Another Frontier Online

[]/(n, vs) (yoji) one step forward/one step backward/

The barbarian man pushed back by Dite will fight Ash again.The opponent seemed upset, but quickly regained control.

"I wanted to reverse the situation, but it was no good... Master, it's possible to shoot Destroy in that place.If it's that dense, we might be able to defeat all of each other's avalanches.What do you want to do?

"Rejected. I won't fight like that."

"Even if you lose?

"Can you say you won at the expense of your people?Of course, you won the battle, but you lost emotionally. "

Esha laughed at Hayato's answer.

"You're as sweet as ever.I'm not choosing a way to win. "

"You don't have to choose that method to win.Everyone is strong so there is no way to lose.Asha, you can drink as much melon juice as you want, so I need everyone's help.Ash and the others will reverse the situation soon. "

"You're a rough master.I'm looking forward to the food for the celebration. "

After drinking the juice, Esha holds the belzeve and peeks at the scope.And they started shooting at each other.

"Maris! Aim for the Cranstone!

"I'm coming!

You will receive a voice chat from Ash.

(Well, the man with the shield jumped out, leaving the Cranstone defenseless.Can Maris go to Cranstone first?)

The shrinkage does not move to the front of the opponent in the air.It's not impossible to be precise, but even if it comes out in front, it falls to the ground immediately, causing falling damage.The higher the damage, the greater the damage if it falls from where Maris and the others are.

Maris skilfully manipulated Lancelot and headed toward the opponent's stronghold while attacking the Central Guard.

A knight-style player with a shield attempts to return to the fort, but Maris does not chase him.

(Could this win?

Immediately after Hayat thought so, the Knight's gear changed.

It's called a black outfit. She is wearing black cloth.The equipment dramatically increased the player's movement speed.

(You're kidding. Faster than Griffon?

The opponents, who had tripled their normal travel speed, were likely to reach the fort faster than Maris.

"Master Maris, stop the man.I'll be there soon.Ash-sama, please take care of Len-sama and the others. "


"I see!

A rare request from Relic.Ash and Maris answered.

Maris turned and attacked the man in black.A man who plays with it in quick motion.It turns out that I've been trained to move at that speed.

She's attacking Maris, but she's not defensive.The man counterattacked Maris with a knife-like weapon.

Maris takes her shield and then flees to the sky.

But the man holds the crossbow and pursues it.Sonic Blast is a cross-bow weapon skill that emits shock waves of wind attributes.

Maris takes the attack with her shield, but Sonic Blast is a forced unmount attack.

Maris, who was in the air, fell off the griffon and fell to the ground.



Hayato, who was watching it, shouted quite loudly.It was dropped from above quite a bit.In other words, the drop damage must have reduced his HP.Besides, a man in black is approaching there at considerable speed.

That's it.

Relics appear in front of men.And then he released "Low Kick."Relic throws his right hand knife at the chest of a man who can't move.

"I stole the shield just in case.There should be no more defenses from this man's shield.I wish I didn't have a replacement shield. "

The opponent switches gear for a wide variety of attacks and defenses.To crush one of them, Relic stole his shield with his stealing skills.

"Master Maris, I can control this.Ride the Lancelot and take the Cranstone. "

"Ha, yes! Ok!

Maris drank the potion and headed toward Lancelot.

Maris, run!


I heard Ash screaming.

There was a barbarian man in front of Maris.And he's shaking his ax.

"Aim for the Clanstone!

Maris gave Lancelot instructions that he could no longer be saved.Afterwards, take fire.

Maris is supposed to disappear when her HP drops to zero - but somehow she disappears when she turns into a black particle instead of a light particle.

And there was one other thing going on in the field that wasn't normal.A black particle fell from above on Lunaria's sword.When all the particles fall into the sword, the gems embedded in the sword shine more.

"I won't forgive you....!

Lunaria shook down the Alondite as she said so.

Players fighting Lunaria catch the attack with their swords.But as if nothing had happened, he destroyed the sword and slashed it.The opponent disappeared as a particle of light.

Too much information confuses Hayato.I have no idea what's going on.

Hayat saw the shade with his scratching eyes.

"Lunaria's sword, Arondite, is more powerful than his allies can defeat.Maris fell, so the sword was unsealed? "

"... I didn't write a description of such an item.By the way, is Maris okay?

"Of course I'm fine. I didn't eat my soul.The Black Particle is the show, the show - well, the only enemies on our side now are the avant-garde ones fighting Mist.Let's do it now - it's just the right time. "

Hayato hadn't noticed until now, but it's been a long time.And the field is wrapped in darkness, and the moon and stars shine in the sky.

"Master Mist, hold the enemy in front of you."

"I don't want to experience it very much, but I can't help it.Mr. Hayato, please have a coffin ready.Worst of all, you don't have to prepare it because it will help Lunaria's sword. "

Hayat understands with that word.He hurriedly removed the coffin from the warehouse and put it on the roof.

And Mist bites at the other person's neck.The Vampire's natural skill, Bloody Bite, is to bite the opponent and restore health.

The good thing about this skill is that the opponent will not be able to move from the spot during the attack.I can't move the vampire until it's shaken.

Esha stood up for the mist and the opponent.And Ash and the others distanced themselves from the Mists.

Esha looks at the scope and asks Hayato.

"Do you mind if I sacrifice Mr. Mist?

It's not a sacrifice to be resurrected.

"I don't like the way you cut it, Destroy."

Ten magical teams, large and small, lined up against the Mists from Belzeve.And when the sound of a cannon was heard and the projectile of light was fired, it penetrated all the magical formations and lasered through the mist and his opponent.

The opponent and Mist disappeared as particles of light, but ashes appeared in the coffin they had prepared.

Hayato quickly applied tomato juice, and the ashes became human, and mists appeared there.

"Well, I've defeated two avant-garde men.So you're going to fight back from here?

Hayato nodded at Mist's words.