Another Frontier Online

Beginning of the battle

On the day of the Clan War, the members were in the canteen of the base.

I feel nervous in the good sense of fighting the ranking number one, but Lunaria is too reluctant.I've been sitting in a chair for a while, standing up, pretending to do so, and I'm suspicious of my behavior.

It also affects the fact that clan wars are hard to start.It's after five p.m. and it's the evening outside.

As long as there's a vampire mist, it's a hopeless situation, but it's Lunaria who's getting too nervous to wait.

"Uh, Lunaria, I'm not going to fight. Whatever I say, just calm down a little bit."

Lunaria, wearing her helm, turned towards Hayato.

"Oh, my God, it's calm.No, I didn't think it might help.I want you to stop being such a good leader. "

"I think that's a good idea.Don't worry, I can't fight at all.Just waving your sword will help you better than me.Mr. Lunaria is probably the Devil King. "

If the Demon King is not helpful in battle, I seriously wonder who will be helpful.

(I don't know, but I don't think I'm confident.I want to do something to cheer you up... okay, I'll tell you about that time.)

"You beat the brave before, didn't you?If we can demonstrate the strength of that time, we'll be fine. "

Hayato said so, Lunaria slightly stuck her index fingers on both hands and turned down.

"Come on, it's illuminating"

What kind of setting is this demon king?

I know it's pretty strong as far as the fight against the brave is concerned, but it's strange in character.It's not weird, it's obviously not like a demon king.It is often seen that the setting is such a skewed feeling, but it is a kind of spongy or mistrustful feeling.Speaking of which, a florist would do better.

When I thought like that, my vision changed.Transferred to Clan War Battlefield.

Hayat took them all out to the rooftop with a good temper.First, to check the field.But I'll tilt my neck right away.It's just a meadow with no field gimmicks for the ranked first and second clans to fight.

"What does this mean?

"Isn't it easier to fight?

Diete answered Hayato's question.He looks at the grasslands with pleasure.

"The ranking number one and number two fight.It is a purely power contest, with no uncertainty in winning or losing.Shouldn't we just put out our power without thinking about extra things?

Diete is right, but is it possible that a field that should be basically random is influenced by the opponent's ranking?

In the first place, it is unlikely that the ranking number one and number two will fight themselves.Hayato wonders what the probability is that it will then become a field of pure power.

(Does that mean the operation is intervening?No, that's the only way.)

"Something, Hayato.When you stare at me like that, I get irritated. "

Diete, who smiled but felt no light at all, returned it to Hayato.

"Oh, no, it's nothing.I thought you were right.Competition with pure power.It would be more exciting if it came first and second in the rankings. "

"Sure, sure.If you get picked up in the video, you'll be thrilled. "

Hayato said something he didn't expect, but Diete nodded satisfactorily.

(Speaking of which, Diete-chan is on the management side.Maybe it's a character connected to management after all.Is it manipulated by people, or is it such an AI?)

Hayat thinks so much and interrupts his thoughts that it's not the time right now.

The opponent is ranked # 1 "Bandit".

All members of Clan "Daedalus" are strong, but Hayato can't fight at all.That's definitely Hande.Naturally, there are members who are stronger than handicapped, but I don't know how far they go to rank first.

"Hayato, then we're in position.As usual, you'll leave the fight to me, won't you?

"Oh, please.Everyone basically follows Ash's instructions. "

Everyone nods. And with Hayato and Esha left, everyone was gone from the rooftop.

You two are alone.

"What are you talking about?

"Oh? I'm just telling you the truth. Did you make any mistakes?

This is how Asha has attacked a lot these days.It is sad that I can forgive seeing Esha, who seems to be enjoying herself, even though I think it's a little rusty.

"Yes, and seriously, what are the odds of winning?

"Ten percent, right?There are no elements to lose.If you suck, you might win with Ash-sama's dragon bracelet. "

Ash fights like a dragon without any field gimmicks.It would not be an exaggeration to say that the opponent will fight the boss character of a large-scale battle.

Ash in the dragon state gradually decreases MP, and there are restrictions such as returning to the human form when it disappears, but the opponent does not know such a thing.You can kill him for the first time.

"And here's Lunaria.You'll never lose a one-on-one interpersonal match. "

I'm sure that's enough to beat a brave man.

However, Hayato has some concerns.That's the information the maid director looked into.

At that time, as promised, there was a relic nearby.I can say that the maid director was somewhat suspicious of his behavior, but it would be reliable information.

The maid said Bandit's leader was pretty strong.Battling in a balanced fashion is the basic tactic of "Bandit", but rarely does it appear to be fought in a one-top fashion by its leader.

The video was not picked up, so I couldn't figure out how to fight it, but by using the so-called temporary status improvement called a buff to the extreme, I showed strength in the time of the Onigami.It was confirmed directly from a clan that had fought before.

(Beneficial effects to the extreme, right?I don't think the status of STR and so on will be the time of the Onigami even if it is raised to the limit because the maximum value is fixed.Either way, we can fight by increasing the movement speed.)

The movement speed is common to all characters.However, you can use equipment and magic to increase your movement speed.And unlike status, there is no upper limit to travel speed.I mean, you can do it as fast as you want.

However, it has its disadvantages, as normal human senses move too fast to move properly.Perceptually speaking, though my body, it is the character of virtual reality that is moving.I don't follow sudden changes, I don't follow my head.

However, if you can train and use it, it will be quite a weapon.The same goes for Tamer Gardell, who fought last time, but that's the only thing that keeps him moving fast.

When Hayato thought so much, the countdown began.

At the end of the countdown, the opponent's players are visible to the enemy.

A player dressed as a barbarian appeared in Hayato's eyes.

Did he teach you a lot about beginner hunting disturbances?

Hayato talked to you about the situation when a player was hunting for beginners at a facility where your clan could apply.

(Were you in the top ranking clan - or was it the leader in that position?

Three players were lined up next to each other, and there was a barbarian man in the middle.It's not a leader because of that position, but it's highly likely.

I thought I'd apply for a chat, and the three of them moved in.

As expected, the travel speed is fast.I wonder if it's hardened with that kind of equipment.But in that position, Ash's dragon bracelet is faster.

Hayato, we're going to release the dragon brace.

"Okay. Hit me flashy."

Mist and Lunaria retreat near Ash.Because when I'm in that place, I get caught in a dragon brace.

Ash turns into a dragon.A two-legged walking dragon about ten meters long.Ash put his forefoot on the ground and opened his mouth wide.

An energy-generating effect unfolds in Ash's open mouth.If that triggers, at least the three people who jumped in will be defeated.

Hayato wondered.The barbarian man who storms has no way of stopping.

Aren't you scared to see that nasty effect?I thought it would stop once.)

Ash's dragon bracelet is faster, even if it doesn't stop.Definitely can be defeated, but I felt a little anxious about the other person's behavior.

The next moment, the axe, a weapon held from the barbarian's hand, disappeared.I took my gear off.

Why did you do that? Why did you disappear?


Surprised, I used a shrinkage.

"Shrinking...?Oh no! "

A combat skill move that sets the opponent's distance to 0 in an instant.The opponent appeared in front of the Ash in the Dragon Breath motion.

By the time Hayat realized it, the barbarian man was already in the attack motion.This is the "backhand blow" Relic used in the last battle.

The attack hits Ash.And that giant was just a little bit backwards.There was a knockback.

In other words, Ash's dragon bracelet became underdeveloped.Moreover, it seems that a stun effect is occurring, and Ash is unable to move.

And the barbarians already had axes and were about to attack Ash.