A week before Clan War, Hayato's Clan "Daedalus" opponent was chosen.

"You're lying....."

Hayato can't help but be surprised at his opponent.It was currently ranked number one clan.

Clan name is "Bandit".A clan that means bandits, Hayato has heard that they are far from bandits in terms of how they fight and are quite a sophisticated knight-like clan.

It's a so-called balanced clan, not a sharp arrangement.Therefore, it is an all-round all-round all-round clan with no weaknesses.

Hayato's former clan, the Black Dragon, is also of this type.And when it comes to what kind of clan the current clan is, it can also be said to be balanced.Either way, it seems like a one-top shape of Asha, but it is due to the way it has been fought so far, and overall it is balanced.

(It is said that the balance type is fragile when one person collapses, but it seems that this clan does not.I've heard that each member has an all-purpose skill structure, so it's okay to be knocked down by about half... and the biggest problem is me.)

Hayato is an expert in the production profession, but in clan warfare, it's luggage.Not at all helpful, but not as a pure force.Speaking of helpful, it's a one-time wall.I could be knocked down just once instead of someone else.

(I don't think there's any point in using suicide bomber items.They don't seem to have any undercover players... so just make sure you're prepared.)

Hayat thought so and started preparing for the Clan War.

The day before the Clan War, Hayat was conducting a final check at his base.

I share information about my clan with all members of the Maid Alliance.We have completed checks on each piece of equipment, and have prepared as many dishes and medicines as possible.

Ash and the others said they had confirmed their collaboration with everyone.However, Lunaria has recently participated, and I have heard that it is subtle whether or not she will be able to communicate with them.

I felt a little sympathy for Lunaria, who was sitting on both knees in the corner of the base, but Ash said that since she was a demon king in the first place, she should be strong alone.Worst case scenario, it seems we can attack by ourselves without cooperation.Lunaria was even more depressed when she heard it, but Esha and Len were comforted.

With that in mind, Hayato continued the final check and finally completed the confirmation.

(All we have to do is leave our luck to Heaven.If you win the first place in the leaderboard, you will definitely be in the top with points.That way, even if you lose the next battle, you'll be in fifth place in the rankings)

Points are not reduced by adding.You only have 0 points when you lose.The higher the opponent's ranking, the more points added.

If you defeat the first place in the rankings and add points, you can make a considerable difference to the third place or less.When "Daedalus" loses second or third place in the next clan war, Hayato's clan never goes below fifth place for points.

There is also a special point rule called giant killing, but that is simply to swap points.I don't intend to fight a clan with a low ranking like Giant Killing in the last Clan War.

From these points of view, it may be said that the next round will be the final one for Hayato.

That makes Hayato tremble.Even if you lose, you have a chance.But if you win, you'll get the prize.That exalted Hayat.

Hayat drank coffee to calm his mind.

Looks like you're ready.

Esha came in front of Hayato, who was drinking coffee in the dining room.

The shop is getting worse today than usual.I don't know if there is fatigue in NPC, but I decided to speed up the closing time because I should not let it get tired somehow.

Tomorrow is a clan war, so I could take the day off, but I said that I can't eat chocolate parfait if it's Esha, so I'm letting you like it.

"Good day. Want some coffee?

Melon juice, please.

"... just one bottle would be fine."

Hayato said that and brought melon juice from the warehouse in a bottle.Give it to Esha.

"I always drink, but do you like melons?

"I've always liked the taste.I've never eaten melon itself.It seems that there was a drink called a cream soda with ice cream on it a long time ago.

"What was your anticipated eye?You mean you can give me ice cream?

"My dear husband, Esha is a happy man."

"I didn't tell you to leave.Ha, wait a minute. "

Hayato prepares ice cream even though he doesn't like it.Then ordinary ice cream was served in front of Esha.

Esha eats it with a smile.There is no item called cream soda, but if you eat it alternately, it will be similar.

Hayat opened his mouth while looking at such a shade.

"How have you been since then?

Since then, Esha hasn't complained of pain.But it's about Esha.Maybe he hasn't said anything to bother himself.

Hayato asked thinking so.

"Of course I'm fine.It's still overprotective. "

"Anyone who sees that will be worried.Don't you remember that time in the first place?It hurt a lot, didn't it?

Was that so?But I remember very well.If you say something about being held by a princess - it was heavy - I'll just say that Belzeve didn't shut up. "

"Shake it off yourself. Isn't that right?And forget the princess hug.I mean, it was an emergency, so don't say sexual harassment, okay?

"I'm not that ungrateful.I appreciate your concern. "

Thank you, that's what Esha said, Hayato was a little surprised.But I thought it would be superfluous if it was broken, so I decided to return it normally.

"If you're one of us, you deserve it."

"In that case, I like shampoo, and so on.

If it were real, I would have eaten it with the coffee I was drinking.Even virtual reality is about to get worse.

"Hah, I want you to make such teases less frequently.It's bad for the heart. "

"You should train your heart."

I think I'll stop before I train.

Having a quiet time with such a chat, Hayato drinks his coffee.I had finished eating the shampoo.

"Now, let's open it up.Say hello tomorrow. "

"Leave it to me. We've caused you a lot of trouble this time, so I'm more than usual."

"I'm counting on you."

After I dropped Esha off, Hayato was going to go to bed early today and logged out.