Another Frontier Online

Last Clan War

It was less than a week before the last clan war.

Hayato was preparing for a clan war in his room, but he started drinking coffee after a short break.I think it tastes, smells and is the best thing, but lately I have a slightly similar desire to be dissatisfied with it.

Hayat decided to switch his mind as to whether it was greedy to ask so much.

As the announcement was made this time, the opponent will not know until the day, so there will be no announcement.I told the maid captain who would look into the opponent's information that it was not necessary this time, but I came to see Relic.

Of course, I don't have any information so I'll be leaving soon, but I was just saying one thing that bothered me.

I hear there's been a lot of movement around here lately.It was not clear what was wrong, but it was information to the extent that I felt uncomfortable because I usually knew it.

In fact, Hayato feels it too.

Let's start with Ash and the others. There are reports of suspicious dragon movements, and recently the mercenaries have been busy working.

Relic often brought his legs to the Bandit Guild, but there was discomfort there, and Mist and Lunaria also said that the monsters had become a little more active in the Magic Land.

Maris doesn't seem to like it, but the Tamer Alliance seems to be a little active.

(I don't know what the situation is, but are you preparing for the next event after the Clan War event?

Hayato has heard that there have always been events in the game that augur well.Basically, Hayato, who was making items at the base, doesn't know the outside situation as well as when he was shopping.Mostly from Ney.

Diete would have known about the omen, but Hayat didn't.It is already irrevocably privileged, but I want to make it the same as other players whenever possible.Besides, it's not funny to find out.

In addition, Hayato's purpose is to obtain a prize.When that happens, reality becomes busier.You are more likely to play games less often.There is no guarantee that we will be able to hold the next event.

I've been in the game almost all day, but I think if I run a coffee shop, I'll be able to log in a few times a day.

The game proceeds at the same time based on world standard time.Just because it's a game doesn't mean that a real hour is a day in the game.

Hayato's place of residence is the world standard time, so real time is reflected in game time as it is.

(Perhaps you can only log in at night.It was like that before the Clan War, but Esha, the NPCs, are basically daytime activities.There's a chance we won't be able to see each other.)

Hayato drank his coffee while feeling a little lonely and restarted preparations for the next clan war.

Clan War Day.

All the members were gathered in the cafeteria.

Since this was the last battle, everyone's enthusiasm was in trouble.I'm willing to win in order to finish first in the rankings.

Ash saw Hayat.

"This is the last battle.I want a word from Hayato. "

"I want you to stop pretending like that."

But all the members are looking at Hayato with their expectations.I gave up saying I had to say something.

"It's all thanks to everyone that I've been able to produce.I need your help with the last battle. "

That's how Hayat lowered his head.

It will be easy. It's much better than saying good things and slipping, and that's Hayato's assessment, but it seems to have been a pretty good word for everyone.The tension seemed to be rising considerably.

"I can't help it.I will fight for the master who can't do anything.Best wishes for the best sweetness at the celebration. "

When Esha says so, the eyes of the female team gather in Hayato.And I started talking about the sweets I wanted to eat.

Well, I'll make a note of it...

The moment Hayato tried to say that, his vision changed.Transferred to the Clan War Fort.

(It's early today.Sure, Clan War starts at 10: 00 in the morning, but is that the best?

Check out the battlefield on the rooftop for now.Hayat thought so and took everyone up the stairs.

The fields visible from the rooftop were also meadows.A plain meadow without any gimmicks.However, I feel a little uncomfortable.

Only a part of it looks like glass, and the fields are separated.When you look at it, it's three by three nine squares separated by a field.

Since the entire field is one kilometer square in line with the enemy, there are roughly nine spaces of 300 meters square.

"What is this?

No one can answer Hayato's tweets.Everyone was just looking at the field strangely.

But I remembered someone who might only know the circumstances.Hayat saw Dite.

Diete noticed Hayato's gaze, but she didn't say anything and just smiled at her mouth.

What are you thinking?

The moment Hayato tries to speak to Diete in a low voice, the countdown begins.

-What? Isn't it too soon?We don't know anything about placement yet.)

Apart from Hayat, I was in a hurry about it, but it would be even more urgent.When the count went to zero, all but Hayato and Dite disappeared from the roof of the fort.


Hayat was in a hurry, but immediately stroked his chest.Sooner or later, there were Esha and the others on the field.It wasn't gone, it was transferred to the field.Hayato speculated that it might be the gimmick of this field.

While I was reassured, I thought this was bad again.

The field is divided into nine parts.There are only two of them in one space.And it seemed like there was one of us and one of the other.In other words, they are forced to fight one-on-one.

(I don't think Esha and the others will lose, but who are they?The maid captain and the brave?What's going on here?

Esha's opponent was the maid chief.And the demon King Lunaria's opponent is the brave Ivan.

Hayato didn't know who the other members were confronting, but they seemed to know each other.

"Father...! Why are you here?

"It's God's will.Well, that doesn't matter.I'll see how strong it gets.Come and get me. "

(I can hear the other person's voice-- is Ash with his father?Looks like he's wearing a lewd suit. Is that a dragon too?


"Hey, Len, it's been a while.As usual, Bracon?

(Len's opponent - Agres, maybe Tyrannosaurus Agresberg?

"Am I dealing with you?Why are you joining us?

"What, a little curiosity.Besides, isn't it bad to compete outside of chess?Are you serious?You don't want another face wound, do you?

(I've never seen it before, but is chess the guild master of the Bandit Guild?Was it a woman?)

"You can get you out of that cave a lot, right?

"I'll pay anything for it.And I want to know what Mist's power has become.Come on, it's been a while.

Mr. Mist is dealing with a child?You look like a vampire, just like Mr. Mist.

"The evil tamer of that time!It was here, but it's the 100th year!

"It's because I like animals that I'm training my mind to be a demon.And pets. It's not reciprocity - I'll train you too. "

Maris is dressed as a clown, but Tamer?And Lancelot is dealing with a dragon?That clown is like a tame dragon.)

Each member fights one-on-one with a likely cause.There are nine spaces separated by glass.Each was placed in a space other than the middle.And somehow there's only one cranstone in the middle of the space.

"Well, that's an interesting hobby, right?

Diete asked Hayato with a pleasant voice.

"... did the operation do that?

"That's right.Well, I was happy with everyone, but I thought it would be more fun with someone who had a connection.Everyone fights one-on-one and winning more wins in Clan Wars.You see a colorless clanstone in the middle, right?Every time they defeat each other, they dye blue or red.Hayato is blue. [M]If it dyes more than half blue, you win.In other words, if five or more people win, they win the Clan War. "

"Why did you do that?

Apart from whether it's funny or not as gimmick, I don't know what it means to do this.Hayato and Dite aren't there in the first place.We only have an equal number of opponents, and we have two more.

"I told you there's an A.I. I want you to meet.Even if everyone was strong, they couldn't win that easily.Simply put, did I just tell you to buy some time?

"Buying time?

"Yes, I want Hayato to meet with the person I'm going to meet.I don't want anyone disturbing me.Oh, yeah. I can't even chat with you right now, so I can't support you.Now, Hayato, follow me. "

Diete went down the stairs from the roof of the fort.

Hayato only sees the field once.It seems that the battle has already begun, but for some reason I felt like I had eyes on Asha.He was looking at us from the top of the field.

However, shortly afterwards, there was an attack by the maid captain, who put an end to it.I didn't think I could afford to stay here anymore.

(I don't know what's going on, but there's no point in leaving it like this.First, I want you to meet the AI.)

Hayat cheered everyone in his heart only once and then went down the stairs.