The opponent's clan is left with a Barbarian, 3 Ranged Attack Systems, 2 Support Systems, 1 Healer, and 1 Black Costume.

The Black outfit is opposed by Relics in the enemy line.And nearby are the barbarians who defeated Maris.You can say it's dangerous.But they didn't try to defeat Relic alone.The barbarian man quickly returned to his base.

Because Maris ordered Lancelot to destroy the Cranstone.If you leave them alone, they will destroy the Clan Stone and defeat the Clan War.It is unclear whether Maris targeted it or not, but at least Relic was never a two-to-one battle.

Defeating two avant-gardes makes the opponent's inner and rear guards weak.Mist has returned to his base, but Ash and Lunaria are free.

Ash and the others immediately attacked the three inner guards.

Well, shall I go too?Now is your chance. "

Thank you very much.

When Mist smiled at Hayato, he turned into a big bat and flew out of the fort.

It will take some time to arrive, but if we join Ash and Lunaria, it will be quite powerful.

The three Central Guards are retreating and attacking Ash and the others with bows and magic.It's not an attack, it's a stop.

They use arrows to shoot through the opponent's shadow and use "shadow bindings" that temporarily prevent them from moving, and "rose thorns" that intertwine with the opponent.

But the pause is not very effective.Because Dite will soon be unlocked with sacred magic.

Whether they realized there was no point, or whether they felt dangerous watching Mist join them, two of the three Central Guards abandoned their attack and ran toward the fort.All the equipment has changed sometime, and the movement speed has increased.

And the remaining one turned into a miserable black armor and spread a black circle on the ground.Ash and Lunaria who touched it suddenly slowed down.

"Huh? What is that?

"I don't know, but something is unfolding to slow the movement.Did you let them escape at the expense of one? "

Hayato was impressed by Esha's answer, I see.Shortly afterwards, Len made a pretty excited voice.

"It's the armor of the curse!You won't be able to move, but you'll need to expand the field around to lower your movement speed!Extremely Rare Gear! I want it!

Do you have any cursed rare gear?

Hayato, let's take it away!If you hit the Dragon Curse, you may lose your gear!Let Mr. Relic steal it!

"... no, I don't think Relic can afford that, so give it up."

Curse Gear cannot be made with Blacksmith skill.Sure, taking away the rare equipment is part of the plan, but I don't think we can afford it.

In the first place, the two Central guards and the three back guards are retreating and approaching a place where Relics and the black attire are fighting.

"No, that might be a good idea.It seems to me that winning this black outfit is tough.Evacuate using the shrinkage to those equipped with the curse.Then let's take it away. "

(Wow, you can use it to escape.It's too versatile and scary)

"Well, if that's the case, please."

"I did it! I'll take it!Uhihihi...!

That's what Len said when he stepped into the black field of slower movement.It was out of Dragon Curse's active range, so we tried to reach it.

Wait a minute.

Diete grabbed Len's neck inside and threw it out of the black field.Then immediately cast healing magic on Ash and Lunaria.


"Extra greed doesn't come out."

Immediately afterwards, Relic moved in front of the opponent in the armor of the curse.Relic looked curious that he wasn't ready to steal his gear, but he tried to retreat to see if he noticed anything.

Diete cast magic "Protection" and healing magic that cut the Relic 10% of its damage.

"I'm sure you'll be able to stand it."

Immediately after Diete said so, there was an explosion centered on the target.They did as much damage as the field that slowed them down.

(Suicide bombing!?

An item that Hayato has also used to self-destruct and deal damage.Affected by the opponent's Defense, but powerful enough to deal almost the same damage as your HP.

Relic, Ash, and Lunaria were involved, but none of them were defeated by HP, Gear, or Dite's magic.However, only Relics with low defense are dying.I told you, I just put up with it.

If Len had been involved, it wouldn't have helped.Len saved his life thanks to Diete.Did you notice that? Len is surprised by the clumsiness.


"Ren-kun, stay calm.Lancelot seems to have fallen, so you'd better think that barbarian is coming.Ash, keep your potion.My recovery won't be in time. "

Diete tells Ash and the others as she casts healing magic.

Hayato then turned to the enemy near Clanstone.As Diete said, I confirmed that Lancelot is just black particles.The opponent's Clan Stone also has HP settings, but it appears to be down by about half.

Shortly afterwards, as Diete predicted, a barbarian man appeared in front of Ren.And shake the axe.


"You can only stop it for a moment."

Diete was bare and released the Weapon Skill "Low Kick".Stops the barbarian movement with that attack.

"Ren-sama, Diet-sama, please step back to your side.I'll cover you. Mr. Mist will escort Mr. Ren. "

Esha said that while peeking at Belzeve's scope on the roof of the fort.

"Okay. Let's pull it back.Let's go, Mr. Ren. "

"I'll buy you some time, in the meantime."

The mist who arrived at the front line attacked the barbarian man in the shape of a bat.

Hayato was a little confused by the dazzling situation.

The opponent's tactics, too, are sophisticated, including how to switch gear and attack.It's not just the barbarian man of the leader, but everyone is dealing with it in a similar way.

(I didn't expect to use it until suicide bombing.But you can almost defeat the rear guard with a combination of shrinkage, curse gear, and suicide bombers.I couldn't easily prepare a cursed rare item or a suicide bomber item in the first place, but if I could do that, it would be cheap.)

I don't know about the curse gear, but I know a lot about suicide bomber items.That is not something that can be prepared so easily.We need to use a lot of rare items to make it.

(I don't think everyone has suicide bomber items, but should I assume they do?But even if you have it, you can't deal with it.)

"Hayato, I'm out of potion!We're going back to the fort to fix it!

"Okay. If you return to your position, Esha will cover you.Hurry back. "

Two of the enemy's bodyguards and three of their backers are retreating.I want to fold it all at once because I have defeated three opponents, but I have a lot of resistance in addition to what I think.Hayato thought it would not be a mistake to pull once.

It's a new division.

Hayat waited for everyone to retreat, thinking so.