Around 6 p.m., there were clan members at the base.

Hayato sits at the top of a long table in the canteen on the ground floor of the base.

From Hayat's point of view, Ash, Len, Mist on the right.On the left are Dite, Maris and Lunaria.Then Asha stands behind Hayato on the right, and Relic stands behind Hayato on the left.

Nine, including Hayat.This is all the members of the clan "Daedalus".

Originally there were ten people, but Maris has one open pet frame.Essentially, the Elder Griffon Lancelot is in that frame and is currently waiting outside.

Hayat slowly opened his mouth after seeing them all.

"Um, why is this arrangement?Would you be so kind as to make it normal?

Hayat did call everyone to his base to introduce Lunaria to his members.Then, for some reason, Esha partitioned it.

"Master, this kind of time comes in from form.Until now, Daedalus had borrowed it from Ash-sama's mercenaries, so it wasn't weak, but it was incomplete.But today, I'm finally a true clan.I think we should do it properly at first. "

Everyone nods at Esha's words.

I thought Nori would be too good, but I don't really hate Hayato either.Nevertheless, I don't have much time to keep doing this.

I'll introduce you, Lunaria, who joined my clan today.

When Hayato introduced him, Lunaria stood up.

"Lunaria Freire. I'm good at making cookies.And I'm playing the Devil King.Thank you in advance. "

(The interpersonal phobia has improved considerably.Perhaps you have gained confidence in the fight against the brave.But why did you say "demon king" like that?

Lunaria sits without any particular solution to Hayato's questions.And now everyone started introducing themselves.This must be against Lunaria.

Dite has only recently joined, but I haven't introduced myself in particular because I've been immersed in the base before.In turn, I took a seat and started introducing myself.

"It's Dite. I'm a Sister.I don't like anything in particular, but I've been worried about Hayato lately. "

I thought you shouldn't say weird things, but it's already too late.Len's eyes are shining.And he raised his right hand vigorously.

"Question! Question!What's bothering you!

"Overall, yes.I didn't expect to bring the Demon King into my clan.Hayato always entertains me. "

"What's that supposed to mean?Personally, I was expecting a triangular thing. "

Ren lowered her tension openly and sent her gaze to Hayato and Asha before sighing.

(Since then, Ren-chan and I have been mistaken about Esha.Hasn't Esha explained it properly?Well, it's important to win the next Clan War first)

"Well, that's the end of the meeting.Is there anything you want to say or do?

A lot of information flies through Hayato's words.Basically, it was about the style of battle to come.

Ash, Mist, and Lunaria are the main proximity attackers.

We decided to go to the hunting grounds together for a while because we wanted to try and collaborate with various parties before the next clan war.

Next is Relic, Maris, and Lancelot, closer to the ranges than to the mid-range.

Relics can easily go anywhere on the battlefield as long as they have enemies due to shrinkage.And Maris boasts considerable mobility when riding Lancelot.It will be influenced by the state of the field, but flying in the sky will definitely be powerful.Rather than collaborating, it was decided to take measures to polish the strength of the unit.

And Asha, Ren, Dite, backup.

Len and Diete were to train Ash and the others to work together at the hunting grounds.In the case of Esha, it seems impossible to cooperate with people other than Relics, so you will not train from the beginning.

"The strong are not alone, they are lonely."

"I don't know what you're talking about all of a sudden, but I know what you're trying to say.Well, I'm the last one.Basically, everybody seems to be equipped, but let me know as soon as anything happens.Basically, I can make anything.I think it's Maris' equipment for now.You just have to make Lance and a shield, right?

"Yes, please!If the armor is too heavy, Lancelot is pathetic!Lighten your shields, please!

There is no such thing as slowing down when the game is systematically heavy.But more than Maris thinks, Hayato didn't intend to deny it until he was heavily equipped.

"Roger that, and anything else you need besides your armor.I'll make it. "

Esha raised her hand.It's not a matter of reluctance, it's a pretty assertive way of raising your hand.

"Lots of melon juice, please."

"Don't worry, it's a lot.For the record, you didn't take it out of the warehouse before the Clan War, did you?

Esha strayed, but decided to ignore it.

Next, Len raises her hand.This is also a strong argument.

"I'm a bucket pudding!

"Ren-chan, aren't you talking about preparing your favorite food?We're talking about what we need in the Clan War.

Now Maris raised her hand and said, "Yes, yes!And I said,

"Please 'Deluxe as a Cat'!Eating that makes your pets stronger!

"Really? Then I'll make it, but why is Ash and Len looking at us?Do you want it? "

"I've heard it tastes good."

"I've heard that cheeks are delicious enough to fall off!

"Well, I'll make it.Try to see how effective it was before the Clan War. "

(Is it true that even dragons are satisfied...?

Next, Mist raised his hand gracefully.

"I need tomato juice and sunscreen.And if possible, Dragon Blood. "

"Mr. Mist is one of those three.I'll get it ready. "

"I don't need any more because last time you made a wonderful thing."

"I see. If you can think of anything, tell me."

"Chocolate parfait...!

Lunaria's eyes are going to be amazing.That's exactly what I said about the Demon King, but I don't think I really need it.In other words, all you need is meat dishes.

"So you're talking about something you can use in Clan War, not something you want to eat?

"Chocolate parfait...."

Now I've got scratchy eyes.I think it's really a demon king, but somehow I feel sorry for you, so I decided to make it for you.

"Well, I'll give you a chocolate parfait, so do your best in the Clan War - oh, yeah, I'll give it to the ladies, so don't look so scared."

Since it is also a gathering to deepen rapprochement, Hayato thought of making it a rapprochement meeting as it is today.

Hayato notices there. Diete didn't ask for anything in particular.I didn't react to the chocolate parfait either.

"Diete-chan, do you have anything?When this happens, I'll make whatever I want.

"I don't have anything I particularly like, so I'll leave it to everyone.Same goes for Clan Wars.Hayato, get me what I think you need. "

"Huh? Really? Don't you have any favorite food?

"I see, nothing in particular... No, I don't think Hayato likes the coffee you made.I don't mind. "

Hayat is pleased with the words.Because this is a game, it tastes the same no matter who makes it, but I don't feel bad if they say so.

"Copy that, I'll make coffee.Okay, let's have a rapprochement party.I'm going to prepare the food, so eat as much as you like. "

Everyone rejoices in Hayato's words.

Hayato was willing to prepare the dishes, saying it was worth making.