The day after the clan war with the ranked number one ended, Hayat was counting points at his base many times.

You earned a lot of points by winning the top clan and are now ranked first.Nevertheless, there is only one Clan War left.Hayato does not need to come first.All you have to do is get within five places of the prize.

Hayato calculates points while predicting current points, points below second place, and how much variation is likely in the next Clan War.

And, not absolutely, but to some extent, the situation was discovered.

It means that even if you lose the next clan war, you will never go below the fifth place.In other words, there is a high probability of winning a prize at this time.If you don't, you'll only have to compete against a clan with a lower ranking and exchange points for Giant Killing rules.

Hayat exhaled a great deal at the fact, and chewed in joy.

There is no reason to fight a low ranking clan at this point.Random matches can only be matched against the same rank, so don't worry.

(I was wondering what would happen if the Black Dragon was kicked out, but I didn't really think I'd get a prize.)

Hayat was aiming for a prize for his dream.Until I quit my job.Normally, you wouldn't imitate it.But Hayato, who had doubts about his way of life, bet on the game for a certain subsistence.

It's only luck if you really get the prize.But Hayat grabbed it brilliantly.And it was definitely thanks to the NPCs and the members of the Black Dragon.

We need to thank Esha and Nay.

Hayato thought so and began preparations for tonight's celebration.

On that day, there was an unusual announcement from the operation.

In the next Clan War, all clans will be randomly matched against the same rank, and the opponent will not know until they play.Some of the players may have been offended, but as Hayato, it's not a problem.

Rather, it is a thankful rule because the ranking number one may be asked to fight by another clan.

(To prevent eight hundred years of giant killing, right?I don't think a clan in fifth place will deliberately lose to a low ranking clan, but the prize is the prize.Sometimes you have to be threatened in the real world.)

Hayato made that decision because he had experience of threats like the one at the time of the Bloodnites.

(Nevertheless, as far as I'm concerned, I was saved.Is it too lucky to be ranked first before the last battle - or too lucky?

You might say it's too convenient for Hayato.It is enough to say that the operation is intervening for Hayato.In particular, it is too coincidental for ranking first and third in the previous battle to match.

However, there is no match, and there is no battle for eight centuries.The NPC is a member of the clan, but the opposing team has come to defeat us with all their might.Hayat thinks he couldn't intervene there.

(If I had intervened, what would happen if they found out?The prize will be revoked... but that won't work.)

Operations favoured some players.That would be a burning case.Not only that, but there's a prize in this game.Hayato is not familiar with it, but he may be guilty of some kind of law if he is guilty.

(It's just a conjecture, but I'll talk to Dite today.If there is a connection with management, I think it is Dite)

Hayat was convinced of the truth.I finally realized the discomfort I felt when I first met him.After the celebration, I decided to talk to Dieter alone.

The celebration is very exciting.Defeating number one in the rankings is likely to have an impact.Everyone enjoyed cooking and chatting.

"Ren, it's against the rules to put a bucket pudding in an item bag.Put it back on the table.One for each. "

"Even Asha put cake in an item bag for each hole!

"Well, look at my Siegfried and calm down - you know, Lunaria, aren't you trying to put my kid in an item bag?

"... because of my mind.But it's a classic for a demon king to take a princess.Whatever happens, it's natural. "

"It's really interesting to see you guys.It's quite interesting. "

"Recently, I often hear about strange trends in dragons, but don't you know anything about relics or mists?

"I've heard that at the Butler and Bandit Guilds, but they don't seem to know anything about it."

"You haven't heard such stories in the Magic Land.The Magic Kingdom is like a Pluto, but it's a big one. "

Apart from the chat, he seems to be talking a lot, but it seems to be generally popular.

Meanwhile, Diete approached Hayato.

"Hayato, what can I do for you?I can feel my gaze from earlier. "

"You're being rude to women.Actually, I need to talk to you about something.Could you give me a minute after the celebration?

"It's not a confession of love, is it?

"It's not shady, and don't say that - perhaps you have a hunch?

Diete's face looks evil and looks like she's smelling.

I see. I look forward to it.Of course I don't mind. Hayato, why don't we spend as much time as we can for you? "

"So don't say that - see, Ren-chan looks at us like a hunter."

Four people, Esha, Ren, Maris, and Lunaria, were watching Hayato as they ate the cake.

"I think those two are suspicious, but what do you think of Esha!?

"I think it would be nice to have Ash next to your husband."

"Goats and donkeys look good on Hayato!

"This cake is delicious."

I hear you, guys.

Hayato thought so and prepared a new dish that was being eaten.

After the celebration, Hayato and Dite remained in the cafeteria.

Hayato asks Diete to sit on the chair and puts coffee in front of her.

"Thank you. So what's the story?

I wondered how to cut it out, but Hayato decided not to go far and ask straight.

"Is Diete-chan connected to running this game?

Perhaps the word "running the game" is AI protected and probably not heard by the NPC.Hayat gazed at Diete to see if he could really hear or pretend not to hear.

But I didn't have to.Diete confessed with a smile.

"You seem to have been discovered.Exactly. I am connected to the operation of this game, that is, to God. "

What was wrong with that attitude was that Diete drank coffee slowly.Then he stares at Hayato.

"By the way, where did you notice that?I've heard it with a lot of certainty. "

"When I first met you, Diete-chan wanted me to be in fifth place.That is the ranking of real-world prizes.A game dweller can't say such a thing.I may have said it properly, but it caught me.I've noticed it recently. "

"I see, it was by accident.You're absolutely right.Within the fifth place, it was the ranking where the prize could be won in real life.It was something I couldn't say without knowing the reality. "

Diete-chan is NPC, or AI?Or is someone manipulating it?

"I'm an AI.That's for sure. Is that all you have to ask?

"Something is bothering me.Can the NPC connected to the operation put it on the shoulder of a specific player?I think it's gonna be a big deal if they find out.

"What's the big deal?

"Worst case scenario is exposing it online, burning it up, and closing the service."

As for Hayato, it is difficult to get a prize on top of that, but I think it is even more difficult to end the service and not meet Asha.

I'll never see you again, because it's the same as death.

Don't worry about Hayato, Diete can't afford to smile.

"Rest assured, there is no end to service to that extent.I don't think they'll find out.Even if Hayato posted it online, who would believe it?Immediately erase any information that is problematic.You don't have to do it if you blame the world for something like that.Let's be clear: no such players. "

"That's a lot of energy.But wouldn't it be hard to keep the game going if there were fewer players?I don't know how many people are involved, but I think we need their salaries and server maintenance. "

The server is simply the computer that serves the game.The player will be playing the game by connecting to this server online.

If you reproduce the five senses in real life and become a server that handles many high-performance AIs, you will need a server with considerable performance.The performance of existing computers also makes it impossible to have a single server.It is likely to be realized using hundreds of servers.Proportionally, it costs money to maintain the server.

Without players, they will not be able to earn money, they will not be able to pay the salaries and server maintenance costs of those involved in the operation, and they will eventually have to terminate the service.

"That's not true.This game is not made up of player bills. "

"... eh?

"Didn't you hear me?This game is not made up of player bills.If the player is gone, the service will not end. "

"That's ridiculous."

Hayato put what he thought into his mouth.I think about how it is made up, but I can't think of it.I wondered if it was made for some kind of research, or if it was made up of some kind of national project, or taxes.

"Well, Hayato, I have something to say to you."

"Oh, oh, what?

"Hayato, there's someone I want you to meet.No, it's more AI than people.I intend to meet that AI in the next Clan War.I can't because I'm not ready yet. "

"... what are you doing here?

"I'm just talking.Hayato, even if you lose the next clan war, your ranking will be within five.I assure you that.I mean, you're qualified. "

"Are you qualified?

"If you give the right answer, you have a wonderful world waiting for you.Keep looking forward to it. "

"Say what?"

"Looks like I've been here a long time.I'll let you go home today.The coffee was delicious. "

Diete said so and left the base.

Maybe Hayat should have kept it, but Hayat didn't.Because I thought I wouldn't answer even if I asked about it in detail.

Hayat leaves his body behind the back of the chair.And I tried another cup of coffee.

"Are you home at last?"


Suddenly Esha came into the dining room from outside.Hayato is surprised at it.

"Um, what's wrong?

"Yes, I've been waiting for you to try the star four dishes again.I was thinking of taking Belzeve and assaulting him because Diete-san couldn't make it home.Master Diete saved your life. "

"Is that why you have a gun? Wait, I'll bring you four stars. "

"Even the five stars are fine.

"Isn't that what Esha and the others ate?But if there's anything left, I'll bring it. "

Hayato felt vague anxiety about Diete's words, but felt that she had been saved a little by the usual shade.I didn't want to thank you for that, but I thought I'd give you five star dishes as much as possible.