Another Frontier Online

The most powerful weapon

Hayat checked the room.Definitely a room on the base.

"I didn't expect you to run away with that kind of hand.I was surprised.I should have changed my return to death settings. "

Diete's voice resounded in Hayato's head.

"Dite, if you do anything to Esha...!"

"If you were so angry, you should have stayed down.Become a resident of this world and stay with Asha-kun forever. [M]Isn't running away supposed to make your dream come true at the expense of someone, Esha-kun?

"No! I can't do anything in that place anymore!"

"Well, it doesn't matter."

Diete said that in an emotionless voice.A cold, inorganic voice is enough to freeze Hayato's feelings.

"I deposited 100 million yen into your account.Feel free to use it. "


"Thank you for entertaining me so far.At the end of the day, I was betrayed.I am completely disappointed in you. [M]I can't refuse to be a resident of a world far better than reality.I've never felt so angry in 100 years. "

"I know your disappointment!

"That's right. It's just a creation for you, including me, no, Esha-kun.I don't think I have any feelings. "

That's not true...

"Are you saying no?Well, that doesn't matter anymore.I don't want anyone to reject this world.I mean, I don't want you in this world either. "

"Say what?"

"You should be able to log out at that location.Log out now. "

Hayato should check the logout button from the system menu as a precaution.Unlike when I was in that space, I was able to select a button.

"But if you're going to log out, remember this.You'll never be able to log into this Answer Frontier Online again. "


"Did you think you could disappoint me and log back into the world?Your biometric data has been destroyed.Once you log out, you'll never come back to this world again.You're going to log out based on that. "

"I can't log in again...."

"Yes, Mr. Asher - no, neither Ash nor Len, it means we'll never see all the clan members again."

Hayato had the feeling that the words would tear his heart out.

It's not a long relationship.Even if it's long, it's only about six months if it's short.But Hayato is no longer a replacement.

"It was your choice.Dream better than your friends. "

"... tell me one thing.What about Esha and the others?

"What are you going to do with that concern?You will disappear from this world. [M]It doesn't matter. "

"Even without me, Esha and I can live in this world, right?

"So, what do you do when you know about it?It doesn't matter if they're alive or dead, does it?This is not real for you. [M]If you're going to erase it, you're going to take me down?

"Yeah, I'm gonna do that."

After a few seconds, I heard Diete laugh.

"You entertain me to the end.I'm telling you, no one can defeat me.It's not because you only have production skills. [M]Death in this world is the erasure of data.And you can't erase me.Virtual reality, and reality.You know what happened to the people who tried to hack into this world?People of this age can't break the security of this world. "

Hayato knows that.It is a famous story that companies that tried to hack back when "Analyzer Frontier Online" began.

Hayato knows of course.I don't think I can beat Dite, the AI that manages this virtual reality.But if we're talking about erasing Esha and the others, we can't do nothing.

Nevertheless, Hayato has no weapons.Hayato can't do anything in reality or virtual reality.

"Well, that's it.But if you really want to defeat me, I'll give you a chance. "


"I'll tell you where I am.I am further behind the door of Demon King Castle.That's where you were until now. [M]I don't know what you're going to do when you get there, but if you come, I swear I won't do anything to you until then. "

"AI, what are you gonna swear to?"

"You don't have to believe it, do you?If you don't trust me, can I swear to this world?

"Don't swear.Just promise me. "

Diete did not answer Hayato's words for a few seconds.

You mean you can't promise silence?

"What a pity, what a pity.That's why I brought you into this world. "

"I don't care what you say.You're gonna keep your promise to me, right?I won't do anything to Esha until I get there.Are you sure?

"Of course. But what are you gonna do when you get here?

"... that's what I'm looking forward to."

To be clear, Hayato is not thinking about anything.I just bought time.Do you make a false impression not to be understood?

"Then let's look forward to it.However, there are conditions.If you log out, you have no promise.Sometimes they don't come forever. "

"Okay. Anything else?

"Well, let me just say you don't have that much time."

"What do you mean?

"The headgear is safe.Should I say that there is a built-in function that will force you to log out if there is an abnormality in your biographical information?Because if you stay in virtual reality for days without drinking or eating, the body of reality dies. "

Hayat knew it for the first time.I've been playing games all night, but I've never been logged in for days.

"The time limit will be a day or so.You should also consider the possibility that the headgear will log out on its own. "

"... so kind, huh?

"Because I'm looking forward to what you'll do.I don't seem to be logging out at the moment, and it's not my intention to end the game due to boredom.I just wanted you to know that time is limited.And if you could really come to me - no, I don't care.Well, it's better not to know what you're doing. [M]I will not peek at your actions. [M]Good luck.I look forward to seeing you again. "

I can't hear Diete at the end of the speech.

Hayat sat in his room bed, relaxed and sighed.But I can get my head started right away.

I haven't decided what to do with Diete in the first place.

(You have no choice but to convince him.)

Hayato doesn't have the skills to fight in this world.And there are no weapons.It would be impossible to persuade Diete without any negotiating materials.Before that, I don't know what to negotiate.

(First of all, Esha and the others are safe.I want you to stop just erasing it.Even if Esha is just an AI and I can't log in to this game, I want her to live in this world.)

That's the first condition.And the second condition is that Hayato does not become a resident of this world.

(When I become a resident of this world, it fits most roundly.If I were to be asked whether it was worth it in reality, it wouldn't be that much.But I can't give up thinking about what I've been working for... no, I can't choose between reality and virtual reality in the first place)

In the first place, it is a mistake to choose only reality, only virtual reality.Both are real to Hayato.

(The direction has been decided.I like both worlds.Not reality or virtual reality, but both)

All right, and when Hayat stood up, he remembered the paper that was given to him by Esha.

(She said that she had a feeling of shame written on it, but it's not a love letter...?

Hayato looks at paper.And I laughed a little.

(Ask me to log out and give you something like this.Or did Esha think that I would remain a sweetheart that no one could abandon... well, okay.I don't know how Esha knew about this, but I got a weapon.This should allow us to negotiate with Diete)

The paper that Esha gave Hayato.There was a description of a weapon and how it was made.

"AI Killer · H Custom"

The performance was to "destroy AI data."