A week has passed since Diete confessed to being an NPC connected to operations.

Hayato thought Diete would do something like distance, but that didn't happen.They came to the base the next day as usual.

And Diete asked me to take her to the scenic spot.From Dite's point of view, the last place I went seemed completely inadequate, so I continued to take Hayato around various places.

I've been escorting Ash and the others to various locations over the past week, but Diete has no suspicious activity.Rather, being normal worried Hayato's feelings, but Dite didn't seem to care at all.

And Diete came again today.

"Well, Hayato, where are we going today?Choose from these. "

Diete spread the map.There are red circles everywhere, so it's a great spot to see.

I can't tell Diete what she's up to.After all, Hayato gave up everything he had to do to meet the AI he wanted to see during the next Clan War.I've been on guard all week in the first place, so I'm tired.

"Um, is there a place in here where Adamantite could dig?


"You told me that Lunaria broke the brave Excalibur, didn't you?I think the sword is still broken, so Lunaria wants to fix it.That's the ingredient collection.If it's not in here, I have to go where I went before. "

"Is that so? And here it is.This is a place where no light can reach, called the Dark Hole.Located in the heart of a vast forest in the Magic Land, it takes time to travel, but you can definitely dig Adamantite. "

"Is there such a place?I don't know why it's such a spectacular spot, but let's go - yes, Ash and the others can't go this time.Looks like there's a lot of real dragon hunting going on, and there's something suspicious about the hard-line dragons. "

"So Maris and Lancelot are the only guards?I think that's tough. "

"Lunaria is supposed to escort me this time.It was originally Lunaria's request, and the place to go seems to be in the territory of the Devil's Land, and it might have been just right. "

"The Demon King is a lot more luxurious than a guardian."

Diete laughs at that.Hayato looked like an ordinary woman with the diet everywhere.

(NPCs that are connected to operations... but are normal NPCs that are everywhere in terms of normal behavior.I asked you to join the clan in the first place, but what kind of idea did you have?And what do you think of the world of this game?

There are NPCs that know this is virtual reality.And it's connected to operations.However, it exists as an unlimited NPC in the game.It's a game that has an AI protection mechanism, but Diete doesn't have anything to do with it.

Hayato didn't know what setting Dite was in.Looking at Dite, it looks like you're just enjoying this virtual reality.

(Perhaps the very fact that they are working with AI in the first place is a lie...)

Hayato thought so and proceeded with his preparations.

Hayato, Maris, Dite, Lunaria and Lancelot were resting in the vast forest.

I'm not tired of virtual reality.I was aiming for the "Dark Hole" while defeating the monsters that were attacking me, but I had a little mental problem so I decided to rest.

The reason is simple. A giant spider appeared and Hayato felt sick.But that might have been helpless.A little spider, anyway, was too big on the real thing to catch my blood.

Though I feel pathetic, I am stunned by the three people who seem perfectly fine.

"Are you all right?

"I think it's cute.

"Does Maris have bad eyes?

"If you have eight legs, it is acceptable.This Magic Sword is Aron Dite's rust.But if there's a giant squid, I'll run away.That's the Demon King. "

"Well, I don't like squid, either, but you're the Devil King, right?

Even if it's virtual reality, it's too real and scary.If it had been a giant squid, it would probably have fainted.

Hayato was curious about Dite.Basically, Diete is not surprised.Compared to other AI, it seems to be more AI, so I was interested on the contrary.

"Is there anything Dite doesn't like?

"Not good? No, nothing in particular.It's probably a spider, but I don't think it's anything in particular.I don't think she's as cute as you, Maris. "

"Aren't there anything scary or disgusting or something like that?

For some reason, Lunaria raised her right hand vigorously.

I'm afraid of ghosts.

"If I remember correctly, Lunaria was the Devil King, right?

"Yeah, I play Demon King 24/7.Oh, yeah, do you have an autograph?I'm good at practicing because everybody told me to. "

"No, that's not what I said.You're afraid of ghosts because of the Demon King, so ironically - no, don't push on the signature paper because you don't need it. "

(I was pressed against an item I couldn't throw away....)

I feel like I'm lost in the setting of interpersonal phobia, but once I forgive myself, it's probably the type of thing that's okay.It is a good trend to talk a lot, but every time I open my mouth, the Shame of the Demon King rises.It's already stopped today.

Diete opened her mouth to break the situation, even though she might not have felt the atmosphere.

"Unlike things, I don't like unexpected things, or I don't like them.I just stop thinking a little.When Hayato told me about Dite, I stopped moving a little bit. "

"Heh, that's what this is all about."

(Unexpected, huh?It also looks like AI)

"Mr. Hayato! You can call me Maris!

"When Maris came to the store, she said it was okay, right?

"I recommend Lunaria.Rather mandatory. "

"I did it bravely, but don't think I'll be bothered by the base - I think it's time to go."

Hayato and the others headed for the Dark Hole with Maris and Lunaria slightly off their shoulders.

"So you could dig Adamantite?

"Well, I managed to dig up the amount I needed.I asked Lunaria to be responsible and give it to the brave. "

Hayat has returned to his stronghold, Brick Fort.And I'm explaining things to Asha.

Regarding mining in the Dark Cave, Hayato and Dite spent considerable time digging out Adamantite.

(In this mining, Diete-chan turned out to be a cheat or rather a problematic character.You can adjust your skills on the spot.That's enough to make a fool of a player.Well, it is natural to say that it is a character of management)

It turns out that Diete can change her skills to her liking.The limit of the skill sum is 1000, but you can freely change the number of all skills.

He only played with numbers on the spot when he had 100 Ore Knowledge Skills and 100 Fighting Skills.Naturally, the status of STR and DEX can also be changed.

(The problem is that I put an NPC like that in my clan.Diete-chan said she'd never find out unless I told her.)

Hayato sees 10,000 people involved in the game Anazar Frontier Online.It is the number of people including development, maintenance, operation, etc.

Is it possible to say that so many people are involved and no information is leaked from anywhere?Sin consciousness, information leaks, human errors - there is an absolute possibility that information will be leaked.And Diete said she would never.

It is an impression that is impossible for Hayato.

(However, when the game was released, they said there could be no other developers or game operators.Rumor has it that every country has looked for a game developer.As far as the news is concerned, you don't know that.There are stories that even the operating company "Aphrodite" doesn't know where it is in the first place.Now it's a game full of mysteries.)

This "Analyzer Frontier Online" is a technology that is several generations ahead from current levels.Certainly, there were places where I was trying to steal the technology in a way other than a frontal attack.

However, the person who took the method is exposed to information and suffers from a painful tail.At the beginning of the game, such news was crowding the public.

In addition, it is impossible to analyze the headgear for playing games.It was a thorough attempt to delete all information if it was to be analyzed.

(It's strange to say that you don't know where the company is, even though it's perfect for everything from game technology to security.I don't even hear people say they work there.No matter how much confidentiality you have, I don't think it's possible to hide it completely.)

As Hayato thought so much, Esha suddenly peered into her face.

"Wow! Hey, what?

"It's nothing.Please come back to your room.Why are you thinking about it here?You can't skip, can you? "

"Don't tell me to skip in front of my employer.

"Honestly, it's good for me."

"... it's bad to skip where you haven't seen it.

If so, it would be Plummy Zero.

I can't beat you with my mouth.Hayato sighed a little and then returned to his room.