"I wonder what happened, Hayato.Can you tell me the answer?

"No, wait.What are you talking about?It's impossible to forget reality and live in a gaming world, right?

"Well, the common sense of this era won't work.Many technologies were lost in just a hundred years.No, I guess we couldn't unite again.Humans are interesting. "

"... what are you talking about?

"Ah, here's the story.Rest assured, I have the technology to manipulate memory.You can't computerize your brain, but you can use cold sleep to log in permanently.Besides, the real body is at ease.I'll manage it in the safest place in the universe. "

Hayat felt fear.Live in the game, forgetting reality.It may be an attractive proposition for some people, but very few can actually tell the difference from reality.I can't trust that such technology exists in the first place.

And Hayato has a dream that he wants to realize in reality.The answer is certain.

"I understand.Just to be clear, this isn't a game event, is it?I hope you don't joke about this later. "

"Of course not.A hundred million in prizes, and you give it to me thinking it's the money I need to tell the difference between reality and reality.And now Hayato is the only one who has similar questions and suggestions to the other top rankings.I would do the same to Hayato if he were my man. "

(I don't know whether it is true or part of the event.But either way, my answer doesn't change.)

"I refuse. I wonder if you're going to live in this world without realizing it."

Diete turns from a smile to a face where her emotions are lost.

"Do you think this is a game event or something?Unbelievable as it may be, there is no doubt about such technology.Hayato, you like this world, don't you?

"I certainly like this world."

Well then...

"But I can't live here without realizing it."

"... what are you talking about?Hayato, how many wonderful things about this world have you shown me?Aren't you impressed?Besides, we are sparing the NPC and the others farewell.If you become a resident of this world, you will never break up?

"That's right. But you can't forget reality.And I have a dream that I want to make real. "

"Dreams? Can't they come true here?It is true that this world is still inferior to reality.They're bound by the rules of the game.But one day, all the rules will disappear and overtake reality.Look at this space.This is the closest space to reality.Unfortunately, it can only be achieved in this small space, but we will eventually make all of this world the same as this space. "

Hayato found out the identity of the discomfort.In this space, even breathing and sweating are reproduced in real life.It is certainly the closest space to reality.

"Hayato, I like you.This virtual space is just a collection of data.But you made this virtual reality a reality.You took back a sword that was nothing but data, even though you might lose?You might not have won a real prize because of that, but you did.I was happy.I prioritized virtual reality despite the real risk. "

Dite has a nice face.

"And I refused to give 100 million yen instead of erasing the NPC immediately without thinking about it.You were more than I expected. [M]I really want to embrace you in this world. "

"That may be true, but abandoning reality..."

"Hayato, how valuable is your reality?


"I've had a bit of a look at you in real life.You're from the working-class factory, right?No father, no mother, no blood connections.A person who was only required to work from birth.Or have you ever felt sorry for yourself since you were born?

Hayato also thinks about it.Reality is ruthless. The rank is fixed from birth, and you cannot escape until you die.You can choose a profession, but not a rank.A long time ago, there were similar situations, where there were more freedoms and dreams.

Nevertheless, Hayat does not consider it a pity.Most people do.If you were born on Earth, you wouldn't have to work to be more free, but you don't yearn for it.

"Well, I've never felt sorry for myself."

"- I see, but there is still one.Hayato, you can't move your legs, can you?No, it's not a problem for everyday life, but I can't move quickly because of the fear when I get injured.I expected to be able to move in this virtual reality, but that didn't work.Because it was a mental problem. "

"... you're familiar with it"

Hayato had been involved in an accident before, injuring both legs.It has already healed completely and there is nothing wrong with moving it normally.However, there was no instantaneous action in reality or virtual reality.When you try to move quickly, you remember the accident and your body becomes stiff.

Fighting in this game reflects real physical abilities.This is one of the reasons Hayato chose to configure only his production skills.

"There will be good things in reality.But there are many bad things.Virtual reality gives you what you want. [M]You don't have to work for someone to exploit you, just erase the fear of injury.Think carefully, you can do everything you want.Hayato, what do you want?Was that the dream you were talking about?What makes you a brave man?Or the Demon King? I'll give you what you want. "

It's a fascinating story.

I can reproduce what I want in this virtual space.And if you forget the reality, the only reality for you is this world.In this world, Dite, who can be called God, will make it all come true.It's definitely fascinating.

But Hayato didn't think it would be fun.And it's not what Hayato wants to do.

"Sorry, no matter how good it is, I won't say no."

Diete stares at Hayato.In virtual reality, Hayato had difficulty breathing at the signs of being close to killing.

"No, I can't.Hayato, you will stay in this world. [M]I'm going to keep an eye on the evolution of this world. "

"What are you talking about?

"I was wrong to let Hayato choose you.This is a decision.I am the god of this world.It's my world I want.That's no exception to Hayato. "

Hayato backs down.Even though they knew it was virtual reality, they said the pressure from Diete was dangerous to Hayato's instincts.

(I don't know what I'm going to do, but it's dangerous.I can't help but force you to log out.)

Hayato tried to force a logout from the system menu, but there was no response.

"Are you trying to force me to log out?Unfortunately, we can't do it in this space or in the passageway earlier.I told you to get as close to reality as you can.It's impossible to log out of reality.Of course, the metastasis is useless. "

(You're kidding, can't log out of the space?Then can we get back to the fort...?You could have logged out during the Clan War.)

Diete approached Hayato with a smile in her mouth.

"Rest assured, I'll just lose my memory of reality.Yes, I am responsible for managing Hayato's body in reality.Don't worry about it. "

"... if I'm gone, you'll get a search request?What if the GPS in your body shows you somewhere?I'm from Factory, and I'm managed like that. "

"Who's going to let it out?You don't work without your parents, do you?Some of you seem to know each other in this world, but I don't think you have any personal information, except your name and appearance. "

(No, that's right.I don't have any good friends in reality, and I don't have anyone to watch out for when I'm gone....)

"Come on, Hayato.Live together in this world.I'm sure you'll like it.I want you to stay here forever. "

Diete approaches Hayato.

I don't know what you're gonna do, but it's probably over if you get caught.Hayat thought so and tried to head towards the door that came in.

But Hayato's feet don't move as much as they want.My consciousness and virtual body fell without matching.

"If you erase the memory of the injury, it will be gone.Become a resident of my world. "


Hayato stays on his back and backs down, but he can't escape the normal walking dite.

Not anymore, that's what I thought.

The door behind Hayato opened momentum.Shortly afterwards, there was a sound of dong and fireworks, and Diete's body blew back.

"Looks like you made it.Master is weak, so don't leave me alone. "


It was Asha with a gun that came in through the door.