Hayat confirms Ash and the others from above the fort.

There is Lunaria in the center with Ash on the left and Mist on the right.There was a relic a little behind it, and Dite, Esha, and Ren behind it.

There is no movement on the other side.He is defeating two avant-gardes and one inner guard, so there are seven opponents.These are eight people because Maris and Lancelot have been defeated, but Hayato can't fight, so the numbers are mutually reinforcing.

Ash and the others enter the enemy line.But no one's coming out yet.And Esha and the others joined the enemy.

I hear a voice chat in Hayato's ear.

"Well then, I'm going to have to team up here.Everything in the field here is my area of attack. "

"Then I'll escort Esha here, too.If anything happens to Dite or Ren-sama, I'll escort you there. "

Esha and Relic fought as soon as they entered the enemy line.This alert allows an attacker to attack in all directions from the center of the field.

And Ash stops walking and looks at Esha.

"Asha, how long does it take for Destroy to shoot?

Fifteen minutes is impossible.

"If you can shoot me, put on a barbarian or black outfit.They can't tear down their HP and take it down. "

"I see. Stop me and I'll shoot."

Ash nodded at the words of Esha and then proceeded towards the opponent's fort.

Shortly afterwards, barbarians and black attire emerged from the fort.And he immediately appeared in front of Asha and Relic, using the shrinkage.Barbarians in front of Esha, black clothes in front of Relics.

Esha quickly flies to the left and moves to roll on the ground.And as he regained his posture, he shot the Barbarians with one knee down.Besides, it's shooting.

A barbarian man holds a huge axe called Lovelous like a shield and prevents its attack.

Esha repeated the attack over and over again.

Belzeve is a magic gun, so loading bullets is not necessary, but it consumes magic to shoot.While attacking, Esha held a bottle of melon juice in her left hand and threw the cork out of her mouth before she quickly started drinking it.

Relic was fighting a man in black, so it seemed difficult to escort Esha, but Esha felt like she could handle it.

Change of plans! Lunaria, escort Esha and the others!Me and Mist are after Cranstone!Target the others in black!

When Ash shouted, he ran along with Mist toward the opponent's fort.On the way, Mist became a giant bat and flew in the sky.They headed straight for the roof of the fort.

Esha's shooting stopped.I was shooting while restoring my magic, but my MP ran out more intensely.Did you see that? A barbarian man moved fast to Esha.And shake the axe.

"I won't let you."

Lunaria appeared in front of Esha.Then he lay down on his side and took the barbarian axe.There was a loud noise of metal hitting, but no damage.

Esha, run.

Esha nodded and distanced herself from the barbarians while drinking melon juice.

Immediately afterwards, Lunaria shakes the black swordfield alongside Dito at high speed.It's not just one attack.A series of high-speed attacks attacked the barbarians.

The barbarians will only defend themselves.

But the barbarians took a short distance.He then headed for Hayato's fort at considerable speed.

Relic tries to use the shrinkage with the intention of chasing it, but the black outfit releases a low kick to stop it.

Esha also attacked a barbarian man, but she couldn't target him at the speed of his movement and couldn't hit him.

As soon as I saw it, the barbarians approached the fort.

(No, I'm the only one in the fort.)

A barbarian man will arrive at this fort in a few seconds.Definitely targeting Cranstone. Destroying it will win under any circumstances.Hayato will be defeated in a single blow even if he gets in the way of destruction.A few seconds if I can buy time.

"Asha, please aim at me!Mr. Hayato, prepare the tomato juice!

Understand via voice chat from mist.Hayato stopped by the coffin with tomato juice.

Esha threw away a few bottles of melon juice today, targeting the mist who came back from the opponent's fort.Then he fires three critical shots and keeps shooting into the mist.

The attack turned Mist into particles of light and vanished, but ashes appeared in the coffin in the fort.

Hayato quickly sprinkles the ash with tomato juice.

As the barbarian man came to the roof, the mist was resurrected.

"I didn't know vampires had such hands.You mean you can't be resurrected if you break the coffin?

"I won't let that happen.I rarely see such bedding. "

Mist drinks Dragon Blood.The main use is as a special magic medium, but vampires drank it to greatly improve their status.And now it's night. Mist is the strongest.

Mist slightly pulled Rapier out and pointed his sword at the barbarian man.I usually get a lot of contact with my body with bare hands and bats, but now I have a Rapier with a graceful behavior.

And at the next moment, the metal sounds almost simultaneously echoed three times.Rapier's Weapon Skill, Triple Strike.It was a three-step highway, but the opponent took all of it.

I'll do it.

"That's you."

And the battle between the Mist and the barbarians began.

I have no choice but to stay out of my way.

Hayat thought so and left the two of them.Just in case, it's near the Cranstone, but it probably won't help.

And things were moving in the field.

Ash entered the enemy fort.

Hayat cannot see the situation, but I know that some battle has begun.

And on the field, black attire and relics were fighting.

Relics can't win one-on-one, but now there are Lunaria, Ren, and Dite nearby.And there was Esha's backup shot.Relics with support will have no dust to lose.

And now, Len's curse magic is eroding the black outfit.I'm sharpening my HP pretty quickly.The man in black drank a high-quality elixir, but he didn't recover in time.

Even if we escape in the shrinkage, everyone is nearby and there is no escape.The man in black became a particle of light and disappeared.

"Shouldn't I go back to defense?The one in black has been defeated.

"I can't believe I took him down.Well, I don't know what to do. "

I don't think we can afford it because we're moving pretty fast together, but Mist and the barbarians are talking as they fight.

And Esha and the others started heading towards the fort.Hayato wonders if he will enter the fort and target the Clanstone because there are no more enemies on the field.

There are two inner guards and three rear guards left in the fort.They are attacking with a bow from above the fort, but it is not a threat.We'll get into the fort without a problem.

The idea was correct, and everyone but Esha entered the opponent's fort.

Esha is drinking melon juice outside somehow.When he finished drinking, he stood on his knees facing east, not to the north, near the entrance to the other side's fort.