Another Frontier Online

The end of the battle

What's Esha doing?

Hayat twisted his head at Esha's behavior.

"Well, let me pull it for a moment.I don't think I can win as it is.But just in case, let's take down one of them. "

Hayato stands up to the words of the barbarians.Did Mist think the same? He moved to cover Hayato.

But it seemed different, and the barbarians immediately turned to the field and moved their gaze towards Esha.

You're going to run away in the shrinkage!No, that's why Esha...!

Right now, there's only Esha on the field.But it's been fifteen minutes since then.Hayato was sure he was drinking a lot of melon juice.

"Esha, let's go!

Hayato communicates to Esha via voice chat.


Esha fires Destroy in the direction of nobody.Ten magical formations, large and small, lined up from the gunpoint.There's nothing further ahead, but that's fine.

Shortly afterwards, a barbarian man appeared in front of Esha.Just ahead of the muzzle.

The barbarian man who realized it distorted his face.

A bullet of light was fired from Belzeve with the sound of a cannon, destroying ten magical formations, large and small, of each barbarian.At the same time, Esha retreats to slip on the ground with its power.

"I thought your husband would know."

Well, it just so happens.

Shrinkage is a move that moves in front of the target.The target becomes the opponent in the field.At present, there is only Asha on the field, and I could have expected a barbarian man to move in front of Asha.So Esha was waiting to prepare for Destroy.

Besides, Mr. Mist looks tired too.I believed I could get rid of that barbarian. "

"That's an excessive word.Well, thanks to Hayato's dragon blood... "

As Mist said, there was a loud explosion in the opponent's fort.

"Hayato, I'm sorry! Suicide bombed inside the base!Relic, Ren, and Diete!Only me and Lunaria are left!

"Are you okay!?

"He's alive, but there are still two of them!Cranstone will take a little longer to destroy, so be careful!

"Oh, that's okay, the other leader..."

A barbarian man was waving an ax in front of him the moment he tried to say so.


Destroy is definitely a killer against humanoid characters.But Hayato saw a barbarian man with an axe in his eyes.

Esha kicks the ground to run backwards.Then he rolled back and put his gun on one knee.But even if you pull the trigger, the bullet won't come out.

(I don't have MP right after using Destroy...!

Hayato's guess is correct.Esha's MP is almost zero.My MP is gradually recovering because I'm eating sweet food, but I'm not ready to attack yet.

You know that, the barbarian man approached Esha at once.Then he shakes his ax again.

Hayato thought it bad, but the axe was never shaken down.Lunaria emerged from the opponent's fort before it was shaken down.

The barbarian man wouldn't have stopped the attack, but there's a reason he stopped.

Lunaria's Aron Dite sword is unusually large.Looking closely, the swordsman wasn't getting bigger, but the black aura on the swordsman was gathered together and looked huge.Also, the jewels embedded in the Arondite pattern are shining more than ever before.

The barbarian man did not attack Esha and quickly distance himself.You must be feeling some kind of abnormality.But it was meaningless.

Lunaria moved in front of the barbarians like a shrink.

And Lunaria flashes the barbarian man in Alondite.The barbarian man fell short of being attacked with a weapon.

Hayat thought that the barbarians would become particles of light, but for some reason light came from above to the fallen barbarian man.And the wings come down.

Feather of the Feather? Is that why you were safe after taking Esha's Destroy.....)

The Feather of the Feather, which the brave Ivan also had.Items that can be revived automatically on the spot.

Sacred Magic Revives cannot be used in Clan Wars.They become particles of light and disappear when they are hit, so they cannot be chosen for resuscitation.

As far as the situation was concerned, the Feather didn't seem to be a problem, and it seemed like an item that could be revived in Clan Wars.

(Since the vampire mist can be resurrected, there must have been another way.Damn, I didn't notice.But...)

I don't know how many items I have, but Hayato wondered if I could beat Lunaria now, even if I could be resurrected.

It seems that Lunaria is the Devil King that I can't imagine normally.

"Looks like Lunaria's Alondite seal has been completely solved."

"Does Mr. Mist know about the Alondite in that condition?

"Yeah, well. I've never seen it before, but can I say that it's the true appearance of Alondite?The opponent's suicide bombing killed five people, including Maris and Lancelot.It's all about empowering the Alondites.It would be nearly twice as powerful. "

"I'm glad you're on my side."

"That's right. If you are hostile, you should defeat Lunaria first."

"I want to think about it in a way that's not hostile."

(Is that the Demon King?Instead of transforming, the sword gets stronger.Regardless, that barbarian has been defeated by Lunaria, whether he is resurrected or not.)

The Feather is used automatically, forcing the player to resurrect.Normally, that would be fine, but now that you're looking at someone you can never win, you can say that you're wasting an item.

"Avenge everyone....!

Hayato sympathizes with the opponent.And I wanted Ash to destroy the Cranstone quickly.

The prayer passed, or the Cranstone was destroyed at the opponent's fort.Then the paper snow blows and the fireworks rise.

All right!

Hayato looks at it and holds her right hand tightly in a guzzle pose.

I'm glad I won, but I'm more likely to stay in fifth place after losing the next Clan War.Within the fifth place, you'll get an Anniversary prize.You can make your dreams come true.

(I can't thank everyone.I have to thank you properly.)

Hayato was looking at the fireworks floating in the night sky as he thought so.