Everyone was retreating, but Mist was the only one against the barbarians.It's time to buy.But it'll be over soon.The mist was defeated by the barbarians.

The opposing barbarian returned to the fort after defeating the Mist without coming after him.

Hayato thinks Hayato is resurrecting the defeated Mist as he decides to return to rebuild at last.

Esha is holding a gun at the fort.To intercept them as soon as they come after us.In that position, Esha opened her mouth.

"It's been a long time since you've had a good time.That's what I said about ranking first. "

"Even in this state, are you looking from above?I think he's a tough guy. "

"I've done this before in the Clan War."

"Was the previous Clan War really the Clan War I knew?

From Hayato's point of view, this battle has different dimensions.It's a good level to say that the game is different than that.I thought it was a role-playing game, but it was a fighting game.That's the difference.

Especially when it comes to judgment at a glance.Diete was quick to judge and defend many of his allies.

If you hadn't used Damage Cut and HP Heal magic on Relics, you might have fallen in that suicide attack.Also, it would have been a good decision to throw Len out of range.

Maris has been defeated, but it is also assertive to send Lancelot to Cranstone to avoid making Relics a two-to-one situation.

If I thought so, I received a chat request from the other clan's leader.

Hayat allows the application with a genuine interest in talking to the other person.

"Are you sure you're the clan leader in Daedalus?

"Yes, I'm sure.Are you the leader of Bandit?

"That's right. Hey, it's been a while.You did meet him at the clan application facility, right?

"Thank you for that time.I didn't think he was the number one clan leader. "

"I wonder if that's each other.I didn't expect the rumored golden dragon to be in your clan.I didn't know it was NPC.It was a blind spot. "

"But you knew what to do, right?I didn't expect you to knock back the dragon bracelet. "

"It was a bet.Well, thanks to everything I've heard from the beginner hunting clan.I gave you the penalty money instead.It was a lot of expense, but I didn't get my first missed. "

(You mean you paid over 100 million G?Wow. Well, I don't think even that beginner clan knows how to deal with it - no, they said it was a bet, so you just asked me about the situation.Because the motion is long, I thought I could handle it with a knockback.)

"Well, it's going to be the second half of this fight, but aren't you coming out?Looks like he's with the maid's NPC. "

(Don't you know I'm in production? - No, I'm not.)

They pay over 100 million G in in-game currency to get information about Ash.I don't think Hayato has looked into himself.

In other words, it is highly likely that the other person is pretending to be unknown after examining Hayato.I don't know why you're doing this, but I'm sure you're expecting to spill some information.

"I can't fight in the production job at all, so I don't have to get into the head count - you know, I've done a lot of research, right?

There is no response from the barbarian man.But soon I heard a voice that chewed up the laughter.

"Hey, that's awesome.When I lied, I thought I'd point out it was a lie and make you feel ashamed. "

You have a good personality.

"Sorry, sorry. Well, I'm going to do a lot to win, so flush it in the water.That doesn't sound like a spiritual shake, so I'll stop chatting.I'm not being fair, but let's do our best together. "

"Yeah, let's do our best.But we'll win. "

"Say it! But it's the same here.Bye. "

When they said so, they disconnected themselves from the chat.

(I don't know whether the calculation is expensive or good.I can't lose anyway - well, I didn't do anything)

While doing so, Ash and the others were back.Everyone is on the roof, replenishing items, etc.

And it was Len who looked like she was crying.

"Ah, um, I'm sorry!I just put out an extra lust and put everybody in danger!

"I'm the one who told you to take the curse gear.It's not bad for Ren-sama.Hayato, I'll scold you. "

"No, why are you talking on the assumption that I'm angry?I wasn't going to let you disarm me if I couldn't take my armor.Besides, I'm the one who gave permission, so if I'm responsible for what I did, I'm the one who did it.I won't scold you both.Rather... "

Hayato looks at Dite.Diete, who had no particular expression on her face, looked strange to Hayato.

"I guess I did my best, huh?

"I thought I'd say thank you.Diete-chan's response allowed us to retreat without Maris and Lancelot being defeated.Thank you. "

Diete rounded her eyes to Hayat's words.Rather than being surprised, it was the expression that stopped thinking.But I can smile right away.

I see. Well, that's not enough to say thank you.Let's think about the next battle rather than that.Do we fight the same way?

I don't know if it was a cover or if I really thought it wasn't enough to thank you, but Diete changed her story.

We certainly don't have much time, so we'll move on.

"How should we fight the second half of the war?About half of the Cranstones have been destroyed, but they should not be considered if time runs out.Are you winning total damage?

"No, I think I've lost a total amount of damage.The opponent's suicide bombing worked pretty well.I'm glad nobody fell, but that should have reversed it. "

I wonder if Ash's answer is correct.But that's a problem.We must attack from here.It is obviously more advantageous to fight on your own in Esha's area of attack, but that is not the case.

"In the second half of the battle, I'll go out to the field and fight."

Did you read Hayat's mind? Esha said that.

"The opponent's shrinkage is dangerous, but they've defeated two avant-gardes and one Nakamori.If I had an escort, I'd be able to handle it. "

"Who cares if I say escort?That barbarian just killed Mist, didn't he?

"It's embarrassing, but Ash is right.Even at night, I can't beat that barbarian one-on-one.Nevertheless, I didn't use Dragon Blood earlier. "

"Can I win with it?

"If the opponent fights.Probably run away after using it.Unfortunately, they seem to be equipped to increase their travel speed and cannot be pursued. "

"There weren't many Dragon Bloods.Wasn't it a waste to use it just to protect Esha? "

After that, I had various opinions, but there was no response.However, it was a waste to leave Esha at the base, so Relic decided to escort her.

And the general policy is also determined.

First of all, the barbarians and black attire who used the shrinkage were ignored and the operation was aimed at the inner guard and the rear guard.It is our policy to minimize the beneficial effects of improving the abilities of our allies.Afterwards, target the Clan Stone.

"Destroy barbarians and black costumes and aim for Clan Stones.I'm not going to let you get away with that. "

We must create a situation in which we must fight to defeat barbarians who can use shrinkage land and move fast.The easiest thing to do is target the Clanstone.

"All right, let's go.Hayato stay here and try to resurrect Mist.If you're in a fortress, you won't be subject to shrinkage. "

"I feel pathetic, but I get it.Everybody be careful. "

Ash and the others left Hayat behind and left the fort.