Another Frontier Online

Demon King Resolutions

The day after the Warrior and the Demon King fought, Lunaria somehow drank espresso and coffee in the base cafeteria.

"Why is Lunaria here?

Today, Hayat was preparing for a clan war at his base.Asha is talking to someone when she leaves the hallway to pick up the items from the warehouse.Hayato also came to the cafeteria to ask if he was talking to someone in the cafeteria because he couldn't hear his voice from the store.

It's 3: 00 p.m., so it's a shabby snack time.For some reason, Asha and Lunaria were having a cup of coffee while they were eating cookies in the dining room.It was yesterday and today.Hayato sounded a little irritated.

"Looks like Lunaria's here to play.I got a cookie as a souvenir.What handmade. And four stars.Rare, Rare. "

Don't lie to me.

"No, it's definitely star four."

"Not that way. You came to see me.It's not easy for the Devil to play, is it?I've come to apologize, but play. "

Hayato is tired of everything.I'm mentally tired, but I really don't want to go out with anything else.

Probably the brave one will be fine.

"I'm going to find my next love!

Ivan said that and went somewhere with a clear face.

From now on, I will not stalk Lunaria.She is a brave man with a bit of a problem, but she said that she should give up because there are various kinds of masculinity.

Thankful for that, but it is difficult for the Demon King to come without a brave man.The clan members don't seem to care, but what the Lunarians think is different.

"Uh, Lunaria, what are you doing here?

"To play."

"Be more aware of the Demon King.People close to you get mad at you.

I don't know what the Demon King usually does, but there's no way I can come and play.

"Master, please don't make him too evil.Lunaria is actively interacting with others to overcome interpersonal phobia.Watch your growth with warm eyes.As usual, I'm going on a journey to find myself in order to look at myself again... "

"You're the Devil, right?You don't have to look for it. The answer is there. "

"As a demon king, there is still not enough.I want to be the demon king everyone admits...!

"You're here to play, right?What are you working on?

And Hayat sighed.Whatever you say may be in vain.It had already reached the point of giving up.

There will be many problems with the Demon King's presence here, but time is limited.To be clear, we are not prepared for Clan War at all this time.We don't make much of the best potions, and we don't cook well.

(It will be clan war in less than two weeks.We can't lose here.I didn't have enough time to lose, but I couldn't cry.)

Hayat decided to return to his room with renewed determination.

But Lunaria stopped Hayato from going back.Hayato turned his body towards Lunaria, but he couldn't ignore it.

"Uh, what?

"I want you to put me in the clan."

No, thanks.

Despite the superiority of the gear, Lunaria is strong enough to beat the brave.It will definitely be a force for battle, but it's too much trouble.It was decided that Hayato seemed to have more disadvantages.

Hayato's immediate answer shocked Lunaria or made her look like she was crying.However, I felt like I was stunned and opened my mouth again.

"I want you to put me in your clan...!

There is no increase in appeal points, but a firm will is conveyed.Hayato decided to listen because he had no choice.

Honestly, I don't want to put in Lunaria, no matter how strong, but I found it rude to dismiss a sincere appeal without hearing anything.

In the meantime, I sat in the chair next to Esha for the pose of listening.

"Um, may I ask why?

"Thank you for winning the brave with the corrected Alondite.And he caused trouble to Hayat.Asha-chan told me how to take responsibility, and I want to apologize for belonging to my clan.Whatever you say, I'm strong.If you join a clan, you will no doubt gain strength.Recommended "

Hayato thought it was the Devil King, but he didn't say it.

"By the way, do people close to you know about this?

"My discretion."

"Why are you a little good at it?Mr. Gothroli gets angry yesterday.

"It's okay. She was grateful to Hayato.If I join this clan, I won't complain. "

"Thank you? Why?

"Thank you for standing in front of the brave."

I felt like I had done something extra, but I decided to think positively that it would be better than being hated.

I asked if you were all right because there were many other people around me, but Lunaria said "persuade me to be the Demon King" with a rough nose, so there was no reason to refuse as Hayato.

And even if we try to stop it, Lunaria will be forced to enter the clan.There is no system of entering the clan on its own, but there is also an atmosphere that is somehow impossible to do.

I've previously talked to a member of my clan about getting the Demon King into my clan, but I haven't heard anything particularly unpleasant about it.And the brave Ivan will not be involved in the future.

Lunaria is the Devil King. It will definitely be a force for battle.Collaboration with Ash and the others will be difficult, but if it is strong on an individual basis, there is no problem.

Hayato thought about various things, but it seemed that the problems had been cleared, so I finally decided so.

"Okay. Then Lunaria will join the clan.Thank you for looking forward to the next Clan War. "

"Good luck as a demon king."

(Please don't try in a strange direction....)

Hayato thought so, and Esha smiled.Hayato warns that it is a bad laugh.

"That's my husband.I didn't know you had the Devil under you.It's the same as conquering the world.Declare war on each country?

"I wouldn't do that."

(If you do that, the game will be packed... and you'll be able to role-play the Devil, but I don't want to do anything else.)

"Good luck as a demon king."

"It's a clan war, not a world conquest, isn't it, Lunaria?

(I think Esha is joking, but Lunaria seems somehow serious... well, let me introduce her to everyone for the time being.)

Hayat contacted everyone to gather at the base.