Another Frontier Online

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An hour later, Lunaria arrived.

I feel uncomfortable that the Demon King, the top of the magical kingdom, can come without a guard, but the Demon King is strong in the first place, so I don't think he needs a guard.Besides, the purpose of this time is to repair the Alondite.Hayat thought it was patience because he couldn't bring someone.

"Mr. Lunaria. I fixed it as promised."

Hayato gave Alondite to Lunaria in bright red armor.

Lunaria, who can't see her face but feels happy, takes the sword seriously.And I put my sword to my waist, and I took the helm.

Lunaria has silver hair and red eyes and is about 20 years old.When I shook my head to the left and right, the hair that was up came off and it was about the length of my back.And he lowered his head to Hayato with a small voice saying, "Thank you."

"You're welcome. Now for the reward..."

"Esha! I heard there's a guy in red armor here!You hid it, Lunaria!

Ivan, a brave man, arrived at an exquisite time.Perfect timing for no good reason.

The moment Hayat thought he'd stay out of it, Lunaria suddenly ran away, went inside the counter, and hid behind Esha.I wonder if the Demon King can do that, but it would be best if he ran away.I don't care if the hero and the demon king fight, but I don't want to be outraged in the base.

"Esha! Take Lunaria to the dining room!Get out of the cafeteria!

Hayat gives instructions to Esha.There are two entrances and exits to this base.The shop side and the canteen side.

Evan came in through the store entrance, so it's impossible to get out of there.Then you can escape through the entrance from the dining room.

Esha nodded and took Lunaria to the cafeteria.

"Let him escape!

Ivan said so and tried to move to the cafeteria.

Hayato clings to Ivan's back to buy some time.In general, if you get into a fight in the dining room, you'll be in trouble.

"Wait! Don't let this outpost get you mad!

"Don't worry, it's just a little rough!I'll apologize later!

I don't know where there's a reassuring element, but Ivan smiled and pulled Hayato out of her torso.It is probably the effect of STR.Hayato's STR is no match for Ivan's STR.Easy to pull off, Hayato put a shingle on the floor.

Ivan tried to chase Esha to the cafeteria, but stopped.And I used magic rock magic on the door to the cafeteria.

This is magic that keeps the door open by locking the magic key.You can open it with magic unlocking magic, but if you can't use magic, you can't open it even if you have the ability to unlock.

Hayat didn't know why Ivan did that, but he understood when Ivan hurried out through the store entrance.

(You're going to lock Asha and the Devil in the base!?

No matter how realistic the Analyzer Frontier Online is, there are some things you can't do with the game's specifications.I can't go out the window.In other words, if you close all the entrance doors, you can't escape.

By using magic lock magic, it is likely that Esha and Lunaria will not be able to use magic unlock magic to unlock it.I don't know about the structure of the base, but Hayato just told me to run away from the canteen.I assumed you decided it would be faster to wait there.

Hayat got up and went out, and he moved east of the base with the entrance to the cafeteria.

So, Esha and the others who were about to go out were about to be attacked by Ivan, and they looked back inside.And Ivan went in from there and closed the door.

Hayato approached the door with a bad feeling.

As expected, magic lock magic prevented the door from opening.In other words, Esha and Lunaria are trapped in the base.

(Not bad, Esha is not dangerous, but if the hero or demon king is rampaging, the base will be in trouble. If it's a place that can be at least rampaged - the third floor.)

The third floor of the base is a multi-purpose hall, but it is also a place where members of the Black Dragon train in Weapon Skills.Hayato thinks there's nothing wrong with getting a little crazy there and sends a voice chat to Esha.

Esha! Lead them upstairs!If you're there, you can go mad!But don't be as violent as you can!

"It's hard, but let's do it.If possible, call Ash-sama and Ren-sama.It is necessary to suppress Ivan. "

"Okay! I'll call you right away!

Hayat sent Ash a voice chat.

"Ash, can you hear me!?

Hayato? Don't send me a voice chat all of a sudden.Surprising, isn't it?

"Sorry, please hurry to the base!A hero and a demon king set it up!Esha is trapped in the base with us right now, so I need your help!And bring Ren-chan!

"What! Okay!I'll be right there!

I don't know where Ash and the others are right now, but Hayato is relieved to say they're coming right away.I don't know how strong Ivan is, but even a brave man wouldn't be strong enough to overwhelm Ash.

Besides, Hayato just wants us to get out of here.I'm sorry about Lunaria, but I don't think I care what happens after we get them out.The base has a lot of dedicated furniture.I just want to recreate it, but I want to avoid breaking it for boring reasons.

When Hayato was thinking about it, he felt a sign of someone behind it.Turning around, Ash and Len stood there.Hayato speculates that he may have teleported using the ring of transition.

"Hayato! Are you okay?!

"Mr. Hayato!

No one could count on such reinforcements, Hayato smiled at them.

Hayat immediately explains the situation to Ash and the others.

He explained that Esha was trapped in the base with Lunaria and was probably confronted on the third floor of the base.

"Then I will stop the brave one.Len, unlock the magic lock. "


"Hayato, come with me.I want Esha and the Devil out of the base while I stop the hero. "


Len magically unlocked the door to the cafeteria.Hayat and Ash will enter immediately.

Furniture was scattered in the dining room.It doesn't seem to be broken, but the placement is skewed or collapsed.Hayat wanted to sigh, but now it's too late to go up the stairs with Ash and the others.

There was a room on the second floor where the members of the Black Dragon lived, but it's empty now.There are also Hayato rooms, warehouses, and growing rooms, but there is no sign of anyone on this floor.I think Esha managed to get Ivan to the third floor, and then she ran up the stairs.

On the third floor, Esha stopped to protect Lunaria and confronted Ivan.The demon king wanted to confront me there, but I couldn't wait.

Evan seemed unaware of the Hayats and was talking to Esha.

"Asha, let me fight Lunaria!I'll beat Lunaria and say something!

"That wild part of you is bad for Lunaria.Please appeal a little more gently.Why do you need to win, in general? "

"Huh? 'Cause it's more masculine, isn't it?- It won't hurt, but don't shoot with Belzeve!You'll lose HP!

"I think you should study a little more femininity.You're a stalker, aren't you? "

When Esha said so, Ash stood up with a sword on his back.