Another Frontier Online

Apologies of the Demon King and his entourages.

Ten minutes after the disturbance, the brave Ivan and the demon king Lunaria sat down in the dining room.

Both are restrained by ropes and cannot move.Just because Ivan is still somehow in danger, Len keeps targeting Dragon Curse.

"I'm reflecting. Can you untie me?

"I'm sorry."

Ivan and Lunaria both look sorry for Hayato.

"I don't think it's a problem to apologize.What is it with you two to defeat your husband?Well, in Lunaria's case, it's no exaggeration to say that your husband is wrong. "

"That's force majeure, isn't it?I feel like I can win a trial. "

"Soot, I'm sorry!I didn't expect the demon king to move on!

"It's not Ren-chan's fault.Rest assured, the biggest problem is because of the brave men who tried to outrun us here. "

"Ugh. No, that's right... well, I'm sorry."

Ivan lowered his head while he was tied to a rope.As far as Hayato can see, it seems like he is reflecting properly, so I think it is time to let go.

This disturbance has left the cafeteria a a little rough.Hayato is driven by the desire to restore it immediately.

"Well, just to make sure, you both promise you won't be able to break out at the base again, right?

When Hayato asked, they both nodded.

All right, let's split up...

"Please wait, master."

"Uh, what?

"How popular are you?That's all I've done, so I have to apologize. "

"I don't think so.It makes no sense to apologize just for words.If anything happens to Hayato, you'll need to apologize enough to help out for free. "

Ash agrees with Esha.As Hayato, I didn't think I had to do that, but the situation where the hero and the demon king can help me is helpful.

And Ivan and Lunaria wrote in their pledges that they would not be able to riot inside the base and that Hayat would help them if they asked for help.

("Warrior's Covenant" and "Demon King's Covenant".The content seems to be absolute because it is set to have a magical signature.You gave me something amazing.)

The two most powerful players in the game help me for free.It's no mistake that you got a powerful card.Besides, if you can't get into trouble within the base, you can have them join the Clan War.

Hayato thought of that and put the pledge in the item bag.

A week has passed since there was a disturbance between the brave and the Devil.

It's time to prepare for a Clan War, but I'm in a bit of trouble.

Every day since then, the Devil has come to apologize.I also brought an expensive item as an apology.The source is unknown, but apparently it seems to be stealing something from somewhere.

Not some loot, such as Ore, Gems, or Monster Peel.It's obviously machined equipment.Besides, the performance is good. You could say that there are only items in the chest of the so-called last dungeon of the game.

"Mr. Lunaria, where did you get this?

"My house"

"Isn't that the Demon King Castle?Even if they give me these expensive things, it's the other way around. "

"It's an apology, so please accept it.It's okay, there's still plenty of treasure.It doesn't matter if it's gone a little bit. "

"I'm sure the Demon King Castle is Lunaria's house, but can I take it out of the treasure trove on my own?

Lunaria somehow lost sight of Hayato's words.I mean, I don't think so.

According to information from Esha, people who admire Lunaria live in Demon King Castle.Basically, Demon King Castle and its surroundings are dangerous places where demonic monsters roam, but the demon kings and people living there live without being attacked by monsters.

(In the first place, he said that the Alondite broke and was angry, and I wonder if there are people who are close to him... do you bring them to me in private?If you sell an item badly, it can be a big deal.I will keep it carefully)

Hayat took care of the items from Lunaria and went back to his room to prepare for the Clan War.

The next day, many people appeared around the base, surrounding it.

Hayato and Esha are looking through the window from their base.

"Um, what does this mean?Mr. Lunaria is tied up with a rope, right?

"You must be angry that they found out you were stealing items from the treasure chest.I think I'm here today to get it back. "

I wonder what a demon king is when he gets angry with his close associates, but it seems like a natural result.I wonder if Lunaria is really the Demon King.

I had no choice, so Hayato put the item Lunaria had brought in the item bag and went out.Then a woman dressed in black gosloli next to Lunaria approached.

"Are you sure it's Hayato?

Yeah, well...

"I hope you think I'm one of the ten black roses that serve Lunaria.My apologies, Lunaria.Yesterday, I came to the vault to find out more about the murderer, and I came back to apologize and thank him again. "

(The black roses are so sacred... I feel like Ney said.Do you serve the Devil?Or was he caught in the act?

"I think there are too many people to do that."

"I heard there's a hero out here, so I came with a militant.I'm sorry to disturb you.And I actually have a favor to ask.... "

"You want me to return the treasure trove item?

"... it's helpful to talk quickly.I'll give you something else, so it would be helpful if you could return it. "

"Wait. It's an apology I gave to Hayato.Don't be ashamed of me asking you to give it back. "

Lunaria said that to a Godzilla woman with a clean face while she was in captivity.

"Lunaria, it is an embarrassing act to take treasure from the treasure trove on your own.Certainly everything in Demon King Castle belongs to Lunaria, but you can't take it without permission. "

Lunaria is fluent in the words.

(Did you bring it without permission?)

Hayato traded the item to the Gothlori woman in front of her.It certainly performs well, but it can't be used by Hayato, and other members didn't show any particular interest.If I don't want to give it back, I'll be in trouble if I get hated for wasting my time.

Surprised that Hayato immediately returned the item, the Gothlori woman had blinked many times.

"Um, are you sure?

"Yes, of course. You don't have to apologize for such an expensive item in the first place.If you want to apologize, it would be better to use materials such as ore and skin. "

You can say that because you are a Hayato with excellent production skills.In the first place, Hayato can create items that have the same effect as materials.

That's the end of the story, and Hayato thinks so and the incident happens.

"Why are there so many people?

The brave Ivan is here.Ivan brought Hayato an apology just like Lunaria.Ivan and Lunaria have always bowled together within the base, but there was no problem with not competing within the base.

But things are a little different this time.

"Lunaria! I don't know why you're tied up, but fight me!

"Wait a minute. You wrote in your affidavit that you wouldn't argue here.If you want to fight, do it somewhere else. "

I'm not breaking the affidavit because we're not based here.

(Is that what this is all about?)

Hayato sighed that he was in trouble again.