Another Frontier Online

Fight the brave

"Hey, don't make a big noise at someone else's base."

"Wow! What are you guys doing!?

Ash waves the dragon eater.The multi-purpose space on the third floor is quite large, so swinging a large double-handed sword won't be a problem.

However, Ivan pulled out the sword he had stood on his waist and pardoned Ash's attack.

Hayato is surprised at it.

In this game, only the person's physical abilities can be attacked or manipulated.If it's a fighting skill, there are some moves that move the body automatically, such as blade sharpening, but there are no such moves in skills that use weapons such as swordsmanship.In other words, Ivan just pardoned Ash's attack for his physical abilities.

Naturally, even if you think that you shouldn't think of humans as a standard because it is NPC, you will be surprised if it is actually done.Hayato shook his head to the side unless he was surprised.

Ash was disoriented as he was pardoned by the attack, but he quickly got back on his feet.

"You're a brave man.I was going to inflict a fatal wound in one blow. "

"Ah? Are you Ash Brandle?What the hell is Genesis doing here?

"That's my line.What are brave men doing at other people's bases? "

"I'm sorry, but I'm taking Lunaria with me!I won't do anything if you let me be honest with you!

"First, think about why you won't let me talk honestly.I don't know. "

Actually, I don't know Hayato well either.Lunaria hid behind Asha from herself in the first place.I guess Lunaria just doesn't want to talk to Ivan.Maybe you don't want to fight.

Ash and Ivan are holding swords against each other.Hayat thought and called out to Asha to take her and Lunaria out while she was at it.

"Asha! Come here!

If Lunaria goes out in the first place, this commotion will be over.It may not be over, but at least the base is safe.While Ash was holding Ivan down, Hayat called on Esha to take Lunaria out of his base.

"Ah, here! Leave Lunaria alone!

Ivan said that while fighting Ash, he tried to obstruct Esha's path with his sword.

Whether the timing was bad or good, the sabotage was considered an attack.

The attack hits Hayato.In the name of Hayat's honor, this is the result of sheltering Esha and the others.There was a possibility that it would come into contact with Asha as it is.That's why Hayato hit him himself.

Hayat fell on the spot.And in front of you are the options of "waiting" and "resurrection".

Ivan's sword is Excalibur.

Like Hayato's Excalibur Replica, he can ignore Defense attacks.But there's a difference.Unlike replicas, the real ones have high base damage.A single attack removes a significant amount of HP.I can't stand Hayato with only the lowest HP.

Ah, su, sorry.

It's okay, but it's a blow.

Hayato doesn't think he's been knocked down.There are no disadvantages to resurrecting.Rather, I need you to get Lunaria out of the base as soon as Ivan is in a hurry.

But Hayato's thoughts didn't get through to Esha.

Esha once again set Belzeve on Ivan.And I'm staring at the brave man.In addition, Lunaria passed the Alondite.

"Ivan, what are you doing...?

"An act of bravery.I can't forgive you for defeating a benefactor. "

"No, I didn't mean to!I tried to stop them, and they hit me, so put the gun down!

"If not on purpose, can I guess?Then rest assured.I didn't mean to shoot you.I shoot with conviction. "

"The demon king defeats the hero in nature's way."

(Don't do that, get Lunaria out of here... no, it's impossible, it's quicker to come back.)

Hayat chooses the option of resurrection.I thought it would be faster to go back to my room and get back from there.

And the vision changes in an instant.I went back to my room.

Hayat was running out of his room.

Upon arrival on the third floor, Esha, Ash, and Lunaria were fighting Ivan.

Ash and Lunaria fight Ivan in close proximity, and Esha shoots backwards.Ivan is more defensive and doesn't seem to intend to attack.

Wait, wait, wait!I'm sorry! I apologize!

"No apology required.I'm not going to forgive you. "

"I agree. I don't want to forgive someone who makes the base rough for stupid reasons.And don't think you can walk home defeating our leader. "

As for the brave, Ivan followed Esha and Ash, and Lunaria's triple attack.

"I'm fine now, Lunaria, get out of here!

Hayato's voice has not reached everyone.All three of them are already willing to defeat Ivan and are no longer willing to attack.

"Wow, Hayato-san, what should we do!?

Len wasn't in the fight and was watching the situation near the stairs.Hayato flashes there.

"Ren-chan, hit Ivan with the Dragon Curse and disarm!

You can't fight bravely or properly as long as you're not equipped.It was decided that it would be better to defeat the brave once.

As Len nodded, she approached the hero a little and lowered the hero's STR in the Dragon Curse.

Dragon Curse has the effect of reducing his stat by half.I don't know what the equipment conditions are, but I decided it would probably be hardened with STR51 or higher.

The decision was correct, and Dragon Curse took off all of Ivan's gear.Excalibur is no exception.

"You're lying!

To Evan's surprise, Ash's dragon eater attacked.Cyclone, the weapon skill of a two-handed sword that consumes magic and generates Wind Attribute attacks and knockbacks, blew Ivan to the back wall.

Hayato strokes his chest down that he will grow a little bit.Then he turned to Lunaria in an attempt to get Lunaria out in the meantime.

We have a problem here.

Len's Dragon Curse is a passive skill.This automatically triggers an effect on enemies, that is, opponents you don't recognize as allies.Len usually specifies that the DEX should be lowered, but this time the STR should be lowered for Ivan.The Ivan was blown away, leaving Lunaria alone, rather than the nearby enemies.

Dragon Curse is targeting Lunaria.

In that case, Lunaria's equipment will naturally come off.

I wasn't wearing clothes that were heavily exposed under my armor.I was just wearing normal clothes, but Lunaria, who was weak and also interpersonal, was upset when she lost her gear in front of Hayato.

At the next moment, Hayato's face was blushed into a straight right side of her hips.

Hayato's HP dropped to zero and fell on the spot.

(It doesn't hurt, but it hurts mentally)

Hayat also chose the resurrection that appeared before him.