Another Frontier Online

Resurrection and waiting

"Master, I'm going to run away.Stand still. "

That's what Asha said, Hayato gets a little calm.I was relieved by the presence of shampoo drinking melon juice as usual.

It is probably the opposite from the standpoint, but it is not the case when you are thinking about such a thing.Hayato stood up after taking a deep breath only once.Then meet with the incoming Asha.

But Diete stood up at the same time.

"Asha-kun, that's terrible.I can't believe I shot you all of a sudden. "

"Nobody shoots after they say they will.What were you trying to do?It's a fine sexual harassment.

"... you've been listening for a while, haven't you?Isn't that a good story for you?Hayato can stay with you forever. [M]I don't know why you're bothering me. "

"I had no idea what you were talking about.Because the words are missing anyway.I only know that your husband has been attacked. "

(Does that mean you didn't hear it with AI protection?)

"I see. I'll tell you what.Hayato is going far for his dreams. [M]That's why I retained it.Hayato, you don't like it when you're gone, do you, Esha?

With Esha holding her weapon, she glanced at Hayato behind her.


Hayat gets stuck in words.

That is not a mistake.I'm not going to be gone.But to start a coffee shop, you'll need a lot of preparation.I'm sure you'll have less time playing the game.

The option of lying on the spot and running to a place where I could log out was overwhelming, but I denied it in Hayat.Even if Esha turns to her enemies, she doesn't want to lie.

"That's right.Go far to make your dream come true.I'm not just going to disappear.I will spend much less time at the base, but I will not be gone. "


"Now you know, don't you?I'm just holding you back, Hayato. "


Esha releases Destroy.He broke through ten magical formations, large and small, and the bullet of light looked like a laser that penetrated Dite - but the laser didn't reach Dite.It spread just before it hit me.

"Don't you know who I am, Asha?That attack won't work - oh, really?They took one of these. "

That sounded like Hayato's ear.But I didn't hear much.

Hayato and Esha had already left the room and were fleeing.The shock of shooting Destroy, using it to escape, is the fate.Esha's maneuver allowed Hayato and the others to leave the room safely.And he ran away.

"Thank you, Esha."

"It's too early to thank you.We need to get out of here quickly - but where is this place?It's not the same as when you came. "

Inorganic black walled passageways.They tilt their necks in a passage that feels different than when they arrived.

"Both of you give up.Am I the god of this world?You can't log out as long as you're in that space.And there's no escape in that space.I've just shut down your space.Well, run until you're convinced.If you give up, just let me know. "

Only Dite's voice sounds like room in space.

Hayato confirms just in case.I certainly couldn't log out.

I don't know how to become a resident of virtual reality.Hayat turned his head full when he thought he could handle it if he logged out.

I was running around the aisle in the dark clouds, but I stopped Esha running.Hayato stopped in the same way.


"Can we get out of this space?

"I don't know, but maybe we can handle it."

It is more likely that you will be able to log out of this space.Although not accurate, Diete said that Hayato could not log out individually, but in this space.

"Your husband has a dream, doesn't he?I really want to make my dream come true. "

"What happened suddenly?We need to get out of here. "

"Answer me."

A serious, unusual face.From the current situation, it's only natural, but not if you're talking about it - but I lost my eyesight to Esha.

"That's right. I have a dream that I really want to fulfill."

Esha smiles.

Hayato felt as if the smile was a little too harsh.

"Your husband has always been sweet, but it seems time to graduate."

"What are you talking about?

"Whatever sacrifice you have to make your dream come true, you should be a man with that kind of spirit."

"No, so what the heck..."

Esha pressed the paper against Hayato without saying anything.

"Um, what is this...?

"You don't have to look.Well, let's just say my feelings are written down.Let's get ready... for the last one. "

Esha removed the melon juice from the item bag.Drink it in front of Hayato.

As soon as she tried to ask Asha what she was doing, Asha set Belzebe on her way to Hayat.

"Eh, Esha?

"Asha, wait!

Esha did not react to Diete's surprised voice and smiled at Hayato.

"Goodbye, Master.It was fun. "

Esha shoots Hayato without hesitation.

Hayato fell on his back with zero HP.And choices appear before Hayato."Resurrection" and "Standby".

"If you choose to resurrect, you should be transferred to your base."

He fell on the spot, but Hayato could hear the words of Esha.Hayat wondered if there was such an intention, but he felt anxious about Esha being left here.

And understanding the meaning of what Esha had just said, "I can fulfill my dream at any sacrifice", Hayat tried to speak out.However, I can't speak up with HP 0.

"What are you doing?Return to your site and log out.You mustn't stay here. "

Stupid, what are you talking about?I don't know what happens if Esha stays like this. Shit!I can't hear you!

"Please go quickly.I don't know what Master's dream is anymore if Dite comes here and comes back to life... but I'm happy if you remember the super beautiful girl who contributed to making it come true.So hurry up. "

Esha said that with the best smile she has ever seen.

And I hear footsteps.Probably Dite.

"Hayato, I don't mind running away, but you should know what happens to Esha-kun then.Stay there until I get there. "


There's nothing we can do about it in this state.Besides, we can't afford to waste the opportunity that Esha has created for us.

Hayat chose "Resurrection."

The next moment, Hayat stood in his office at the base.