Another Frontier Online

offensive defense

Ash's escort!

Hayat said that to Mist and Lunaria.However, the two retreating to avoid being caught up in Ash's attack will not be able to return to Ash immediately.

The moment I thought it was bad, I heard a small noise right next door.That sounds like Hayato's ear again and again.

Soon, Esha was setting up Belzeve and attacking a barbarian man.Normal Basic Attacks, not Critical Shots or Destroys.The damage is low, but it would be a great attack for containment.

It was not fatal, but the opponent hated the attack.The next moment, the axe disappears and holds a huge shield.So I was attacking Esha.

"Then you won't be able to shoot through my shield in this attack.But how long will it last?It could break. "

Esha puts her left foot on the handrail and rearranges the belzeve.And I fired multiple shots at the same tempo.

"Master, please prepare a large amount of melon juice.I don't have enough. "

"Ah, oh, okay.I'll get it from the warehouse. "

Esha's attacks consume MP even in normal attacks.Ten attacks will deplete your MP.It must be attacked while restoring MP to avoid doing so.

Hayat went to the warehouse and brought a large quantity of melon juice and gave it to Esha.

"Mist and Lunaria rushed to Ash.And Maris. I can spare a little. "

That's what Esha said before she started drinking melon juice.

Hayato feels a little at ease at the words.

If Ash is hit, it will be difficult to win Clan Wars.I didn't think it would be easy for Ash to be defeated like that, but I was still quite worried about a different situation.

"That's number one in the rankings.Should I stop Ash-sama for the first time?Or is there a leak of information from somewhere?

"Don't be disturbed.But in the meantime, is the danger gone?Did you get Ash back in shape?

MP expired, right?He said that turning into a dragon in clan warfare would slowly reduce MP. "

"That's what you said.Well, it's okay because Ash is pretty strong, even in human form. "

"That might be a little too sweet.The remaining two have been pursued, and the medics over there are in combat.And back there, dancing and singing give the avant-garde effect.This could be dangerous for Ash-sama and the others. "

Hayato sees his opponent's members.

Three avant-gardes, including the Barbarians, three medium defenders who perform ranged attacks, such as bows, and three rear defenders who use attack magic and beneficial dances and songs, are placed in a balanced position.The remaining one is waiting at the fort.

As Esha was right, Ash and the others felt pushed by the vanguard.The difference in beneficial effects.

Of course, Dite also supports the avant-garde with the magic of the support system, but it is not as effective as the singing and dancing that can be said to be the main job of support.Diete is also recovering.It must be a pretty tough situation.

The only thing that works is Len's Dragon Curse.This is more negative - that is, weaker - than the beneficial effects of any support.There is only one situation, but the target is a barbarian thought to be the opponent's leader.

It also uses curse magic to inflict blunt damage.The curse's gear also boosts its power, giving the opponent considerable healing magic.If we keep going, we can defeat the opponent's barbarians.

That's not good.

While Esha was attacking, she crushed something like that.

"Huh? I think it's good for now?

"No, the target of the opponent's inner guard and rear guard began to turn towards Ren and Dite.Relics are protecting us, so we haven't received an attack yet, but relics alone may be dangerous. "

Then I stopped thinking about Esha.The opponent's Medium Defender is on the enemy line.Esha is out of range.

Maris! Aim for the rear!

You will receive a voice chat from Ash.Maris agreed and targeted a priest-like opponent using healing magic with Griffon Lancelot.

Hayat thinks it's a plan to crush the healers to defeat the avant-garde barbarians first.If we don't heal, we'll be able to defeat Len's spell in no time.

However, as Maris attempted to recover, the opposing Medium Guard attacked remotely with a bow or crossbow.Maris seemed unable to get close to the opponent's back in a violent attack.

"No way....."

"No, I think it's a good plan.We have stopped attacking Ren and Dite.Then the relic will be free. "


Relics are free if we stop attacking Ren and Diete.

"Relic! Aim for the healers!

"I understand."

Relic reacts to Ash's voice.And in an instant, he moved in front of the role of priest.I guess I just used "shrinkage" in return for the first time.

Relic moved on to the attack motion and tried to attack the priest.

But it can be prevented.

Someday a player with a huge shield was in front of the priest.Then he used his shield-pointing weapon skill "Shield Bash" to retreat Relics.

"I'll do it with them, too.I thought the only one left in the fort was Cranstone's defense, but after moving to the shrink, I switched it to a shield to catch an attack on Relics - no good. "

The moment Esha said it was bad, the opponent's barbarian was in front of Dite.Ignoring Ash, who was fighting, he made an instantaneous journey of shrinkage before Dite.

The barbarians were already equipped with axes and were in the attack motion.

Otherwise, Diete will take heavy damage.It is also possible to be defeated by a single hit.But Diete didn't behave in any way.

However, there was one difference between Diete.I didn't have the book that Diete usually equipped with at some point.I mean, bare hands now.

The next moment, I held the swayed barbarian axe between my hands.

Everyone here was surprised at the act.

"Hmm, that's a shame.Do you think you should have targeted you, Lunaria, not me?Now, let's get back out of here. "

Diete throws her back fist as she spins sideways.Anyway, it's a "back hand blow."It seems to do little damage, but as a result, the barbarian man was blown backwards.

"... eh? What's that supposed to mean?

"The attack was neutralized by fighting skill razors.I'm a little surprised. Did Dieter have that kind of skill? "

Hayat could not understand Esha's words.That's because I was looking at Diete's skill structure.

Diete's skill structure is Wizard type.I definitely didn't have any fighting skills.Why can I use "Blade Remover" or "Back Hand Blower"?

Dite will be the only one who can answer that question, but I don't have time to listen.

Hayat wondered but decided to keep an eye on the situation without saying anything.