Another Frontier Online

Repair the Magic Sword

The day after Asha became strange, Hayato stroked her chest as she saw Asha coming to the base as usual.

Yesterday, Dite came after Ren arrived, but I was diagnosed with no particular problem.

In the game, if the status is OK, you don't have to see it, but there may be something Hayato, the player, doesn't know.That's what I thought.

When I heard that there was no problem, Esha tried to keep the store number, but Hayato stopped.

Even if Dite says there is no problem and she says she is fine, there is a high probability that there is actually a problem.So I was told to take a day off and lay down in bed.

The demand for snacks was more intense than usual, but Hayat thought it was proof of his vitality, so Hayat made several snacks that he wanted.As always, it looks delicious, so I suspected it might be a fake illness.

I've just wondered.

Esha always opens her mouth and eats snacks, but only yesterday she eats them like bites and bites.As for juices, it was not the usual wild way to drink them, but rather the usual way to drink them.

And Esha started doing things like light stretching on the bed and behaved differently than usual.I asked Hayato what happened, but she only replied that there was no problem with Esha.

Afterwards, Len, who was still at the base, told him about the situation and asked him to become Esha's partner.

I should have explained the situation properly, but I could see that there were many mistakes in the perception of posing with thumbs against Hayato and a bit of a shitty wink, but I left Asha to explain properly.

And there was Diete who checked on Esha, but she said that Esha was fine, so she chased her away.

I'm glad you came, but if there are too many people in the room, it's because I'm tired.Diete knew about it and went back to the church asking him to call me as soon as anything happened.

After that, nothing in particular happened, but Hayato spent the night at the store.

And Esha has been doing her best since this morning.

"Um, are you okay?

"Thank you for your concern.But it's okay now.I got so many snacks yesterday that today I can say it's the best finish.I'll slaughter him. "

I think I can do it normally.

Hayato smiles slightly at her usual tone.But Hayat was worried about it.

(I think it is OK because I can say it lightly, but what was it yesterday?I felt sick, and I felt a little shaken and had a headache.I thought about it yesterday, but I don't feel pain in this game.That should be the same for the NPC.But why does it seem painful...?

Until then, Hayato really noticed that it was such an in-game event.

"Asha, I felt painful yesterday, but is that okay?

"Yeah, no problem.It doesn't hurt anymore, and you can eat as much chocolate parfait as you want.Can you let me out every hour?

"No, that's a bit.Eat as usual at 3: 00. "

(Doesn't it hurt anymore?This means that Esha had a painful feeling at that time.I don't know what that means, but it's kind of creepy.)

As he tried to ask more questions, Hayato felt a bad look at himself.

Len was looking at us with half of her face and body hidden from the store entrance.It is the eyes of a predator who will not miss a prey for a moment if his gaze is an analogy.

"Good morning, Ren-chan.Why don't you come in and stay out of here?

"No, thank you. Enough from here.You don't have to worry about this, so please continue. "

I don't know what's enough, and I don't know what to keep doing.However, I understood that I was still mistaken.

"Asha, you explained everything to Ren-chan yesterday, right?For some reason, you're looking at me and Ash the same way that Esha looked at me?

"It was a little difficult to explain, so my husband and I only said it was an adult relationship."

"Why did you say such a misunderstanding?"

"I read the air because Ren-sama wanted such an answer.The maids you can make are different from these. "

"You don't usually read it....."

Hayato said that and then turned to Len, who looked at us again.My eyes are sparkling no matter how I look at them.


Having heard such a word, Hayato gave up everything.Because I thought you wouldn't believe me no matter what I said.And for some reason, Esha smiles more than usual.I can only say that I'm having fun watching myself panic, but it would be cheap to be happy with it.

"Hah, that's enough.Then I'll go back to my room.Explain it to Ren-chan. "

"I see. I'll tell them it's about money."


It is a problem that Len misunderstood, but Hayato, reassured by the usual shade, went to his room.And think about today's schedule.

There was also a problem with Asha, so I didn't create an Alondite yesterday.So Hayato decided to deal with it from now on.

The production of this Alondite is quite special, and the quality can always be made of five stars.It also has a low success rate, but it doesn't run out of materials when it fails, so it can be challenged many times.

Normally, failure to create will result in the loss of a portion of the material.Without it, it would be a fairly simple category of production items.

(Well, if you run out of broken Aron Dite, you'll never be able to make it again.I don't suppose that's the system.)

With that in mind, Hayato decided to start creating an alondite.

Put what you need in your item bag and display the menu with a blacksmith hammer.And I chose Alondite.Unlike cooking, blacksmith is a little special.

Alondite breaks on the gold floor in the room, so you hammer it a few times.Originally, the item is consumed every time it is hit, but since it is a special creation this time, it will not be consumed.All you have to do is beat him until he succeeds.

When I hammered the Aron Dite several times, I made the Magic Sword Aron Dite.

As a hayato, I was able to make it with little difficulty, so I was a bit overwhelmed.In other words, the mining of adamantite was so difficult that there was no dust other than that.

Hayato is also very happy when he struggles to make good performance equipment, but he thinks it's boring to make it easily.

Hayato showed no interest in the sword, even though it is a weapon of great performance.In the first place, it is a weapon reserved for the Devil King.Since it cannot be equipped except for the Demon King, it is meaningless even if the performance is good.

Hayato went to the store and asked Asha to call Lunaria.

"Master, Lunaria will be here in about an hour."

"In an hour.Thank you. "

By the way, are you putting Lunaria into your clan?Definitely strong.They say that the serial fire from that sword will not stop until the opponent is defeated. "

"No, you're lost.Somehow it seems troublesome. "

Hayato sees the brave man who came yesterday and starts to think that getting Lunaria into the clan is going to be a hassle.

"If Lunaria is there, Ivan will be involved.Speaking of trouble, it will be troublesome.It's nice to be wild, but it's hot and painful. "

It is a harsh comment on the original companion, but I'm sure it's not a mistake.Hayato wanted Lunaria, the demon king, to be one of them if the problem was solved, waiting for his arrival.