, even if you're here.Your privacy is important. "

"I see... well, if you ask me about confidentiality... I understand, I'm leaving today.Sorry to disturb you..... "

Ivan dropped his shoulders and left the store.

And a minute of silence.Hayat opened his mouth after confirming that Ivan was not outside the store.

"Um, what do you mean?I don't think it's somehow wrong for a hero to be looking for a demon king, but you shouldn't have said that, right?

"Yeah, I'm glad you're communicating my intentions.My relationship with your husband has also risen one rank.Please add more snacks to commemorate.I want tofu with almonds. "

"Don't say weird things.So what does that mean?

"I don't mean to say this from my mouth, but to put it simply, Ivan is in love with Lunaria."


"You want to go out with me on the premise of marriage.If you mess with me in front of me, I'm going to beat up Destroy. "

"... I don't think so, but I defeated both in the previous Clan War..."

"That's not true.Ivan said he'd confess if he won the Clan War, and at that point it would be a mess... "

For some reason, Esha stopped her words on the way.

"What's wrong?

"No, my memories back then were a little vague... because I was discussing them during the battle, but I felt like it was such a plan... and instead of shooting them with Belzeve, it was from above..."


Esha crouched while pressing her mouth inside the counter.She is holding her head with both hands and wrinkling between her eyebrows.

Hayat hurried into the counter and stopped by Esha.

I didn't know if this was okay, but I pointed at the back of Asha who was crouching.

What happened?There should be no pain in this game.I don't know about nausea, but Esha is NPC.Can a player be programmed by AI to do that?... no, or is something happening?

The NPC that is supposed to be working with AI gets sick and tingles.That's impossible.Previously, Esha opened a box with a poison needle trap, and even when she was poisoned, her HP was reduced, but it was normal.Besides, Maris' Siegfried bit me and nothing happened.The NPC should have no pain either.

So, what you might think is that when you do a specific event, you do that kind of thing.That's how it's programmed.

But Hayat thought so much and shook his head.

(It has nothing to do with events or programs.Esha seems to be suffering.We need to help him first.)

"Asha, I'll take you to your spare room. Just hang in there a little longer."

Hayato embraced the shadow that was shaking painfully.It's called a princess. Then take him upstairs to a room with a bed.

It used to be a room used by members of the Black Dragon, but nobody uses it now.I laid Asha on the bed in the room.And put the futon on.

Immediately afterwards, I called Len and Diete.

Because I thought it would be better for women to take care of themselves than for men.And Dite can use sacred magic.I don't know if I can use magic that works for this state of Asha, but I decided to call it just in case.

And Hayat decided to have an elixir ready.I don't know if this will work, but I can't do nothing.

Hayato, who was about to go to the warehouse to get Elixir, was suddenly grabbed by his hand.

When I looked at Asha in surprise, she didn't seem particularly distressed, but at some point she returned to her normal state, holding Hayato's left hand in her right hand while asleep.

Master, I'm fine now.

"Huh? Really?

"Yes, it's like eating a little too much.I've already digested it, so I'm fine. "

He's obviously lying.But Hayat thought it might be a lie to keep him from worrying.In contrast, it is futile to call it a serious lie.

"So no snacks for today."

"Wait! Without it, you'd be feeling worse!Instead, it could get violent!

"I wonder if it's okay if I'm as good as I can get.Regardless of the snacks, I hope you're taking your time today.The shop is better. "

Really? Now, let's sweeten your words today and let your husband do his best.First, bring me some melon juice.And a hot cake full of honey "

All right, get to work.

Hayato said so much that he could hear footsteps that were in a hurry.And the door opens with momentum.

"Mr. Esha! Are you okay!?Ah... "

It was Len who came in.But something's wrong.Hayato's eyes hardened.Then, in a slow motion, I left the room and closed the door.

"Ren-chan? What's the matter with you?Come in. "

"Ah, you know! I didn't see anything!Take your time!

And the footsteps of a panic went away.

"Um, what do you mean?

Oh, this is it.

Esha said so and lifted Hayato's hand a little.In other words, he held his hand.

Hayato sighed, explaining how hard it was.